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New host, who dis? Ludacris is going to make ‘Fear Factor’ lit again

It’s been roughly five years since “Fear Factor” was out here consistently making contestants on the show yack it and giving audiences at home the creeps.

The formula was simple. Six people: three men, three women, all competing in a series of insane stunts and disgusting challenges all for the chance to win 50 racks.

There’s been so many classics moments in the show’s history that even Dave Chappelle himself spoofed it with the help of Tyron Biggums. Classic shit.

When it comes down to it, this is truly entertainment at its finest. Of course with the way TV works, no show is truly ever dead. Since Joe Rogen, the original “Fear Factor” host, has gone on to do a bunch of new shit from drugs, to Netflix specials, and UFC announcing, it was clear that there needed to be a new face to the program.

Enter Luda!

The ATL-rapper-turned-actor-turned-business mogul is now turning to television where his presence will now literally make it a must-watch show.

Luda even believes his presence will give contestants the strength to power through. In an interview with the NY Daily News he said,

“(I want) to be their motivation when people are getting scared, because they come there to conquer their fears. They wouldn’t want to disappoint Ludacris, humbly speaking. So anything I can do to help them get over their fears.”

If you wasn’t really out here in middle school (or whatever grade you were in) when Luda dropped “Move Bitch,” then you probably won’t understand the significance of this news. I would never want to let this man down. He’s gonna keep shit real with his reactions and body any contestant who’s being mad disrespectful.

Another noticeable difference is that “Fear Factor” went from NBC to MTV. With a focus more centered on what the younger generations are fearful of, we wouldn’t be surprised if one of the stunts was going out without your phone for a night. Seriously though. Luda said,

“We did studies on what people are scared of, and one of the things is losing your cell phone. But if you can imagine young kids, it might not even be something crazy. There’s a number of different ways that we’re gonna spin it and try to make it a little more interesting and fun and a little more up-to-date.”

The new Fear Factor premiers Tuesday, May 30 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

From KD to Drizzy: All the influencers who are rocking VLONE (Photos)

VLONE isn’t just another streetwear brand. It’s hood fashion at its finest.

When A$AP Bari, A$AP Rocky, and CLOT’s Edison Chen first came together in 2014 they defined the direction of the company, knowing that it would soon be the new wave that encapsulated their own lifestyle, but was also universally real to everybody.

Keeping it as authentic as possible, Bari, Rocky, and Chen have created the brand that dudes like Uzi, Playboi Carti, and everyone in A$AP can vibe with. But VLONE goes far beyond A$AP Mob and friends.

Today, everyone who understands the movement is rocking this shit. From MVPs to the biggest artists in the game, they’re all rocking the flyest brand out right now.

It all started with Rocky and Bari making it a lifestyle.


Now you might catch Odell in a VLONE hoodie chilling with Neymar.

Or Nas wearing the VLONE x 2PAC hat. Shout out Dave East.


When NAV hits the stage with The Weeknd he stunts in the Friends x Fragment bomber jacket.


Every time Wiz and Rocky link up they’re rocking VLONE.


Matter fact Rocky is in VLONE whether he’s with French…


Or coolin’ with Kanye.


2 Chainz stays repping VLONE whether he’s with DJ Khaled…


Chopping it up with Draymond Green…


And you already know LeBron had to get the VLONE Air Forces with the white laces though.


Steve Stoute and Charles Oakley are with the shits too!


Drake and Yachty both rock with VLONE heavy too.


They got the outfits to go with the VLONE Air Forces.


Yachty even puts on the VLONE camo joint for his videos.


And Drizzy is just really out here repping for his homies.

9 times out of 10 you already know Uzi is rocking this.


But no one is repping VLONE more than Playboi Carti right now.


Even the former MVP Kevin Durant pulls up to playoff press conferences in that VLONE.


And of course the baddies are f*ckin’ with it.


Toast to the Gods for making VLONE that shit.


The story of the janitor who invented Hot Cheetos will motivate you

As brazy of a time as it is in America today, you have to keep ya head up and find hope in any way possible.

There’s still all types of dope shit happening all around us. Motivated ass people are out there strategizing the next great idea, artists are still creating, and sundress season is upon us!

This is, after all, a country built off immigrants, a testament to how lit the American dream still is, it’s the story of the motherf*cking janitor who invented Hot Cheetos.

Yup, that snack you end up copping every time you’re smacked out your mind at the store and totally forgot why you went there in the first place, was made by a custodian.

Think about that. The janitor who deadass cleaned the toilets at the Frito-Lay factory in Rancho Cucamonga, California came up harder than anyone else in that bum ass place.

Richard Montanez, who immigrated from Mexico in the 70s and had the dream of one day being a trash man in the great country of the United States, is now an executive at the company, leading multicultural sales across Pepsi North America and getting this bread.

For him, it was a simple moment at the factory that made him look at things differently and envision something bigger. In a message from the company’s president at the time, he urged all employees to “act like an owner.” In an interview with (f*ck) Fox News he recalled,

“I looked around and didn’t see a lot of reaction from my co-workers, but for me it was the opportunity to do something different.”

This right there tells you a lot. The same message being relayed to a room full of people but only one man took it seriously. A man who had virtually nothing but never complained. F*ck these other overprivileged assholes who constantly complain in corporate America but never want to do anything about it!

Anyways, one day at the young factory, there was a spill and some of the uncoated Cheetos got all over the place. Montanez picked them shits up, brought them to the crib and gave them some real flavor.


Mimicking the traditional Mexican dish elote, he had his wife add real chili instead of that fake ass cheese shit and soon everyone at the crib started f*cking with it. It was actually so poppin’ that it didn’t seem like too crazy of an idea to show these fools at corporate.

So with about two weeks to prepare, he set up the presentation, borrowed a book on business strategies at the local library, made sure his English was as Gucci as possible, and pulled up on these suits with a tie he copped for $3. He also put some of his own swag into it and mad this shit extra hot.

“I had two weeks to prepare a presentation for the company executives. I’m a little bit of an artist so I even designed the bags and put the Cheetos in it.”

Of course the proof was in the pudding and Hot Cheetos were an instant hit. Shout out to the peeps at Frito-Lay for letting this man rock and not stealing his idea too!

Fast forward to 2017 and he’s holding it down for all Hispanic workers at Frito-Lay.

When it comes to hiring and marketing to his the Spanish community, Montanez has led the charge when it comes to keeping his people into the picture.

The fact that he’s dealing with a food brand and is coming up with strategies to actually feed his people is something that means a lot to him.

“Latinos who have made it like myself have a responsibility to open doors to younger generations and teach them that they can do it. I do it because I can and I know what it is like to be hungry.”

It’s a beautiful thing when a man with nothing can come to this country, work his ass off, get a position he’s perfect for, and be able to affect other people’s lives.

But no shout out to white people who’ve been taking his creation and legacy and turning it into some funky ass shit.

They really putting this on salads bruh.

And turning this into rice crispy treats. WTF!

Nah you know they’re wildin’ when they’re drinking this shit with tequila.

Leave it to Katy Perry to kill it completely. I’m done.

Eternal shoutsout to Richard Montanez, King of the Hot Cheetos.

8 of the flyest Snoop Dogg quotes on how to move like a G

The evolution of Snoop Dogg is low key one of the greatest American stories of our time.

When he first jumped on to the scene as a 19-year-old in the middle of the gangsta rap era and dropped the classic Doggystyle, nobody would’ve guessed that 25 years later he’d pretty much conquer the world. Well, nobody except Snoop of course.

To stay relevant for this long is no coincidence either. He makes timeless music, does fly shit, but most importantly has the knowledge and instincts to expand his brand. He’s also low key been way ahead of the game and predicted some trends.

Remember Doggy Fizzle Televizzle? He was making viral nonsense since before the internet could’ve really made that sh*t poppin’. And what about when he put out a reggae album Reincarnated? This dude is truly smacked and does whatever he wants!

Not only does Snoop have the entrepreneurial lane on lock, but his bars are always spitting some fly truth and the man makes hits.

No doubt the things that shaped him early on growing up as a Crip in Long Beach helped him stay true to himself with regards to the decisions he’s made. But Snoop’s also grown so much and undoubtedly an old head we can learn from.

At 45 years old, he’s a father now, but showing no signs of slowing down. These quotes will show you what it’s like in the mind of a G.

Snoop Dogg’s first album Doggystyle was a direct reflection of everything he saw up to 19 years of his life. The track “Murder Was The Case” was literally about a trial he was facing for homicide. If that outcome was any different there might’ve been no story for Snoop to tell.

Like many rappers who are really from the hood, Snoop has great awareness of who he is and where he’s from. While evolving as a businessman came second nature, he never let success change what he represents.

He’s from the tough streets of Long Beach and losing touch with his community would change who he is today. Staying true to yourself is one of the hardest things to do these days but for those who can do it and build their wealth, they’re changing the culture.

Like any successful mogul, Snoop has made his fair share of mistakes in the past. He has still never let that deter him from moving forward and taking risks.

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is take that L but some people just don’t know how. But when you can look in the mirror, tell yourself you f*cked up and grow from it, then you gonna level up, son.

Don’t be scared to go back to a time in your head that’s almost unbearable to think about. Look that shit in the eye, get over it, and move on.

How much is enough? Most people might say they believe in being low key at all times, but if you worked for something your whole life then why not take it?

When it comes to fly shit, it’s all about progressing and leveling up. As you achieve more success in your life why not let that reflect in what you wear and drive, as well as who you surround yourself with.

Long story short, don’t ever feel bad for getting fly.

Snoop Dogg is an elite class of hip-hop moguls who truly run shit.

While staying authentic to who you really are is important, sometimes you gotta give in from time to time. Not saying that Snoop ever had to do that but he lets brands who want to get in with his full transparency.

He’s never hid who he is and understands that collaboration is one of the most important aspects of creating a successful product. You take a little bit of what someone like Martha Stewart has to offer, mix it with Snoop, and make some million dollar magic.

Snoop has diversified his brand more than any other rap mogul in the game. He never relied on just selling records or tour money to feed his family. He’s pushed himself in movie roles, failed from time to time, and is always thinking about what’s next.

The evolution of Snoop as as a businessman can teach us a lot about success. Once you can start thinking outside of that box, then you’re gonna really start unlocking more doors of racks and fly shit. If it don’t make dollars it don’t make sense.

Going back to taking these Ls, we try to avoid them at all costs but they are absolutely necessary. If you don’t know what it’s like to eat shit now, then how will you handle it later?

Don’t get me wrong, don’t try to make this habitual and let these Ls stack up. But be fearless when it comes to approaching new ideas or figuring out problems. Don’t just sit in the cut like a shook ass bitch.

So how the hell has Snoop been able to keep a level head after over two decades in such a brazy ass industry? Well getting smacked definitely helps.

On the creative side, he’s surely been accustomed to letting that ganja guide the direction of some songs and studio sessions. But like most people who make smoking loud a part of their every day routine, it actually helps.

It makes you look at shit differently, appreciate the little things and make shit just overall more fun. Like Dave Chappelle once said, weed is just a background substance. You won’t be crisp, but you’ll function.

No matter what level of success you’ve achieved, it all comes down to your attitude and the way you look at your situations and your problems.

If you let that shit overtake you and distract from your focus, then you won’t accomplish anything. But if you can see the light at the end of the tunnel, master your craft, and envision yourself where you want to be, your whole outlook will change.

Snoop never let his circumstances when he was dumb broke in LBC affect the way he looked at the world and what he wanted to achieve. 25 years later, look where he made it.

This BAPE x Alien collection might be the flyest collab this summer

It’s almost summer time and if you ain’t getting your tee game poppin’ yet then it might be a full wrap for you.

Not to worry, there’s definitely still mad time, and if you still looking for that right fit, you can for for sure spend ya bread on this new BAPE x Alien collab.

With the signature APE Head, fuckin’ around in all of these different intergalactic type situations, you surely be stunting in any of these tees or hoodies this summer. Some of the pieces are even glow in the dark which is extra lit when you wavy.

Inspired by the recent film Alien Covenant, these trippy designs are really on some other shit. You needs those crispy shirts to step out in when you’re out and about smoking Backwoods in the street or chugging a 40 on some sketchy ass rooftop.

Don’t pull up to the function in those crusty ass shirts you were rocking last year. Switch it up and show everyone that you got bread now.

The BAPE x Alien collection launches this Saturday, May 27.

How Rich The Kid went from working hard to the hardest worker in rap

When people talk about savviest independent rappers in the game, Rich The Kid is a name that’s been popping up more and more.

The 24-year-old Queens-native who moved to Atlanta when he was 13 has created a brand and business around himself that’s impressive for any kid his age.

By just being a student of the game, Rich The Kid transitioned his hustle from pushing mixtapes to charging racks for a feature verse. When it comes to the business, Rich The Kid knows his worth in an industry where it’s all about authenticity.

Now that he’s actually in the game, he’s playing it his way and stacking mad bread in the process. Through strategic partnerships and just fuckin’ with the right people, he’s established himself as one of the hardest working young artists in the game.

With such a broad vision, set on conquering every lane possible, only time will tell how far the Rich The Kid brand can really go. This is how he turned the habit of working hard to claiming the title of being the hardest worker (his words).

Rich The Kid is proof that hard work truly pays off when you have a vision and work towards it.

There’s NO success without struggle 🔑

A post shared by Rich The Kid (@richthekid) on

His story started off just like everyone as a regular kid but then he decided to start making moves.

My dad think he a movie star at Church today 😂😂😂⭐️🙌🏽 #BlessedWay

A post shared by Rich The Kid (@richthekid) on

The run of music he’s been creating over the past few years shows why he has the lifestyle he can afford.

In 2013 he dropped his debut mixtape Been About The Benjamins.

Rich Forever Music

That same year he collabed with Migos to drop Streets On Lock  parts 1 and 2.


They would drop part 3 to this mixtape trilogy in 2014.


His second solo mixtape Feels Good To Be Rich dropped later that year too.

Rich Forever Music

In just under two years, Rich The Kid came from seemingly out of nowhere to having a stacked catalog and the respect of all his peers.

With his success with Migos beforehand, they would drop their fourth collab project, Still On Lock, in 2015.


Keeping the grind going, Rich The Kid then dropped another solo project later that same year called Flexin’ On Purpose which had features from Ty Dolla $ign and Young Dolph.

Rich Forever Music

Then he linked up with Migos again to drop Streets On Lock 4 which featured 27 tracks and featured 2 Chainz.


Still in 2015, he released an 8-track project with Makonnen called Whip It which even got featured in Madden 17 a couple years later.

The last project he’d drop that year would be Dabbin’ Fever.

Rich Forever Music

In just two years he ran through mixtapes to the point where he was making some serious cash. But how would he follow up his most productive year?

In 2016, he officially formed his own label called Rich Forever Music. He signed his first artist Famous Dex and producer TheLabCook.

The first official release from his label came that year with Rich Forever Music: The Mixtape.

Rich Forever Music

Then a couple weeks later he dropped Trap Talk which featured Kodak Black, 21 Savage and PartyNextDoor.

Rich Forever Music

He made the XXL Freshman class around this time and his career has been on a rocket ever since.

The Rich Forever 2 mixtape was also released later that year which featured Wiz, Young Thug, Lil Yachty, Playboi Carti and Jaden Smith.

Later in 2016, Rich The Kid signed a deal with 300 Entertainment for 300 to be a parent company for Rich Forever Music.

In just four years, Rich The Kid literally outworked his competition to reach the top.

In an interview with Forbes he says he’s able to charge anywhere from $10,000 – $15,000 for a guest verse.

These days he’s getting on tracks with Justin Bieber and Diplo…

Touring the world playing all of his hits…

And living a life so many kids dream of.

When you’re kicking it with Jaden Smith you know you’re getting bread!

The scary part is that it’s only really been four years and if he keeps up this work ethic it’s a wrap for the game.

Rich The Kid knows what it takes to be successful in rap now and there’s no stopping him.

Lil Wayne and T-Pain drop ‘T-Wayne’ a surprise album from 2009

In one of the most lit things to happen in music in a minute, Lil Wayne and T-Pain just dropped T-Wayne, the long-lost album from 2009.

The 8-track ready for SoundCloud project has been under wraps for seven years and so far shit is already too fire. The fact that these two dudes decided to drop this throwback shit in a year when music was already too poppin’ makes it even better.

First off, you already know when the album starts off with T-Pain spitting bars, shit is about to get real. As for Wayne’s parts, this was from the era when you wouldn’t even question when he said he was the best rapper in the world.

Mad auto tune, mad tracks about smacking cheeks and just being dumb rich.

Seven years ago doesn’t seem like that long, but realistically, everything has changed. This shit will take you back to whatever the f*ck it was you were doing pre-2010 and it will make you think what other unreleased shit like this is out there.

T-Pain actually teased this album release yesterday with this series of cryptic tweets.

These are great tracks to mix in with all the other wild shit you’re listening to at the moment and who knows, maybe the younger generation will begin to respect these old heads. They shoulda got Yachty on Uzi on some tracks if they wanted to do that though!

This makes us wonder what else is on T-Pain’s hard drive? I’m sure both of their fans are asking this question right now but realistically you still mess with Wayne and T-Pain like that you’re most likely a washed millennial.

To all the dudes wearing male rompers this summer, it’s quiet for you

Let me just start off by saying I am by no means telling anyone how to live their life.

But if you a dude wearing a male romper I deadass can’t ever fuck with you. Let me explain.

By picking out your favorite color, entering your payment information and actually copping that shit, I’ve already learned enough about you. First of all you’re easily persuaded into the trends and you was also most likely was rocking a choker at some point, too.

Second, you probably not wearing any underwear right now and THAT’S CRAZY.

But most importantly by choosing this outfit you’re making a statement. You’re telling the world you only tryna chill and go to brunch all day instead of making these moves.

If you were really about this grind life, you’d probably be wearing Timbs, even in the summer. Something that says you ready for any situation and can handle adversity.


These male rompers are not the uniform of a working man. Definitely a thotty man though. If you’re wearing this shit, you’re pretty much saying you just here to f*ck around indefinitely.

If you’ve made it (or were born in it) to the point where you can afford that comfort then good for you. But if you’re wild complacent in your life and wearing this romper shit, that’s the type of energy I just can’t be around.

The truth is if you were really trying to get to this bread, you’d wear more clothing that reflects it. Look how my dudes out in Silicon Valley who are really getting this bread dress up!

My dude Zuckerberg is really out here in only in the hoodie touching these b-racks.


Do you think you’d ever really catch this man in a romper? Hell no.

What about when Steve Jobs came up with the first iPhone at Apple? Do you think his nuts was just all hanging out the romper catching that breeze? Nah my man was in a straight turtle neck stressin’. Shout out Steve Jobs tho.

The truth is this is the internet’s fault and the fact that a lot of dudes are turning into h-h-hoes. I can’t believe they really calling this shit “romphims” too! SMH. You already know Mero been roasting this shit crazy on Twitter, then roasted that shit on the show too.

Look fellas, there’s no reason why any dude besides Steve Irwin (RIP) should be wearing a romper. Unless you out here in the land down under, tryna scrap with alligators and shit, you don’t need to do this to yourself.

There’s no way you’re tryna show pics of you and your friends to your kids one day and make them realize something terrible: their daddy was a thot.

To sum it up best, the great philosopher 2 Chainz once said,

You a bitch, you a ho, that’s just my philosophy

He was definitely talking about dudes wearing rompers.

Ice Cube announces ‘Last Friday’ movie is officially in the works

When it really comes down to it, the 1995 classic film Friday may go down as the greatest stoner comedy of all time. Not that it was all about weed, but let’s just say it wouldn’t be the same if Craig didn’t hit that blunt.

It’s been over 20 years since the first movie dropped and a lot has changed. Ice Cube’s son is now a movie star, Bernie Mac is gone (RIP!) and no one still knows where the f*ck Chris Tucker is.

Still, even though there was already a couple of follow ups with Next Friday and Friday After Next, there have been rumblings over the past few years about ending the franchise with Last Friday. Mike Epps and John Witherspoon added to those rumors by sharing this video last week.

Now Ice Cube has finally confirmed all the speculation on a recent appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

Obviously this is major news and there are so many questions we have about the new flick. First off would it make sense if Ice Cube’s son just played him at this point? And where the hell is Chris Tucker again?!

This could also mean that accomplished director F. Gary Gray who had recent successes such as Straight Outta Compton and Fast 8 could be making a return to the Friday franchise and helping close out the series.

If there’s one thing that’s for certain it’s that the fans are already way too hyped.

There’s a lot of speculation about how and what could happen next but the fact that this shit is going down is all the matters. Shout out Smokey and Craig.

8 Daymond John quotes that will guide you through business and life

While most people might know him for being that smooth dude on ‘Shark Tank’, Daymond John is more than just another successful businessman on TV.

The Queens-native is yet another example of the American dream; a young man who was deadass broke but hustled his ass off to be in the position he is today.

From chauffeuring his own 15-passenger vans in his section of Hollis, to selling t-shirts out the back of his van up and down the east coast, Daymond John did countless things not many kids would even try in 2017.

His big break came in the early 90s when he launched FUBU and the brand took off to become one of the most culturally relevant brands of a generation. By 1998, John built his company’s value to $350 million and today it’s a global brand valued at $6 billion, according to Forbes.

Daymond himself is worth an estimated $300 million. Not bad for a kid from Queens.

Today, the brand is as brolic as ever as he gets to invest in pretty much anything he wants, both on and off ‘Shark Tank’. His philosophies are studied today by many young entrepreneurs who can relate to his story and aspire to reach his level of flyness.

On the show you can see a calm, collected dude who knows what he’s doing and what he wants when it comes to investments. But it was his humble beginning that allowed Daymond John to see business the way he does.

Here are 8 Daymond John quotes that will help you in business and life.

Every successful person seems to consistently say the same thing about failure… because it’s true. You’re never going to make it on your first try and it’s your persistence to stay grounded and figure shit out that gets you to your goals.

Plans can change but people rarely do. If you’re the type to just drop everything once shit gets tough, then you’ll never get anything done in life. Daymond John took one hustle to fuel the next. In America that’s what it takes: never giving up.

He’s failed way more than he’s succeeded. It’s just that his successes have now far overshadowed his failures.

This is one of the most important pieces of advice DJ has ever spoken. So many times people believe that time is on their side or that they should wait certain things out to start what they know they should be doing.

But time is never on ya side, b. The only time you got is what you have right now in this moment. If you’re working towards your goals and being aggressive with what you want, then eventually something is going to happen. But if you’re just at the crib shwapping it all day, it’s quiet for you.

Problem solving, and more importantly strategizing, is the most important part of building a brand or business. What are your goals? What do you need to do to reach them? What obstacles are in the way?

If you don’t know the answer to any of these questions there have been many people who’ve come before you, like a Daymond John, who’ve paved the way and answer a lot of the unknown. If not, there’s always you and Google, FOH and figure shit out.

Losing money and making a fool of yourself is one of the reasons people are afraid to fail. But it’s when you have to tuck your tail between your legs, go back to the drawing board, and start from scratch where some of the greatest ideas begin.

Looking back on it today, FUBU might’ve never have become the $6 billion company if he didn’t have the determination and vision to keep shit going. If you’re going to fail, and you will, try to fail forward.

As corny as that “your net worth is your network” saying goes, it’s also low key true.

Who you’re able to surround and align yourself with dictates a lot with your overall direction and who you end up doing business with.

The best thing to do is to never burn bridges (unless that person was a true f*ckboy) but if you’re not able to see how you could eventually build with someone in the future, what’s the point of even keeping them there?

When it comes to building the brazy ideas you have, not everyone is going to understand the vision. Find the ones who do, but beyond that put in the extra hours that none of them are trying to do.

Understand your craft, competitors and goals just like Daymond John did with FUBU. Create something that will not only sustain you, but push you and change things around you. If that’s not what you’re working for then go drive a city bus.

No journey to success is walked alone. It takes a team, motivators and most importantly mentors. Daymond had help along the way and he now spends time giving back to the new generation, spreading his knowledge and kicking game to the next generation of hustlers.

But mentors go far beyond just business. They are people to help guide you through the confusing and murky parts of life and business to be able to overcome obstacles and hone in on what you’re really supposed to be focusing on.

You think Daymond John is done creating this wealth? Not even close. As an entrepreneur, that itch to keep building and expanding never goes away.

In fact, the further you get, the more your drive will continue grow and the more life you unlock and shit.

You’re definitely gonna keep failing but in the process you learn more about business and yourself. The more you actually try, the more you’re gonna get.