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Kanye is dropping straight gems on Twitter and all creators should take notes

If you’re in the loop, you might know by now, Yeezy is back on Twitter and he’s dropping nonstop gems. After a year-long hiatus from the social media platform, Ye rejoined us all just last weekend, much to our delight.

He’s letting the tweets fly in his usual sporadic rant-like nature but with a bit more consistency. Every time you refresh his account a few more might be on your Twitter feed & the masses are eating it up.

At this point, no one should be surprised. This is what he does:

Today’s rant featured a new development with Kanye as a narrator. In the most unconventional way to reveal a book release, he took to Twitter to announce another project he’s working on.

Channeling his obscure creative genius into a series of tweets, Ye put the world on notice about his philosophy book this AM.

Are you not entertained? His account is growing by the millions daily and the engagement per tweet is off the charts. With no release date in sight and the clothing brand seeming to have taken a grasp of most his time, we’re starting to wonder if these tweets are snippets of the author-to-be’s self-help book.

Leave it to one of the wildest creatives of our generation to roll out a book in a way no one could’ve ever imagine. Free knowledge is hard to come by and Ye is spitting nothing but facts, especially for those in the creative space like himself.

He’s not only focusing on the young creatives though. Mr. West is also offering life advice that almost anyone can apply to their respective lifestyles.

At this point, Kanye’s book is already a bestseller and he’s not even selling it. You might want to follow along on Twitter, like ASAP. We never know how long this could last so stay tuned and enjoy the rants while they’re readily available.

We’re getting some very sound advice from someone who’s been Through the Wire.