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Why we love 2000s nostalgia and its influence on the culture

The 20-year nostalgia cycle turns once again and as a kid of the 2000s, it’s refreshing to see the decade I grew up in the spotlight. To be real, it was a troubled decade from the start, but what decade doesn’t have its downs?

Just like the 80s and 90s have been all over everything for the past decade, it’s only expected that 2000s nostalgia is next up to take over…

Remember that funky 2000s nostalgia style

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For my fellow lovers of cargo pants, keep em sagging! Ridiculed relentlessly by the start of 2010, these handy many-pocket pants have hit shelves again. Now you can store as much as you could please on you at once!

Merch for hot properties of the day, like Dawson’s Creek, Jackass, Lord of the Rings, and others will likely see a return. Vintage will sell like crazy second hand, so watch out eBay hunters.

Ladies, expect to see a return in the super low and super high waisted shorts and pants. Reviled by the end of the decade, people can scoff no more.

There was nothing more 2000s than a sideways hat.

Whether it’s a slouchy knit beanie cap or a snapback, we can expect a return. Speaking of headwear, visors may come back in, this time not just for douchey frat boys!

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was told this is a solid fashion choice by my adVISOR. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Denim on denim is not just for Britney and Justin, it’s for everybody. When the weather allows, of course. Goofed on to no end, even then, wear it loud and proud, friends. I do.

Keep that hair crimped and those tips frosted.

That dial-up was no joke

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Yes, the internet is so old now it has a history to it. With a culture forming around the internet taking hold in the 2000s, there is historical interest in this time now.

For fans of technology, there were a few times as exciting as this. With twenty years going by, many born then are interested in seeing what the Internet of their youth looked like.

Recently, I covered Napster, an online phenomenon of the day that sent ripples through the entire music world.

Let’s also not forget, in five years, YouTube will turn 20 years old. That is insane for those who remember the early days. What an internet video was even ten years ago differs from today.

Merch for old tech sites, from this time, are already starting to get a bit pricey online, but snag them if you can. They’re rare.

That nostalgic 2000s aesthetic didn’t slap, tho?

The 2000s were all about looking as extreme, in your face, and badass as possible. Just like how damn near everything has adopted the 80s neon grid lately, these graphics of yesteryears may have their day once more.

Flip phones are definitely making their return. Didn’t you miss banging the phone on people in that 2000s type of way?

The grand gaudiness of the 2000s is something I sorely miss. With the 2010s being about dismal minimalism, we could use some excitement again.

Classic remakes of our favorite early 2000s video games

The 2000s was when games really started to get huge. Not just in popularity, but in size and scope. Entire open 3D worlds were now a thing, never thought possible in the 90s.

With so many of the greatest games of all time coming out in the 2000s, we should see quite a few remakes.

With the rerelease of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2, memories of the Underground days came flooding back. Skating games took a major nosedive at the end of the decade. This could revive interest in the genre, and we may get more.

Enjoy your 2000s nostalgia, friends.