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Winter is here and sh*t is real: ‘Game of Thrones’ season 7 episode 7 recap

Last night’s season finale of Game of Thrones titled “The Dragon and the Wolf” left viewers with their jaws on the floor.

It could be considered one of the best season finales yet, especially since it had so much content in a short period of time (even though the run time was about 80 minutes).

These were the most memorable moments we witnessed from the episode.

A Little Present

As promised by Jaime, Daenerys’ gang was given safe passage through King’s Landing and were to meet with one another in a section of the kingdom called Dragonpit.

Reunion after reunion followed, some of which were more unpleasant than the rest. Tyrion was reunited with Bronn and Podrick, while both Clegane brothers stood toe to toe.

However, these reunions were meant only to show how time has passed by since we last saw these characters together.

The real reason why they were gathered was for a truce to be settled between the two rivals in order for them to face their greatest enemy, the Army of the Dead.

As Jon and Tyrion did their best to convince Cersei about the real enemy, it was the Wight that finally did the trick.

When it was released, it made its way to Cersei, almost attacking her but it was stopped by the Hound. Jon was able to show them exactly how it could be killed and it was enough to make Cersei agree to a standstill.

However, there were certain things that she asked for before agreeing to the truce; one of which was that Jon was to return to the North and play no part in the war.

Seeing as how stubborn and loyal Jon is, Cersei quickly left and decided against the truce. It wasn’t until Tyrion stepped up to talk with his sister in order to get her to agree, which she ultimately does.

She even let her pregnancy slip to Tyrion. Unfortunately, it appears as Cersei is lying and has no intentions to aid the North in the war against the Dead.

Cersei confesses to Jaime that this was the best way to get rid of an enemy, whichever enemy that may be. She even noticed that one dragon was missing.

Jaime, true to his word, is in shock that Cersei will not help and decides to leave all together. Does this mean that Jaime will help Daenerys’ group and more importantly, fulfill the prophecy?

RIP Littlefinger

It was about f*cking time! And yet, I can’t believe it happened. Petyr Baelish, aka Littlefinger, was finally executed for all the treachery and treason that he committed.

However, at one point, it seemed as though he was a step closer to achieving what he planned, which was to eliminate a Stark from Winterfell, namely Arya.

As he spoke to Sansa about possible reasons why Arya was back in Winterfell and how much of a threat she posed, it looked as though his plans were going exactly as he hoped.

When Arya was escorted to a hall, which was filled with soldiers, it looked as though she was ready to face her doom. However, the twist came when Sansa directed her accusations at Littlefinger.

His entire past was poured out. From the time that he killed their aunt, Lysa, to the time that he conspired to kill Jon Arryn, and his involvement with Cersei and Joffrey, everything was out on the table.

It was all thanks to Bran, who we can guess, saw what happened the day that Ned was betrayed and Littlefinger, holding a knife to his throat, muttered the words, “I did warn you not to trust me.”

The knife that was used to try and kill Bran was also his knife, even though he accused Tyrion at the time. Littlefinger, trying his best to convince Sansa that he was innocent, was brought down to his knees and begged for forgiveness.

However, the deed was done by none other than Arya as she slit his throat. And that’s the story of Lord Petyr Baelish, aka Littlefinger. Peace homie.

Two Targaryens in Bed

Sam is back! The last time we saw him was when he was leaving the Citadel with little Sam and Gilly. It seems as though he has returned for good this time at Winterfell, where he believes he will be more useful to Jon.

When he speaks with Bran, they talk about Jon’s birth and his real parents. However, Bran has him mistaken for a Sand, which is what all bastards that are born in Dorne are named. It’s Sam that connects the pieces for him when he recalls transcribing a High Septon’s diary.

In it, the Septon annulled Rhaegar’s marriage to Elia and secretly wed Rhaegar and Lyanna. In order to make sure this was true, Bran goes into a vision and witnesses his aunt being married to the Targaryen. He realizes that Robert’s rebellion was “built on a lie.” Jon’s real name is revealed to be Aegon Targaryen.

While Bran narrates the story, Jon decides to pay Daenerys a visit in her cabin. No words are spoken but we know what happens (wink, wink).

It is confirmed that Jon is the heir to the throne. Kind of weird that he’s doing it with his aunt but I guess what happens in the family, stays in the family?

The Night Dragon?

As Beric, Tormund and his men guard Eastwatch, he notices a figure come out of the woods.

It’s one of the White Walkers on a horse. Soon, more figures are revealed and the men blow their horn to warn each other about the threat that’s coming for them.

However, it is too late when we notice what used to be Viserion being controlled by the Night King. The dragon wastes no time and burns the Wall down until a passage is made for the army.

Defenseless, Tormund decides to fall back but the damage is done. Now, the Army of the Dead is in the North and it’s only a matter of time before they make their way to Winterfell and possibly, King’s Landing.

Here’s to hoping this season comes back asap cause this cliff hanger was more than we could handle.

Worst of all, there will only be six episodes in the last season.

Winter is here and sh*t is real: ‘Game of Thrones’ season 7 episode 6 recap

Death is not uncommon in this show. At this point, we’re expected to lose a character here and there without warning.

To this day, I’m often reminded of what Jaqen H’ghar told Arya Stark back in season 6. “Does death only come for the wicked, and leave the decent behind?”

Well, Game of Thrones, you did it again.

You found a way to break our hearts and not give two f*cks.

Episode 6 titled “Beyond the Wall” aired last night and if you haven’t watched it, it’s best you don’t. ‘Cause it’s a tearjerker.

When Will Tyrion Stop Taking L’s

Things between Tyrion and Daenerys are shaky. Though Tyrion has good intentions, his actions haven’t proved to be what was expected of him as Hand of the Queen.

Daenerys accuses Tyrion of pondering on her death too much, which is understandable since she has been tempting death on several occasions, most recently at the Reach.

However, Tyrion hasn’t had too many victories by playing it safe, which Dany quickly reminds him with Dorne and Casterly Rock.

When a raven is sent to Dragonstone from Eastwatch that implores for her help, Dany does not wait for Tyrion’s counsel. She is very impulsive, which could be either good or bad. Time will only tell.

Sisterly Love

Speaking about complicated relations, it seems as though Sansa and Arya are at the point that they are making threats at each other. In last week’s episode, Arya discovered a scroll that Littlefinger cleverly planted that contained some crucial information.

The content of the letter was revealed to be the same one that Sansa wrote in season 1 when she pleaded for her late brother, Robb Stark, to come to King’s Landing and pledge his allegiance to the king, who at the time was Joffrey.

Arya shows her anger towards Sansa for having betrayed the family. However, Sansa questions Arya on her whereabouts when she saw their father, Ned Stark, being executed. It seems as though everything is going according to Littlefinger’s plans.

When asked about how Arya found the scroll, Littlefinger simply says he doesn’t know but assures Sansa that if anything happens, Brienne will intercede.

When Sansa goes through Arya’s belongings, she finds the faces that Arya has been using. She confronts Arya about them but Arya refuses to answer; instead, she tells her that by using these faces, she can look into their minds.

As she makes her way to Sansa, she picks up the dagger and wonders out loud what kind of thoughts race through Sansa’s mind and what it would feel like if she wore her face. The big question is where is Bran?

And Then There Were Five

Last week’s episode ended on a cliffhanger, with Jon Snow and his men beginning their journey past the Wall.

Their task was probably one of their most difficult yet: find a soldier from the Army of the Dead, capture it, and bring it to King’s Landing. They knew the same thing we knew: someone was not going to return.

The beginning of the episode showed each member of the pack have their own moment with each other, whether it was heartfelt or just plain hilarious.

Jon spoke with Jorah Mormont about their deceased fathers, Gendry scolded the Brotherhood Without Banners for betraying him, and the most hilarious conversation took place between the Hound and Tormund about intimate relations and Brienne of f*cking Tarth.

In a way, it was GoT’s way of teasing us by thinking everyone was going to make it out alive.

Having been used to intense snowstorms, Tormund was the first to notice what seemed to be a bear not too far away. However, as the bear got closer, they realized it was one of the monsters created by the White Walkers.

Fighting it proved to be difficult, especially since it was basically a zombie. It took out a few men before it focused on the Hound.

However, it was Thoros that interceded and was bitten by the beast. The other members were able to kill the bear but the damage was done. Cauterizing the wound was the only way of saving Thoros.

Along the way, they were able to find a group of soldiers being led by a White Walker. Jon was able to defeat it but it was too late. As they took their prisoner, an avalanche of soldiers could be seen from a distance making their way to the group.

Jon knew that they were going to need all the help they could get so he ordered Gendry to run back to the Wall and send a raven to Daenerys. Like Forrest Gump, Gendry did as he was told and made it to the Wall and delivered the message.

Jon and the others made their way to an elevated platform where they were able to stay safe since most of what surrounded them was thin ice that broke as soon as the soldiers attempted to chase after them.

The next morning, the group woke up to find that Thoros, our favorite man with the topknot, passed away in his sleep. They burned his body and began to contemplate on what their next move should be.

While taunting the army by throwing rocks at them, the Hound allowed one to slip, revealing that the floor was frozen solid. A great battle between the living and the dead began and a few casualties occurred.

As Jon took a look at the remaining men that consisted of Jorah, Beric, the Hound, and Tormund, he thought all hope was lost.

However, it was Daenerys who came to the rescue, along with her three dragons. As it turned out, their fire was enough to defeat a portion of the army.

RIP Viserion… or nah?

Yeah, we didn’t see it coming either. As they were ready to escape, the Night King was able to take a shot at Viserion with an ice spear.

The impact was so great that the dragon fell into the ice and its body drowned into the cold water. Noticing that the Night King was ready to attack another dragon, Jon yelled at Daenerys to leave before getting dragged into the water.

Leaving him for dead, Daenerys and the others were able to escape safely. Though he was able to make it back to the surface, Jon looked as though he was marked for death since the dead noticed his body.

As Jon bravely stood in one spot, he noticed a man on a horse fighting off the soldiers. It turned out to be his uncle, Benjen. However, their reunion was cut short when Benjen mounted Jon on the horse and had him escape by himself.

Jon watched as the dead killed his uncle.

After finally witnessing the Army of the Dead, Daenerys agrees to help Jon. In return, Jon finally swears his allegiance to Dany.

However, what they don’t know is that the lifeless body of Viserion will now be used by the Night King as his soldiers were able to pull the dragon back to the surface. He was able to resurrect the dragon and now, the game has changed.

Only one episode left and I can’t say I’m ready. Jesus, take the wheel.

Winter is here and sh*t is real: ‘Game of Thrones’ season 7 episode 5 recap

At this point, there’s really no turning back.

Game of Thrones really likes fucking with our emotions and to be honest, I think we love that rush that we get after finishing an episode, whether it ends on a good note or bad.

With that being said, episode 5 titled “Eastwatch” can be described as the calm before the storm.

And I don’t think we’re ready for what the last two episodes have in store for us. The sad truth about all of this is that we’re definitely going to see a lot of people die. That’s a given.

Daenerys ain’t taking shit

Last week’s episode had us on our deathbeds. After watching the destruction that Drogon and the Dothraki caused to the Lannister army, last night’s episode showed the aftermath of that battle.

And it seems like Tyrion isn’t too fond about Daenerys’ actions. However, Dany is only acting as the queen that she is meant to be.

She even showed mercy to the defeated soldiers as long as they bent the knee. However, what really shocked us was when she ordered her dragon to roast both Randyll and Dickon (lol) Tarly alive.

The problem was not only how cruel their deaths were; they are the father and brother of Samwell Tarly, who just left his training to become a maester in order to return home (presumably).

Even Archmaester Ebrose didn’t have the stomach to tell Sam that both his father and brother were executed. One can only imagine what his reaction will be and if it will affect his relationship with Jon, who has become close to Dany.

A Shitload of Reunions

From Jorah reuniting with Dany, Davos reuniting with Gendry, Gendry meeting Jon, and Jon reuniting with Tormund, this episode really hit us in the feels.

As Daenerys commanded, Jorah found a cure for greyscale and is now back to serve his queen. However, their reunion was short lived as he chose to help by going with Jon to Eastwatch.

Jorah even got to speak to Tyrion for a little while, recalling the time when they were bought as slaves.

While smuggling Tyrion into King’s Landing, Davos makes a quick appearance at Flea Bottom and reunites with Gendry, who we last saw in Season 3.

Davos comes to warn Gendry about staying in Flea Bottom, but to his surprise, Gendry decides to go with him without a single question and join the fight in the North.

As touching as all the other reunions went, Tyrion and Jaime’s didn’t go so well. Thinking he was going to train with Bronn in the dungeons, Jaime was not expecting to find Tyrion waiting for him.

The only reason Tyrion is there in the first place is to try to convince Jaime into talking with Cersei about possibly meeting with Dany in order to fight the common enemy: the Army of the Dead. Tyrion proposes possible armistice.

The only thing Tyrion needs is to bring proof of this army.

The Worst Plan Ever

After receiving a raven from Bran concerning the Army of the Dead, Jon decides that it is time go home.

In order to convince everyone that the Army of the Dead and the White Walkers are real, Tyrion comes up with the idea of bringing one of the dead to Cersei in order to gain her help.

Since no one believes those who have seen the army, Jon decides to be the one in charge in going past the Wall and complete the task.

This is problematic, not only because of the dangers they will face but also because he is the King in the North. Jorah also decides to help kidnap one of these soldiers.

As king, Jon’s place is supposed to be in Winterfell, not with the Night’s Watch, especially as he is no longer part of them.

This gets worse when the lords of the North rally together and speak up about the idea of having Sansa as their leader instead of putting their trust in Jon.

The only one that has a problem with this is Arya, who understands that they should be backing up Jon, not plotting against him.

She even senses that Sansa is secretly open to the idea of taking Jon’s place. What will raise the tension between them is Littlefinger and his scheming.

Though the details of the scroll that Petyr received were not revealed, it seems as though his plan is to deceive Arya into thinking that Sansa is her enemy. Like I said before, Littlefinger needs to die asap!

When they finally make their way to Eastwatch, Jon meets with Tormund and discusses his plans. Even Tormund, a Wildling, knows that his plan is suicidal but he gives in eventually. Tormund reveals to Jon about another group that were trespassing.

They go to the cells and meet with the Brotherhood Without Banners. Their plan is similar to Jon’s and they all agree to go past the gate and retrieve a soldier of the army as mentioned.

A New Lannister?

As if reunions weren’t enough, it seems as though Cersei may be adding a new addition to the family.

After Jaime tells her about his encounter with Tyrion, Cersei is not opposed to meeting with Dany as she wants to take the opportunity to measure up her enemy and find any weakness. Cersei’s relationship with Jaime has been a little off, especially since she allowed Jaime to encounter Tyrion.

She’s also worried about Jaime’s servitude and his doubts on winning the war. However, she breaks the news to Jaime that she is pregnant and that any enemy that they may have now, whether living or dead, needs to be taken care of for the sake of her family and her future kid.

There are only TWO more episodes left in the series and they are said to be past the usual hour run time. As the momentum keeps building episode by episode, I’m not sure who will come out alive by the end of the show.

Like I said, it’s too late to turn back now.

Winter is here and sh*t is real: ‘Game of Thrones’ season 7 episode 4 recap

Four down, three to go. Last night’s episode of Game of Thrones titled “The Spoils of War” aired and we have to admit, the title itself is nothing but ironic.

I think it’s safe to say that a lot of us weren’t keen on waiting till Sunday and decided to watch it early, thanks to hackers and of course, the internet.

The episode was leaked online. Those that viewed it recognized that there was a red star on the corner of the screen, which meant that it was the Indian television version of the show that was leaked.

Star India, a media and entertainment company owned by 21st Century Fox, reported on Friday that it was the source of the leaked episode.

Investigations are still ongoing on how the episode actually found its way on to the internet but we’re not here to complain.

Guess who’s back?

After last week’s emotional and downright weird reunion between Sansa and Bran, another member of the Stark family has rejoined the others at Winterfell: Arya Stark, portrayed by Maisie Williams.

After meeting with her siblings, Sansa and Bran, who’s still being emo af, it seems as though Arya feels like she’s finally back home. With a little sparring session with Brienne of Tarth, it’s safe to say that Arya’s training has paid off.

However, one person might not be so lucky. If you recall, Petyr Baelish, aka Littlefinger, may be in trouble with Arya because of an interaction with the late Tywin Lannister way back in the day.

In a private conversation, which Arya paid close attention to as she was Lord Tywin’s cupbearer in disguise, both men talk about Renly Baratheon’s death and the possibility of joining both Lannister and Tyrell families to defeat Stannis Baratheon and Robb Stark.

This piece of information might be the downfall of Littlefinger, which is something a lot of us have been waiting to see from the very start. Even the Valyrian dagger spells doom for Littlefinger.

Another notable reunion was Jon and Theon at Dragonstone. And the awkwardness continues. Tremendously pissed because of Theon’s betrayal, Jon decides not to kill Theon only because he saved Sansa from Winterfell when Ramsay Bolton was in charge.

Theon needs Dany and Jon’s help on getting his sister back from the clutches of Euron.

Jon and Dany?

We’re still waiting on Jon to bend that knee, however, it seems Daenerys and Jon are finally seeing eye to eye on mining dragonglass.

At one point, they even get a little too close. While in the caves, Jon shows her paintings on the walls describing how the first men and the children of the forest once united against a common enemy: the White Walkers.

That doesn’t stop Dany from asking for Jon’s help in defeating Cersei.

When Dany finds out that their victory in Casterly Rock was all a diversion, she goes on a rampage against Tyrion for possibly conspiring to save his brother and costing them a victory that was much needed. “Enough with the clever plans.”

Daenerys turns to Jon for advice. Though she is set on using her dragons to take the kingdom, Jon tells her that it’s best to not follow in the footsteps of those that have destroyed cities.

Pressured by all the things that are going on and equally frustrated, Dany makes up her mind.

Coming in hot

And obviously, the ending of this episode was the best part. After successfully defeating the armies at Highgarden, Jaime and Bronn are finding their way back to King’s Landing, along with the gold for the Iron Bank.

However, their victory is cut short when Daenerys decides to make an appearance and f*ck all their shit up. What would’ve made this scene even better would’ve been commentary by Jim Ross. I think the clear cut winner in this episode was Drogon.

Outta nowhere, the Dothraki seem to have the advantage, especially since they’re proven and ruthless warriors. Basically, the Lannister army is doomed. And then, Drogon just demolishes everything in his path.

“Qyburn’s scorpion” seemed like it was effective in taking down Drogon, but it only injured him. Bronn was tasked to operate the weapon but it wasn’t enough. We’ll have to wait until next week to see if he made it out alive after saving Jaime.

I think we were all muttering the same words Tyrion spoke while witnessing his brother charge at Dany while she was pulling out the spear from Drogon.

“You fucking idiot” was exactly what was going on in our minds when we saw the f*ckery that Jaime was about to do.

Maybe we might even get a second leaked episode. Might as well leak the rest.

Hackers leak new ‘Game of Thrones’ scripts online, will you peep?

It’s bad enough that the characters of Game of Thrones have to deal with White Walkers, the Army of the Dead, and dragons. But now, they’re facing something even worse: hackers, according to Entertainment Weekly.

HBO recently confirmed that the company “experienced a cyber incident, which resulted in the compromise of proprietary information”.

An investigation is underway and HBO is working with “outside cyber security firms” to deal with this issue.

So far, an upcoming episode of Ballers and Room 104 have already appeared online and Game of Thrones was not exempt from this hack. Though no future episodes have been leaked, it seems as though a script for next week’s episode has been released.

On Sunday, an anonymous email sent to reporters stated the following:

“Hi to all mankind. The greatest leak of cyber space era is happening. What’s its name? Oh I forget to tell. Its HBO and Game of Thrones……!!!!!! You are lucky to be the first pioneers to witness and download the leak. Enjoy it & spread the words. Whoever spreads well, we will have an interview with him. HBO is falling.”

Reports of hacks have been in the news as of late. Disney was recently threatened with an early release of Pirates of the Caribbean 5. Netflix was also targeted in April with leaks of the new season of Orange is the New Black.

Though HBO’s hack is not as severe as the massive Sony email hack back in 2014, it does sound alarms. An estimate of 1.5 terabytes were claimed to have been stolen. Sony experienced an estimate of 100 terabytes, making it the biggest Hollywood hack in history.

It is not the first time HBO has experienced hacks. Back in Season 5 of Game of Thrones, the first 4 episodes leaked online before the show’s premiere. In the same year, clips were also leaked that even showed *spoiler* Jon Snow’s (Kit Harrington) death.

This is an ongoing investigation and more developments will be released soon. As they say, “the night is dark and full of terrors.”

Winter is here and sh*t is real: ‘Game of Thrones’ season 7 episode 3 recap

Game of Thrones, you never let us down. This season’s third episode, “The Queen’s Justice” aired last night and all hearts were broken.

The title of the episode was a little ambiguous to start off with. We were not sure which queen it was referring to.

For those who were rooting for Daenerys, you might need to take a seat.

“The Last Targaryen”

Just as we thought, the exchange between Daenerys and Jon was f*cking intense.

In the beginning of the episode, Jon Snow and Ser Davos Seaworth arrive at Dragonstone to speak with The Mother of Dragons. Daenerys was expecting knees to be bent and allegiance to be sworn, but that was not the case.

They are welcomed by Tyrion Lannister and Missandei, fresh out of her romantic encounter with Grey Worm. Tyrion and Jon poke fun at each other and set on their way to meet with Dany.

I think what made this scene even better was Jon’s reaction to seeing the dragons for the first time. As for Jon and Dany, their interaction did not go as smoothly as we thought it would.

From passive aggressive attacks over their ancestor’s history of backstabbing to arguing about which cause to fight for, Jon and Dany were not meeting eye to eye on any subject.

What was even worse was that it seems as though Jon is now Dany’s prisoner for the time being.

His ship was taken and he has no way of going back home. However, Tyrion assures Jon that he is not being held captive; instead, he finds out why Jon is there to begin with. For those that haven’t seen the white walkers, it’s hard to take Jon’s word, but Tyrion trusts in The Bastard of Winterfell and advises Dany to help him.

Dany gives in to Jon’s requests on mining dragonglass and even gives him men to help him do so.

Though Jon does not want to fight in Dany’s war, it doesn’t seem as though he has a choice judging by the teaser for next week’s episode.

The Kiss of Death

Out of all the ways Ellaria Sand could’ve chosen to kill Cersei’s daughter, Myrcella, back in season 5, she chose to use the poison The Long Farewell and sealed Myrcella’s fate with a kiss.

After Euron Greyjoy captured Yara’s fleet, he parades his victory through the streets of King’s Landing. Along with Yara are Ellaria and her daughter, Tyene, chained as prisoners.

We knew what was expected out of Cersei when she finally had her hands on Ellaria. However, we did not expect her to repay the favor by kissing Tyene with lipstick covered in the same poison that killed Myrcella. Talk about poetic justice.

What was even more shocking was Cersei ordering Qyburn, her trusted evil scientist advisor, to make sure that the torches are changed so that Ellaria would not miss the effects of the poison on Tyene. Her death seems imminent at this point.

Though we couldn’t help but feel sorry for Ellaria, at this point, Cersei is at her most ruthless. She will not stop until all her enemies are dead or at least caught up in her wrath.

Cersei took it one step further at the end of the scene when she made love to Jaime, her brother. She is not to be trifled with.

A Successful Siege?

After going through battle strategies, planning the siege, and even Tyrion’s revelation about the sewers and his hidden passage through Casterly Rock, it seemed as though Daenerys’ Unsullied army would easily talk the Lannister family stronghold.

And it so happened to be true, except this victory will only be short-lived. Grey Worm was tasked to take the Unsullied to Casterly Rock and they proved themselves victorious.

However, it seemed as though Cersei was expecting this and was well prepared. With only a few soldiers manning the castle, Grey Worm knew something was wrong. When he looked at the sea, he realized that they were outsmarted.

Euron’s Iron Fleet decimated the Unsullied ships. In the early stages of this battle for the Iron Throne, I think it’s safe to say that Cersei has proven herself a worthy adversary.

Will Grey Worm and the Unsullied make it out alive?

Jorah 2.0

Just as we were losing hope on one of our favorite characters, Samwell Tarly seems to have done the impossible. Jorah Mormont has been cured!

Through all the doubts and discerning remarks that Archmaester Ebrose made to Sam about helping poor Jorah, Sam just said f*ck it and did his best to aid Mormont. After observing the patient, Ebrose states that the infection “no longer appears to be active.”

We can only hope that it means Jorah is good to go, without worrying about dying from greyscale. Now that it’s clear that Jorah is in good condition, he needs to start heading back to Daenerys ASAP! Cause it seems as though she needs all the help she can get.

We only wish that Sam can finally man up and swear at Ebrose for being a dick.

And The Best for Last, Olenna Tyrell

“Tell Cersei. I want her to know it was me.”

And with that line, Olenna Tyrell, played by Diana Rigg, made her grand exit from Game of Thrones. We have to admire this old lady. She not only chugged the drink she knew was laced with a special poison, she went out in style.

The Lannister army made its way to Highgarden, explaining their absence at Casterly Rock. The army took the castle and in the middle of it all was Jaime, making his way to a helpless Olenna.

As they talk about Cersei and what a monster she has become, Olenna cannot help but bring up the past by mentioning Joffrey and the way that he died.

At this point, I’m sure viewers were still holding on to their last hopes of seeing Olenna come out of this alive. However, her fate was sealed when she drank her cup like a boss.

She reveals that Joffrey’s death was her doing. She does not give the satisfaction to Jaime; instead she embraces her death and has her moment.

There are only four more episodes until the season ends which begs the question: why couldn’t it just have been the standard 10? Damn you, Game of Thrones!

Winter is here and sh*t is real: ‘Game of Thrones’ season 7 episode 2 recap

Last night, Game of Thrones’ second episode of season 7 aired on HBO and it was glorious.

From beginning to end, the tension was present throughout the show.

Let’s begin in Dragonstone. And as always, a huge spoiler alert is in order!

Daenerys Will Take No One’s Sh*t

For those unfamiliar with what “Stormborn” means, it is Daenerys’ personal sobriquet that she uses throughout the show.

However, the meaning behind the name is significant. Towards the end of King Robert’s rebellion and the sacking of King’s Landing during the reign of the “Mad King,” King Aerys II Targaryen, Dany’s mother was sent to Dragonstone Island to find refuge.

She died giving birth to Daenerys during a storm so strong it wrecked the remainder of the Targaryen fleet. Ever since then, that is the name that Dany uses: Stormborn.

At Dragonstone, during similar weather like the day that she was born, Daenerys has a meeting with her advisors and supporters.

She is surrounded by the likes of Tyrion, Varys, and Grey Worm, who are advising her that she has the support of more than half of Westeros. Varys points out that Queen Cersei does not control much of the Seven Kingdoms.

They convince her not to use violence, but instead use the support of Westeros to take down Cersei, since most of Westeros despises her.

Later on, along with Yara, Olenna, and Ellaria, Dany takes in their advice but decides to go against everything they propose, which is sacking the city and turning the city into ashes. Instead, she comes up with an alternative plan.

They are to surround the city on all sides, leaving Cersei and her followers to starve.

The Unsullied will take Casterly Rock, which is the “seat” of the Lannister’s power.

Olenna lends her advice to Dany on being ruthless and not letting anyone get the best of her, not even her advisors.

Varys’ loyalty comes into question by Dany since he used to serve her father and then switched his allegiance to Robert. He was also in charge of murdering Dany under Robert’s rule. Tyrion assures her that Varys is a reliable person to trust.

Varys tells her that his loyalty does not lie with any king or queen, but “with the people.”

As assurance, Dany makes him swear that he will not conspire behind her back if he ever thinks she is failing the people but instead confront her. He agrees to do so.

Here’s to hoping that his loyalty will be more useful under Daenerys than the other kings he has served.

Melisandre also comes into the picture. She warns Dany about the Long Night.

She explains to her the prophecy of the “prince who was promised” and how she has a role to play in the fight against the Army of the Dead.

She wants her to seek out Jon Snow, the King in the North, so that they may help each other. Dany agrees to have a raven sent out to him, telling him to come to Dragonstone and “bend the knee.”

Tensions Still Continue in Winterfell

Jon Snow receives the raven from Tyrion and asks for Sansa’s advice. Sansa is not fully convinced that Tyrion can be trusted.

Ser Davos thinks it’s best to meet with Daenerys, especially since she has her dragons. He recalls Jon mentioning that fire can defeat the army of the dead.

Jon also receives the information that Sam sent to him in the last episode concerning dragonglass, which can slay white walkers, in Dragonstone. He mentions both letters at a hearing, with the other lords of the North. He has made up his mind and accepts Dany’s invitation.

He convinces the lords that they do need all the help they can get, even though most of them are opposed to the idea, especially after all the Mad King, Daenerys’ father, had done.

Sansa makes sure to help him remember what the Mad King did to their grandfather, burning him alive with wildfire.

She completely disagrees with Jon, as do the other lords. They do not trust a Targaryen. However, Jon mentions the time he fought the Army of the Dead and how unprepared they are to go against them. He leaves Winterfell in the hands of Sansa.

After questioning every move Jon makes, will Sansa prove herself worthy of being the leader of Winterfell?

Down in the crypt of Winterfell, Petyr Baelish and Jon have a brief conversation about Ned and the love he had for Cat.

However, Jon is not all too convinced that Littlefinger is in the North entirely out of devotion. Littlefinger reminds him about the battle against the Boltons and how he is responsible for the victory.

Jon loses his grip when Littlefinger mentions his new love for Sansa and physically threatens him that if he lays his hands on Sansa, he will kill Littlefinger himself. Jon finally rides with Ser Davos on their way to Dragonstone.

Before the scene ends, we see Littlefinger keeping his eyes on Sansa. What kind of mischief will he scheme this time?

Time for War

“Do you fight with us or with the foreign savages and eunuchs?”

Back in King’s Landing, Cersei is attempting to rally the bannermen of House Tyrell by playing fear against them.

She cautions them about the danger of having a Targaryen on the throne, helped by the “mindless” Unsullied soldiers and Dothraki “heathens.”

She also recalls the crucifixion of noblemen in Slaver’s Bay. One of the lords present, Lord Randyll Tarly, asks how they propose to fight against dragons.

Jaime Lannister has a private conversation with Lord Tarly about joining their cause. He offers Tarly to be the ranking general for the upcoming war and swear his allegiance to the Queen.

However, Tarly does not seem to be keen on betraying the house he serves, the way Jaime did. Jaime insists that when the war is won, the Queen will even name Tarly the new Warden of the South.

In the crypts, Maester Qyburn shows the skulls of the dragons that once terrorized the capital to Cersei. He recalls Dany’s dragon, Drogon, and how he was injured in the fighting pits in Meeran.

He shows Cersei a weapon that has been restored by blacksmiths. It can launch spears at a powerful speed, which will prove useful against dragons. This will not end well.

Sam and Jorah

We finally see Jorah Mormont and how bad the greyscale has gotten. Archmaester Ebrose states that the disease has spread too far throughout his body.

Ebrose gives him an estimate of about 10-20 years before the infection kills him but he will lose his mind in about 6 months, “maybe sooner.”

However, that does not stop Samwell Tarly from trying to help Jorah. He believes that there is a way to save the knight. He tells the archmaester about the late Stannis Baratheon’s daughter, Shireen, who contracted greyscale as a baby but survived. The archmaester is not interested in Sam’s claims.

He gives Jorah one more day before he ships him off to Valyria to live out his life with the Stonemen.

Sam continues his studies along with Archmaester Ebrose. However, he realizes that as much as he tries to convince the archmaester to help Jorah, it is useless.

Sam remembers that there are two recorded cases by Archmaester Pylos that have cured advanced greyscale but Ebrose turns him down.

In the evening, Sam makes his way to Jorah’s room with supplies. He tells him about the time he served Jorah’s father, the late Jeor Mormont, when he was a Sworn Brother of the Night’s Watch.

Sam refuses to watch the last son of Mormont succumb to the disease. He takes out a book titled Archmaester Pylos on Rare Diseases and begins the painful process of removing Jorah’s greyscale. Hopefully, we will see if the procedure worked in the next episode.

Arya and the Direwolves

While stopping at Inn at the Crossroads, Arya reunites with Hot Pie. She makes a remark about the pie that she made once, one that wasn’t as good as Hot Pie’s.

Hot Pie asks if she met with Lady Brienne and what has happened since the last time they saw each other. Arya refuses to speak on the matter but does let out that she is going to King’s Landing.

Arya has not learned that Winterfell has been retaken by Jon until Hot Pie mentions it to her. She quickly leaves her plans to go to King’s Landing and decides to return to her home.

While resting in the woods, she encounters direwolves that surround her. Their leader seems familiar to Arya.

She thinks it is Nymeria, the direwolf she once had. The last time they were together was all the way back in the first season when the former King Robert ordered his men to kill the direwolf that attacked Joffrey.

Though Arya asks for her to accompany her to the north, Nymeria leaves with the other wolves and Arya becomes skeptical that it was indeed Nymria.

Arya needs to get back to Winterfell asap!

The Kraken Strikes

As usual, the last bit of the show is always the most intense and this last scene was no exception.

As the Greyjoys and Ellaria ride to Sunspear as commanded by Daenerys, they are attacked by Euron and his fleet.

Euron’s time in the sea proves to be effective. With burning projectiles aimed at Yara’s ships, they realize that it might be the end. Two of Ellaria’s daughters are killed fighting Euron.

Finally, Euron goes up against Yara but she is defeated. Euron taunts Theon to attack, even though he has Yara.

Theon begins to show how weak he is and seeing the massacre that just unfolded proves to be too much for him. He has yet to become whole and decides to retreat. Ellaria and her remaining daughter are also captured.

It’s interesting to see how this will affect Daenerys’ plan to defeat Cersei. Her plan was to have foreigners from Sunspear invade King’s Landing.

However, that will obviously not be the case.

The next episode of Game of Thrones will show the aftermath of the fight.

We also get a glimpse into what will be the most memorable scene, Daenerys and Jon Snow meeting for the first time. Let’s pray that they’re on the same page.

Winter is here and sh*t is real: ‘Game of Thrones’ season 7 episode 1 recap

It’s back and we still can’t believe it. After a year absence since last season’s finale of HBO’s hit TV show Game of Thrones aired, fans have been desperately waiting for its return.

But now, the wait is over. GoT is back with episode one of season 7, titled “Dragonstone.”

This season we will be treated to seven episodes, which means that the next seven Sundays, social media will be bombarded with nothing but GoT related posts.

But enough about these details. Let’s go over what happened last night. Obviously spoilers are ahead.

A Cold Open Indeed

We begin the episode in the Riverlands. Even though Walder Frey (David Bradley) died in the season 6 finale, he still happens to be alive, which threw a lot of viewers off.

Frey has gathered his entire family in the dining hall. As they are toasting to their victories, he starts to scold them because they forgot to kill a certain Stark member. Everyone at the tables begins to choke on their wine and collapses.

Then, the twist that no one saw coming. Walder Frey removes his face and we find out that it was Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) posing as Walder.

Game Of Thrones Mask GIF by NRK P3 - Find & Share on GIPHY

She tells one of the surviving members to let people know that “the North remembers” and that “winter came for House Frey.”

This scene was certainly chill-inducing.

Ed Sheeran

Later on in the episode, we are treated to a guest cameo by none other than Ed Sheeran.

Maisie Williams is a big fan of Sheeran so it only made sense that he would appear on the show.

He portrays one of the soldiers that is sent to the Twins where Walder used to rule on behalf of the Queen to keep the peace.

Game Of Thrones Singing GIF by NRK P3 - Find & Share on GIPHY

Arya talks to the soldiers and listens to how each one got to where they are. We almost get a sign of sympathy from Arya but when asked why she’s going to King’s Landing, she replies “I’m going to kill the Queen.”

There is an awkward pause but both the soldiers and Arya play it off as a joke.

The Starks in the North

In the beginning, we get a glimpse of the army of the dead. They even have the wildling’s giants.

Bran Stark (Isaac Hempstead Wright) sees the Whites in one of his visions. He, along with Meera Reed (Ellie Kendrick) have finally reached the Wall. We wonder how much longer it will take before Bran is reunited with his siblings.

Jon Snow Hbo GIF by Game of Thrones - Find & Share on GIPHY

Back in Winterfell, Jon Snow (Kit Harington), along with Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) and most members of the North, are planning on how to defend themselves from the White Walkers and the army of the dead.

Jon thinks that the Wall is the main priority at the moment and that the other castles that are close to it should be properly armed and ready. He tells everyone that Dragonglass is the best weapon to use against the White Walkers and is willing to let children from the age of ten aid in the process of making more weapons.

However, there is a sense of tension between Sansa and Jon. They have different views on loyalty. Two houses that used to pledge loyalty to the Starks switched over to House Bolton and Jon is deciding who should keep their castles.

He believes that it is not the fault of the descendants for their parents’ decisions and tries to reason with Sansa. However, Sansa believes that the members that helped the Starks gain back their home should be rewarded these fortresses.

Jon decides to go along with his plan. He’s afraid that by questioning his decisions, Sansa is undermining his status as King in the North. Could this spell trouble for the Starks?

Another moment of tension occurs when a raven is sent from King’s Landing to Winterfell. Queen Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey) is asking for Jon to come to King’s Landing and declare his allegiance to the Queen or suffer the consequences.

Sansa believes that he should take this threat seriously, seeing how she’s witnessed all of the cruel things Cersei has done to others, as well as Sansa herself. Sansa states that she has “learned a great deal from her.”

However, Jon believes that his battle is in the North against the Night King. We also get a moment with Petyr Baelish (Aidan Gillen), aka Littlefinger, asking Sansa if she is happy and safe.

However, the interaction is cut short when Brienne (Gwendoline Christie) comes by. Littlefinger is a character that a lot of fans have come to hate because of his hidden intentions.

Queen Cersei

In King’s Landing, Cersei speaks to Jamie (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) about their brother, Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) and his new position as Hand of the Queen to Daenerys (Emilia Clarke).

She is still furious at Jamie for releasing Tyrion when he was being accused of killing King Joffrey in season 4. There’s a lot of tension between Cersei and Jamie.

Their argument is almost the same as the Starks’: they don’t know if their attention should be focused on their enemies or the cruel Winter that is coming.

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They are worried about their legacy and how they are the last of the Lannisters, especially after the suicide of their son, Tommen, which was never spoken about. Jamie was not there at the time that it happened so he wants to know the details.

Euron Greyjoy makes his way to King’s Landing after being invited by the Queen. He proposes that they join forces, especially since he commands a great fleet of ships. He mentions his nephews and where their loyalties lie.

He wants to fight for Queen Cersei and even proposes marriage in order to solidify their alliance. However, the Queen refuses. Euron promises to get what Cersei wants and leaves with his army.

We are left to wonder if he will get his revenge on his nephews.

Maester in Progress

We finally get an in-depth look at the Citadel, which is where Samwell Tarly (John Bradley-West) is learning all he can in order to aid Jon Snow in his quest to defeat the White Walkers.

However, it is not exactly the way that Sam thought it would be. He basically does all the chores and house duties. He also keeps the library organized. But he’s particularly interested in the barred restricted area of the library.

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When Sam brings up the proposal for him to read books from the restricted area to Archmaester Marwyn (Jim Broadbent), the Archmaester declines and gives him a brief history on the times that there has always been danger but nothing catastrophic has happened.

However, times are different and it seems like this time things will not end the same way.

Samwell goes against the Archmaester’s orders and decides to take books from the restricted area. With him is Gilly (Hannah Murray) and they try to discover the secrets behind Dragonglass.

There is a map that shows Dragonstone. It is the place where Aegon Targaryen resided after his conquest of the Seven Kingdoms. Samwell writes to Jon, letting him know about the Dragonglass at Dragonstone. This might be the reason why Jon will eventually meet Daenerys.

We get a brief moment between Samwell and Jorah Mormont (Iain Glen). However, it’s not looking good for Jorah. It seems as though he has decided to stay away from the outside world. Greyscale seems to have taken most of his arm. He also asks if Daenerys has made her way, to which Sam replies no. We can only hope that he finds a cure soon.

The Brotherhood

The Brotherhood without Banners, along with Sandor Clegane (Rory McCann), aka The Hound, stop to rest at an empty hut.

They soon realize that the corpses of the original owners are still in the house. The Hound realizes that it is the bodies of two people he has met, and murdered, before.

Game Of Thrones Drinking GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

While questioning two of the Brotherhood members about the so-called Lord of Light, he is told to look at the flames of a fire. He does so and what he sees shocks him. The Hound sees the army of the dead making its way past the Wall.

At night, he tries to make amends to the deceased family by burying their bodies. It is one of the few times we see The Hound feeling something other than rage and fury.

5 Minutes of Silence

Finally, the last scene shows Daenerys and her legion of followers finally land on Dragonstone.

When she makes it to the shore of her homeland, she touches the soil, as if she is still in disbelief. What’s remarkable about this scene is that no one speaks a word for the last five minutes of the show. Daenerys passes the gates and walks into the hall.

Season 7 Hbo GIF by Game of Thrones - Find & Share on GIPHY

Before her arrival, it was the now-deceased Stannis Baratheon that occupied the island and castle. She sees his banners still hanging and decides to tear them down.

She takes a hard look at the throne. Finally, she makes her way to the room that Stannis used when planning out his attacks.

Along with her is Tyrion Lannister, who also says nothing. After taking everything in, she looks at the table and asks “Shall we begin?”

And then, the credits roll in. We hope to find out what strategy she has up her sleeve and also when her dragons are going to tear sh*t up.

The next episode will air July 23rd. Until then, let me replay this episode again and again.

Game of Thrones is almost back, what can we gather from the trailers?

Winter is finally here!

After much anticipation, HBO’s fantasy drama television series ‘Game of Thrones’ finally comes back July 16 after production delays.

Those that tune in know that ‘Thrones’ seasons typically roll out during the month of April.

However, this season will take place during winter in Westeros and producers thought it be best to postpone shooting in order to use the cold and frigid weather to better capture the scenery.

So, one can expect to see nothing but cloudy skies and snow (get it?). This season also differs from past seasons in number of episodes.

Season 7 will only have seven episodes instead of its usual ten but apparently the episodes will run longer.

In the season six finale, a lot of shit went down. The closing scene shows us Queen Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke), her new appointed Hand, Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage), and her legion of followers, along with her military, riding on ships en route to Westeros.

The scene ends with Daenerys’ dragons (yes, there are dragons in this show if you’ve been living under a rock) flying over them.

So far, fans have been treated to only two trailers for the new season but within these trailers, a lot of content has been spoiled. Here is what I consider the top five things that stood out from these teasers. Again, SPOILER ALERT.

Where’s Daenerys?

From what we have seen in the first trailer, Queen Daenerys makes it safely to Dragonstone, her birthplace, which plays a huge significance due to the fact that she hasn’t touched Westeros soil since she was born.

It’s also very close to King’s Landing, which is where Queen Cercei (Lena Headey) resides. We also get a glimpse of Daenerys’ army, the Unsullied, sacking land owned by the Lannisters.

A lot of theorists believe that this land may be Casterly Rock, which means that the Lannisters’ home city has been left undefended or has a small army guarding it. The reason why all of this is so important is because this is what the majority of the season, let alone the entire show, has been leading up to.

Daenerys has pledged to conquer any enemy that stands in her way of the Iron Throne and ruling Westeros. It’s what she was born to do. In her words, she is meant “to rule the seven kingdoms.” This is the first step.

Jon Snow vs. The White Walkers?

In the second trailer, we see Jon Snow (Kit Harington) and a few other men, including Tormund (Kristofer Hivju), in a dangerous predicament.

They seem to be north of the Wall, which means that they are in White Walker territory. Just as a quick summary, White Walkers are humanoid ice creatures that possess otherworldly abilities.

They are known as the Others and they have an army made up of zombies. These zombies are meant to withstand frigid temperatures and pose a threat to all those that are living behind the wall.

There are four main Walkers but one is considered to be the ‘Night King.’ If a human dies, the Night King is able to resurrect the body and use it as one of his soldiers. In the same scene, Lord Beric Dondarrion (Richard Dormer) is seen carrying a flaming sword (which is badass tbh). However, what does this mean?

There is a lot of fighting going on between men but the greatest threat that everyone has to worry about is the White Walkers, especially since they are making their way towards Westeros, and are also increasing soldiers for their army.

The reason why Jon Snow and company are in this situation cannot be easily explained but if one were to make an educated guess, it seems as though they are trying to use Lord Beric, who is the leader of the Brotherhood Without Banners, as a secret weapon. Why? Because he is thought to be the chosen one that will aid in destroying “the Others.”

I haven’t read the books myself but there is a term that is thrown a lot when it comes to this character. For those die hard fans that know their sh*t, he is thought to be the Azor Ahai.

One reason behind this theory is because Azor Ahai possesses a flaming sword, similar to the one Beric is holding. It is believed that he will attempt to defeat the army of the dead.

Daenerys and Cersei battling

In the second trailer, we get a glimpse into what seems to be the great battle that we have been waiting for: Queen Daenerys’ Unsullied vs Queen Cersei’s army. What makes this scene great is that the Unsullied seem to have the upper advantage all due to one crucial factor: dragons.

This scene also shows Jaime Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) riding through the carnage. We have seen Jaime go through a lot of character development through the show, especially after his journey with Brienne of Tarth (Gwendoline Christie).

However, as a Lannister, he fights for his house, even though at times, we’ve sympathized with his character. I know I have.

Also, he loves Cersei and will do anything for her, especially since she is now Queen. Then again, they are siblings. So there’s that.

What about Tyrion?

The next thing that should be taken into consideration isn’t actually in the trailers. We only get glimpses of Tyrion Lannister, portrayed by Peter Dinklage, but we don’t get much screen time of him. We know that he is the right hand of Queen Daenerys but the trailers don’t show enough to figure out what exactly he will do.

However, his absence in the trailers only builds more suspense and speculation. I imagine there will be at least one or two more trailers days before the season premiere that will give us a more in depth look into Tyrion and what he will bring to the table.

There have been leaked set photos popping up online where Tyrion and Jon meet with one another. One assumption is that Jon is meeting with Tyrion to ask for help in fighting the White Walkers. Soon, Jon and Daenerys will finally meet one another, which is going to be completely insane.

Will House Stark survive?

The last thing I find interesting is at the end of the second trailer. Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) gives a line that doesn’t seem to give the viewers much hope about the future of one of the Stark members.

She says, “When the snows fall, and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives.” As soon as the line ends, we get a shot of Jon Snow as he is looking at the horizon, which is surrounded by the army of the dead. We also see that a single horse is running away with someone on top of it.

It looks as though that scene occurs during the fight against the zombies. However, the body seems to be lifeless.

We’re left to wonder if that body might be Jon Snow’s.

Can’t wait for season 7 to begin so we can stop trying to decipher trailers and actually watch what goes down.