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Lil Wayne and T-Pain drop ‘T-Wayne’ a surprise album from 2009

In one of the most lit things to happen in music in a minute, Lil Wayne and T-Pain just dropped T-Wayne, the long-lost album from 2009.

The 8-track ready for SoundCloud project has been under wraps for seven years and so far shit is already too fire. The fact that these two dudes decided to drop this throwback shit in a year when music was already too poppin’ makes it even better.

First off, you already know when the album starts off with T-Pain spitting bars, shit is about to get real. As for Wayne’s parts, this was from the era when you wouldn’t even question when he said he was the best rapper in the world.

Mad auto tune, mad tracks about smacking cheeks and just being dumb rich.

Seven years ago doesn’t seem like that long, but realistically, everything has changed. This shit will take you back to whatever the f*ck it was you were doing pre-2010 and it will make you think what other unreleased shit like this is out there.

T-Pain actually teased this album release yesterday with this series of cryptic tweets.

These are great tracks to mix in with all the other wild shit you’re listening to at the moment and who knows, maybe the younger generation will begin to respect these old heads. They shoulda got Yachty on Uzi on some tracks if they wanted to do that though!

This makes us wonder what else is on T-Pain’s hard drive? I’m sure both of their fans are asking this question right now but realistically you still mess with Wayne and T-Pain like that you’re most likely a washed millennial.