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What does the CIA do with our tax money? 5 crazy projects they don’t want you to know about

When it comes to crazy CIA projects most of us are kept in the dark. Still, in the digital technology age, even the best-kept secrets could sometimes find their way out.

That said even released information that usually would be drowned out by everything our there can sometimes come to the surface.

The CIA, home of the foreign intelligence service of the USA has recently released a few documents detailing their operations. And there are some crazy CIA projects out there. 

Here are our top five picks that make us wonder why this is what our tax dollars are funding. 

The CIA Energy Hologram

The CIA released this document in 2003, although it is just getting big now in 2020. What exactly does this document detail?

Simply put, it claims we live in a hologram where nothing is a solid object. It is simply a bunch of atoms overlapping and moving rapidly. Ever heard the whole we live in a simulation bit?

The document claims our souls are energies that cannot be destroyed. Activities such as meditation and hypnosis are real and help us. When you die, your soul will return to the astral plane and from there you can choose to reincarnate, become a spirit, or stay there until you decide to go back to the original collective energy. 

Very simply put, your thoughts do shape the reality you live in.

Talk about some matrix shit.

The Acoustic Kitty Project

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In the 1960s, the CIA believed they would be able to train cats – for some odd reason – to become spies. They quickly learned that this would not go well because cats simply refuse to be anything that infringes on their independence. 

But still, the CIA believed that with proper training, cats would become proper spies and that the agency could exploit their natural instincts. They tried to train their cats to respond to audio cues and be able to record conversations from war generals of other countries. 

While this sounds like an episode of Rick and Morty, it is rather horrifying once you learn how exactly the CIA attempted this.

The CIA essentially created the “franken-kitty” in order to fulfill their desires. To create a Frankenkitty, you would have to place a battery in the cat’s stomach with the antennae along its spine. In addition to this gruesome addition, these cats had to look and act exactly like cats which meant no scars or abnormalities. 

Their first successful Frankenkitty, unfortunately, died on the road before it even met the target. By 1967, this project came to a close with unsuccessful results.

Project MK-Ultra

A project that started in 1953, Project MK-Ultra lasted until 1973. This may just be the CIA’s most infamous operation, best known for their less than stellar attempts on mind control.

The CIA would conduct hundreds of experiments on thousands of subjects- including some unsuspecting US citizens- by using LSD and other drugs, psychological torture, and information gathering for this heinous project. 

This experiment started at the height of the Cold war. America’s fear reached an all-time high about Russia somehow infiltrating the USA. The operation’s goal was to find a way to control human behavior with manipulative drugs. The CIA would use the technique against the Soviet bloc enemies.

This operation included over 150 subjects (or as far as we know of, the CIA has somehow “lost” some of their paperwork). The CIA experimented on these subjects using various psychedelic drugs, paralytics, and electroshock therapy. 

These experiments were conducted throughout universities, hospitals, and prisons in both the USA and Canada. 

Operation Popeye

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Operation Popeye was conducted in October 1966, in a strip of land located in Vietnam named Lao Panhandle. This project was the CIA’s best attempt to manipulate the weather. This experiment was carried out by the US Air Force from 1966-1972. 

Their objective for this rather absurd project was to increase rainfall in certain areas in Vietnam. They were going to try to deny road access to Vietnamese enemy road supply trucks with the rainfall.

In order to do this, they tried a method known as ‘Cloud Seeding’. This method includes forming ice particles in supercooled clouds which allows those particles to turn into liquid droplets. If enough of the ice particles turn into liquid droplets, the particles become heavy enough to fall as precipitation from clouds that otherwise would produce no precipitation.

Didn’t work obviously. Or did it?

Operation Paperclip

This one is less freaky and far more insidious. 

Operation Paperclip was brought to light towards the end of World War II when the British and American Organizations teamed up to bring a stop to Germany.

Within this time frame, the Combined Intelligence Objectives Subcommittee (CIOS) found catalogs that held lists of researchers that came to America from Germany. 

These scientists and their families moved to the USA to work on America’s behalf during the Cold War. Their main objective was to gain German Intellectual resources to help develop America’s arsenal of rockets and other biochemical weapons. 

Although President Truman banned any Nazi to be able to work on this project, officials in the CIOS would find ways to recruit them. They would omit certain information from their records. Officials believed their information was crucial to war crimes.

This lowkey got us mad.