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LeBron is reportedly ready to put the hands on Kyrie, would wash him crazy

It was only a month ago that LeBron James embraced Kyrie Irving as they left the court following a Game 5 loss to the Golden State Warriors in the Finals and told him “we’ll be back.”

But it appears the two stars can no longer coexist in the same orbit.

ESPN initially reported that LeBron was “blindsided and disappointed” when he heard that Kyrie wanted to be traded away from Cleveland.

Now, ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith is reporting that if LeBron were in a room with Kyrie he would be tempted “beat his ass.

Remember when LeBron referred to Kyrie as his little brother and said he would one day win the MVP?

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Of course, we have to take all Stephen A. reports with a grain of salt because who knows how deep his sourcing is in LeBron’s camp.

Unless this came from Randy Mims, Rich Paul, or Maverick Carter, I don’t think there is an validity to it.

I think there is a great possibility that the LeBron-Kyrie relationship has deteriorated to a degree in which LeBron is not gonna beg for the point guard to stay in Cleveland, but I highly doubt they would ever come to blows.

The Cavs are continuing to shop Kyrie, though it doesn’t appear as though any trade is imminent.

Zach Lowe and Brian Windhorst both said yesterday that the Cavs will take their time in dealing Irving, as they seek a massive return.

Well, who knows if LeBron would ever scrap Kyrie but I think we all know who would win.