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Marshawn Lynch’s return to the NFL is already the greatest shit ever

The NBA season is almost over which means one depressing thing: all there is left is baseball. Shit is about to be too trash.

One silver lining is that the NFL season isn’t too far away. I guess.

The offseason workouts are in full swing and besides Odell skipping all these OTAs to turn up, the biggest plotline is Marshawn Lynch’s return to Oakland.

After an entire year off, presumably to smoke mad blunts and eat skittles, Beast Mode is back and playing for his hometown Raiders in black and silver. With Derek Carr, Amari Cooper, and Marshawn, the Raider have a serious shot at competing for a title this season, just in time before their hot boy move to Las Vegas.

Marshawn knew that with only a couple seasons left in Oakland, he had to take the chance, coming out of retirement to play for his childhood team and win them a Super Bowl.

For one, Marshawn has been looking like a beast in practice.

Head coach Jack Del Rio definitely has the hard-on just watching Marshawn slice through the defense during practice. It looks like he hasn’t lost a single step since dipping from the Seahawks. If anything he’s rested and ready.

Pairing him with Derek Carr in the backfield is going to be a deadly combination.

Aside from that, Marshawn has also been getting up to speed with the Oakland media, which has of course been some of the most entertaining shit ever.

Peep the wide stance. You already know this man is ready to run through a motherfucker face.

It wasn’t until he actually started speaking when reporters got that gold they were looking for.

Marshawn is gonna have mad touchdowns this season and you already know he’s gonna be a first-round fantasy pick up. But what I’m most interested to see is how many fines he racks up. The NFL is mad soft and is gonna try to body his shit but FOH Goodell.

When asked what returning to the NFL and playing for the Oakland Raiders meant to him Marshawn said,

“I mean, there’s been always something to, being from Oakland that, you want to play at home and have the opportunity. I mean, you’d understand why it’s so big for me to come and play. But knowing that they was leaving, a lot of the kids here probably won’t have the opportunity for most of their idols growing up, being in your hometown no more. With me being from here and continuing to be here, it was my opportunity to get to see somebody that actually did from where they from and for the team that they probably idolized.”

Shout out to Marshawn for doing it one more time for the home team.