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LeBron James to Philly? Don’t count out the King trusting the process

The Cavs suffered a frustrating defeat to the Spurs yesterday, opening up the conversation of Bron hitting the dips on Cleveland once again.

He was frustrated for obvious reasons — the current squad doesn’t look ready for the playoffs just yet.

Bron wasn’t too happy with the defense…

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Could this be the year that his Finals streak is broken? Well, luckily they’ve got some time before the playoffs to figure it out.

Theres about 20+ games more or less to get some solid chemistry amongst the new additions, but we’re already thinking of what could be with LeBron before he activates Zero Dark Thirty.

The Los Angeles Lakers and Houston Rockets appear to be the front runners heading into the summer at this point. What about the Sixers though?

Is it possible that the Philadelphia 76ers are in the running for his commitment in just a few months time? Well a Philly based company put up three billboards on a highway to downtown Cleveland this morning with clear indictions of their intentions.

Philadelphia wants LeBron James. Here they are in order:

While Los Angeles and Houston are undoubtedly the favorite, do not count out Philadelphia’s chances here. They have the cap room readily available, that won’t be a problem whatsoever.

They also have the talent in place. The Lakers pick, likely in the late lottery, is projected to be the Sixers’ pick. So on top of that, how scary would a lineup featuring Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid with LeBron James be? Absolutely frightening.

Simmons has done his part to set this move in motion too.

During All Star Weekend in LA, he posted a flick to the gram with Bron, Tristan Thompson & John Wall. Peep this:

June 30th Midnight 👀🤟🏽#KLUTCH

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We sure as hell know he wasn’t hinting at Tristan Thompson & John Wizzy, both who are not free agents this summer. He wants LeBron, as does all of Philadelphia at this point. Realistically, which team wouldn’t?

One last thing to consider, he’d be in the East again which makes his road to the Finals a lot easier than a trip out West will. With that being said, don’t count out Philly.

We’ll have to wait until this summer to see if LBJ not only Trusts the Process, but is ready to Complete the Process.

That’d be one helluva squad and a title contender immediately.