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Who is Nyota Parker? The Cape Town rapper blending genres

Nyota Parker, a 20-year-old upcoming hip hop artist garners the attention of many. Her music combines elements of hip hop, jazz, and trap (a genre she calls Trazz).

Growing up in Dublin and Cape Town, Parker incorporates different cultures in her music. Her sassy and bubbly personality, paired with her intense passion for composing music is a recipe for success.


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Her music conveys a message of individuality. She emphasizes chasing your dreams and letting people know they should not limit themselves and unlock their full potential.

Nyota Parker’s songs bridge the gap between old school hip hop and new school hip hop. Her music brings people from all generations together. It also draws similarities to iconic hip hop artists that inspire her like Lauryn Hill. 

One of her biggest inspirations when it comes to composing music is Nicki Minaj, a huge influence in Parker’s music since she was 11 years old.

Nicki Minaj was considered one of the biggest female rappers to dominate in a male-centric music genre. Nyota Parker was influenced by her creativity and attitude.

Her other influences include Common, Erykah Badu, and Tom Misch among many others.

Meet Nyota, the non-conformist

However, what really sets Nyota Parker apart, other than her fusion of music genres, is her refusal to swear in her songs. Parker believes that many people, especially female rappers have this urge to use as much vulgar language as they can when rapping in a feeble attempt to make themselves look as though they belong.

Because of this, Parker refuses to conform to these standards, finding different ways to stand out from the crowd through the messages in her music and her way of projecting her messages, as well as making sure not to feature any artists that may curse in her music.

She released her first project on May 1st, 2017. Her mixtape, Age of Enlightenment consists of 15 different tracks, each one with an inspiring message. She released the Energy EP in 2019 which also has some bops like “Glow” and “Don’t Let Them In.”

Her latest song, “Transcend”, highlights the different genres of music she incorporates, into one.

“Transcend” is a reminder to remember what you believe in and to continue breaking the boundaries you or other people have set for you. It is a message she wants to claim for herself in 2020; to continue breaking the gender norms in her day to day life and in the music industry.

Parker transforms the music industry one song at a time with her own take on genres that inspire her and the messages she believes in.

Be sure to check her out on SoundCloud and Spotify as well as her YouTube channel for more content.