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There’s a snitch on the loose at the NBA bubble (It’s Chris Paul)

Chris Paul should sleep with one eye open.

With the league’s return to Orlando, a hotline system has been put into place. League officials are constructing a way for players to report rule violations through an anonymous tip line.

According to Shams Charania, multiple tips have already been placed into the anonymous hotline ahead of the season’s restart. Most of these tips have to do with protocol violations on campus.

Other tips have to do with players violating social distancing or mask regulations.

The league is clearly taking a strict stance to enforce COVID-19 related safety procedures, but the anonymous hotline might unintentionally take a comedic turn.

“To all my fellow NBA players, don’t call the snitch hotline,” Brooklyn Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie told Bleacher Report.

With Chris Paul in the house, the league doesn’t have to worry about player violations.

The All-Star guard will surely mark every violation down for the league office. Rumors are even swirling that Paul himself engineered the snitch hotline.

Fans are obviously making a reference to the December 2019 incident when Paul told on an opponent for an untucked jersey.

During the final seconds of the Timberwolves and Thunder matchup, Paul pointed out Jordan Bell’s untucked jersey to the officials. This was the Wolves’ second delay of game penalty on the night.

Because the rulebook states that a technical foul is granted for the opposing team, the Thunders took the game to overtime, eventually beating the distraught Timberwolves.

Paul will be keeping a close eye on his comrades’ violations in bubble city, Orlando.

Dwight Howard seems to be Paul’s first victim, as he was caught red-handed without his virus protection on.

The NBA must be careful to abide by all safety precautions, on a serious note.

The league’s return serves as the grand restart for American sports, as well as a jump-start for the economy. More importantly, though, it stands as a source of representation for players and their messages of activism.

We look forward to watching the NBA resume play July 29 in Orlando, FL.