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Cardi B says she almost quit on her rap career this time last year

Cardi got pretty emotional in a recent Instagram live video, where she opened up about the hardships she faced during the beginning of her come up, as well as her undeniable hate for dark chocolate (sorry Cardi, can’t agree), the perils of milk and cheese, and how almond milk has never been true milk and will never be (something we can agree on.)

In the beginning of the video, the star talks about her days fresh off Love & Hip-Hop, where she got a verse on a song.

“I did a verse to somebody’s song and other artists were on the song as well. I was so excited because I felt like my verse was so poppin’. And then, the artist told me that I couldn’t be on the song anymore because one of the artists that was on the song felt like I was too small and they were too big for me to be on the same song with them.”

Without naming the artists involved, Cardi mentioned that she was pretty heartbroken about the whole ordeal.

“That shit broke my heart so bad. It broke my heart to pieces and I hated it because it was around Christmas time and I felt so bad because nothing coulda really cheered me up and ‘I was like I don’t wanna do this shit anymore.'”

Luckily, with the support of those around her, she persevered by continuing to grind and push towards the lifestyle she wanted. Cardi once again reminds us that by focusing on what you want and working hard, there’s no way you will fail.

As far as new music, she promises that there are singles coming out soon, and assures us that neither she nor Atlantic have held music out this long for no reason.

“Be patient. A bitch is gonna put something out. You think I’m gonna hold shit, or Atlantic is gonna hold shit? No. We wanna make money as fast as we can.”

New Cardi B single drops in two days, and I’m sure it’s going to be fire.

I bet whoever snubbed you is regretting it now. Check out the full video for a good time: