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YouTuber shows how to finesse the Beijing fake market in wild shopping spree

Bringing the Kulture to you on a daily, its important to weed out the real versus the fake. Based in New York, we’re accustomed to the Chinatown hustle of Fugazi items and midtown schemes of counterfeit apparel.

While we’re keeping it stack, you’re guaranteed to see a few fake hoodies or sneakers on your commute to work. Uncommon to the naked eye, this is a daily occurrence in NYC.

With that said, we bring to you an adventure of Fugazi proportions out in China. Collin Abroadcast decided to live his best life and made a move overseas to document his travels.

This YouTuber has amassed damn near 27 million views exploring life abroad with a bit more focus on his time in China. Of his playlists that include scavenging for cheap apartments and discovering Chinese ghost towns, his Asia Counterfeit Market Adventures are pure gold.

We were introduced to Collin casually strolling around a Beijing silk market, sifting through all the top brands and hustling vendors to do business for cheaper. Along the way we spotted fake Supreme, Dolce & Gabbana, Balenciaga, Jordan Brand, Moncler and much more as Collin shopped!

Helpless to make a sale, each silk market vendor usually meets Collin’s demand on prices with some caving faster than others. His hustle is too smooth for them to get him to pay above market value on counterfeit items but there are the select few that wouldn’t budge for him either.

Each interaction is an experience as we see how real and fake some of these items that young American kids salivate over can be so easily had. Out in China, this is a regular occurrence to the average citizen.

While we don’t condone the purchase of Fugazi goods both domestically and internationally, we also aren’t bashing China’s very own culture. This is a way of life for them and thanks to Collin we’ve got some enjoyable content that delves into how some of these counterfeit markets work.

Kudos to Collin, in the words of Nipsey: Hussle & Motivate.