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There’s a snitch on the loose at the NBA bubble (It’s Chris Paul)

Chris Paul should sleep with one eye open.

With the league’s return to Orlando, a hotline system has been put into place. League officials are constructing a way for players to report rule violations through an anonymous tip line.

According to Shams Charania, multiple tips have already been placed into the anonymous hotline ahead of the season’s restart. Most of these tips have to do with protocol violations on campus.

Other tips have to do with players violating social distancing or mask regulations.

The league is clearly taking a strict stance to enforce COVID-19 related safety procedures, but the anonymous hotline might unintentionally take a comedic turn.

“To all my fellow NBA players, don’t call the snitch hotline,” Brooklyn Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie told Bleacher Report.

With Chris Paul in the house, the league doesn’t have to worry about player violations.

The All-Star guard will surely mark every violation down for the league office. Rumors are even swirling that Paul himself engineered the snitch hotline.

Fans are obviously making a reference to the December 2019 incident when Paul told on an opponent for an untucked jersey.

During the final seconds of the Timberwolves and Thunder matchup, Paul pointed out Jordan Bell’s untucked jersey to the officials. This was the Wolves’ second delay of game penalty on the night.

Because the rulebook states that a technical foul is granted for the opposing team, the Thunders took the game to overtime, eventually beating the distraught Timberwolves.

Paul will be keeping a close eye on his comrades’ violations in bubble city, Orlando.

Dwight Howard seems to be Paul’s first victim, as he was caught red-handed without his virus protection on.

The NBA must be careful to abide by all safety precautions, on a serious note.

The league’s return serves as the grand restart for American sports, as well as a jump-start for the economy. More importantly, though, it stands as a source of representation for players and their messages of activism.

We look forward to watching the NBA resume play July 29 in Orlando, FL.

Kick game crazy! Peep 7 of the biggest sneakerheads in the NBA

Hypebeasts, sneakerheads, street wear kings and queens. Lend me your eyes and ears.

As an avid sneaker lover and a big fan of the NBA, it’s difficult not to be blown away by the heat on the feet of our favorite ballers in the league on a nightly basis. I grew up with an obsession for sneakers and have added quite a bit to my collection over the years.

Nike, Jumpman, Adidas, and more have only continued to make it easier for us all to empty our pockets for exclusive releases and retros. The sneaker game is never ending and the influence of these athletes is legit.

I sat down and thought about a handful of NBA ballers that have the illest collection of sneakers in the game, both on the court to off the court, listed in no particular order. Something tells me you’ll agree with most picks:

PJ Tucker

You might not know much about PJ unless you’re really into sneakers, the NBA, or his most recent team (the Rockets).

This dude has the illest collection of kicks and he’s not afraid to beat them on the court. You can catch him in a rare pair on a nightly basis.

Yeezys, Off-White Jordans, you name it… and he’s most likely laced them up for a game.

Tucker recently participated in a Complex Sneaker Shopping episode with Joe La Puma during a road trip for the Rockets.

He dropped a light $17K on kicks at Flight Club NYC.

Chris Paul

CP3, one of the best PGs of our generation, and teammate of PJ Tucker’s, is also a big time sneaker head. He has his own sneaker as an illustrious member of Jordan brand but they aren’t the flyest in his collection.

What we will stress however is the insane amount of Air Jordan PE (Player Edition) that Paul owns.

He has an unbelievable collection of Jumpan kicks that’d make just about anyone jealous. Little Chris’ shoe game must be as serious as his pop’s.

Take a peek at CP3’s Ultimate Jordan Vault below:

Nick Young

Swaggy P is a bucket getter. Once he steps onto the court it’s hard to contain his shot.

Another part of his game that’s hard to contain? His sneakers.

Nick Young has always had a flare for the game with an insane sneaker collection to match. It’s even reported that Young has a separate house for his kicks.

He employs not one but two “shoe keepers” who oversee his 500-plus pairs of sneakers, a collection that includes Vans fitted with roller-skating wheels. Peep his collection:

Swaggy P has a tendency to flex his Yeezy collection, recently dawning the Yeezy Desert Rat 500 “Blush” for the Warriors.

He’s also rocked the Red Octobers as well as Yeezy’s 750 Boosts on the court. That’s how you earn the nickname Swaggy.

LeBron James

You surprised to see the King on this list?

LeBron’s sneaker catalog continues to grow with Nike to the point that they’ve started to retro his originals.

That’s right, the LeBron 1s have released in a few colorways again and everyone wants them. Peep DWade.

We’re certain Bron can get his hands on any pair he wants, but he normally sticks to his Nikes & Jordans.

His most recent model has been a hit and the All-Star rollout collaboration with Kith was a big success.

Of recent, we’ve also noticed Bron has a tendency to show off his sneaker game when the Cavaliers are sputtering. Stay tuned to your feed for his next IG Story flex to divert the haters from the Cavs current poor form and stay woke.

DeMar DeRozan

While DeMar has just recently become a household name amongst the NBA’s elite ballers, his sneaker collection has always been top class.

From Kobes to Foamposites, DeRozan’s game has progressively continued to match his skill. Take a peek at his favorite gems courtesy of Nick Kicks:

He fell in love with sneakers thanks to the Air Jordan Concord 11s. Hailing from Compton, there’s no surprise why he fell in love with Kobe sneakers.

They’re DeRozan’s favorite type of sneaker to play in and most of his gameday Kobes contain a “Comp10” to keep him grounded.

It’s an ode to Compton, reminding him, and others, where he came from.

Russell Westbrook

Well before his own signature sneaker with Jumpman you could catch Russ rocking the flyest Jordan PEs (Player Edition) in the entire NBA.

Take a peek at a few below:

With his intensity and charisma, it was only a matter of time before Russ locked in his own sneaker deal. Fittingly he stayed in the Jordan Brand family for his RW Why Not Zero.1 kicks.

They aren’t the most stylish model, but the fashionable Westbrook will take the creative direction to another level slowly but surely.

The reigning MVP can even make a pair of Air Monarchs look fly, so why not rock ’em?

Andre Iguodala

Iggy holds his sneaker collection in the same regard as his game on the court: versatile. He’s always had a love for his kicks and echoes the fact that he chooses the sneakers he wants himself.

Iguodala isn’t much of a release roundup type of dude. He’d much rather own some exclusive PEs or a pair of kicks that have some meaning to him or in general. Peep his vast inventory of kicks below:

With a catalog of fly kicks of his own, Iguodala makes sure to bless his closest family and friends with pairs he doesn’t wear as often.

This allows him to continue adding to his collection to mix and match both on and off the court. The former NBA Finals MVP is killing the sneaker game!

The Houston Rockets are officially for sale. You copping?

The Houston Rockets are a stable franchise with multiple superstars, a dedicated fanbase, and one of the largest television markets in the country.

So it came as a shock to everyone around the NBA when team president Tad Brown announced that the team is up for sale.

“It’s been my great joy and honor to own the Houston Rockets for the past 24 years,” team owner Leslie Alexander said in a statement.

“I’ve had the incredible opportunity to witness true greatness through the players and coaches who have won championships for the city, been named to All-Star and All-NBA teams, enshrined in the Basketball Hall of Fame, and done so much for our franchise and our fans.”

Alexander purchased the team in 1993 for $85 million and has had great success since then, winning the title in his first two seasons as owner.

The Rockets are now the eighth most valuable franchise in the league, valued at $1.65 billion with annual revenues of $244 million, according to Forbes.

But as we saw with the sale of the Los Angeles Clippers, it only takes two billionaires to get into a pissing contest and Alexander could be looking at a $3 billion payday.

Teams around the NBA are making more money than ever before so it seems odd that Alexander would give that up. He just inked James Harden to a huge extension and will have no problem filling the arena each night or selling a local cable contract.

Houston Rockets Dancing GIF by NBA - Find & Share on GIPHY

ESPN’s Darren Rovell reported that Alexander never expressed interest in selling the team before. Brown said there is no timetable for the sale and they will take their time with the process.

This allows all of us to get our bread together and go in on what might be the best sports investment of the decade.

Chris Paul signed with the Rockets. Sounds dope but will it work?

RIP Lob City.

On Wednesday, Point God Chris Paul informed the Clippers he would sign with the Houston Rockets in free agency, prompting Clippers brass to sign-and-trade the superstar for Patrick Beverley, Lou Williams, Sam Dekker, and a future first round pick.

It’s hard to blame Paul for moving on from the Clippers, a team with little cap room or options to improve a team that appeared to have reached its ceiling.

In 2011, Paul was shipped to the Los Angeles Clippers, forming a dynamic trio with Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan. Paul was able to drag the Clippers out of the doldrums of the Western Conference, consistently churning out 50-win seasons.

But Paul was never able to reach the Western Conference Finals, largely due to untimely injuries. As Paul moves onto a third team in his illustrious career, will he have the chance to compete for a title?

It may be difficult in Houston, due to the construction of the roster. Do-everything point guard James Harden will have to get used to playing without the ball at times.

Harden has played with other ball-dominant players before, like Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant. In 2016-2017, Harden controlled every aspect of the Rockets’ offense, amassing a 34.2 percent usage rate and leading the team to 55 wins.

Last season Harden possessed the ball for almost nine minutes per game, which led the NBA. Paul possessed the ball for roughly 7 minutes per game, which ranked seventh.

Both Harden and Paul love to run pick-and-roll with a big man while the court is spaced with shooters. While one of them is directing the offense, another will have to stand and watch or learn to cut and come off screens.

Rockets Coach Mike D’Antoni will have to develop some action to run on one side of the floor while Paul or Harden is running pick-and-roll on the other.

Though there will definitely be a learning curve before the offense operates at peak efficiency, CP3 will provide some valuable midrange shooting to a team that relies heavily on free throws, three-pointers, and layups.

During their second-round series against the San Antonio Spurs, Gregg Popovich developed a defense to run the Rockets off the three-point line and keep them out of the paint. The Rockets were reluctant to take open midrange shots and it probably cost them the series.

Reports surfaced Tuesday that Harden was pushing for the Rockets to sign Paul, a positive sign for the team that he is willing to sacrifice to make it work.

If Paul and Harden can learn to operate on the floor together, they could form a lethal combination in the backcourt. In addition, D’Antoni will be able to stagger their minutes so that one of the two players is always on the court.

Chris Paul was the first ball to drop in free agency and there are many more to come. I already told you to get your Twitter fingers ready.

If Chris Paul dips on LA, where could he go? 5 potential landing spots

When Chris Paul was elected President of the NBA’s Players Association, he knew full well that he was set to be a free agent in 2017 and could use his power to negotiate a new collective bargaining agreement that would favor players like him.

Paul is a veteran in the league with more than 10 years of experience and if he re-signs with the Clippers, he is eligible for the “supermax extension” which could be worth $205 million over five years, an average of roughly $40 million per season.

If Paul were to flee Los Angeles and head to San Antonio or Houston, he could sign for no more than $152 million for four years.

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst said last week it is unlikely Paul will leave all that money on the table, and who could blame him? But if Paul were to leave the Clippers, these teams could be intriguing destinations.

San Antonio Spurs

The Spurs are desperately trying to find a trade partner for LaMarcus Aldridge but it doesn’t seem there is much interest around the league. Trading Aldridge would be the easiest way for the Spurs to clear enough salary cap room to sign Paul to a max deal.

On the floor, Paul would be a tremendous fit in Gregg Popovich’s system. Though he has slowed in recent years, Paul can defend at the point of attack and would give Kawhi Leonard another legitimate scoring threat from the perimeter.

Paul is known to bark constantly on the court which might take a while for Pop to get used to as he has always had full control over his players.

But if Paul is looking to make a Western Conference Finals appearance and challenge the Warriors, signing with the Spurs is his best option.

Milwaukee Bucks

For Paul, a player who relishes the big city spotlight, heading to Milwaukee seems unlikely, but on the court it makes a ton of sense. The Bucks are an interesting team because The Greek Freak plays such an untraditional role.

At times, he serves as a point-center, bringing the ball up the court and setting up the offense but also defending the rim on defense. Inserting Chris Paul into a young lineup with long wings and playmakers all over the court could be devastating.

Think about the Bucks first-round series with the Raptors: a Delly/Greek Freak pick-and-roll gave The Drakes fits. Paul should seriously consider Milwaukee, a team in the East who is clearly ready to compete, and already has a young superstar on the roster.

Houston Rockets

Apparently the Rockets are making a push to go after Paul, a quintessential Daryl Morey move. Morey, the Rockets GM, believes the best way to compete in the NBA is to assemble the best talent possible then worry about how it fits together on the court and in the locker room at a later date.

How would two of the most ball-dominant players of all time in Paul and James Harden fit together on the court? It’s hard to imagine Paul standing in the corner as Harden orchestrates the offense at the top of the key. Paul is a good enough spot-up and midrange shooter to make it work but it still seems like a weird fit.

Investing in a backcourt mate for Harden when Patrick Beverley is already signed to a team friendly deal doesn’t make sense.

Maybe Morey, who told ESPN’s Zach Lowe he had something up his sleeve, is throwing us all of the scent by claiming he is going after CP3.

New Orleans Pelicans

Could a return to the Big Easy be on the cards for CP3? After trading for DeMarcus Cousins and pairing him with Anthony Davis, the Pelicans are turning back the clock and playing with two conventional bigs as the rest of the league looks to play smaller and faster.

But, in that system it is a vital to have a point guard who can make an entry pass, run pick and roll and knock down an open shot.

Paul might be the best pure point guard in the last 20 years and has shown an incredible ability to improve his teammates’ stats and make them millions of dollars.

The Pelicans, who went all-in on Solomon Hill and E’Twaun Moore last summer, would have to move a ton of money to sign Paul and it seems very unlikely. I’d give this less than a one percent chance of happening.

New York Knicks

Remember how hype Knicks fans were when Paul famously told Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire they would form their own Big 3 in New York? Hah! But as the Knicks continue to rebuild, they may have some pieces that intrigue Paul.

Kristaps Porzinigis has never played with a point guard who looks to put him in the right spots and it has clearly stunted his growth. The Knicks new French shooting guard could theoretically play next to Paul in the backcourt.

Again, it would be nearly impossible to make the money work on the Knicks as they would have to find a team dumb enough to take on Joakim Noah’s contract which still has three years and upwards of $50 million left on it. The Knicks are in a tough spot but what else is new?