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Venezia F.C. was broken until Joe Tacopina arrived and changed everything

Joe Tacopina has been considerably busy these days, and understandably so. The renowned lawyer has represented celeb clients that range from A-Rod to Jay-Z throughout his career.

As one of Meek Mill’s attorneys in his most recent incarceration, they lost many battles along the way but won the war in April, a big W for hip-hop and prison reform thanks to JT and co. Now, what better way is there celebrating his welcome home from an unjust imprisonment than a Sixers playoff game?

No, Joe did not attend Meek’s welcome back during the Sixers’ Game 5 clincher if you were wondering. A New York native from Brownsville, Brooklyn, JT operates as the president of Venezia F.C. as well.

In the midst of his third season at the helm for VFC, Joe was aiming to make due on his promise to Venice, the Venetians and the fans of their historic city: bring club football back into relevance. 

That is correct, your favorite celebrities’ attorney runs Venezia Football Club located in Venice, Italy. Born and raised by Italian immigrant parents, Tacopina was no stranger to the game nor his home country. He even has dual-citizenship.

Some might wonder what inspired this criminal defense lawyer to pursue presidential candidacy at an Italian football club. Well, a work trip was all he needed. We had the opportunity to sit down with JT where he told us,

“I was doing some work there (Italy) as a lawyer and got a chance to see some Italian soccer games and I fell in love. I was absorbed by the passion and it’s sort of what inspired me to enter into the world of football.”

With stints at both A.S. Roma & Bologna F.C. starting in 2011, serving board-member vice-presidential and presidential roles, he experienced great success with the two Italian clubs. When the opportunity arose, however, he knew he had to take on a bigger passion project. Joe lives for the challenge.

“I was told ‘If you want to improve (Italian football) then get a group, make a purchase and change it.'”

Tacopina set out on a journey to test himself after succeeding with historically renowned clubs. Hand selecting his own team upon purchasing VFC, he had just earned a promotion for Bologna prior to his departure.

That would be the first of three promotions for Tacopina, a feat no other had accomplished until he arrived in Italy. He was interested in bringing back the enthusiasm and passion in a city that had lost it’s zeal for the sport. The rise of Venezia F.C. had begun with JT and co-running the show and so would the hype train.

The same bandwagon goers that doubted football can be done in Venice early-on have now since joined the wave. Supporting Venezia F.C. during their unprecedented run to a third straight promotion was exhilarating. Peeking into top-flight Italian football with the Juventus and Napolis in Serie A, the excitement was back.

His combination of skill set and personality has always given him a great edge. He’s a winner and he was ready for Venezia. While many doubted football can be done in Venice, Joe’s view was there HAD to be football in Venice.

In our sit down with JT earlier this season, he reminded us of Venice’s importance,

“It is a city unlike any other, too important to Europe and globally to not have a football team.”

This was the basic premise behind Tacopina & team’s motives to help Venezia rise from the ashes. After being told he’d waste his time, Italian football as a whole is amazed at these accomplishments. He’s a winner, wherever he goes. Roma. Bologna. Venezia. 

Unlike any president of such a fierce sport, he sits on the curb with Ultras during away games. Connects with the local Venetians as if they were his own. Sits with hardcore fans, in their section, during matches. No other president of club football works the way Joe Tacopina does, and its worked immensely for the club. 

He’s a president that is willing to leave the VIP area to speak the native tongue with the people. Sending an immediate message to the fan base that this guy cares about Venezia F.C. & he’s here to win. 

“I understand the game and the hurdles, the benefits and importance of integrating club football into the community. A lot of presidents don’t understand that as its a very vital part. This is my 8th year in Italian football.”

Joe Tacopina is a rock star among the locals, a man of the people and the culture in Venice. He goes to Opera shows, theatre, and moves around the town with the Venetians to show how he differentiates himself.

Adamant about viewing themselves as more than a football club, JT and his team have done an incredible job. Fashion, art, music, architecture, and more all give Venezia a distinct advantage to most cities with football clubs.

Bringing a North American sports business perspective with the homegrown Italian feel and passion makes JT, unlike any other president. Over the past 8 years its hard not to mention how Joe Tacopina revolutionized Italian football.

After winning Serie D, Venezia clinched Lega Pro (formerly Serie C), becoming the first team in 56 years to get promoted from Serie D to Serie B in two seasons. He’s proud of the formula that has made the club so successful thus far:

“We’re running a financially responsible North American sports business model that will make our investors very great returns on their investment. Make them proud to be part of our project. Giving us the ability to then reinvest our earnings to make the team stronger.”

Joe also gave us some insight into his plans for their new, state of the art stadium for their thriving football club. Its a project of his in which he has high aspirations for high objections, much like the ones he set out for himself upon becoming president of Venezia F.C.

Environmentally friendly with a hint of Venetian vibes that their current Stadio Pierluigi Penzo has, the new stadium will be a hit.  His first trip there inspired what would be the intricacies he hopes to implement:

“There was a lot of passion and a lot of room for improvement with the model, its something I identified right away as a great opportunity…..the scoreboard didn’t work, the place was dirty, I started writing down notes on a napkin for myself on how to improve Italian soccer.”

While their historic run might be over, it has been an extremely impressive presidential candidacy for JT. Losing to Palermo in the Semi-Finals of the Serie B playoffs, Venezia was unable to accomplish a feat no club has ever even dreamed of.

The elusive three promotions in a row for Venezia was just a tall tale not too long ago, but they’re knocking on Serie A’s door.

Venezia F.C. will look to earn their promotion to Italy’s top division, Serie A, next season as a force to be reckoned with in Serie B.

In a year where Italy disappointed and missed the World Cup, the Italians have something to be extremely proud in Joe Tacopina and Venezia F.C.

Kanye is dropping straight gems on Twitter and all creators should take notes

If you’re in the loop, you might know by now, Yeezy is back on Twitter and he’s dropping nonstop gems. After a year-long hiatus from the social media platform, Ye rejoined us all just last weekend, much to our delight.

He’s letting the tweets fly in his usual sporadic rant-like nature but with a bit more consistency. Every time you refresh his account a few more might be on your Twitter feed & the masses are eating it up.

At this point, no one should be surprised. This is what he does:

Today’s rant featured a new development with Kanye as a narrator. In the most unconventional way to reveal a book release, he took to Twitter to announce another project he’s working on.

Channeling his obscure creative genius into a series of tweets, Ye put the world on notice about his philosophy book this AM.

Are you not entertained? His account is growing by the millions daily and the engagement per tweet is off the charts. With no release date in sight and the clothing brand seeming to have taken a grasp of most his time, we’re starting to wonder if these tweets are snippets of the author-to-be’s self-help book.

Leave it to one of the wildest creatives of our generation to roll out a book in a way no one could’ve ever imagine. Free knowledge is hard to come by and Ye is spitting nothing but facts, especially for those in the creative space like himself.

He’s not only focusing on the young creatives though. Mr. West is also offering life advice that almost anyone can apply to their respective lifestyles.

At this point, Kanye’s book is already a bestseller and he’s not even selling it. You might want to follow along on Twitter, like ASAP. We never know how long this could last so stay tuned and enjoy the rants while they’re readily available.

We’re getting some very sound advice from someone who’s been Through the Wire.

How a 22-year-old college kid makes $10K a month finessing Amazon Alexa

Your average college student is in debt as soon as they step foot on campus.

Most struggle through rigorous coursework, temptation, and a lack of budget to truly flourish. David Markey, a 22-year-old senior studying applied mathematics, and economics at Brown, fortunately, is not your average student.

Markey has found a way to finesse Amazon’s Alexa product to his advantage while also helping advance it technologically as well. Acquiring an Amazon Echo during the e-commerce’s Prime Day sale in 2016, he hit the ground running. Using his computer savvy knowledge, he now earns $10,000 a month coding “skills” for Alexa.

Alexa skills, which run on everything from Echos to other Alexa-enabled devices, allow users to interact with compatible hardware, apps, and games through voice commands. Marveling at the vast amount of tasks Alexa could just be the start for Markey.

In an interview with CNBC he said,

“I set up my apartment with smart lights and I used the Echo for setting timers for cooking, and I really enjoyed it. I found that to be a really good way to get the news while I was having my morning coffee.”

Computer coding since his sophomore year of high school, which has now become a personal hobby of his, Markey delved into creating a skill that was unavailable: “Word of the Day.”

David Markey

Amazon launched his first free skill in February 2017, something he devised by himself on his own time, and shortly thereafter its popularity soared. Metrics were unavailable to developers to amply test how their skill was performing so Mackey broke the wheel again and did it his way. He said,

“I had jerry-rigged a system for getting the metrics out of it, and there were all sorts of weird things. It was disproportionately popular in South Korea, which was interesting.”

Markey learned his skills were performing exceptionally well, acquiring a fan base that looked for his updates constantly. The problem was he wasn’t earning money from it yet.

He reached out to Jeff Bezos, yes, the world’s richest man, who forwarded Markey’s inquiry to an executive in charge of developers for Echo.

Shortly thereafter his persistence and dedication paid off. Amazon launched its Alexa Developer Rewards program, which pays developers who create top performing skills within specific categories.

Unfortunately, his “Words of the Day” skill didn’t qualify for the initiative, so he finessed a new skill that would. Markey would then drop an interactive game based on his first skill. Funneling his already built user base toward the second skill, “Word of the Day Quiz,” the interactive game was born.

The checks started rolling in after that, with gaming company Volley agreeing to buy his Alexa skills while allowing him to retain a portion of the Developer Rewards income.

Since then Markey has comfortable collected close to $10K each month.

Grind, grit, and determination were key to his ample opportunity and Markey made it happen. Shoutout to the young Brown student making it work.

YouTuber shows how to finesse the Beijing fake market in wild shopping spree

Bringing the Kulture to you on a daily, its important to weed out the real versus the fake. Based in New York, we’re accustomed to the Chinatown hustle of Fugazi items and midtown schemes of counterfeit apparel.

While we’re keeping it stack, you’re guaranteed to see a few fake hoodies or sneakers on your commute to work. Uncommon to the naked eye, this is a daily occurrence in NYC.

With that said, we bring to you an adventure of Fugazi proportions out in China. Collin Abroadcast decided to live his best life and made a move overseas to document his travels.

This YouTuber has amassed damn near 27 million views exploring life abroad with a bit more focus on his time in China. Of his playlists that include scavenging for cheap apartments and discovering Chinese ghost towns, his Asia Counterfeit Market Adventures are pure gold.

We were introduced to Collin casually strolling around a Beijing silk market, sifting through all the top brands and hustling vendors to do business for cheaper. Along the way we spotted fake Supreme, Dolce & Gabbana, Balenciaga, Jordan Brand, Moncler and much more as Collin shopped!

Helpless to make a sale, each silk market vendor usually meets Collin’s demand on prices with some caving faster than others. His hustle is too smooth for them to get him to pay above market value on counterfeit items but there are the select few that wouldn’t budge for him either.

Each interaction is an experience as we see how real and fake some of these items that young American kids salivate over can be so easily had. Out in China, this is a regular occurrence to the average citizen.

While we don’t condone the purchase of Fugazi goods both domestically and internationally, we also aren’t bashing China’s very own culture. This is a way of life for them and thanks to Collin we’ve got some enjoyable content that delves into how some of these counterfeit markets work.

Kudos to Collin, in the words of Nipsey: Hussle & Motivate.

Why the New York Giants need to stop playin’ and pay OBJ

This NFL offseason has been rather historic.

We’re not accustomed to this much noise or transactions prior to an NFL Draft, but here we are. Some might even say this offseason was better than the entire 2017 NFL season all together. I wouldn’t disagree.

Houston Texans Idk GIF by NFL - Find & Share on GIPHY

The LA Rams made some beastly moves, adding the likes of Marcus Peters, Aqib Talib, Sam Shields, Ndmukong Suh on defense, plus a draft pick.

The Oakland Raiders ditched Michael Crabtree & added coach John Gruden and Jordy Nelson in the process.

Oakland Raiders Football GIF by NFL - Find & Share on GIPHY

The SB champion Philadelphia Eagles fortified a solid defense, trading for Seattle’s Michael Bennett on their D-Line.

Heck even the Cleveland Browns look better with the additions of Jarvis Landry, Tyrod Taylor & Damarious Randall. Should we mention they have the #1 & #4 first round picks later this month? Insane.

Cleveland Browns Touchdown GIF by NFL - Find & Share on GIPHY

With so many big names moving around the NFL, the elephant in the room remains Odell Beckham Jr. A superstar on the field but a polarizing personality off of it, the rumors around the NFL are that a trade is likely but also unlikely.

Get it? Neither do we and they won’t seem to go away.

New York Giants Football GIF by NFL - Find & Share on GIPHY

OBJ is working back from a season ending ankle surgery that only allowed him to suit up for the first few weeks of the season with Big Blue. Looking for a massive payday as one of the NFL’s standout talents, a viral video dampened those chances recently.

Beckham was posted in bed with a stuffed backwood partying with some IG models. No big deal right? Well, the models were accompanied by some nose candy which set analyst and the social media world ablaze.

Now we ask: do you trade Odell, Big Blue?

While it isn’t wrong to listen to offers for Odell, the answer is no. You don’t trade someone of this caliber away. He shouldn’t even be on the market.

Per Giants GM Dave Gettlemen, “you don’t quit on talent,” BUT this could also be a smoke & mirrors tactic from management as they assess offers.

New York Giants Football GIF by NFL - Find & Share on GIPHY

Let’s rationalize why you don’t trade perhaps the most talented wide receiver in football.

First, he immediately impacts your QB situation. Whether its Eli or whomever they take at #2 overall, his impact is no fluke:

Another key factor to note, Beckham is just 25-years-old and entering the prime of his career. While he may be immature and a bit of a headache, OBJ has yet to find himself in any trouble with the law.

Lastly, Beckham sells a lot of merchandise for the team and the NFL all across the world. Superstars draw money, and that’s the same for every major sports league.

New York Giants What GIF by NFL - Find & Share on GIPHY

Trading away Beckham will take away a lot of the extra revenue the team sees from all of the merchandise they generally sell through the year with his name on it.

The rumors will continue on a daily basis for OBJ & the NY Giants, but the one thing will remain certain is that addition by subtraction does not work for the Giants here.

You don’t get better by giving up on your superstar at this stage of his career. Pay the man!

Odell Beckham Jr Dancing GIF by UFC - Find & Share on GIPHY

Kick game crazy! Peep 7 of the biggest sneakerheads in the NBA

Hypebeasts, sneakerheads, street wear kings and queens. Lend me your eyes and ears.

As an avid sneaker lover and a big fan of the NBA, it’s difficult not to be blown away by the heat on the feet of our favorite ballers in the league on a nightly basis. I grew up with an obsession for sneakers and have added quite a bit to my collection over the years.

Nike, Jumpman, Adidas, and more have only continued to make it easier for us all to empty our pockets for exclusive releases and retros. The sneaker game is never ending and the influence of these athletes is legit.

I sat down and thought about a handful of NBA ballers that have the illest collection of sneakers in the game, both on the court to off the court, listed in no particular order. Something tells me you’ll agree with most picks:

PJ Tucker

You might not know much about PJ unless you’re really into sneakers, the NBA, or his most recent team (the Rockets).

This dude has the illest collection of kicks and he’s not afraid to beat them on the court. You can catch him in a rare pair on a nightly basis.

Yeezys, Off-White Jordans, you name it… and he’s most likely laced them up for a game.

Tucker recently participated in a Complex Sneaker Shopping episode with Joe La Puma during a road trip for the Rockets.

He dropped a light $17K on kicks at Flight Club NYC.

Chris Paul

CP3, one of the best PGs of our generation, and teammate of PJ Tucker’s, is also a big time sneaker head. He has his own sneaker as an illustrious member of Jordan brand but they aren’t the flyest in his collection.

What we will stress however is the insane amount of Air Jordan PE (Player Edition) that Paul owns.

He has an unbelievable collection of Jumpan kicks that’d make just about anyone jealous. Little Chris’ shoe game must be as serious as his pop’s.

Take a peek at CP3’s Ultimate Jordan Vault below:

Nick Young

Swaggy P is a bucket getter. Once he steps onto the court it’s hard to contain his shot.

Another part of his game that’s hard to contain? His sneakers.

Nick Young has always had a flare for the game with an insane sneaker collection to match. It’s even reported that Young has a separate house for his kicks.

He employs not one but two “shoe keepers” who oversee his 500-plus pairs of sneakers, a collection that includes Vans fitted with roller-skating wheels. Peep his collection:

Swaggy P has a tendency to flex his Yeezy collection, recently dawning the Yeezy Desert Rat 500 “Blush” for the Warriors.

He’s also rocked the Red Octobers as well as Yeezy’s 750 Boosts on the court. That’s how you earn the nickname Swaggy.

LeBron James

You surprised to see the King on this list?

LeBron’s sneaker catalog continues to grow with Nike to the point that they’ve started to retro his originals.

That’s right, the LeBron 1s have released in a few colorways again and everyone wants them. Peep DWade.

We’re certain Bron can get his hands on any pair he wants, but he normally sticks to his Nikes & Jordans.

His most recent model has been a hit and the All-Star rollout collaboration with Kith was a big success.

Of recent, we’ve also noticed Bron has a tendency to show off his sneaker game when the Cavaliers are sputtering. Stay tuned to your feed for his next IG Story flex to divert the haters from the Cavs current poor form and stay woke.

DeMar DeRozan

While DeMar has just recently become a household name amongst the NBA’s elite ballers, his sneaker collection has always been top class.

From Kobes to Foamposites, DeRozan’s game has progressively continued to match his skill. Take a peek at his favorite gems courtesy of Nick Kicks:

He fell in love with sneakers thanks to the Air Jordan Concord 11s. Hailing from Compton, there’s no surprise why he fell in love with Kobe sneakers.

They’re DeRozan’s favorite type of sneaker to play in and most of his gameday Kobes contain a “Comp10” to keep him grounded.

It’s an ode to Compton, reminding him, and others, where he came from.

Russell Westbrook

Well before his own signature sneaker with Jumpman you could catch Russ rocking the flyest Jordan PEs (Player Edition) in the entire NBA.

Take a peek at a few below:

With his intensity and charisma, it was only a matter of time before Russ locked in his own sneaker deal. Fittingly he stayed in the Jordan Brand family for his RW Why Not Zero.1 kicks.

They aren’t the most stylish model, but the fashionable Westbrook will take the creative direction to another level slowly but surely.

The reigning MVP can even make a pair of Air Monarchs look fly, so why not rock ’em?

Andre Iguodala

Iggy holds his sneaker collection in the same regard as his game on the court: versatile. He’s always had a love for his kicks and echoes the fact that he chooses the sneakers he wants himself.

Iguodala isn’t much of a release roundup type of dude. He’d much rather own some exclusive PEs or a pair of kicks that have some meaning to him or in general. Peep his vast inventory of kicks below:

With a catalog of fly kicks of his own, Iguodala makes sure to bless his closest family and friends with pairs he doesn’t wear as often.

This allows him to continue adding to his collection to mix and match both on and off the court. The former NBA Finals MVP is killing the sneaker game!

Michael Porter Jr. is back and ready to remind everybody he’s one of the nicest

Michael Porter Jr., basketball phenom. Ever heard of him?

Well that’s probably because he’s only logged a total of two minutes in Division 1 basketball. Allow us to put you on game to this highly touted NBA prospect.

Ranked the #2 recruit in the 2017 high school class, MPJ has been considered amongst the game’s can’t miss prospects with the most NBA ready potential.

The 6’10” small forward from Columbia, Missouri was both a McDonald’s All-American and Jordan Brand Classic representative.

Tbt 🙏🏼

A post shared by Michael Porter Jr. (@mpj) on

Fun fact, Brandon Roy was his coach during his senior year at Nathan Hale HS in Washington. The pair secured the 2017 National High School Player and Coach of the Year respectively.

Porter Jr. put up an astonishing 52 points and 23 rebound on his high school Senior Night. There’s no questioning it, the kid can absolutely ball.

Fast forward nearly one whole calendar year and the talented wing for the Missouri Tigers has barely played. He suffered a brutal injury during the first minutes of the season opener to Iowa State.

Porter was expected to miss the entire season with a lower back injury that required surgery, a complicated microdiscectomy procedure to his L3-L4 spinal discs.

Spine injuries are difficult so it was hard to expect him back this season but he kept at it through grit, grind, and determination.

On February 22, 2018, Porter Jr. was cleared to practice with Missouri, with the potential to return to play before the end of the season.

He returns this afternoon during the second round of the SEC Tournament matchup with the Georgia Bulldogs, much to the amazement of his teammates and basketball junkies across the nation.

He never checked out on Missouri, continuing to work out with the team. Prior to their match up with Arkansas he let the world know:

“The plan is to keep working, with an eye on potentially playing at the SEC tournament and helping our squad be successful in the postseason.”

Porter is set to log anywhere between 20 to 25 minutes and with a win this afternoon, they’d face powerhouse Kentucky next. Talk about setting the stage for a big time comeback.

His determination and will to make it back is just another factor for NBA scouts to consider, but we can assure you they’re salivating to see him in action again. So are we.

PUBG vs. Fortnite: Both are poppin’ but which game is the future of esports?

eGaming continues to spread its wings, showing us all that our previous talents in first person shooter games like Gears of War and Halo will always be valuable.

The Battle Royale style hype train is in motion with Fortnite: Battle Royale and PUBG gaining more exposure daily. These are THE games you want to play.

Reports from SuperData Research have recently informed us that both Fortnite and PUBG brought in over $200 million in digital revenue combined for January.

Yes, that’s only a month’s worth of revenue for games that continue to grow in popularity. Mind you, January is a relatively quiet month for game releases.

Starting the year off strong, PUBG took fifth place for the top grossing PC title of the month (January), with Fortnite landing in sixth.

Meanwhile, Fortnite clocked in at fifth place for the month’s top grossing console games. PUBG failed to even chart among consoled games.

Fortnite appearing amongst both the top grossing PC and console game already let you know which is netting the most revenue. Adding players by the millions on a daily basis, it’s pacing to fully eclipse PUBG entirely for the Battle Royale throne.

While all the metrics aren’t as readily available to crown one over the other, there are some interesting tidbits that favor Fortnite over PUBG.

Of recent, Fortnite‘s viewership on Twitch is second to only the Overwatch and League of Legends of the gaming world. The game has even passed PUBG‘s previous record of 3.4 million concurrent players.

One of the most important statistics that hint at the game’s overall growth is the 40 million total players now playing Fortnite. Two weeks after it launched in October it had just about 10 million users. Insane.

To those who haven’t played nor interacted with each game respectively, there are two key differentiating factors that many take into account when deciding to pick up the sticks.

PUBG is a bit more realistic and less cartoon characterized compared to Fortnite, whereas Fortnite is free. Yes you read that correctly, free.99.

Method Gaming, a professional eSports organization, even went as far as announcing a competitive roster on Fortnite just last month.

Although Fortnite has yet to see a true competitive event, Method joins TSM as eSports organizations that see enough potential in the game to sign a roster.

Fortnite is indeed taking shape as an eSports titan.

The hype train is moving fast and it’s not slowing down anytime soon.

So what’s really good with DeAndre Ayton and the University of Arizona?

The jig is up — the NCAA is corrupt. Tell us something we didn’t know.

A report surfaced last week regarding both former and current college ballers that allegedly received payments from agents. The list was long and included schools like Duke, North Carolina, and Michigan State, but we learned a lot more over the weekend.

Enter the University of Arizona with one of the wildest cases in the history of college sports when it comes to NCAA violations. Arizona head coach Sean Miller’s conversations over a supposed $100k payment to secure the commitment of DeAndre Ayton have surfaced and it seems that no one is safe at this point.

Caption this! 😂😂

A post shared by Deandre Ayton (@deandreayton) on

FBI wiretaps reportedly include conversations with Arizona coach Sean Miller discussing a $100K payment to secure the commitment of freshman phenom DeAndre Ayton.

We learned Saturday night, prior to Arizona’s Pac 12 matchup versus Oregon, that Sean Miller would not coach but DeAndre Ayton would play. They sure missed their coach during the loss, but faced an even greater one regarding Shaquille O’Neal’s son Shareef.

The Diesel’s son, Shareef O’Neal, announced that he opened up his recruitment again following the Sean Miller news. Its a great call for a kid who was just snubbed from the McDonald’s All-American game.

He wants the opportunity to play in the Big Dance during March and Arizona might not be the best place for him amid this FBI probe.

Shareef has been committed to Arizona since last spring but will look for a new home elsewhere in the coming weeks. He shouldn’t be short of potential suitors. Maybe a Kentucky or Kansas catches his eye during March Madness.

In the meantime, we’re curious if DeAndre Ayton will continue to play well into March when it matters most.

From the looks of it, Sean Miller won’t be joining him. One thing for certain, is the University of Arizona definitely breeds some wild cats.

LeBron James to Philly? Don’t count out the King trusting the process

The Cavs suffered a frustrating defeat to the Spurs yesterday, opening up the conversation of Bron hitting the dips on Cleveland once again.

He was frustrated for obvious reasons — the current squad doesn’t look ready for the playoffs just yet.

Bron wasn’t too happy with the defense…

A post shared by Bleacher Report (@bleacherreport) on

Could this be the year that his Finals streak is broken? Well, luckily they’ve got some time before the playoffs to figure it out.

Theres about 20+ games more or less to get some solid chemistry amongst the new additions, but we’re already thinking of what could be with LeBron before he activates Zero Dark Thirty.

The Los Angeles Lakers and Houston Rockets appear to be the front runners heading into the summer at this point. What about the Sixers though?

Is it possible that the Philadelphia 76ers are in the running for his commitment in just a few months time? Well a Philly based company put up three billboards on a highway to downtown Cleveland this morning with clear indictions of their intentions.

Philadelphia wants LeBron James. Here they are in order:

While Los Angeles and Houston are undoubtedly the favorite, do not count out Philadelphia’s chances here. They have the cap room readily available, that won’t be a problem whatsoever.

They also have the talent in place. The Lakers pick, likely in the late lottery, is projected to be the Sixers’ pick. So on top of that, how scary would a lineup featuring Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid with LeBron James be? Absolutely frightening.

Simmons has done his part to set this move in motion too.

During All Star Weekend in LA, he posted a flick to the gram with Bron, Tristan Thompson & John Wall. Peep this:

June 30th Midnight 👀🤟🏽#KLUTCH

A post shared by Ben Simmons (@bensimmons) on

We sure as hell know he wasn’t hinting at Tristan Thompson & John Wizzy, both who are not free agents this summer. He wants LeBron, as does all of Philadelphia at this point. Realistically, which team wouldn’t?

One last thing to consider, he’d be in the East again which makes his road to the Finals a lot easier than a trip out West will. With that being said, don’t count out Philly.

We’ll have to wait until this summer to see if LBJ not only Trusts the Process, but is ready to Complete the Process.

That’d be one helluva squad and a title contender immediately.