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Cardi B and Offset ain’t ya role models so stop suckin’ them

Cardi B and Offset have made serious headlines lately, with all the drama going on between both of their personal lives and relationship.

But before all that, they were seen as the new hip-hop power couple — the creme de’la creme pairing that this generation of artists was missing. But if you follow these two, you know that their modern-day hood fairytale has some pretty big plot holes in it.

It started off with a leaking of Cardi’s naked photos and videos in an attempt to extort the Bronx star.

Then, her fiance’s iCloud account was hacked, revealing a video of some thicc-ass chick who definitely wasn’t Cardi walking around what appeared to be a hotel room naked.

Cheating rumors swirled that the woman Offset was hitting on the side was IG model Faith Nketsi.

Then Cardi responded to all that by posting a video of herself getting dry humped and headlines hit the internet that she was fucking her man on camera.

She later admitted that it was a joke. Right.

If you were on Instagram during this entire thing, you must’ve seen the reaction all of this had on both Cardi’s and Offset’s accounts.

Offset was being trolled with hate from Cardi fans for cheating, while Cardi was shamed with disgust for “having sex on camera.”

Y’all. Need I remind you that Cardi B is not living for you, or your kids?

Fuck off! First of all, she used to be a stripper, so leaking her naked pictures is kind of a futile move, don’t you think?

Secondly, neither Cardi nor Offset are here to be your role models. They are two of the hottest faces in hip-hop history today. Did you think they were going to be rapping about staying in school and eating your vegetables? Think again.

Cardi hopped on Twitter to talk about her feelings regarding everything going on. Despite the bullshit, she plans on remaining positive.

“I’m just going to make things positive out of a bad situation. If anybody watch the live from last night they can see from beginning to end that I was talking then this guy came behind me and started fake dry humping me. Jesus Christ we both had pants on!”

The drama continues, with rumors of Offset getting other women pregnant surfacing:

I believe in Cardi, though. She knows what she’s doing. If it feels like shit is getting too heavy, just remember, you can always wipe your eyes with some shmoney to make it all better. But seriously, I really hope you two work this out.

In more positive news, her new single “Bartier Cardi” reached #2 on the iTunes chart.

TOP CHART ON ITUNES .Thanks everyone 😘😘😘I love you guys

A post shared by Cardi B Official IG (@iamcardib) on

Only time will tell how far these two will go. We all have faith in our “Bodak Yellow” star, though, we know she’ll handle any situation, no matter what’s in her way.

Cardi, you’re doing great.