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Cavs Owner Dan Gilbert keeps making sus moves, visits Trump

Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert is a very rich man. Sadly, he is not a very wise man.

Cavs fans know Gilbert is willing to open his wallet to pay players and go deep into the luxury tax to field a competitive team. But Gilbert has a tough time getting out of his own way.

During his 12-year tenure as the Cavs owner, Gilbert has penned “The Letter,” fired four general managers and five coaches, and most recently he pulled out all the stops to make Cleveland a desirable destination for the Republican National Convention.

Gilbert is not a prudent man. He is also a staunch Republican, which isn’t surprising due to the fact he is a rich white guy who made his fortune selling crappy mortgages to poor people. But in a league that is roughly 75 percent African-American, being so openly conservative could hurt the Cavs’ chances of signing star players.

So when Gilbert joined the Chicago Cubs yesterday at the White House to celebrate their World Series victory and was seen joking with President Donald Trump, it made my stomach churn.

During the video that aired on ESPN, Trump can be heard saying:

“Where’s Dan? Where’s Dan Gilbert? He’s right outside. Grab him. Where’s Dan? Dan Gilbert just came in. He’s from basketball. He’s looking for a good basketball player. Anybody play basketball?”

First of all, does Trump know how to speak. Also, what the fuck is going? Why are you guys on a first name basis?

Not only did the Cubs beat the hometown Cleveland Indians in the World Series, but Gilbert’s star player LeBron James, who is set to become a free agent next summer, has campaigned on behalf of former President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Yesterday on ESPN’s The Jump, Brian Windhorst reported that players around the league were shocked to see Gilbert acting so chummy with the President. And frankly, so was I.

Man, what is he doing? He just fired GM Dave Griffin, who led the Cavs to three straight Finals appearances and one championship, but has yet to find his replacement. Now, free agency is just days away and he thinks hanging at the White House is the best use of his time.

Gilbert knows how to drive Cavs fans crazy, and he’s doing it again.

Here’s some advice from a Cavs fan: Hire a GM, write some large checks so we can sign some solid free agents, then get on your private plane and stay out of the way.