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Remembering Limp Bizkit’s last hot album ‘Chocolate Starfish’ 20 years later

Going platinum within its first week of sales, Limp Bizkit cemented their superstar status with the album Chocolate Starfish. Selling over 8 million copies, this marked a milestone for the Bizkit in many regards.

Prior to Chocolate Starfish, no rock album had ever gone platinum its first week — in fact, it became the fastest-selling rock album ever. However, the tour that followed would be the last for guitarist Wes Borland, who left in 2001 before rejoining in 2005 and then again in 2009.

None of their work before or since had reached the sales or airplay that Chocolate Starfish did. This album was the mark of their eventual downward spiral but came with plenty of bangers.

In honor of frontman Fred Durst’s 50th and the album’s 20th, I’ll be going over the best tracks from the Bizkit’s top-selling record.

Check out my melody

Performing the best of any single from the album, “My Way” has all the hallmarks of a great Limp Bizkit song. Record scratches, an ambient intro riff from Wes, and machine-tight drummer John Otto. Not to mention plenty of aggression from Fred.

While the band’s lyrics are at times criticized, this song paints a picture of a relationship on the decline. Fred lays it down, stands up, and shouts. Definitely one of the most memorable tracks from the album.

Cruising, Mission Impossible-style

The year 2000 was big for Limp Bizkit, as they were chosen to perform Mission Impossible: 2‘s theme that year. Their result was “Take a Look Around,” a near-perfect nu-metal arrangement of the movie’s iconic theme.

The chorus brings all the pumping up you want in a metal track, with the verses giving a calm contemplation.

Fred’s lyrics take aim at all the hate they’ve received since becoming successful. People need a lightning rod for their anger, and Fred knows this. Total banger.

Livin’ it up (not givin’ a fuck)

Opening with a Wes Borland with another atmospheric sounding low-tuned riff, “Livin’ it Up”Talks about stunting on all those who tried to put you down. Limp Bizkit was certainly livin’ it up back in the day and got where they were by being themselves.

It’s Fred’s biggest flex on Hollywood, as he references his alleged affair with Christina Aguilera. Keep those pants sagging, Fred.

Speaking of angry…

One of the best showcases of what the Bizkit is all about, “Full Nelson” captures their rap-rock aggression and attitude. Touching on those who won’t speak their minds to your face, its for all the times you want to speak yours to them.

The song keeps the momentum the whole way through, as it gets off to a strong start. It builds to a fight anthem for Fight Club fans of Gen-X.

You know what time it is…

Now for the song that’s likely the reason you know Limp Bizkit. A live staple since its release, “Rollin'” is a catchy song. Love it or hate it, that much cannot be denied.

This song is a product of its time without a doubt, but it brings the bass. All that just meant they had one of MTV’s most-played videos back the day. It was a powerhouse of a single and positioned them as icons going into the new millennium.

Keep rollin, friends.