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MTV is casting for a ‘True Life’ series about people who want to be Cardi B

Cardi B is certainly an icon and something of a treasure in our country at the moment.

Almost everyone loves her. And if they don’t, they probably will fall in love with her somewhere down the line.

She went from stripper to reality star to number one on the Billboard Hot 100. Cardi’s rise has reminded us that it’s possible to be whoever you want, as long as you put your heart to it. She is a role model for being your true self and sticking to it no matter what.

In fact, Cardi is so looked up to that MTV has decided to step up the icon’s television presence.

The new series Dying to be Cardi B! is looking for a cast of people ages 18-25 who want to, more than anything, be Cardi B.

The only requirement, it seems, is that you need to eat, live, and breathe Cardi.

“If Cardi B is your hero, your role model, your icon, your inspiration and the one person that is giving you hope in life…then I WANT YOU! You must have a great story to tell.”

The product description on Backstage is pretty hilarious as well as creepy:

“If you are dying to live your best Bardi life, then we want you. We want your story. We want real people. We want to know how Cardi B has changed your life. We want die-hard Cardi B fans.”

I love Cardi B just as much as the next person, and I think it’s great that she’s reached such high levels of success that MTV is basing an entire series around her, but isn’t the point of Cardi’s success to remind you that you should always maintain your individuality?

But I’m not gonna sit here and front like I ain’t gonna peep this shit when it comes out. Reality TV is a shameless, and amazing, form of entertainment.

TBH I’m pretty excited for this, and for Cardi.

Cardi B is educating women on why they should get a sugar daddy in 2018

Cardi B dropped a pretty controversial line at her recent show. But it’s also straight facts.

“2018… If you bitches don’t have a job, if you not in school, get you a fucking sugar daddy.”

Cardi was met with a positive reaction from the crowd, as well as Twitter.

Although some people may raise their eyebrows at what she said, Cardi isn’t new to the idea of making money whatever way you can. If you don’t already know, she grew up poor and escaped poverty by stripping, then made her way to Love and Hip-Hop New York before becoming a rapper.

In an Elle interview titled “Make Your Own Life and Make it Big” early last month, Cardi also mentioned snatching a sugar daddy if you find yourself in financial need.

“Whatever, they say I’m ugly. They say my nose is too big. They say this, this, and that. You wanna know what? I don’t give a fuck, because I’m making money. It don’t matter if you get a degree or sell your pussy. You could even get a motherfucking sugar daddy, I don’t know, but I think you gotta make your own money to truly be happy. Make more than the guys you thought you wanted to be with.”

Hmm. Being a sugar baby hasn’t really been a respected profession, but with successful role models like Cardi making their way to the top of the game, it can really cause you to stop, think and reprioritize.

I’ve read decent to positive stories about being a sugar baby, but really, to each their own. Being a sugar baby is not that different from any other profession that requires you to entertain older gentlemen, even working as a cashier requires you to put a smile on your face and laugh at the right jokes.

What do you think of Cardi’s comment? Do you agree, or did she step over the line this time?

Cardi B and Offset ain’t ya role models so stop suckin’ them

Cardi B and Offset have made serious headlines lately, with all the drama going on between both of their personal lives and relationship.

But before all that, they were seen as the new hip-hop power couple — the creme de’la creme pairing that this generation of artists was missing. But if you follow these two, you know that their modern-day hood fairytale has some pretty big plot holes in it.

It started off with a leaking of Cardi’s naked photos and videos in an attempt to extort the Bronx star.

Then, her fiance’s iCloud account was hacked, revealing a video of some thicc-ass chick who definitely wasn’t Cardi walking around what appeared to be a hotel room naked.

Cheating rumors swirled that the woman Offset was hitting on the side was IG model Faith Nketsi.

Then Cardi responded to all that by posting a video of herself getting dry humped and headlines hit the internet that she was fucking her man on camera.

She later admitted that it was a joke. Right.

If you were on Instagram during this entire thing, you must’ve seen the reaction all of this had on both Cardi’s and Offset’s accounts.

Offset was being trolled with hate from Cardi fans for cheating, while Cardi was shamed with disgust for “having sex on camera.”

Y’all. Need I remind you that Cardi B is not living for you, or your kids?

Fuck off! First of all, she used to be a stripper, so leaking her naked pictures is kind of a futile move, don’t you think?

Secondly, neither Cardi nor Offset are here to be your role models. They are two of the hottest faces in hip-hop history today. Did you think they were going to be rapping about staying in school and eating your vegetables? Think again.

Cardi hopped on Twitter to talk about her feelings regarding everything going on. Despite the bullshit, she plans on remaining positive.

“I’m just going to make things positive out of a bad situation. If anybody watch the live from last night they can see from beginning to end that I was talking then this guy came behind me and started fake dry humping me. Jesus Christ we both had pants on!”

The drama continues, with rumors of Offset getting other women pregnant surfacing:

I believe in Cardi, though. She knows what she’s doing. If it feels like shit is getting too heavy, just remember, you can always wipe your eyes with some shmoney to make it all better. But seriously, I really hope you two work this out.

In more positive news, her new single “Bartier Cardi” reached #2 on the iTunes chart.

TOP CHART ON ITUNES .Thanks everyone 😘😘😘I love you guys

A post shared by Cardi B Official IG (@iamcardib) on

Only time will tell how far these two will go. We all have faith in our “Bodak Yellow” star, though, we know she’ll handle any situation, no matter what’s in her way.

Cardi, you’re doing great.

Cardi B says she almost quit on her rap career this time last year

Cardi got pretty emotional in a recent Instagram live video, where she opened up about the hardships she faced during the beginning of her come up, as well as her undeniable hate for dark chocolate (sorry Cardi, can’t agree), the perils of milk and cheese, and how almond milk has never been true milk and will never be (something we can agree on.)

In the beginning of the video, the star talks about her days fresh off Love & Hip-Hop, where she got a verse on a song.

“I did a verse to somebody’s song and other artists were on the song as well. I was so excited because I felt like my verse was so poppin’. And then, the artist told me that I couldn’t be on the song anymore because one of the artists that was on the song felt like I was too small and they were too big for me to be on the same song with them.”

Without naming the artists involved, Cardi mentioned that she was pretty heartbroken about the whole ordeal.

“That shit broke my heart so bad. It broke my heart to pieces and I hated it because it was around Christmas time and I felt so bad because nothing coulda really cheered me up and ‘I was like I don’t wanna do this shit anymore.'”

Luckily, with the support of those around her, she persevered by continuing to grind and push towards the lifestyle she wanted. Cardi once again reminds us that by focusing on what you want and working hard, there’s no way you will fail.

As far as new music, she promises that there are singles coming out soon, and assures us that neither she nor Atlantic have held music out this long for no reason.

“Be patient. A bitch is gonna put something out. You think I’m gonna hold shit, or Atlantic is gonna hold shit? No. We wanna make money as fast as we can.”

New Cardi B single drops in two days, and I’m sure it’s going to be fire.

I bet whoever snubbed you is regretting it now. Check out the full video for a good time:

5 families you wish you were chilling with instead of your own on Thanksgiving

We all know that when Thanksgiving finally arrives we are all a little skeptical as to who will be pulling up to the family table. Your fuckboy cousins, your weird uncle and your moms, together in one room are sometimes too much.

Especially if your shmacked at the table, you begin to reminisce about the reasons why you only see certain family members once a year. Fuck it. Let’s say you decided to dub your family for Thanksgiving this year or maybe your plans fell through.

Like you were supposed to chill with wifey’s family but you started the fake argument, so you didn’t have to go. Don’t stress? Roll up, cop wild amounts of turkey, and imagine yourself at the most popping thanksgiving tables around the world.

Here is a list of Thanksgiving tables you would want to be at this year.

Top Dawg Ent.

A Thanksgiving with TDE would start off with Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith yelling at all of us to sit down as he plops into his seat at the head of the table. This is all while you return from smoking a backwood with the original black lip bastard, Ab-Soul.

Of course, Schoolboy Q would have to carve the turkey. SZA would have to sing one song and who wouldn’t want to hear old tales from Jay Rock over pumpkin pie?

After grubbing down you would enjoy getting a light sauce with Kung Fu Kenny. Then force him to go bar for bar off the shits. A TDE turkey day would be too lit.

The Cardi B’s

You know the Almanzars are getting it popping this year for Thanksgiving. They have a lot to celebrate: a number one billboard record, a fresh engagement, and an all-around money year.  So the vibes are finna be very special and turnt.

Plus, we know Offset and his Migos fam have to pull up with. They don’t have a choice they are actually his fam for real.

How can you not see a lot of blunts, a lot of Hennessy, and a lot of great food in rotation at this Thanksgiving? That’s anyone’s type of party.


Who doesn’t want to sit down at any table, at any time of year, with these guys? This is a fine group men *Trump’s voice.* Plus they know how to keep it real cozy. A matter of fact too cozy.

This would be a trippy Thanksgiving to remember, one for the books. An all gold turkey with Dior stuffing, ju hurd. Everyone would be on their Flacko shit. The Mob is too fly for turkeys anyway, ya digg.

I can hear it now, as Ferg rips a turkey leg while belting out a huge “UHHHHH!”

The Smiths

There is definitely always a legendary Thanksgiving at the Smith household. Jaden and Willow are already icons, Will and Jada are the bomb couple, and the Fresh Prince fam probably shows up too.

Ayo, Alfonso pass the stuffing!

The Wayans

I bet you would dub your entire family right now just to be considered a Wayan. You’d probably give up a leg to be a half-cousin twice removed or something like that, huh?

Well no one’s judging, especially if you are alone this Thanksgiving. The Wayan legacy is unreal and to be apart of it would be an honor.

Just put yourself at the table of the OGS in comedy.  You’d be laughing the whole night and wondering when you could catch a second wind. Laughing until it hurts would never hurt so good.

Yeah, a Thanksgiving at the Wayans household is definitely a healthy and hearty one.

XXXTentacion says Migos jumped him at gunpoint, rap beef ensues

XXXTentacion, rap’s most problematic and tiring teen, has taken to social media claiming that he was jumped by Migos yesterday in Los Angeles.

In a series of now-deleted Instagram stories, XXX told his fans that Migos jumped him and left him bruised.

Of course, professional tea-spiller DJ Akademiks has all the receipts, the transcript of the videos reads as follows:

“They jumped me. Nobody gave the respect of a one-on-one… I’m just letting y’all know for now that I’m a man before anything, and I’m gonna take my fucking ass-beating like a man, n****, and I’m gonna carry myself like a man. This shit don’t affect me, and you n****s gonna lose money [for] fucking with me.”

XXX said he was surprised that Migos didn’t shoot him after “all the shit” he’s talked about the group.

“After all the shit I’ve been talking, how the fuck you ain’t shoot me? He was scared to fight me one-on-one. These niggas were scared to fight me! Y’all n****s like 35! I ain’t mad because I got 35-year-olds afraid to fight me… Migos just gave me free clout.”

Definitely some free clout for XXXTentacion if Migos did indeed jump him.

The Florida rapper kept it going on social media in a series of pretty wild and unhinged posts.

He posted video of Migos member Takeoff allegedly running away from the incident.

Claimed that he “spared” Migos at the BET Awards.

Then showed gory footage of a pretty small “stab wound” while professing his love for Migos member Offset’s fiancé Cardi B.

XXX has now wiped his entire Instagram, but his avi is an edited picture of Takeoff on a rocket ship.

While it’s totally unclear what the beef between Migos and XXXTentacion is actually about, this will surely not be the last we hear of the ordeal.

Beef between America’s most beloved hip-hop group and it’s least favorite son seems to only have one winner.

Update: XXXTentacion posted this footage of the fight caught on security camera.

Offset’s glo up: From in and out of prison to hip-hop’s hottest feature

Migos are American royalty. The group, which has long since confirmed their status as ‘better than The Beatles’, have been hoisted up by de facto leader Quavo since they broke through with the 2013 smash “Versace”.

But in recent months, Offset, the wildcard of the group, has emerged as possibly the most intriguing rising talent in the trio, if not hip-hop as a whole. Backed by a slew of features, solo projects, and his relationship with now-husband Cardi B, Offset is building himself quite the brand.

This wasn’t always the case.

As Migos blew up in 2013, Offset was locked up in Dekalb County Jail for violating his probation on previous burglary and theft charges. Offset was notably absent from early Migos hits and visuals like “Versace”, the original version of “Hannah Montana”, and “Chinatown”.

You couldn’t blame casual fans for assuming Migos were just a duo although the album artwork for their breakthrough mixtape YRN shows Offset standing alongside Quavo and Takeoff.

Offset told Vlad TV last year about being locked up as “Versace” blew up and Drake hopped on the remix. Initially, he didn’t believe or understand the scope of the glo up until he heard prison guards singing the song while doing count, “I didn’t believe it at first, though. But then I knew it was real when they use to do the little count. They use to be singing ‘Versace’ while they doing count.”

While locked up, Offset found comfort in the biblical story of Solomon, he told Rolling Stone,

“He was a king that had everything, and he lost it all but still had faith. So God blessed him with 10 times more. When I was in jail, like Solomon, I didn’t understand why I was going through what I was going through. I was on the right path. Wasn’t riding dirty. Then I got trapped in this hole. So I reached to the Word.”

After getting out and returning to the booth with Quavo and Takeoff, Offset went back to prison after an incident during an April 2015 Migos concert at Georgia Southern University.

Cops found firearms, less than an ounce of weed, and some lean on Migos’ tour vans. While the other two Migos were let free on bond, Offset was kept behind bars because of his priors.

Offset spent another 8 months behind bars and was freed in December 2015 after accepting a plea deal.

All of this is to say Offset had to make up for lost time.

And make up he did.

Merely a month after being released from prison, Migos released a mixtape YRN 2 and began gearing up for a run with their complete trio devoid of any legal troubles hampering their development.

Offset gifted Migos with their biggest hit to date when he came up with the anthemic chorus for “Bad and Boujee”, which peaked at no. 1 on the Billboard charts, became an internet phenomenon, and was praised by Donald Glover at the Golden Globes as the Atlanta sat claimed “there is no better song to have sex to.”

There’s a darkness to Offset’s tone and delivery that’s absent in both Quavo and Takeoff’s bars. While Quavo has the most obvious star power and Takeoff has perhaps the most distinct voice in the group, Offset brings a different tone.

That difference is clear on “Bad and Boujee”, which makes no sacrifices in its roots as a street anthem before a pop one (Offset really had suburban kids saying ‘cookin’ up dope with a Uzi’), and Offset told Rolling Stone that coming up with that hook was a way of getting rid of some personal strife,

“I had some little situations going on with life, family stuff going down, so I went downstairs to record. Sometimes that’s the best time to get music off – you might be mad, make some crazy shit.”

“Bad and Boujee” is indeed some crazy shit. As was Migos’ album Culture, which came out in January 2017.

Building off “Bad and Boujee” and Culture, Offset went on a run of features this year that can only be described as fucking wild.

He ripped it up for what seemed like a million bars on Gucci Mane’s “Met Gala”.

Killed fiance Cardi B’s “Lick”.

Pulled up alongside Drake on Metro Boomin’s “No Complaints”.

Posted up on the legend Juicy J’s “Flood Watch”.

Jumped on Macklemore’s (lol) “Willy Wonka”.

Amine enlisted Offset for “Wedding Crashers”.

Ski Mask The Slump God’s “With Vengeance”.

Nav & Metro Boomin’s “Minute”.

Kodak Black’s “Built My Legacy”.

Cousin Stizz’s “Headlock”.

Young Nudy’s “Cancer Stick No Pressure”.

And he was the only feature on Future and Young Thug’s collab mixtape Super Slimey on “Patek Water”.


Without the crossover appeal of Quavo, Offset has become the go-to feature for fellow rappers looking to add his rapid delivery and wild bars to their catalog. Offset has a notably harsher delivery than Quavo and Takeoff, he’s been enlisted by every trap rapper du jour for their hits in 2017. That list of 2017 features is ridiculous.

Then on Monday, Offset did some shit of his own. He dropped a solo EP $uave and a collaboration mixtape with 21 Savage and Metro Boomin No Warning.

Offset and 21 Savage are a perfect duo. Backed by Metro Boomin’s horror movie production, Offset and 21 trade bars about stunting, drug dealing, and generally being the shit for a perfect Halloween-themed project.

But Offset has also seen his star rise for his moves away from the microphone.

Last week, at a concert in Philadelphia, Offset proposed to Queen Cardi B.

The pair appeared on last week’s Migos release “Motor Sport” alongside Nicki Minaj.

“Motor Sport” is the first release off the next Migos project Culture II. For all of Offset’s work on his own, becoming the most fashionable rap feature in 2017, and marrying the biggest star in hip-hop right now, it’s Migos’ collective power as a group that makes them great.

Offset’s rise has been one of the great stories in music this year. He was in and out of prison for more than a cumulative year and had to watch Takeoff and Quavo’s success from behind bars.

Now, Offset is a legitimate star and alongside Quavo and Takeoff, Migos are an unstoppable force.

La La has advice for all the NYC strippers on strike: ‘Ride the wave’

La La has got something to say to the NYC strippers speaking out about the current strike that is happening throughout New York City.

The Power star shared some realness with Page Six about exotic dancing saying,

“I know that scene well… I have always been taught not to judge. Everyone is trying to make a living and do what is best for them. You do not know what happened in a person’s journey and what led them to that. It could be a lot of things. So I never point the finger at anyone for what they are doing. I went to high school with girls who are strippers, and they are doing very well.”

This issue has come up recently, especially after Queen Cardi B brought up how the treatment of strippers has always been wrong.

It’s annoying

A post shared by Cardi B Official IG (@iamcardib) on

While the strippers of New York are getting full support from all angles, La La continued sharing her views with Page Six. She also had some advice in regards to the age a woman should consider no longer dancing.

“The cutoff age, I would say, maybe 40. I will say ride the wave as long as you can!”

Ironically enough, La La was involved in a stripper scandal just a couple of months ago when it was alleged that her husband Carmelo Anthony knocked up a dancer during his time with the Knicks. Still, she understands the game.

It’s been revealed that the major problem strippers are having is bartenders stealing their tips.

La La tells the publication,

“I try to be equal to the strippers and bartenders — but my limit is a $1,000.”

Strippers have joined the many groups and organizations fighting for equality in their workplace, and together they have created an alliance that will hopefully give them the results they’re looking for.

Dancers have a job, just like the rest of us.

Cardi B and Offset are already the greatest couple of all time, don’t @ me

At Power 99’s Powerhouse concert in Philly Friday night, something magical happened. It was like watching Goku and Vegeta fuse into Super Saiyan 4, Kevin Durant join forces with the Warriors, or any Rush Hour flick.

While onstage in front of tens of thousands of fans, Offset proposed to Cardi B, and she said yes, instantly making them the greatest duo to ever come together in history.

Am I embellishing a little? Nope.

Cardi B and Offset is the fairytale couple we never knew we needed. They’re two hood legends who made splashes in the mainstream world not giving a fuck about the rules.

Cardi B’s come-up alone was something everyone found themselves rallying behind. She went from dancing at nightclubs to finding viral success on the internet to landing a spot on Love & Hip-Hop.

Then, for shits and giggles, landed the number one song in the country, with “Bodak Yellow” becoming the highest-charting song by a solo female rapper since Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” in the process.

Prior to the Offset proposal, I thought she peaked.

Offset is no slouch either. He and his amigos went number one far before his fiancé with the smash hit “Bad and Boujie” back in January. We’re talking Migos, number one on the Billboard. Not to mention Offset has been spazzing on everyone’s features this year with “Met Gala”, “Headlock”, and “No Complaints”

It was like, them being together was enough, you know? So the fact that Offset decided to follow the OG Gwuop’s footsteps and go down the aisle, simply makes the storyline that much sweeter.

People don’t look at Offset and Cardi B like they do all those other A-list celebrities — which is why they’re already the greatest.

Cardi doesn’t have the mystique of Beyonce, the elegance of Cassie, or the bank account of Kim but she’ll throw a temper tantrum on Instagram story and break-up with Offset for stealing her purple blanket.

And Offset is far from Jay-Z — I’m sure he has unlimited minutes on his money phone —  yet, when someone proposes by squatting, not kneeling, and finishing the proposal in “Ya digg?” I think I relate more to the former.

I mean, my mans pulled up on Cardi in the Bronx as if they aren’t worth more than the building itself. The mix between their raw authenticity and piping hot careers has created a rollercoaster I want front seats to.

And so does everyone else. Offset’s proposal barely had time to get out his mouth before BET and VH1 started battling over who will land the special.

Whoever gets to capture Cardi B and her 8-carat ring will be in for a nice payday.

Gucci Mane and Keyshia Ka’oir’s Mane Event found an audience on BET earlier this month, so I’m absolutely positive there will be a demand for this hip-hop duo, too.

If history has taught us anything, it’s not to put faith in these celebrity relationships (I’m still adjusting to Wiz and Amber not being together). Besides, divorce amongst celeb couples is so regular it seems like it’s part of the gig.

But I don’t care. I’m all in on Offset and Cardi. I’m drinking the Kool-Aid on this one and I don’t want to look back.

The couple makes you feel as if anything is possible no matter where you come from. That you can be yourself, pursue your dream your way, and still reach the highest peaks. That’s why they’re important, whether they last or not.

At the very least it’s going to give us more dope music. Their latest collab “Motorsport”, which features the rest of Migos and Nicki Minaj, is oozing with chemistry.

Only time can tell the future. Until then, we’re in for an interesting ride.

Rapsody isn’t just any woman in hip-hop, she could change the game

It’s almost poetic how around Cardi’s B’s assent and eventual claim of the number one song in America, Rapsody has now decided to release her third studio album, Laila’s Widom.

On one hand, you have a record that starts off with the lyrics: “Lil’ bitch!” and on the other, you have a body of work that exemplifies the essence of black womanhood.

Ratchetness and righteousness at its finest.

Who would have thought that in today’s America two woman emcees in hip-hop representing contrasting sounds could coexist? Not only are there female rappers, but there are female rappers to choose from.

What a time.

That’s just the thing: hip-hop offers a platform that has room for such a vast variety of styles.

At the top of the summer — around the time when Yatchy, Lil Uzi, and Kodak were coming up —  we saw stout resistance from hip-hop purists complaining on how these acts were apart of a new ‘mumble rap’ era.

Since then, Ebro and other Timberland wearing hip-hop heads have compromised that there are elements that can be appreciated from the flows and melodies this generation has to offer. But the new generation exemplifies just how much variety this single genre has.

You see, there is no need to come at the new generation. They’re just expressing themselves in the most authentic way they see fit. And it’s not like it keeps “real” hip-hop off the shelves. Rapsody proves that.

Not only does Rapsody provide some of the best songwriting that you will ever come across, but she gives yet another face to hip-hop. One that has softness, poise, and top-tier talent.

Released on the 22nd of this year, Laila’s Wisdom is Rapsody’s first official release since inking a deal with Roc Nation in 2016. Named after her Grandmother, the album tackles touchy topics like love, race, and religion with no hesitation.

For example, one of the records on the album is titled “Power” featuring Kendrick Lamar. In an interview with Power 107.1’s The Breakfast Club she revealed the song’s meaning.

“Power to me is, for one, I think knowing who you are. First you have to know yourself before knowing what to do with your own power. Power comes in different forms and I think that’s what the record is about.”

And just like “Power” every joint on the album has gems to share.

From the moment you press play, you can tell Rapsody was first singed to and worked closely with 9th Wonder and Little Brother. All of the classic soulfulness that came from that special time in the 90s is heard in this album. The samples steal your breath and her wordplay inclines you to rewind — she doesn’t miss a beat once on this project.

But we honestly shouldn’t be surprised.

She may not have the numbers of a Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azalea, or Remy Ma but she makes up for it with the respect she garners and features she nabs.

Rapsody has worked with the who’s who in the business, ranging from Kendrick Lamar, Erykah Badu, Raekwon, Big Daddy Kane, Marsha Ambrosius, Mac Miller, and Big K.R.I.T., for starters.

Rapsody was even named one of ‘the top female artists to know’ by both TIME Magazine and USA Today and was named one of the ‘20 Greatest Female Rappers of All Time‘ by XXL.

Happy A Mood GIF by Rapsody - Find & Share on GIPHY

If that doesn’t give perspective, get this: In 2015, she was the only rap feature on Kendrick Lamar’s critically acclaimed album, To Pimp A Butterfly, going bar for bar with arguably the best in the game on the track “Complexion.” With no sweat, too. As she did again on the record “Power” on her own album.

That’s why I’ve always maintained that it’s really difficult to get upset at the state of hip-hop today. There’s something for everyone. You can’t even argue that her music is hard to find — like say a Noname or Tink — she’s has a major distributor behind her and has nothing but good music to offer.

When you look at Rapsody you don’t see the Barbie curves that Cardi B and Nicki have. You don’t see the platinum blonde wigs, or the caked up make-up. You see a black woman that, for all intents and purposes, could be your next door neighbor. Which is positive for hip-hop.

Rapsody gives hip-hop a new face. A face that says you can be yourself, a woman, and not compromise your art to be in the industry. And that’s why we need her around.

Who knows if her album will make the charts or do crazy numbers, her last two albums did not and her music has a niche following. But I also do not think that matters too much.

Rapsody’s music is a gift for whoever comes across it, and from the tours she goes on to the lives she touches, it’s apparent that her purpose is fulfilled either way.