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Take them all down! Racist statues get a long awaited rejection

Most people agree that communities cement statues into their spaces as a reminder of the greatness of a historical individual. Consequently, the removal of statues is a hugely symbolic act- a rejection of ideals that whoever created that statue upheld.

Since the death of George Floyd, people have become extremely conscious of the number of confederate soldiers that are standing in our neighborhoods. Many of those people have also taken it upon themselves to reject these racist symbols — physically.

What do statues of racists mean to our society?

Previous society leaders put up these statues as a way to commemorate the chosen person’s their victories. But today’s citizens believe keeping these statues sends a message of white supremacy. By allowing these statues to stay up society is glorifying a government and individuals who exploited slaves.

Citizens have called on dozens of government agencies and local councils to take down statues, markers, and all other monuments that glorified controversial Civil War leaders.

Over the course of a few years, there have been isolated incidents of people taking down these statues. A few states have even passed laws in an attempt to preserve them. But people are tired of constantly seeing a Confederate’s face in a place where people of all races and ethnicities should be celebrated.

After the unfortunate death of George Floyd, the amount of protestors and even certain council members that are removing civil war monuments has increased tenfold. These acts of solidarity are hopeful.  Their removal is a call to stop glorifying these people’s “achievements” and ignoring what they have done to oppress people of color.

Protesters have removed tons of statues from various states- Louisville, Kentucky, Jacksonville, Florida, Birmingham, Alabama- just to name a few. In some cities like Baltimore, the mayor had authorized the removal of these statues.

Statues that would be better than racists statues

Protestors everywhere are celebrating the downfall of these racist historic figures, with many people even offering their own suggestions over what should be put in their place.

(In my opinion, the giant Godzilla statue would look amazing)

There has even been people around vying for a statue of Dolly Parton to be erected in Tennessee in place of the KKK leader memorial.

Fuck Christopher Columbus too

All around, protestors are celebrating in their own meaningful way. The best example of this? The aftermath of the removal of Christopher Columbus by protestors and the American Indian Movement.

The world may best know Christopher Columbus for “discovering” the New World. While this has been studied in school for many years, his acts of defiling Native Americans and stripping them of their human rights is less known, or simply ignored.

But after the removal of the statue, people began playing Native Music. It was a perfect way to celebrate the destruction of a statue meant to commemorate a man who did far more harm than good.

Statues fall around the world for #BLM

All around the world, people are taking this idea to heart. Protestors in different countries are now removing statues of their own that do not acknowledge the crimes against humanities these people have committed.

After the #BLM protestors took down Edward Colston’s statue, Belgium has taken down King Leopold II and London has taken down Robert Milligan.

Butthurt bigots try fishing them out

Of course, many people are upset about the fact that their statues are being drowned, being forced to come off a pedestal they do not deserve. These people are so butthurt that they have tried to retrieve the statues thrown in harbors and other bodies of water.

Stop trying guys, it’s a bit embarrassing for all of us.

If we replace all statues that glorify those that strip humans of basic rights and replace them with giant Gundam statues, the world will be a much better place.