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Why we love 2000s nostalgia and its influence on the culture

The 20-year nostalgia cycle turns once again and as a kid of the 2000s, it’s refreshing to see the decade I grew up in the spotlight. To be real, it was a troubled decade from the start, but what decade doesn’t have its downs?

Just like the 80s and 90s have been all over everything for the past decade, it’s only expected that 2000s nostalgia is next up to take over…

Remember that funky 2000s nostalgia style

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For my fellow lovers of cargo pants, keep em sagging! Ridiculed relentlessly by the start of 2010, these handy many-pocket pants have hit shelves again. Now you can store as much as you could please on you at once!

Merch for hot properties of the day, like Dawson’s Creek, Jackass, Lord of the Rings, and others will likely see a return. Vintage will sell like crazy second hand, so watch out eBay hunters.

Ladies, expect to see a return in the super low and super high waisted shorts and pants. Reviled by the end of the decade, people can scoff no more.

There was nothing more 2000s than a sideways hat.

Whether it’s a slouchy knit beanie cap or a snapback, we can expect a return. Speaking of headwear, visors may come back in, this time not just for douchey frat boys!

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was told this is a solid fashion choice by my adVISOR. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Denim on denim is not just for Britney and Justin, it’s for everybody. When the weather allows, of course. Goofed on to no end, even then, wear it loud and proud, friends. I do.

Keep that hair crimped and those tips frosted.

That dial-up was no joke

dialup | Tumblr

Yes, the internet is so old now it has a history to it. With a culture forming around the internet taking hold in the 2000s, there is historical interest in this time now.

For fans of technology, there were a few times as exciting as this. With twenty years going by, many born then are interested in seeing what the Internet of their youth looked like.

Recently, I covered Napster, an online phenomenon of the day that sent ripples through the entire music world.

Let’s also not forget, in five years, YouTube will turn 20 years old. That is insane for those who remember the early days. What an internet video was even ten years ago differs from today.

Merch for old tech sites, from this time, are already starting to get a bit pricey online, but snag them if you can. They’re rare.

That nostalgic 2000s aesthetic didn’t slap, tho?

The 2000s were all about looking as extreme, in your face, and badass as possible. Just like how damn near everything has adopted the 80s neon grid lately, these graphics of yesteryears may have their day once more.

Flip phones are definitely making their return. Didn’t you miss banging the phone on people in that 2000s type of way?

The grand gaudiness of the 2000s is something I sorely miss. With the 2010s being about dismal minimalism, we could use some excitement again.

Classic remakes of our favorite early 2000s video games

The 2000s was when games really started to get huge. Not just in popularity, but in size and scope. Entire open 3D worlds were now a thing, never thought possible in the 90s.

With so many of the greatest games of all time coming out in the 2000s, we should see quite a few remakes.

With the rerelease of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2, memories of the Underground days came flooding back. Skating games took a major nosedive at the end of the decade. This could revive interest in the genre, and we may get more.

Enjoy your 2000s nostalgia, friends.

My favorite childhood author talks Olive the Other Reindeer and artsy inspo

Recently, I had the privilege of chatting with my favorite childhood author J. Otto Seibold.

If you don’t recognize the name, you undoubtedly know his work. He’s the man behind childhood classic books like Olive the Other Reindeer, Penguin Dreams, and the Mr. Lunch series.

Holy throwback!

Being that we are both California Bay Area boys, I asked him how his home’s environment has influenced his art.

“Well, I can tell you exactly how my environment influences my art, the sky is on fire right now,” he said in respect to the orange skies looming over the West Coast.

“You take a picture of Blade Runner and take a picture of the outside, put ’em side by side, they’re the same!”

He continued, mentioning his paintings inspired by the scenery of Oakland, CA, fire brimmed skies aside. He noted the tent encampments for the homeless, as they’ve served as a source for inspiration. “It’s the kinda thing you wouldn’t be seeing if you lived in Nova Scotia.”

I had seen these and had planned to inquire. “Well, I can tell ya more about them. The idea was to take these iconic brands and drape them in tents, which you’ll see just about everywhere in Oakland.”

These pieces were heavily inspired (he said stolen) from a number of other Bay Area artist friends of his.

Your favorite childhood author

Afterward, I asked about my favorite childhood book by him, Penguin Dreams. I was thrilled when he happily said “I’ll tell you anything you want about that book.”

I asked him how the idea had come about.

He responded:

“I don’t know if I can recall the exact genesis of [Penguin Dreams] but I know it had come from a character in Olive [the Other Reindeer], and little did I know there are no penguins in the North Pole!”

He continued to reminisce, “But there’s a quote in the back of the book from my oldest. She said ‘they fly in the water,’ and it just kinda went from there.”

The story’s protagonist, Chongo Chingi, was also an invention of his children.

favorite childhood author penguin dreams
Penguin Dreams (I Can Sleep Book): V. L. Walsh, J. Otto Seibold

Upon asking he said “The name came from my second oldest. I showed her a picture and asked her what his name was and she said ‘Congo Chingi!’ When we brought [Penguin Dreams] to Chronicle [Books], we actually had to convince them the name wasn’t racist!”

Sadly, all books co-written with his now ex-wife Vivian Walsh, such as Penguin Dreams, Olive, and Mr. Lunch are out of print. Copies can be found online easily, but snap them up if you see them! They’re a treasure.

I told him it was a shame it was only a virtual interview because I’d love for him to sign my copy. He joked “Want me to sign your screen? I can screenshot my signature and send it to you, you can print it out a paste it in.”

His sense of humor was excellent.

“Every year around Christmas time I rescue as many of my books as I can from Amazon, sign them, and donate them to a book drive. I’ll also see them every now and then at a flea market.”

Seibold talks about his new creative endeavor, Bubble Soap

I couldn’t be more hype for Seibold’s most In terms of recent endeavor, Bubble Soap. A story written and illustrated by my favorite childhood author.

Following protagonists Honey, a bear with a penchant for martial arts, and her sidekick Curtis the little donkey, they encounter zany characters in their happenstance.

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“The name came come from the song, ‘Just Like Honey’ by The Jesus and Mary Chain, which is a great song. But then some friends convinced me to change it back to Bubble Soap, so that’s the name I kept.”

Seibold is right now trying to sell Bubble Soap as a TV show and has a Patreon for it. On the subject of who he’s tried to sell to.

He said:

“Netflix said no… They said they had another show in the works. That it’s too similar to, but that’s impossible, there’s no way it’s too similar. So I’m trying to get it picked up by other streaming services. We’ll see what they say.”

Another project on the horizon is his outdoor soup art gallery! This was inspired by his college years, going to free nights at art museums, which traditionally serve wine.

“This is the first time I’m publicly announcing my outdoor gallery, where I’ll have my paintings displayed in the front yard. And as people walk around, they can get free soup, instead of wine like museums usually have.”

Unfortunately, Covid has delayed this. He joked about trying to do it virtually but noted that it is only delayed until further notice.

Friendly inspirations

Barry McGee was an artist and friend of his that came up in our email conversation previously. In Seibold’s backyard shed, he has a collection of McGee’s stickers, lifted from Lyft bikes.

McGee is known for his surrealist style and is definitive in the Bay Area’s art scene. About McGee, he said:

“I just take them off of bikes if I see them, I don’t care if anyone sees me do it. I just hate to see corporations use his art, so I take them home, put them on my shed.”

When not working, Seibold can be found playing music, as he has a drum kit and guitar in his creative space. For him, his work and play tend to be one and the same. What a goal.

Unfortunately, our connection was cut off before a proper end. I wish y’all could hear the “rich intonations” of my favorite childhood author’ss voice, as he was hilarious and a joy to have.

Any guy who doesn’t care how he’s seen in “corporate woke culture” and will light a J during an interview is cool in my book. It’s great to see the people who influence you as a kid turn out to be awesome in real life.

Check out my favorite childhood author and his work. Plug that Patreon, friends.

The UA HOVR Breakthru is revolutionizing women’s involvement in sports

Women athletes rarely get recognition for what they do, no matter how skilled.

They rarely see the cover of a Wheaties box, if they see any endorsement at all. With the sports world so focused on its male competitors, women deserve some acknowledgment.

Because of this, Under Armour’s HOVR Breakthru is their first sneaker designed by ladies, for ladies.

UA HOVR Breakthru
via Under Armour

Footwear designers Jessie Benjamin, Sasha Chaplin, and Shaneika Warden collaborated with women basketballers, rookies and veterans.

Their goal was simple: craft a shoe that drives performance, supports their play, and that looks bomb.

Left to Right: Under Armour teammates Sasha Chaplin, Jessie Benjamin, and Shaneika Warden. via Under Armour

Their approach was unique. Instead of being a variant of an existing men’s shoe, the Breakthru is built from the ground up. To design a shoe made for women, they had to determine what makes the lady’s foot unique.

The Breakthru is designed with a narrower heel and ankle, as well as an arch tailored for women. Foam arch support pads on the inside ensure comfort with every step. The front of the shoe has soft, flexible, breathable mesh primed for the court.

Tested before a focus group of purely women athletes, Under Armour intently listened to their wants and needs in a shoe. Covering bases on all things style, hoop culture, and comfort.

Finally, the look and the colors were decided according to the athlete’s preferences. It wasn’t only about appearance but about what those colors and designs mean for their game.

Ultimately, their experiences were the biggest sources of inspiration from the group. The anecdotes from the athletes gave the Under Armour design team much to consider.


Under Armour Associate Product Line Manager Sasha Chaplin said, “Research and collaboration were big parts of our design process. The particulars of a woman’s foot, especially athletes with specific on-court performance needs, are critical when developing a shoe like the UA HOVR Breakthru…”

“We spent a lot of time analyzing how to best support her shape and structure, her movement, her pressure points. During this process, we came up with an entirely new last and designed the Breakthru from the inside out.”

Tough, light, and breathable, the HOVR Breakthru is ready to take on any athletic challenge. Don’t expect those heels to get tired, as they’re double layered for extra support. Cushioning reduces impact for running, jumping, and dunking.

The UA HOVR Breakthru sneaker concept

via Under Armour

Herringbone traction on the shoe’s bottom gives it traction designed for the court. Combined with the shoe’s lightness, and design, it’s quite literally made for speed.

In signing WNBA rookies Bella Alarie, Kaila Charles, and Tyasha Harris, the HOVR Breakthru is seeing endorsements from new talent. Under Armour will keep working with them to improve the models every step of the way.

via Under Armour

Debuting at $110, they come cheaper than most other basketball shoes on the market made with the same care and quality.

If you’re in North America, they’ll be dropping tomorrow, 9/17. You can cop via Dick’s Sporting Goods,, and UA Brand Houses in Boston and Chicago.

Ball out, friends.

These Travis Scott brand collaborations are worth all your bread

Tell ’em Cactus Jack sent you…

Travis Scott has been a rising star for the past few years now. His recent collab with McDonald’s and the flood of memes that followed have only cemented that.

With the release of his new line of McDonald’s themed Cactus Jack merch, today we’ll look back on his collabs. In such a short span of time, Travis Scott has nabbed some of the most coveted brands one could pair with.

In celebration, let’s give a look.

Been Trill

The first of many Travis Scott brand collaborations this partnership birthed La Flame.

Circa: 2014

Diamond Supply Co.

Holy throwback to those Diamond Supply days. With graphics inspired by the work of Pen & Pixel, this collab is surely one to remember.

Circa: 2016


This is a collab we saw coming from a year out as the young 22-year-old rapper bodied his shoot for the BATHING APE BLACK series.

His most iconic drop with the brand might still be getting his own Baby Milo T-shirt. Still considered a piece of memorabilia this piece only dropped at ComplexCon.

May we all someday enter heaven as a Baby Milo version of ourselves.

Circa: 2016

Helmut Lang x Travis scott

Starting in 2017 when the rapper was just coming up in the scene, he struck a deal with high end fashion brand Helmut Lang. This would serve as the dawn for bigger collabs to come.

With them, he made a line of jackets and shirts, taking off of their “urban cowboy” motif of previous. Because Scott is from Houston and references Texas often in his work, this was fitting.

Circa: 2017

Travis Scott x Virgil Abloh


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Virgil for Astroworld 24hrs

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Though they’d previously worked together, in 2018 Virgil, a DJ, designed shirts for shows they did together on the Astroworld Tour.

This collab is significant because it debuted the now-iconic Travis Scott action figure wearing Cactus Jack Jordan IVs. The action figure has gone on to be a staple of Travis Scott, making him an icon.

The Astroworld Tour merch is still worn today, and shows no signs of stopping.

Circa: 2018


This was the collab that cemented his star in my eyes. When you’re able to have your own Jordans, let alone Jordan Is, you’ve truly made it.

His first collaboration with Nike was in 2017, when he designed a pair of Air Force 1s. He stated that he wanted to do something unexpected and new. He did just that with three metal swooshes on each side and patches on top.

Later, his Jordan I line dropped, with the backward Nike swoosh. Michael Jordan would be proud.

Travis Scott Air Jordan

Debuting his Jordan I lows at the Grammys was a move and a half. When you got people clamoring for the lows then you’ve made a bomb shoe.

Circa: 2017 – Present

Saint Laurent

Travis has been down with the Saint Laurent Clique since 2016.

Dressed to the nines in his video for “Can’t Stay” Travis Scott was the face of Saint Laurent’s Spring/Summer 2019 campaign. That same video would act as a quick fly ad for the fashion house.

Still, the official collaboration came about in December 2018 where the partnership birthed a limited edition vinyl record. With only 500 made, the curated  12-track playist included tracks like Fat Pat’s “25 Lighters” and Toro y Moi’s “So Many Details.”

Circa: 2018

Mitchell & Ness and Bleacher Report

As a longtime sports fan this collaboration between Travis Scott, Mitchell & Ness, and Bleacher Report was a no brainer.

The campaign featured limited edition designs of NBA team jerseys created by icons from all 29 NBA team cities. Each release honored a home team while expressing the signature styles and designs associated with the influential figures.

And to kick things off, La Flame reimagined the original Houston Rockets jersey from the ’70s.

Circa: 2019

Reese’s Puffs

Reese’s Puffs always showed hip-hop some love. This tradition continued when Travis Scott’s action figure got to be on the front of boxes last year.

The action figure holds a Cactus Jack spoon against a desert background with lightning and cactuses springing up behind. The cover really did stay true to his branding.

Originally selling on his online store, they were sold in clear acrylic cases for $50 each. They sold out in half a minute. Later, they hit store shelves, where they were snatched up as soon as they were on.

Circa: 2019

Hot Wheels, Nerf, and Fortnite

Travis has always been a kid at heart. To celebrate his label’s first album release Jack Boys it only made sense that he brought the Cactus Jack BMW M3 E30 to life as a Hot Wheels car.

Pushing the envelope even further would go on to hold a 10-minute long Astronomical performance on Fortnite. And even in a pandemic, Cactus Jack managed to set the bar even higher.

More than 10 million people pulled up.

To make things even spicier… in part to his astronomical event, Travis dropped one hell of a capsule that included t-shirts, hoodies, and action figures.

But most importantly an AR-goosebumps dart blaster made in collaboration with Nerf.

Circa: 2020

Travis Scott x LeBron James’ UNINTERRUPTED

This very special Travis Scott brand collaboration with Lebron James’ UNINTERRUPTED came from a very special place.

Made available for only 72 hours, all proceeds from the official class of 2020 graduation T-shirt were given to charities rebuilding the two superstars’ respective communities: the LeBron James Family Foundation and Feeding Texas.

Circa: 2020

Catus Jack x McDonald’s


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Talk about tasty streetwear

His most recent collab has everyone talking. With images surfacing online of his action figure sitting on top of the Golden Arches, people were buzzing instantly. What would it be?

It was then announced that McDonald’s would be selling the Travis Scott meal, which consists of a Quarter Pounder with cheese, bacon, and lettuce, medium fries with BBQ sauce, and a medium Sprite. No toy, sadly.

The collab doesn’t end there. As a big fan of McDonald’s, Travis has released a Cactus Jack McDonald’s merch collection on his site. You can get Cactus Jack t-shirts, hats, and an NBA 1992 All-Star Game inspired jersey.

Aside from that, there’s a pillow shaped like a chicken nugget. Beware, its $90 and not really chicken.

Circa: Present Day

And he wept, for there were not collabs left to conquer…


My experience inside the Times Square Scientology Center


We’ve all heard of it, though what it’s all about has been kept fairly secretive. And thus, its allure. The South Park episode did not exaggerate. They really do teach that stuff, if you pay to get to that level.

People are brought through the doors by curiosity, as all are welcome. Two years back, I went to the Times Square Scientology Center to interview people on just how they came to be Scientologists. How do people actually buy this?

At the lower levels, Scientology is designed to help make you the “most complete” person in their eyes, which requires a practice called auditing. This is said to be like a confession.

Through these auditing sessions, which are more expensive the higher the level, you reveal your fears and anxieties. The deepest parts of yourself. All of it is recorded and kept on file, should you want to leave.

Before I could ask any questions (or before any would be answered), I had to watch a 15-minute video on its founder, L. Ron Hubbard. The video contained multitudes of mistruths about his life, venerating him as a war hero and a genius.

Mr. Mackey Church GIF by South Park  - Find & Share on GIPHY

In reality, he was a wife-beating liar, who founded his “religion” on fraud. As a science fiction writer, he was tired of getting paid so low per word, until another joked that he should make a religion to avoid taxes.

He took that literally and wrote Dianetics, the book on its founding. The video claimed that he was blind and crippled in battle in WWII, and he healed himself with principles of Dianetics.

In truth, he was never injured in battle and was discharged, never having the medals he claimed to have either. All the same, he is the most high in the faith, even in death.

After I watched the video, walked around looking to ask some people about their experiences. There was one man who did answer a few questions, though not before asking if I was recording him.

Stan Marsh Photo GIF by South Park  - Find & Share on GIPHY

I asked how he heard of Scientology, what drew him in, and why he’s remained. He was brief in his answers but said he had seen a commercial for Dianetics and read it. From there, he eventually became staff.

I asked if there was any advertising literature I could take home. He handed me a pamphlet for their DirecTV channel and L. Ron Hubbard’s The Way to Happiness, pocket edition. It’s a creepy little book giving guiding principles on how to live.

When trying to ask others for their thoughts, I was followed by the man. The space open to the public was small, without many people there. No one else would let me ask them.

That’s when he came up behind me and said, “Yeah, people don’t like it when you ask questions around here.” Not shocking, as everyone there was completely dead-eyed.

All the same, I took that as my queue to leave.

If I go missing after this, you know what happened.

Stay safe and avoid cults, friends.

jordan jersey

Don’t get scammed: How to spot an OG Jordan jersey in a sea of fakes

We all want to be like Mike. Why else would Jordans fly off the shelves as soon as they go up?

With Netflix’s The Last Dance reminding us all why Michael Jordan and the ’90s Chicago Bulls are the GOAT, people want the merch. MJ was the most popular NBA jersey for years, so millions were made and sold. Because of that, millions were also faked.

Today, I’ll be telling you how to find a true Jordan jersey.

Always check the price… you get what you pay for

The price point should be your first warning. eBay is fantastic for finding deals and rarities, but it houses countless fakes, some of which are very well done.

You can inspect the fine details on the stitching but can save yourself time by looking at the price tag. If it costs less than $100, that shit is FAKE. When you think you’ve found a good deal, ask yourself: would you let an OG Jordan jersey go for less than 100?

Online, you’ll find ads for a new jersey, sometimes with tags, from $40-$80. Beware of these. They may use a picture of the real thing, but you get what you pay for.

Legitimately priced jerseys, OG to new, will run you from $100 on the very low end to about $300.

Authentic Jersey Chicago Bulls 1987-88 Michael JordanAuthentic Jersey Chicago Bulls Home 1997-98 Michael Jordan

If you’re looking for a new-made jersey, Mitchell & Ness sells them for $300 each.

Beware of people selling these Mitchell & Ness jerseys for cheaper though, especially if it has tags. The fakes are very realistic and easily pass as real online to the untrained eye.

Location, location, location

Where you find the jersey is about as important as looking at the price. eBay can be a gamble. The best way to know you’re buying a legit item is to go to the source. The NBA website, Mitchell & Ness, and Dick’s Sporting Goods sites will all carry official items.

Not trying to spend $300 on a jersey? No problem! If you’re cool with buying used but still good jerseys, a reputable jersey dealer is a must. Instagram pages like @90snbastuff, @the_jersey_guys, and @ameri_camden sell used and vintage jerseys.


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Michael Jordan, Chicago Bulls, 1984/1985 Home Jersey. 🏀 Size M (Medium) 22” Pit-to-pit, 32” Neck-to-hem. 🏀 £100 + Shipping. **Offers Welcome**. 🏀 An iconic and rare item from the most popular NBA Player of all time, a throwback jersey from MJ’s incredible Rookie 1984/85 season with the Chicago Bulls. Where he made an immediate impact on the NBA and garnered Rookie of the year Honors as well as a starting spot in the NBA All-Star Game (the freeze-out one!). From when Jordan wore two gold chains and his first ever pair J’s went on sale. A Nike jersey in mint condition. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ #American #Sportswear #NBA #BasketballJersey #VintageJersey #RetroJersey #Throwbackjersey #MJ #AirJordan #ChicagoBulls #Bulls #Festival #Summer #MJMondays #Basketball #🏀 #Champion #ChampionJersey #Kobe #Lebron #MichaelJordan #Jordan #Chicago #Thrift #Retro #Vintage #90s

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These dealers offer fantastic true vintage jerseys. There is no question that when you buy from a reputable jersey dealer, you’re getting the real thing. These guys know their stuff and are willing to negotiate.

The finer details

For those inspector types out there, there are ways to check the legitimacy of a jersey.

One may need a supremely trained eye to tell by font size, but the stitching is usually a clear sign. If a thread does not end at the letter where it starts, it’s likely a fake.

When made by a major company, their craftsmanship is much cleaner and more precise before hitting the market. Fakes don’t have the same standards and will be sloppier, if even slightly more so.

The logos are where you can tell best. If the NBA logo looks a bit off, a patch is slightly to the side, or the Nike Swoosh looks scribbly, you know what the deal is.

This is hardest to tell on the Mitchell & Ness fakes, as the fakes contain some great detail. Even so, zoom in. You may catch a thing or two. Having a separate tab open to the genuine jersey to compare is a good strategy.

Ball hard and ball out, friends.

‘Axiom’s End’ creator Lindsay Ellis on her journey to becoming an author

Lindsay Ellis has been in the game for over a decade in the online film commentary circuit.

Starting in 2008 with her original series, Nostalgia Chick (renamed Nostalgic Woman), she has garnered a following over reviewing media mostly from the ’90s and ’00s. This includes movies, TV series, and even musicals.

Having had several online series, such as Loose Canon, The Whole Plate, and her video essays, she’s no stranger to ambitious projects. However, her latest is today’s subject.


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Edit: I’m a dumb dumb – links to event pages in bio So excited to talk with all of these fine people over zoom behind a paywall

A post shared by Lindsay Ellis (@namebrandlindsay) on

With her novel Axiom’s End, Ellis has showcased her writing talents in a way the public had not yet seen. Following Cora Sabino, a 20-year-old college dropout with a famous narcissistic whistle-blower father, she meets and befriends an alien life form.

From there, she struggles with what exactly the right thing to do is, as she becomes the only point of communication between herself and the alien codenamed Ampersand.

Last week, I was able to catch up with Lindsay and ask about the book. When drawing inspiration for the characters, she found the two protagonists had parts of herself in there.

“I think with protagonists, you’re kind of lying if you say they don’t represent some aspect of yourself,” said Lindsay.

“There are other characters that are either tropes that felt appropriate or tropes I just kind of enjoy. Like Sol, the government jerk who’s actual a secret softee, that’s just a trope I enjoy.”

Characters in Axiom’s End have depth and life, all with their own senses of morality. Not the least of which is Nils Ortega, Cora’s father who left the family four years before the start of the novel in 2007.

His inspiration was Julian Assange, a government leaker known for his releases of documents to WikiLeaks about US government and military procedure.

Most other characters, however, are not based on anyone in particular but may borrow names of people she knows.  When designing the alien race, the Pequods, she wanted something,

“Effectively both beautiful and horrifying to look at. Kind of in a way that a tiger is or a crocodile is. I think there’s a human fascination with looking at things that are scary. It’s just kind of thrilling”

In regards to her background in film influencing her writing, she noted parallels: “I suppose it’s two-fold. Part of it is structural, the other part of it is influence. Because it is pretty nakedly influenced by movies than it is other books, at least in my opinion.”

This comes in large part due to her time in USC’s film school.

“Part of what I studied at USC is screenwriting, so I feel like the screenwriting aspect, in terms of structure, has been really informative for how I construct things.”

There are no plans for a film adaptation in sight. However, if there were to be one hypothetically, she stated, “I told them I have to be in the writer’s room and I had to get a producer credit, but that was it.”

When talking about how her life has changed as a published author, she explained COVID has prevented much difference.


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A post shared by Lindsay Ellis (@namebrandlindsay) on

“Usually when you debut, you go to all these events and meet your new colleagues, and stuff like that, and I didn’t get to do that. So, I can’t say it’s changed very much at all. It’s kinda like when you hit the [New York] Times list and you’re  ‘wow, life is gonna change tomorrow’ and it doesn’t, nobody cares.”

Lindsay has been known for covering all things Disney since her time online. However, don’t expect her to do so again any time soon. After her video “Woke Disney,” she decided she was sick of their content.

“Also from an ethical standpoint, after the Fox merger I was just like ‘this is unforgivable’. And any theoretical interest I had in Disney stuff, it just kinda killed it. This is just a hydra, this is a monster, this making the world worse. Also, buy and large, their movies are getting less and less interesting.”

To all you aspiring authors out there, Lindsay’s advice is:

“You have to be patient. I think that’s the biggest mistake first time authors make is thinking that they’re gonna get it right out of the gate.”

She goes on to state there are a great number of factors that go into if you will or will not get published. She’s made a video on this topic, “How To Get A Book Deal in Ten Years or Less.”

She continues, “I think in general it’s really difficult to have realistic expectations. When you’re first starting out, you’re always nowhere near as ready as you think you are, and I think it’s really hard to get that set of expectations.”

Lindsay notes people must find their strengths and voice as a writer, which is additionally not the easiest.

Lastly, when asking what Lindsay wants to leave the audience with after reading, she wishes you to question. There is no political statement in Axiom’s End, as she stated.

“I’m definitely not trying to make a political statement. I more wanna leave with an open-ended question, especially in regards to secrecy and transparency, like where should the line be?”

Instead, she wishes you to ask yourself: who is “right?” Are we okay being lied to if it protects our sanity?

There is a sequel coming as well in October 2021, titled Truth of the Divine, set this time in 2008!

Read on and find the answers for yourself, friends.

Trillion dollar tax cut for the 1%, but $600 a week is ‘too much.’ Okay.

The title says it all on this one. Hell, if that were the case more often, every article would write itself.

Our government has pulled this move for the second time on our country just this past week. The first time, in 2017, The Donald introduced the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, essentially trickle down economics.

This is done, in theory, to stimulate economic growth. Justification given for this was that the wealthiest households would have more money to invest, leading to more jobs.

In theory.

What happened is the companies got more money, but no spike in investments. What does this trickle down mean for people who aren’t the most wealthy?

They end up paying the highest tax rates, earning the least. Trump’s tax cuts add $1 trillion to the national debt, offsetting their benefit.


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Keep in mind also that companies and individuals are taxed differently. The breaks to companies are a permanent fixture Trump put in place, with you as an individual slated to lose yours by 2025.

At the moment, we are in a recession like few others seen in our lifetimes. With the unemployment rate at 10.2%, the divide between the rich and poor has been increasing.

Thus the problems with trickle down economics.

Those out of work have had their unemployment checks cut from $800 per week to $600, though it has been debated if that may go even lower.

As of yet, there’s no word on if the benefits will be extended or not. For millions of Americans, their future is not secured. Their rent, bills, and food are not guaranteed. Millions of families may be forced on the street if there does not come any aid.

At least the companies won’t run out of money. They’re future is ensured by legislation. Why do the people lack priority?

By the people, for the people is how it’s supposed to be. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, friends.

Adele is causing a stir on IG again, this time for cultural appropriation

A few months back, I covered the new look Adele had donned, having lost a considerable amount of weight. However, this time around, the controversy is over her outfit.

In celebration of what would have been the Notting Hill Carnival, the star adorned a Jamaican flag bikini top and Bantu/Zulu knots in her hair.


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Happy what would be Notting Hill Carnival my beloved London 🇬🇧🇯🇲

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The carnival first started in 1966 in Notting Hill as a celebration of Caribbean culture and traditions. Coming off of a period of high racial tensions and rioting in the 1950s, the celebration is designed to showcase Black culture’s vibrance and richness in the UK.

Put on by activist Rhaune Laslett, one of the founders of the London Free School, the fest has been a yearly staple ever since. Included in the festivities are a massive street party throughout London, costumes, vendors, and live traditional Caribbean music.

Clearly, Adele was in the spirit. This is where the controversy begins, however.

That fun, fun term… ‘cultural appropriation’

This is where people have started to take aim. Because Adele is not Black, some have said she doesn’t have the right to do her hair like that. Others have said she is in a costume and for Black people, it’s their culture.

Adele was in celebration of these things and was in costume as are countless others in attendance.

The common argument in terms of hair and cultural appropriation is that while whites can wear a traditionally Black hairstyle and be complimented, Blacks get shamed for wearing it the same way.

What may be seen as funky or bold on a white person would be seen as dirty or unkempt on a black person. This notion has been a source of contention for a long time in the Black community.

So what’s the verdict? Does hairstyle truly belong to anyone? Or is it our society that informs how we see these cuts that needs the adjustment?

This is a multi-layered and complex issue that does not have one simple answer.

Wear what you want, but be mindful, friends.

Remembering Limp Bizkit’s last hot album ‘Chocolate Starfish’ 20 years later

Going platinum within its first week of sales, Limp Bizkit cemented their superstar status with the album Chocolate Starfish. Selling over 8 million copies, this marked a milestone for the Bizkit in many regards.

Prior to Chocolate Starfish, no rock album had ever gone platinum its first week — in fact, it became the fastest-selling rock album ever. However, the tour that followed would be the last for guitarist Wes Borland, who left in 2001 before rejoining in 2005 and then again in 2009.

None of their work before or since had reached the sales or airplay that Chocolate Starfish did. This album was the mark of their eventual downward spiral but came with plenty of bangers.

In honor of frontman Fred Durst’s 50th and the album’s 20th, I’ll be going over the best tracks from the Bizkit’s top-selling record.

Check out my melody

Performing the best of any single from the album, “My Way” has all the hallmarks of a great Limp Bizkit song. Record scratches, an ambient intro riff from Wes, and machine-tight drummer John Otto. Not to mention plenty of aggression from Fred.

While the band’s lyrics are at times criticized, this song paints a picture of a relationship on the decline. Fred lays it down, stands up, and shouts. Definitely one of the most memorable tracks from the album.

Cruising, Mission Impossible-style

The year 2000 was big for Limp Bizkit, as they were chosen to perform Mission Impossible: 2‘s theme that year. Their result was “Take a Look Around,” a near-perfect nu-metal arrangement of the movie’s iconic theme.

The chorus brings all the pumping up you want in a metal track, with the verses giving a calm contemplation.

Fred’s lyrics take aim at all the hate they’ve received since becoming successful. People need a lightning rod for their anger, and Fred knows this. Total banger.

Livin’ it up (not givin’ a fuck)

Opening with a Wes Borland with another atmospheric sounding low-tuned riff, “Livin’ it Up”Talks about stunting on all those who tried to put you down. Limp Bizkit was certainly livin’ it up back in the day and got where they were by being themselves.

It’s Fred’s biggest flex on Hollywood, as he references his alleged affair with Christina Aguilera. Keep those pants sagging, Fred.

Speaking of angry…

One of the best showcases of what the Bizkit is all about, “Full Nelson” captures their rap-rock aggression and attitude. Touching on those who won’t speak their minds to your face, its for all the times you want to speak yours to them.

The song keeps the momentum the whole way through, as it gets off to a strong start. It builds to a fight anthem for Fight Club fans of Gen-X.

You know what time it is…

Now for the song that’s likely the reason you know Limp Bizkit. A live staple since its release, “Rollin'” is a catchy song. Love it or hate it, that much cannot be denied.

This song is a product of its time without a doubt, but it brings the bass. All that just meant they had one of MTV’s most-played videos back the day. It was a powerhouse of a single and positioned them as icons going into the new millennium.

Keep rollin, friends.