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10 people you see on the New York City subway (Part 1)

It’s no secret that the New York City subway, operated by the crooked MTA, has been extra trash recently. With delays on another level to start the summer, it’s almost like the entire staff at Kinkos started running the train systems out here.

And it’s not like this shit wasn’t already difficult to begin with. Just peep how bad it’s gotten.

Still, unfortunately, the train is truly the best way to get around in this city.

For those of us who actually have to take the train everyday, we know the struggle of seeing/smelling some of the wildest shit of all time on the regular. But just like New York City itself, it’s the people who make the subway unlike anywhere else in the world.

The characters you see on the train range from brazy to too brazy.

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Just ask any New Yorker what’s the worst thing they’ve seen on the train and it probably has to do with a homeless dude jerking off. Shit is terrible son.

Realistically, we’re talking about the underworld of Gotham where literally anything can happen. You have to be mentally prepared to see anything, man.

Shout out to Subway Creatures for curating some of the most shocking footage of wild ass people on the train and raising awareness of the madness.

The world needs to know what’s going on out here, man. It ain’t nothin’ nice!

Who’s daughter/mom/auntie is this?!

Peep the video on the right and meet just 10 of the people you’ll encounter on the New York City. SMFH.

Photo Credit: ShotByMF