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XXXTentacion says Migos jumped him at gunpoint, rap beef ensues

XXXTentacion, rap’s most problematic and tiring teen, has taken to social media claiming that he was jumped by Migos yesterday in Los Angeles.

In a series of now-deleted Instagram stories, XXX told his fans that Migos jumped him and left him bruised.

Of course, professional tea-spiller DJ Akademiks has all the receipts, the transcript of the videos reads as follows:

“They jumped me. Nobody gave the respect of a one-on-one… I’m just letting y’all know for now that I’m a man before anything, and I’m gonna take my fucking ass-beating like a man, n****, and I’m gonna carry myself like a man. This shit don’t affect me, and you n****s gonna lose money [for] fucking with me.”

XXX said he was surprised that Migos didn’t shoot him after “all the shit” he’s talked about the group.

“After all the shit I’ve been talking, how the fuck you ain’t shoot me? He was scared to fight me one-on-one. These niggas were scared to fight me! Y’all n****s like 35! I ain’t mad because I got 35-year-olds afraid to fight me… Migos just gave me free clout.”

Definitely some free clout for XXXTentacion if Migos did indeed jump him.

The Florida rapper kept it going on social media in a series of pretty wild and unhinged posts.

He posted video of Migos member Takeoff allegedly running away from the incident.

Claimed that he “spared” Migos at the BET Awards.

Then showed gory footage of a pretty small “stab wound” while professing his love for Migos member Offset’s fiancé Cardi B.

XXX has now wiped his entire Instagram, but his avi is an edited picture of Takeoff on a rocket ship.

While it’s totally unclear what the beef between Migos and XXXTentacion is actually about, this will surely not be the last we hear of the ordeal.

Beef between America’s most beloved hip-hop group and it’s least favorite son seems to only have one winner.

Update: XXXTentacion posted this footage of the fight caught on security camera.