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Baddie on the street: How New Yorkers really feel about male rompers

You already know how I feel about these male rompers, but we hit the streets of New York to get the people of the city’s opinions on how they really feel about the matter.

Our resident baddie Jenziino (and this kid named Eddie) hit up the Big Apple BBQ fest at Madison Square Park recently to do some investigating into what ladies, dudes, and couples really think about the rompers for guys.

It was a hot ass day and people were eating mad ribs, but we got some pretty interesting responses as to the people’s opinions on the trend.

Pretty much everyone, especially the women, are all with it. As for the dudes, not many really seem to mind it but wouldn’t be caught dead in it even if a respected rapper like Kendrick Lamar wore a denim one with some Timbs.

It is summer time and you do want to be as comfortable as possible but are these outfits really the solution? The only real answer is who gives a fuck.

It turns out no matter what I think about this male romper shit, most women really respect a man who has the confidence to rock one and would probably let them scratch.

Others don’t think it’s masculine enough, while we all know the main reason dudes aren’t trying to rock one is because they realistically not tryna get roasted by their boys.

Look, we know there’s some shit on the camera but that’s not the point. Peep the video above and maybe you’ll think about male rompers a little differently. Or nah.

desus and the kid mero

How Desus Nice and The Kid Mero went from popped to kings of late night

If you’re not familiar with Desus & Mero by now, that shit’s about to change.

VICELAND’s #1 show on late night hosted by Desus Nice and The Kid Mero has critics raving about their real ass takes on everything from politics to ratchet Worldstar videos and their informative segments interviewing illustrious guests and shedding light on important things such as double-toppy.

But while they may have one of the most brolic brands of the millennium, it took hard work, getting slept, on and dedication to reach where they are today. Plus mad Backwoods.

Desus and Mero are a beacon of hope for washed millennials everywhere to never give up on their dreams and keep trying even when people overlook them.

Two dudes from the Bronx making it to late night television show what’s possible when you stay true to your own brand and talk that shit when somebody needs to be roasted. From being so popped with no bread that they had to share a Metrocard, Desus and Mero took all the steps necessary to get where they are today. Plus they’re just funny as fuck.

No one’s putting on for New York more than Desus and Mero right now and that’s a fact. Peep the video above to see two legends in the making.

10 people you see on the New York City subway (Part 1)

It’s no secret that the New York City subway, operated by the crooked MTA, has been extra trash recently. With delays on another level to start the summer, it’s almost like the entire staff at Kinkos started running the train systems out here.

And it’s not like this shit wasn’t already difficult to begin with. Just peep how bad it’s gotten.

Still, unfortunately, the train is truly the best way to get around in this city.

For those of us who actually have to take the train everyday, we know the struggle of seeing/smelling some of the wildest shit of all time on the regular. But just like New York City itself, it’s the people who make the subway unlike anywhere else in the world.

The characters you see on the train range from brazy to too brazy.

😳 #subwaycreatures

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Just ask any New Yorker what’s the worst thing they’ve seen on the train and it probably has to do with a homeless dude jerking off. Shit is terrible son.

Realistically, we’re talking about the underworld of Gotham where literally anything can happen. You have to be mentally prepared to see anything, man.

Shout out to Subway Creatures for curating some of the most shocking footage of wild ass people on the train and raising awareness of the madness.

The world needs to know what’s going on out here, man. It ain’t nothin’ nice!

Who’s daughter/mom/auntie is this?!

Peep the video on the right and meet just 10 of the people you’ll encounter on the New York City. SMFH.

Photo Credit: ShotByMF

Marshawn Lynch’s return to the NFL is already the greatest shit ever

The NBA season is almost over which means one depressing thing: all there is left is baseball. Shit is about to be too trash.

One silver lining is that the NFL season isn’t too far away. I guess.

The offseason workouts are in full swing and besides Odell skipping all these OTAs to turn up, the biggest plotline is Marshawn Lynch’s return to Oakland.

After an entire year off, presumably to smoke mad blunts and eat skittles, Beast Mode is back and playing for his hometown Raiders in black and silver. With Derek Carr, Amari Cooper, and Marshawn, the Raider have a serious shot at competing for a title this season, just in time before their hot boy move to Las Vegas.

Marshawn knew that with only a couple seasons left in Oakland, he had to take the chance, coming out of retirement to play for his childhood team and win them a Super Bowl.

For one, Marshawn has been looking like a beast in practice.

Head coach Jack Del Rio definitely has the hard-on just watching Marshawn slice through the defense during practice. It looks like he hasn’t lost a single step since dipping from the Seahawks. If anything he’s rested and ready.

Pairing him with Derek Carr in the backfield is going to be a deadly combination.

Aside from that, Marshawn has also been getting up to speed with the Oakland media, which has of course been some of the most entertaining shit ever.

Peep the wide stance. You already know this man is ready to run through a motherfucker face.

It wasn’t until he actually started speaking when reporters got that gold they were looking for.

Marshawn is gonna have mad touchdowns this season and you already know he’s gonna be a first-round fantasy pick up. But what I’m most interested to see is how many fines he racks up. The NFL is mad soft and is gonna try to body his shit but FOH Goodell.

When asked what returning to the NFL and playing for the Oakland Raiders meant to him Marshawn said,

“I mean, there’s been always something to, being from Oakland that, you want to play at home and have the opportunity. I mean, you’d understand why it’s so big for me to come and play. But knowing that they was leaving, a lot of the kids here probably won’t have the opportunity for most of their idols growing up, being in your hometown no more. With me being from here and continuing to be here, it was my opportunity to get to see somebody that actually did from where they from and for the team that they probably idolized.”

Shout out to Marshawn for doing it one more time for the home team.

The Mayweather-McGregor fight could deadass make over half a billion

The Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor fight is going to happen no matter what.

The main reason? There’s just way too much money on the table and both of these men are all about fattening up their pockets. Besides what have they got to lose?

Money Mayweather and the Notorious One have been taking shots at each other for years now, building up hype unlike any other scrap since the Thrilla in Manilla. But the only thing that is guaranteed about this fight is that it will surely be disappointing. Remember how long it took Mayweather to fight Pacquiao? And that shit was hella trash. SMH. Still, it’s going down because of the two most important reasons.

For one, the fans want this shit, but the main reason is because of that money boy!

As for the numbers, ESPN’s Darren Rovell put together some interesting projections that show exactly why these two men need to take this fight. He broke down the exact numbers behind every revenue driver for the event and even stacked it up against numbers vs. what the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight generated.

Let’s just say this shit makes no damn sense.

Projected Ticket Sales: $77.1 million

Projected PPV Sales: $475 million

Projected Sponsorship Sales: $22 million

Projected Merchandise Sales: $2 million

Projected Nevada Betting: $30 million

Projected total: $606.1 million

Still, Mayweather-Pacquiao made $623.5 million

At the end of the day, these guys have no problem putting their reputations on the line to make a serious payday, as if they needed any more bread. Doing this type of cross-sports event could open to the door to many more like it.

Imagine a Deontay Wilder vs. Jon Jones fight though. Now chill out, I would pay to see that! Realistically, these guys should just save the injuries too and settle their differences at Wrestlemania like true superstars do.

a$ap mob

How A$AP Mob took their squad and created a global empire

When it comes to flipping a dollar into a dream, nobody’s done it better than A$AP Mob over the course of the past few years.

From platinum records to world tours, they’ve created a brand that’s allowed them to cross over into different lanes and genres.

It’s hard to imagine A$AP Mob only really been getting that recognition since 2011, but the ground they’ve covered in that short time is nothing short of remarkable and a lot of kids could learn from them.

Of course they had some of the realest talent to work with, but it was the vision they had as a squad that’s helped them expand into a global operation. These dudes are really out here.

With Rocky as the star that put them on the map, Yams had the vision, the aesthetic, and knew the necessary movements they had to make to get to the next level.

Now every member in the group is breaking out and finding their own lane, all while keeping their brotherhood alive. Ferg, Nast, Twelvyy, Illz, Bari, Lou, and many more are all cooking up something different. Their story is far from over.

Check out the video above and quit playin’.

Le’Veon Bell shoots shot with IG model’s DM, gets put on blast

What is it with these Instagram models who can’t live without having to post screenshots of pro athletes who DM them trying to shoot their shot?

Unfortunately Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell learned the hard way when he tried to say whaddup to Karen Villareal through her Instagram story.

She documented the whole account (aka one message) and went on a bit of a rant about pro athletes hitting her up.

What’s wrong with saying “Hello Gorgeous”???


Karen then went on a IG story rant and called him out heavy.




WHO EVEN SAYS THAT?! Can Le’Veon Bell live?


As if this wasn’t enough, she’s still gloating around with this shit. But why?

First of all, she’s treating my dude like a practice squad player. Le’Veon is an All-Pro and could be one of the greatest running backs ever when it’s all said and done.

Not saying that she should feel inclined to give it up to him at all but why you gotta play him like this? You be the judge if Karen is really worth that risk.

Ok, we get it, you’re pretty poppin’ and all.

And you might have the OD cake too. Big deal!

Another transformation ✌️ #HumpDay. – I want to clarify that my before pic wasn’t a bad pic. I’m not hating on it. I’ve loved my lower half through its stages. My man has too, and that’s all that matters. As soon as I started training with @rhygunnar, my butt became rounder, fuller, and perkier. The point of this is to merely show you ladies that even us big butt girls have to put in the work. If not, we develop saddlebags, our butt starts to drop, and we get that under butt fat we allll love What’s most important to me is also the difference in my hamstring development. I had no hamstring muscles then, and now they’re starting to show up, thanks to those hundreds of straight leg deadlifts we did @rhygunnar – I am extremely proud of where I am physically, not because I didn’t like myself before, but because I was able to transform something we thought was pretty darn good already

A post shared by Karen Villarreal (@karen_vi) on

That does not mean you can put someone on blast like that.

At least he wasn’t lying when he called you gorgeous.

And we understand that these types of hit ups happen to you all the time (granted that is trash).

Take me down to the paradise city where the grass is green and the girls are pretty 🌹

A post shared by Karen Villarreal (@karen_vi) on

But why you gotta do Le’Veon like that?!

After all he was really only just tryna dish out a compliment.

Trust me when I say, society’s view of beauty is ALWAYS changing, but don’t let yours change. – Despite the trend, butts & curvy bodies weren’t always in. I used to be considered fat for having a thick lower half. Thin girls with lanky legs or big boobs had the ideal body five years ago. – My point is. You are beautiful. You are amazing. You are wonderful. You don’t need to have a certain body part to know that. You don’t need society to tell you that. You don’t need a man to tell you that. Shit you don’t even need me to tell you that 😝 Hey, if you want to go get your butt done or your boobs done (I got my twins) then have at it, but don’t do it for the wrong reasons. – You don’t need a big ass to be beautiful. Don’t allow our cultural trends to dictate that. Own what you have. And work with it. Big or small. Lumpy or toned. Love it. Adore it. And be happy. 💕 P.S. my swimsuit is @megliz.swim 👙

A post shared by Karen Villarreal (@karen_vi) on

Is there something so wrong with athletes using social media to meet women?

With all of that being said, it should also be mentioned the Le’Veon Bell actually spoke out on the topic of athletes meeting women on social media recently.

In a 2016 interview with ESPN he said,

“Whether they think I’m attractive or like my status, lots of girls come at me on social media—lots, lots. You get used to it, and you handle it from there… I’m a guy who likes conversation, especially with women, and obviously they like doing it with me. You have your agent reach out, see what they’re about. I can take myself out of the process.”

Well, there’s that. When you’re a rich athlete, be careful who you DM.

kevin durant

Kevin Durant is low key taking over the tech scene in Silicon Valley

When Kevin Durant shocked the sports world and left Oklahoma City for Golden State last summer, not a lot of people understood the vision.

Of course there was the obvious: “this motherf*cker’s tryna win some championships”, but there was more behind the move than just ball.

Unlike LeBron who spent four years in Miami to get his rings and turn up at LIV, which he definitely did, Durant made the conscious decision to make sure he was in position to undertake another endeavor once his playing days are over.

In his Players Tribune announcement he said this decision,

“Encourages my evolution as a man: moving out of my comfort zone to a new city and community, which offers the greatest potential for my contribution and personal growth.”

The allure of Silicon Valley and the possibilities investing his time and money into tech was something that he just couldn’t pass up so he peaced on OKC to pursue something that’s realistically bigger than basketball.

So what exactly has the 6’10” ball player-slowly-transitioning-into-businessman been cooking up since pulling up to the Bay?

Kevin Durant is already one of the most marketable pro athletes and is signed with Jay Z’s Roc Nation Sports.


He’s also one of the most business minded NBA players.

Before even moving to Silicon Valley, KD formed a startup with his agent and partner Rich Kleiman called Durant Company.

Kevin Durant

There he has invested in companies such as Acorns.

As well as the food delivery service Postmates, where he’s an investor and spokesperson.


He even did a special promotion where he was delivering Postmates orders himself!

He also invests in a slew of other tech related startups and app companies like Jetsmarter.


Plus so many more that we can’t even keep track at this point.

KD even appears on the Shark Tank themed show for athletes MVP.


Plus he’s an investor in the site Players Tribune where he published his decision to play for the Warriors.

The Players Tribune

But what KD is most interested in at the moment is video content and distribution.

He regularly speaks at the YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, California and streams his own live vlogs.

In just one year with Golden State, he’s accomplished more off the court than he was ever able to in OKC.

The scary part is that he’s only getting started.


Is it a wrap for you? 8 signs you a washed millennial

Getting old is one of the hardest things to accept and to be honest, it’s trash.

Yeah sure, age ain’t nothing but a number and youth is in the mind but when your body literally starts to break down on you and stop working the way it used to, it could be one of the most trash feelings in the world.

I’m 25 and I already feel like shit daily. I’m always just mad tired, sick because I’m not just chillin’ on a yacht and things that used to not bother me are starting to get me tight.

Realistically, I’m Gucci at the same time, but there’s no denying what this is. Just like me, you too may be a washed millennial.

Think back to like five years ago. How carefree were you? How good did you feel? When you fell down you would just pop right back up. Get up and try it again!

Falling down today is more like tumbling down the stairs. You gonna get up eventually but you might need a minute. And when you do get up ya knee is feelin’ brazy.

It’s like what most retired athletes say at the end of their careers: father time is undefeated. Only difference is you definitely ain’t no pro athlete but you might be washed too, b.

Here’s some clear signs that it’s a wrap for you.

You deadass not tryna go out like ever.

Going out in your early 20s compared to the the later years is one of the biggest differences because you’re not really tryna do it anymore.

Especially if you were going hard at one point, you more than likely would rather just post up at the crib, smoke something, order some seamless and stream some shit. Seeing people you don’t really fuck with and gotta pretend you care about is trash too.

One of the hardest parts about going out when you washed is coming up with new excuses to your friends of why you can’t go.

You can’t handle eating ratchet meals anymore.

Remember what it was like to eat with no repercussions? I’m talking about fuckin’ up a bacon cheeseburger and a shake at 3am and being able to hit the gym a few hours later.

I’m talking about not caring about what the fuck a calorie was. As you get older, and more washed, you can literally feel every fry you’ve eaten. You can actually feel your heart to slow down and the complications kick in.

You’ve lost that untouchable feeling of youth and feel more like a flaming sack of shit.

You might need to see a doctor after one game of pick up basketball.

If there’s one thing that truly makes you realized you’re washed, it’s playing ball with kids younger than you.

Sure, you can lock up and get those buckets still (fuck outta here), but it’s the after effects that truly make you realize you can’t do this shit like you used to.

Muscles you didn’t know existed start to cramp up, your shoulders start to get strained and your ankle is cooked son. This is a young man’s game. Stick to 2K.

You the one with the Netflix password that everyone’s stealing.

Being that source of how your cousins, their homies and their extended families are watching Netflix is a clear sign you washed.

That means you’re kinda responsible but let’s be real here, no one should be paying for Netflix. You the one getting played here dog.

Hearing mumble rappers like Lil Uzi angers you.

Look, 90s rap was 90s rap. And the 2000s was the 2000s. If you can’t at least tolerate the shit these youngins are putting out today, then at least try to keep that shit to yourself.

No one’s tryna hear how Bone Thugs N’ Harmony was better than Migos (low key though) or how no one’s still fucking with Tupac and Biggie (true). You just sound like one of those old timers talking about you need five elements of hip-hop shit and still bumping KRS-One like it just came out.

They all had their time at one time. It’s now the era of, “YAH, YAH, WHAT!”

You get a little too hyped when an old Nelly song comes on.

Going off of your music taste, if the first second a Nelly track still makes you go wild, then you looking real wild yourself.

The good thing about our classics compared to shit our parents were bumpin’ is that this shit is still undeniably hot but tin today’s age, that’s the same thing as bumping some boom bap shit. It’s just not what’s poppin’ anymore.

The video for “Tip Drill” will forever be legendary though.

You truly can’t deal with being hungover anymore.

The most obvious reason you’re washed. Drinking liquor is now the devil.

When your hangover start lasting for multiple days, you know it’s gotta be a wrap for your immune system and probably your heart.

You still do it but every time you try to turn up, you wake up feeling absolutely terrible. I’m talking about yacking it with the bumpin’ ass headache and literally losing an entire day or two of your life.

You then have to deal with this every time you decide to drink from here on out.

You’re actually using your college degree.

Well, it looks like the life you set out to achieve when you graduated 12th grade actually worked out. Congratulations, you’re officially washed!

It’s not a bad thing but just realize this, there is nothing remotely exciting about you.

You played the game by the book and listened to what everyone’s ever told you. You did exactly what they expected and didn’t exceed any expectations. You’re right on the line!

You might as well start poppin’ kids out, move to the suburbs and drive a Dodge Caravan. You most definitely washed b.

Rob Dyrdek

How Rob Dyrdek consistently took risks to become the mogul he is today

Not many people can say they quit high school to become a pro skateboarder, left their hometown in Ohio to move to Los Angeles at 16, and became one of the most influential business moguls of their generation 26 years later.

As a matter of fact, only one man can truly say that: Rob Dyrdek.

While his popularity rose with his MTV shows like Rob & Big, then Fantasy Factory, and now Ridiculousness, he’s also been one of the savviest business minds when it comes to branding and scaling his companies.

But even more than that, Dyrdek has been one of the most revolutionary risk takers of our time. At 42 years old, he’s no spring chicken, but he has plenty more years ahead of him to continue to add to his already impressive legacy.

His journey up to this point is something we can all learn from. His fearlessness when it comes to taking risks is inspirational and if his success story isn’t enough to get you fired up and motivated, then you really weren’t sh*t to begin with, bruh.

Rob Dyrdek is one of the most influential skater-turned-moguls ever, creating a lane for himself unlike any other. So how did he do it?

Rob started out as a normal kid in Kettering, Ohio.


At age 11 he began skateboarding when pro skater Neil Blender gave him his first board.


By age 12 he got his first skateboarding sponsorship with the same company that was sponsoring Blender.


A few years later they partnered together to create their own skate brand called Alien Workshop, which still exists today.


By the time he turned 16, he decided to skip his senior year of high school to move to LA and pursue his dream of being a pro skater.


Dyrdek would sign with DC Shoes and with Danny Way take the company to big heights. He also got sponsored by Monster Energy and helped create Silver Trucks.

According to Forbes he said, “When I was 16, I told people I had to treat this career like a business.”

Skate All Cities

Rob was very business-minded early on, tracking his board sales and knowing exactly how much money he was making.

Alien Workshop

Around this time he began his entrepreneurship journey trying to start his own hip-hop label and opening a skate shop.


Talking about trying and failing in different businesses Rob said, “I started my first company when I was 18 and learned by trial through fire, having no formal education or entrepreneurial experience.”


In 2003 he started the Rob Dyrdek Foundation and created skateparks in different cities to ensure the safety of riders.


In 2006 he and his best friend Big Black became cultural icons with the hit MTV show Rob & Big.

This would lead to the 2009 MTV series Fantasy Factory where Rob’s full entrepreneurial moves with Dyrdek Enterprise were put on display.

This included a “Hands of God” music studio where his cousin Drama could record.

Dyrdek and his Fantasy Factory even appeared in appeared in games like Skate.

In 2009 Dyrdek produced his own movie Street Dreams, which costed him $1.7 million and made him $18 million.

In 2010 he started Street League Skateboarding with an ESPN contract to boot. This revolutionized competitive skating as he even developed a scoring system now known as ISX.

Street League Skateboarding

In 2011 he appeared in Jackass movies and started his third show on MTV called Ridiculousness where he brings guests to watch brazy clips from around the internet.


By 2013 his other properties included a Nickelodeon animated series called Wild Grinders, Loud Mouth Burritos, the streetwear brand DTA Posse with Travis Barker, just to name a few.


Dyrdek even has his own TAG Body Spray called Make Moves. Fitting.


The number of projects and businesses Rob is involved with today is exponentially growing.

He also may currently be one of the flyest dads of all time.


The kid from Ohio even started his own venture studio Dyrdek Machine, where he works with young entrepreneurs and invests in their ideas.

Rob Dyrdek is now in a position to take over the world. But it all started with his relentless work ethic and the risks he took.