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Winter is here and sh*t is real: ‘Game of Thrones’ season 7 episode 5 recap

At this point, there’s really no turning back.

Game of Thrones really likes fucking with our emotions and to be honest, I think we love that rush that we get after finishing an episode, whether it ends on a good note or bad.

With that being said, episode 5 titled “Eastwatch” can be described as the calm before the storm.

And I don’t think we’re ready for what the last two episodes have in store for us. The sad truth about all of this is that we’re definitely going to see a lot of people die. That’s a given.

Daenerys ain’t taking shit

Last week’s episode had us on our deathbeds. After watching the destruction that Drogon and the Dothraki caused to the Lannister army, last night’s episode showed the aftermath of that battle.

And it seems like Tyrion isn’t too fond about Daenerys’ actions. However, Dany is only acting as the queen that she is meant to be.

She even showed mercy to the defeated soldiers as long as they bent the knee. However, what really shocked us was when she ordered her dragon to roast both Randyll and Dickon (lol) Tarly alive.

The problem was not only how cruel their deaths were; they are the father and brother of Samwell Tarly, who just left his training to become a maester in order to return home (presumably).

Even Archmaester Ebrose didn’t have the stomach to tell Sam that both his father and brother were executed. One can only imagine what his reaction will be and if it will affect his relationship with Jon, who has become close to Dany.

A Shitload of Reunions

From Jorah reuniting with Dany, Davos reuniting with Gendry, Gendry meeting Jon, and Jon reuniting with Tormund, this episode really hit us in the feels.

As Daenerys commanded, Jorah found a cure for greyscale and is now back to serve his queen. However, their reunion was short lived as he chose to help by going with Jon to Eastwatch.

Jorah even got to speak to Tyrion for a little while, recalling the time when they were bought as slaves.

While smuggling Tyrion into King’s Landing, Davos makes a quick appearance at Flea Bottom and reunites with Gendry, who we last saw in Season 3.

Davos comes to warn Gendry about staying in Flea Bottom, but to his surprise, Gendry decides to go with him without a single question and join the fight in the North.

As touching as all the other reunions went, Tyrion and Jaime’s didn’t go so well. Thinking he was going to train with Bronn in the dungeons, Jaime was not expecting to find Tyrion waiting for him.

The only reason Tyrion is there in the first place is to try to convince Jaime into talking with Cersei about possibly meeting with Dany in order to fight the common enemy: the Army of the Dead. Tyrion proposes possible armistice.

The only thing Tyrion needs is to bring proof of this army.

The Worst Plan Ever

After receiving a raven from Bran concerning the Army of the Dead, Jon decides that it is time go home.

In order to convince everyone that the Army of the Dead and the White Walkers are real, Tyrion comes up with the idea of bringing one of the dead to Cersei in order to gain her help.

Since no one believes those who have seen the army, Jon decides to be the one in charge in going past the Wall and complete the task.

This is problematic, not only because of the dangers they will face but also because he is the King in the North. Jorah also decides to help kidnap one of these soldiers.

As king, Jon’s place is supposed to be in Winterfell, not with the Night’s Watch, especially as he is no longer part of them.

This gets worse when the lords of the North rally together and speak up about the idea of having Sansa as their leader instead of putting their trust in Jon.

The only one that has a problem with this is Arya, who understands that they should be backing up Jon, not plotting against him.

She even senses that Sansa is secretly open to the idea of taking Jon’s place. What will raise the tension between them is Littlefinger and his scheming.

Though the details of the scroll that Petyr received were not revealed, it seems as though his plan is to deceive Arya into thinking that Sansa is her enemy. Like I said before, Littlefinger needs to die asap!

When they finally make their way to Eastwatch, Jon meets with Tormund and discusses his plans. Even Tormund, a Wildling, knows that his plan is suicidal but he gives in eventually. Tormund reveals to Jon about another group that were trespassing.

They go to the cells and meet with the Brotherhood Without Banners. Their plan is similar to Jon’s and they all agree to go past the gate and retrieve a soldier of the army as mentioned.

A New Lannister?

As if reunions weren’t enough, it seems as though Cersei may be adding a new addition to the family.

After Jaime tells her about his encounter with Tyrion, Cersei is not opposed to meeting with Dany as she wants to take the opportunity to measure up her enemy and find any weakness. Cersei’s relationship with Jaime has been a little off, especially since she allowed Jaime to encounter Tyrion.

She’s also worried about Jaime’s servitude and his doubts on winning the war. However, she breaks the news to Jaime that she is pregnant and that any enemy that they may have now, whether living or dead, needs to be taken care of for the sake of her family and her future kid.

There are only TWO more episodes left in the series and they are said to be past the usual hour run time. As the momentum keeps building episode by episode, I’m not sure who will come out alive by the end of the show.

Like I said, it’s too late to turn back now.