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New host, who dis? Ludacris is going to make ‘Fear Factor’ lit again

It’s been roughly five years since “Fear Factor” was out here consistently making contestants on the show yack it and giving audiences at home the creeps.

The formula was simple. Six people: three men, three women, all competing in a series of insane stunts and disgusting challenges all for the chance to win 50 racks.

There’s been so many classics moments in the show’s history that even Dave Chappelle himself spoofed it with the help of Tyron Biggums. Classic shit.

When it comes down to it, this is truly entertainment at its finest. Of course with the way TV works, no show is truly ever dead. Since Joe Rogen, the original “Fear Factor” host, has gone on to do a bunch of new shit from drugs, to Netflix specials, and UFC announcing, it was clear that there needed to be a new face to the program.

Enter Luda!

The ATL-rapper-turned-actor-turned-business mogul is now turning to television where his presence will now literally make it a must-watch show.

Luda even believes his presence will give contestants the strength to power through. In an interview with the NY Daily News he said,

“(I want) to be their motivation when people are getting scared, because they come there to conquer their fears. They wouldn’t want to disappoint Ludacris, humbly speaking. So anything I can do to help them get over their fears.”

If you wasn’t really out here in middle school (or whatever grade you were in) when Luda dropped “Move Bitch,” then you probably won’t understand the significance of this news. I would never want to let this man down. He’s gonna keep shit real with his reactions and body any contestant who’s being mad disrespectful.

Another¬†noticeable difference is that “Fear Factor” went from NBC to MTV. With a focus more centered on what the younger generations are fearful of, we wouldn’t be surprised if one of the stunts was going out without your phone for a night. Seriously though. Luda said,

“We did studies on what people are scared of, and one of the things is losing your cell phone. But if you can imagine young kids, it might not even be something crazy. There’s a number of different ways that we’re gonna spin it and try to make it a little more interesting and fun and a little more up-to-date.”

The new Fear Factor premiers Tuesday, May 30 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.