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How Desus Nice and The Kid Mero went from popped to kings of late night

desus and the kid mero

If you’re not familiar with Desus & Mero by now, that shit’s about to change.

VICELAND’s #1 show on late night hosted by Desus Nice and The Kid Mero has critics raving about their real ass takes on everything from politics to ratchet Worldstar videos and their informative segments interviewing illustrious guests and shedding light on important things such as double-toppy.

But while they may have one of the most brolic brands of the millennium, it took hard work, getting slept, on and dedication to reach where they are today. Plus mad Backwoods.

Desus and Mero are a beacon of hope for washed millennials everywhere to never give up on their dreams and keep trying even when people overlook them.

Two dudes from the Bronx making it to late night television show what’s possible when you stay true to your own brand and talk that shit when somebody needs to be roasted. From being so popped with no bread that they had to share a Metrocard, Desus and Mero took all the steps necessary to get where they are today. Plus they’re just funny as fuck.

No one’s putting on for New York more than Desus and Mero right now and that’s a fact. Peep the video above to see two legends in the making.