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This BAPE x Alien collection might be the flyest collab this summer

It’s almost summer time and if you ain’t getting your tee game poppin’ yet then it might be a full wrap for you.

Not to worry, there’s definitely still mad time, and if you still looking for that right fit, you can for for sure spend ya bread on this new BAPE x Alien collab.

With the signature APE Head, fuckin’ around in all of these different intergalactic type situations, you surely be stunting in any of these tees or hoodies this summer. Some of the pieces are even glow in the dark which is extra lit when you wavy.

Inspired by the recent film Alien Covenant, these trippy designs are really on some other shit. You needs those crispy shirts to step out in when you’re out and about smoking Backwoods in the street or chugging a 40 on some sketchy ass rooftop.

Don’t pull up to the function in those crusty ass shirts you were rocking last year. Switch it up and show everyone that you got bread now.

The BAPE x Alien collection launches this Saturday, May 27.