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How A$AP Mob took their squad and created a global empire

a$ap mob

When it comes to flipping a dollar into a dream, nobody’s done it better than A$AP Mob over the course of the past few years.

From platinum records to world tours, they’ve created a brand that’s allowed them to cross over into different lanes and genres.

It’s hard to imagine A$AP Mob only really been getting that recognition since 2011, but the ground they’ve covered in that short time is nothing short of remarkable and a lot of kids could learn from them.

Of course they had some of the realest talent to work with, but it was the vision they had as a squad that’s helped them expand into a global operation. These dudes are really out here.

With Rocky as the star that put them on the map, Yams had the vision, the aesthetic, and knew the necessary movements they had to make to get to the next level.

Now every member in the group is breaking out and finding their own lane, all while keeping their brotherhood alive. Ferg, Nast, Twelvyy, Illz, Bari, Lou, and many more are all cooking up something different. Their story is far from over.

Check out the video above and quit playin’.