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Boston hip-hop artist Glvsshouse reflects on life with ‘Broken & Lost’

Glvsshouse, a name fit for the artist who uses his music to reflect his emotions back to his listeners, has recently released his brand new song, ‘Broken & Lost’. The Boston hip-hop artist hopes to reconnect with his listeners and show them who he is.

“I write songs based on emotion and if you throw a rock at a glasshouse, it shatters so it kind of reflects on my music very well”

We at Kulture Hub had the opportunity to interview him and learn just how dope he was for ourselves.

KH: What made you decide to use music as your way of expressing yourself?

Music has been an outlet for my emotions and I have a lot of mental issues and stuff, I talk about it in my music like my anxiety and music was just a way for me to vent about certain situations that can’t just be talked about and I can put it into song

KH: When you produce your songs, what is the most important thing you keep in mind? Specific lyrics, trends, sounds?

I love punk rock music and I love hip-hop so I always try to blend the two together whenever I’m making music. Those are two things that I definitely think of when I’m creating new music.

How can I incorporate punk rock background with trendy new hip hop?

I’m always supporting new hip-hop artists like Pop Smoke is probably my favorite artist right now and I can go from listening to Pop Smoke to putting on a Mayday Parade album. 

I love music like that, I grew up on music like that so when I can go back and forth between the two, something like Juice Wrld to Mayday Parade, I always do stuff like that

Every time I’m making a song, i’m always blending genres together

KH: Congratulations on being featured on Pharrell William’s ‘I am OTHER’ brand! How did you hear about it and what was the submission process like? How did you feel when you found out you were featured and what does it mean for you?

It’s a major look for me, I’m super excited about that

It’s amazing to be part of a dope collaboration like that but at the end of the day, I do this stuff every day, I’m always trying to get my music in front of people so whether it’s submitting something or having my manager make a play, I’m really grateful for any opportunity I get.

There’s going to be a lot more coming up so I’m not going to think too much about this but like I said, this is my life, I make music all the time and I’m hoping for situations like this to be pretty familiar. 

KH: I saw that you recently put out a new song, (Broken & Lost), what was the inspiration behind it?

It’s based on past relationships and issues, mentally that I’ve dealt with that goes on the table, I’ve dealt with a lot of stuff in life, it’s not always easy so sometimes you take it out on, for instance, drugs or whatever it may be.

I think the inspiration behind that song was really just me trying to show that I deal with things in a certain way, sometimes I do smoke a lot of weed and I do get caught up at the time but at the end of the day, there’s going to be a light at the end of the tunnel. 

KH: Your EP Vacant dropped a couple of months ago, did you have a specific concept behind it and some of the topics you explored?

VACANT was an EP,  a collaboration with my friend Donald Grunge and I met him probably a year and a half ago in California, and we’ve just been working ever since.

We both make music to vent about personal stuff going on so it’s just a collaboration of us two about things that were going on in our lives.

KH: What message do you hope your audience takes from your music?

I just hope anyone who’s listening can relate to my music, I make music that’s all about feelings and so I hope someone can relate to it and feel better about themselves after listening to it.  

KH: Based on your musical career so far, what is the biggest piece of advice you have?

To keep on going, keep going and don’t stop because good things are on the way. You might suck for five, maybe 10 years but you’re always going to get better if you keep going, keep being consistent

If you had to choose one song to show a brand new listener that describes you the best, what song would it be and why?

Right now, listen to Grave. That’s a very personal song to me about how I keep my word on things, that’s a really good intro to show someone if they’re just starting to listen to my music. 

KH: Are there any goals you would like to accomplish before the year is over?

I think my biggest goal which is pretty similar to a lot of artists is I wanna sell out an arena in my hometown, so the Boston Garden and we’re going to do that. It might not be the year then but within the next couple of years, we’ll be there. 


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KH: Is there anything you’d like to say your listeners before we sign off?

I got a lot of music on the way, everyone that’s been supporting me from the beginning, I love you guys.

Anyone that’s listening that’s new, check out my latest single ‘Broken and Lost’ anywhere you can download music from.

If you’re a new artist starting to make music, keep going, don’t stop. There’s a lot of downfalls but there’s a lot of upsides to it too and it takes a long time, it’s not going to happen overnight.

Singing about his experiences, how he deals with his mental health, Glvsshouse is an artist that does his best to show his listeners the real him.

Be sure to check out his latest single, ‘Broken & Lost’, and be sure to follow him on Instagram and Spotify for the latest updates about his music!