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8 Daymond John quotes that will guide you through business and life

While most people might know him for being that smooth dude on ‘Shark Tank’, Daymond John is more than just another successful businessman on TV.

The Queens-native is yet another example of the American dream; a young man who was deadass broke but hustled his ass off to be in the position he is today.

From chauffeuring his own 15-passenger vans in his section of Hollis, to selling t-shirts out the back of his van up and down the east coast, Daymond John did countless things not many kids would even try in 2017.

His big break came in the early 90s when he launched FUBU and the brand took off to become one of the most culturally relevant brands of a generation. By 1998, John built his company’s value to $350 million and today it’s a global brand valued at $6 billion, according to Forbes.

Daymond himself is worth an estimated $300 million. Not bad for a kid from Queens.

Today, the brand is as brolic as ever as he gets to invest in pretty much anything he wants, both on and off ‘Shark Tank’. His philosophies are studied today by many young entrepreneurs who can relate to his story and aspire to reach his level of flyness.

On the show you can see a calm, collected dude who knows what he’s doing and what he wants when it comes to investments. But it was his humble beginning that allowed Daymond John to see business the way he does.

Here are 8 Daymond John quotes that will help you in business and life.

Every successful person seems to consistently say the same thing about failure… because it’s true. You’re never going to make it on your first try and it’s your persistence to stay grounded and figure shit out that gets you to your goals.

Plans can change but people rarely do. If you’re the type to just drop everything once shit gets tough, then you’ll never get anything done in life. Daymond John took one hustle to fuel the next. In America that’s what it takes: never giving up.

He’s failed way more than he’s succeeded. It’s just that his successes have now far overshadowed his failures.

This is one of the most important pieces of advice DJ has ever spoken. So many times people believe that time is on their side or that they should wait certain things out to start what they know they should be doing.

But time is never on ya side, b. The only time you got is what you have right now in this moment. If you’re working towards your goals and being aggressive with what you want, then eventually something is going to happen. But if you’re just at the crib shwapping it all day, it’s quiet for you.

Problem solving, and more importantly strategizing, is the most important part of building a brand or business. What are your goals? What do you need to do to reach them? What obstacles are in the way?

If you don’t know the answer to any of these questions there have been many people who’ve come before you, like a Daymond John, who’ve paved the way and answer a lot of the unknown. If not, there’s always you and Google, FOH and figure shit out.

Losing money and making a fool of yourself is one of the reasons people are afraid to fail. But it’s when you have to tuck your tail between your legs, go back to the drawing board, and start from scratch where some of the greatest ideas begin.

Looking back on it today, FUBU might’ve never have become the $6 billion company if he didn’t have the determination and vision to keep shit going. If you’re going to fail, and you will, try to fail forward.

As corny as that “your net worth is your network” saying goes, it’s also low key true.

Who you’re able to surround and align yourself with dictates a lot with your overall direction and who you end up doing business with.

The best thing to do is to never burn bridges (unless that person was a true f*ckboy) but if you’re not able to see how you could eventually build with someone in the future, what’s the point of even keeping them there?

When it comes to building the brazy ideas you have, not everyone is going to understand the vision. Find the ones who do, but beyond that put in the extra hours that none of them are trying to do.

Understand your craft, competitors and goals just like Daymond John did with FUBU. Create something that will not only sustain you, but push you and change things around you. If that’s not what you’re working for then go drive a city bus.

No journey to success is walked alone. It takes a team, motivators and most importantly mentors. Daymond had help along the way and he now spends time giving back to the new generation, spreading his knowledge and kicking game to the next generation of hustlers.

But mentors go far beyond just business. They are people to help guide you through the confusing and murky parts of life and business to be able to overcome obstacles and hone in on what you’re really supposed to be focusing on.

You think Daymond John is done creating this wealth? Not even close. As an entrepreneur, that itch to keep building and expanding never goes away.

In fact, the further you get, the more your drive will continue grow and the more life you unlock and shit.

You’re definitely gonna keep failing but in the process you learn more about business and yourself. The more you actually try, the more you’re gonna get.