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Why are people tweaking about this Clown Motel? A cautious investigation

Have you ever wanted to live out your dream of living in constant fear that a killer clown might actually kill you?

Well, now you can!

Located in Tonopah, Nevada, you can now spend a few nights at the Clown Motel for less than $50/night.

But the real price you pay? Trying not to freak out when you notice the giant clown hanging above your bed.

So who’s really behind this Clown Motel tho?

The CEO of Clown Motel, Hame Anand, did not come to be in charge of the motel to make people’s worst nightmares come true.


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Contrary to popular belief, Hame Anand came up with this idea after watching the circus when he was younger. Tigers, trapeze artists, anything similar was simply just terrifying to the 14- year old. He left after 15 minutes.

Honestly? Me too.

After his friend convinced him to give the circus one more chance, Anand soon found himself immersed in the show when a clown came out to perform, transforming the gasps into laughter.

After that eye-opening experience, Anand began to collect clowns.

The Clown Motel had been previously owned by Bob Persichetti for over two decades. When Persichetti decided to sell it, Anand believed it to be fate and immediately bought it for around $900,000.

Anand soon merged his 200 clowns with the 800 clowns that were already on the property. However, things become a little… creepy every now and then.

Ooof… The Creepy Clown Experiences

There have been accounts of rather strange events happening around the property.

From hearing voices in the dark, doors opening and closing to even a group of girls claiming to find a ghost in their bathroom that offered to fix their toilet.

The Clown Motel is conveniently located next to a graveyard, in which Anand believes that many of the ghosts that roam the grounds are just spirits that managed to find their way over from the cemetery next door.

When asked which rooms were deemed the creepiest, Anand lists just about every room.


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However, some were purposely created that way in order to play on the thrill guests get. There are certain rooms decorated in order to fit the theme, such as Halloween room, Exorcist room, and Friday the 13th room.

Don’t let the clown statues fool you though. 

“The owner is one of the most pleasant human beings I’ve met.” One review said, “The room was immaculate and modern. The clown decor is quirky, and not unsettling. The cemetery next door was just an added bonus. 10/10!!”