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Why the New York Giants need to stop playin’ and pay OBJ

This NFL offseason has been rather historic.

We’re not accustomed to this much noise or transactions prior to an NFL Draft, but here we are. Some might even say this offseason was better than the entire 2017 NFL season all together. I wouldn’t disagree.

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The LA Rams made some beastly moves, adding the likes of Marcus Peters, Aqib Talib, Sam Shields, Ndmukong Suh on defense, plus a draft pick.

The Oakland Raiders ditched Michael Crabtree & added coach John Gruden and Jordy Nelson in the process.

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The SB champion Philadelphia Eagles fortified a solid defense, trading for Seattle’s Michael Bennett on their D-Line.

Heck even the Cleveland Browns look better with the additions of Jarvis Landry, Tyrod Taylor & Damarious Randall. Should we mention they have the #1 & #4 first round picks later this month? Insane.

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With so many big names moving around the NFL, the elephant in the room remains Odell Beckham Jr. A superstar on the field but a polarizing personality off of it, the rumors around the NFL are that a trade is likely but also unlikely.

Get it? Neither do we and they won’t seem to go away.

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OBJ is working back from a season ending ankle surgery that only allowed him to suit up for the first few weeks of the season with Big Blue. Looking for a massive payday as one of the NFL’s standout talents, a viral video dampened those chances recently.

Beckham was posted in bed with a stuffed backwood partying with some IG models. No big deal right? Well, the models were accompanied by some nose candy which set analyst and the social media world ablaze.

Now we ask: do you trade Odell, Big Blue?

While it isn’t wrong to listen to offers for Odell, the answer is no. You don’t trade someone of this caliber away. He shouldn’t even be on the market.

Per Giants GM Dave Gettlemen, “you don’t quit on talent,” BUT this could also be a smoke & mirrors tactic from management as they assess offers.

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Let’s rationalize why you don’t trade perhaps the most talented wide receiver in football.

First, he immediately impacts your QB situation. Whether its Eli or whomever they take at #2 overall, his impact is no fluke:

Another key factor to note, Beckham is just 25-years-old and entering the prime of his career. While he may be immature and a bit of a headache, OBJ has yet to find himself in any trouble with the law.

Lastly, Beckham sells a lot of merchandise for the team and the NFL all across the world. Superstars draw money, and that’s the same for every major sports league.

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Trading away Beckham will take away a lot of the extra revenue the team sees from all of the merchandise they generally sell through the year with his name on it.

The rumors will continue on a daily basis for OBJ & the NY Giants, but the one thing will remain certain is that addition by subtraction does not work for the Giants here.

You don’t get better by giving up on your superstar at this stage of his career. Pay the man!

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