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This parody video perfectly sums up Kyrie Irving’s summer

The Cleveland Cavaliers have been involved in some strange postseason drama.

Kyrie Irving, Cleveland’s starting point guard, requested a trade after being displeased with playing second fiddle to LeBron James.

He stated that he wanted to be the focal point of an offense and be leader of his own team.

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Rumors began swirling that tensions increased between the two to the point where things would become physical if the two saw each other.

Usually, August is a quiet month for basketball news, however the Cavs have the rumor mill on overdrive.

Kyrie has reportedly stated that he prefers to go to Minnesota, New York, or San Antonio. However, he is a restricted free agent and really has no say in where the Cavs trade him.

With all this Cavs drama, a video made by AOK surfaced parodying Eminem’s track “Stan” called “Dear Lebron” by Kyrie ft. Dido.

The track states both true facts on Kyrie’s amazing stats throughout the season, as well as some hilarious jabs at LeBron for not caring despite all the work he’s putting in.

In the song, Kyrie reminisces about how they won the chip in ’16 with Bron’s block on Andre Igoudola and Kyrie’s super clutch three as well as their deteriorating friendship.

Uncle Drew remarks on how LeBron is getting really friendly with Lakers and how the Cavs were never really his to begin with.

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The song also pokes fun at D Rose for signing with the Cavs for the vet minimum and Kyrie’s belief that the Earth is flat.

Kyrie goes from trying to earn LeBron’s attention with all the posters and Fatheads in his room to tearing them all down because his efforts are in vain.

AOK’s parody also pokes fun at LeBron’s departure to Miami a few years back and poses the question: could Kyrie win a chip without LeBron?

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This parody is spot on and encapsulates what Cleveland’s front office is dealing with at the current moment.

AOK’s masterpiece of a parody contains hot fire as well as some hilarious moments. Definitely one the best parodies in recent months.

LeBron is reportedly ready to put the hands on Kyrie, would wash him crazy

It was only a month ago that LeBron James embraced Kyrie Irving as they left the court following a Game 5 loss to the Golden State Warriors in the Finals and told him “we’ll be back.”

But it appears the two stars can no longer coexist in the same orbit.

ESPN initially reported that LeBron was “blindsided and disappointed” when he heard that Kyrie wanted to be traded away from Cleveland.

Now, ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith is reporting that if LeBron were in a room with Kyrie he would be tempted “beat his ass.

Remember when LeBron referred to Kyrie as his little brother and said he would one day win the MVP?

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Of course, we have to take all Stephen A. reports with a grain of salt because who knows how deep his sourcing is in LeBron’s camp.

Unless this came from Randy Mims, Rich Paul, or Maverick Carter, I don’t think there is an validity to it.

I think there is a great possibility that the LeBron-Kyrie relationship has deteriorated to a degree in which LeBron is not gonna beg for the point guard to stay in Cleveland, but I highly doubt they would ever come to blows.

The Cavs are continuing to shop Kyrie, though it doesn’t appear as though any trade is imminent.

Zach Lowe and Brian Windhorst both said yesterday that the Cavs will take their time in dealing Irving, as they seek a massive return.

Well, who knows if LeBron would ever scrap Kyrie but I think we all know who would win.

Kyrie Irving wants to leave Cleveland. 5 landing spots for Uncle Drew

Let’s rewind to 2013. Kyrie Irving is the cornerstone of the Cleveland Cavaliers and his teammates are Dion Waiters, Tristan Thompson, Andrew Bynum, Spencer Hawes, and Luol Deng — a nice mix young players and veterans.

Irving led that team to a 32-50 finish and the Cavs were mathematically eliminated from the playoffs in March.

That was the last season when Kyrie had “the team to himself.” He was the best player, he dominated the ball, and he took all of the big shots.

The next season, LeBron James returned home and everything changed. LeBron dominated the ball, he garnered all of the attention and Kyrie was left to play second fiddle. But you know what else happened: the Cavs won big.

They made the Finals in 2015, 2016 and 2017, winning it all in 2016.

Now, ESPN and multiple outlets are reporting that Kyrie has asked the Cavs front office for a trade. Uncle Drew thinks he’s ready to lead a club all on his own.

I’ve watched Kyrie closely over the last three years and while he’s an amazing talent I don’t think he will ever be able to do that.

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Night to night, Kyrie won’t be able to put a team on his back, play both ends of the court while making plays for himself and others. LeBron was the perfect player for Irving to play with because all he had to worry about was going out and getting buckets.

LeBron was the playmaker and Irving was the finisher. Case in point, Game 7 of the Finals in 2016.

Here’s a little sneak peak of how Kyrie fared without LeBron. Last season, the Cavs were outscored by 90 points in 574 minutes when Irving played and James didn’t.

In the playoffs, they were outscored by 30 points in 61 minutes. In the NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors, the Cavs were outscored 37-13 when Irving was on the court and James was off. SHEEEEESH. Hey Kyrie, looks like you need LeBron.

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I’m interested in seeing what Kyrie’s trade value is. Irving thinks he’s a top-15 player, but he isn’t. In 2016, the Cavs fared better with Matthew Dellavedova on the court instead of Kyrie.

I honestly believe a Patrick Beverley type of point guard will give the Cavs a better chance to beat the Warriors.

Kyrie is an amazing offensive force who can score from anywhere on the court but he gives up so much on the other end, I’m not sure it’s worth it.

Remember last year against the Celtics and Warriors when Ty Lue had to scrap their defensive game plan because Kyrie was dying on every screen, leading to open shots all over the court?

(Yes, I also remember when he scored 42 points in Game 4 and saved them.)

I love Kyrie’s game and watching him play is certainly entertaining but I’m skeptical that he will ever learn to play passable defense or become a true point guard who involves his teammates every night.

So if Kyrie is bolting from the comfy confines of Northeast Ohio, where could he end up?

Also keep in mind Kyrie has a 15 percent trade kicker but no no-trade clause so wherever the Cavs send him is where he ends up.

Los Angeles Clippers

The Clippers could use the assets they obtained from the Chris Paul trade and flip them for Kyrie. I mentioned Beverley earlier but they could also include DeAndre Jordan, Sam Dekker, and a draft pick.

The Clippers would then have a core of Irving, Blake Griffin, and Danilo Gallinari. While the Cavs could look to attach Tristan Thompson to that deal to avoid redundancy with Jordan.

The Cavs might miss Irving’s scoring punch but they could make Kevin Love more of a focal point on offense.

San Antonio Spurs

Kyrie told the Cavs that he would prefer to go San Antonio but they will have to involve a third team in this trade because they don’t possess the assets to make a move for Irving.

They could start with Dejounte Murray but then where do they go from there?

I also think Gregg Popovich would hate coaching Kyrie, an isolation heavy player who still has no clue how to play defense.

Phoenix Suns

This trade makes the most sense for the Cavs.

The Suns could include, Eric Bledsoe (a Klutch sports client), a nice young wing player like T.J. Warren and a draft pick.

I think that would satisfy the Cavs and would be a win-win for both teams.

Denver Nuggets

The Nuggets could send Jamal Murray, Juan Hernangomez, and Wilson Chandler to Cleveland in exchange for Irving.

The Nuggets could then go forward with Kyrie, Paul Millsap, and Nikola Jokic. That would be an interesting team

New York Knicks

YOOO: HE’S NOT GOING TO THE KNICKS. But since he said he would like to play in New York, I’ll include them. The main issue is, what could the Knicks offer besides Carmelo?

Cavs Owner Dan Gilbert keeps making sus moves, visits Trump

Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert is a very rich man. Sadly, he is not a very wise man.

Cavs fans know Gilbert is willing to open his wallet to pay players and go deep into the luxury tax to field a competitive team. But Gilbert has a tough time getting out of his own way.

During his 12-year tenure as the Cavs owner, Gilbert has penned “The Letter,” fired four general managers and five coaches, and most recently he pulled out all the stops to make Cleveland a desirable destination for the Republican National Convention.

Gilbert is not a prudent man. He is also a staunch Republican, which isn’t surprising due to the fact he is a rich white guy who made his fortune selling crappy mortgages to poor people. But in a league that is roughly 75 percent African-American, being so openly conservative could hurt the Cavs’ chances of signing star players.

So when Gilbert joined the Chicago Cubs yesterday at the White House to celebrate their World Series victory and was seen joking with President Donald Trump, it made my stomach churn.

During the video that aired on ESPN, Trump can be heard saying:

“Where’s Dan? Where’s Dan Gilbert? He’s right outside. Grab him. Where’s Dan? Dan Gilbert just came in. He’s from basketball. He’s looking for a good basketball player. Anybody play basketball?”

First of all, does Trump know how to speak. Also, what the fuck is going? Why are you guys on a first name basis?

Not only did the Cubs beat the hometown Cleveland Indians in the World Series, but Gilbert’s star player LeBron James, who is set to become a free agent next summer, has campaigned on behalf of former President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Yesterday on ESPN’s The Jump, Brian Windhorst reported that players around the league were shocked to see Gilbert acting so chummy with the President. And frankly, so was I.

Man, what is he doing? He just fired GM Dave Griffin, who led the Cavs to three straight Finals appearances and one championship, but has yet to find his replacement. Now, free agency is just days away and he thinks hanging at the White House is the best use of his time.

Gilbert knows how to drive Cavs fans crazy, and he’s doing it again.

Here’s some advice from a Cavs fan: Hire a GM, write some large checks so we can sign some solid free agents, then get on your private plane and stay out of the way.

The 2017 NBA Season is over, the Warriors won, and everyone is sick

It all felt inevitable and yet, when it actually happened, when the Warriors were pulling away in the 4th quarter, it was pretty weird to watch.

It just felt like every time the Cavaliers got close, Kevin Durant would come down and hit a three, or post up and hit one of those Dirk fallaways, or just get right to the basket.

It didn’t matter who was guarding him, KD was not going to be denied last night. After spending all summer, all year, hearing critics talk shit about his decision to join the Warriors, Kevin Durant wanted to show why he joined the Warriors in the first place.

The morning after, it feels like everyone is still re-ligitating Durant’s decision to move to the Bay from Oklahoma City last year, which kind of misses the point.

Whether you think Durant was right or wrong to go to the Warriors, if you’re a basketball fan, these games have been absolutely ridiculous to watch. We’ve probably never seen a group of talent like what we saw last night ever on a basketball court.

LeBron James, the best player on the planet, had 41 points, 13 rebounds, and 8 assists, becoming the first player ever to average a triple double in the Finals. He got some help from Kyrie Irving and J.R. Smith, who had 26 and 25 each, but was let down by some of the other role players, including Kevin Love, who put up 6 points on 2-8 shooting.

LeBron threw some solid shade about the performance of others after the game, but we’ll get into that later.

Durant put up 39 points, Steph Curry threw up 34, and Andre Iguodola’s 20 point contribution rounded things out for the Warriors.

We are truly in a revolutionary period of basketball, LeBron and KD were playing center for minutes on end as both squads spread the floor and chucked up 3s.

While LeBron alluded to other players on his team not showing up in his postgame comments (Kevin Love, it’s quiet for you), the most interesting point he made was about the formation of “super teams”.

Although LeBron avoided that word specifically, he said teams are going to have to pull out all the stops in order to compete against the Dubs in the future.

An obviously rather sick LeBron said during his postgame press conference,

“Pretty much all [the Warriors’] big-name guys are in their 20s, and they don’t show any signs of slowing down. So there’s going to be a lot of teams that are trying to figure out ways to put personnel together to try and match that if they’re able to actually face them in a playoff series, both Eastern Conference and Western Conference. Because they’re built for — from my eyes — they’re built to last a few years. So we’ll see.”

The NBA will never not be entertaining, even when we’ve had the same matchup for three straight years in the Finals, even when the second best player in the league goes to the best team in the league, and even in the summer when there are no games.

There will be no shortage of narrative over the next couple of months as teams try to assemble their own super team to compete with the Warriors. Will Gordon Hayward go to the Celtics or Heat? Will Blake Griffin or Chris Paul leave for new opportunities? Could Melo or Paul George be on the move? What will the NBA Draft bring us? The NBA offseason might be more entertaining than the actual season anyway, I know I’m hype for free agency and the draft.

But there was plenty of #narrative last night. From LeBron refusing to lose against a team that was literally built to beat him, to KD going off and then getting too bopped, to Steve Kerr sobbing, to Kevin Love being trash, shit was popping off last night. Even if the series only went 5, shit was definitely entertaining.

We’re gonna miss J.R. Smith this summer

He stared down the Golden State crowd after he made a 3 in garbage time while his team lost the Finals


Despite the game being heated, there was a little intimacy…

LeBron did all he could

Still the Shade King (never forget when LeBron called us all broke)

Let’s see if he can get some help…

The Warriors were basically constructed just to beat LeBron…

And they did just that with KD as the star of the show

I don’t know what’s good with this, though

Kevin Durant drinks beer differently. 😂

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Shoutout the real MVP

Shoutout JaVale McGee

Shoutout Mike Brown

Russ update:

I know someone is sick the season just ended

Oh I guess I’m a Warriors fan now…