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To all the dudes wearing male rompers this summer, it’s quiet for you

Let me just start off by saying I am by no means telling anyone how to live their life.

But if you a dude wearing a male romper I deadass can’t ever fuck with you. Let me explain.

By picking out your favorite color, entering your payment information and actually copping that shit, I’ve already learned enough about you. First of all you’re easily persuaded into the trends and you was also most likely was rocking a choker at some point, too.

Second, you probably not wearing any underwear right now and THAT’S CRAZY.

But most importantly by choosing this outfit you’re making a statement. You’re telling the world you only tryna chill and go to brunch all day instead of making these moves.

If you were really about this grind life, you’d probably be wearing Timbs, even in the summer. Something that says you ready for any situation and can handle adversity.


These male rompers are not the uniform of a working man. Definitely a thotty man though. If you’re wearing this shit, you’re pretty much saying you just here to f*ck around indefinitely.

If you’ve made it (or were born in it) to the point where you can afford that comfort then good for you. But if you’re wild complacent in your life and wearing this romper shit, that’s the type of energy I just can’t be around.

The truth is if you were really trying to get to this bread, you’d wear more clothing that reflects it. Look how my dudes out in Silicon Valley who are really getting this bread dress up!

My dude Zuckerberg is really out here in only in the hoodie touching these b-racks.


Do you think you’d ever really catch this man in a romper? Hell no.

What about when Steve Jobs came up with the first iPhone at Apple? Do you think his nuts was just all hanging out the romper catching that breeze? Nah my man was in a straight turtle neck stressin’. Shout out Steve Jobs tho.

The truth is this is the internet’s fault and the fact that a lot of dudes are turning into h-h-hoes. I can’t believe they really calling this shit “romphims” too! SMH. You already know Mero been roasting this shit crazy on Twitter, then roasted that shit on the show too.

Look fellas, there’s no reason why any dude besides Steve Irwin (RIP) should be wearing a romper. Unless you out here in the land down under, tryna scrap with alligators and shit, you don’t need to do this to yourself.

There’s no way you’re tryna show pics of you and your friends to your kids one day and make them realize something terrible: their daddy was a thot.

To sum it up best, the great philosopher 2 Chainz once said,

You a bitch, you a ho, that’s just my philosophy

He was definitely talking about dudes wearing rompers.