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Winter is here and sh*t is real: ‘Game of Thrones’ season 7 episode 6 recap

Death is not uncommon in this show. At this point, we’re expected to lose a character here and there without warning.

To this day, I’m often reminded of what Jaqen H’ghar told Arya Stark back in season 6. “Does death only come for the wicked, and leave the decent behind?”

Well, Game of Thrones, you did it again.

You found a way to break our hearts and not give two f*cks.

Episode 6 titled “Beyond the Wall” aired last night and if you haven’t watched it, it’s best you don’t. ‘Cause it’s a tearjerker.

When Will Tyrion Stop Taking L’s

Things between Tyrion and Daenerys are shaky. Though Tyrion has good intentions, his actions haven’t proved to be what was expected of him as Hand of the Queen.

Daenerys accuses Tyrion of pondering on her death too much, which is understandable since she has been tempting death on several occasions, most recently at the Reach.

However, Tyrion hasn’t had too many victories by playing it safe, which Dany quickly reminds him with Dorne and Casterly Rock.

When a raven is sent to Dragonstone from Eastwatch that implores for her help, Dany does not wait for Tyrion’s counsel. She is very impulsive, which could be either good or bad. Time will only tell.

Sisterly Love

Speaking about complicated relations, it seems as though Sansa and Arya are at the point that they are making threats at each other. In last week’s episode, Arya discovered a scroll that Littlefinger cleverly planted that contained some crucial information.

The content of the letter was revealed to be the same one that Sansa wrote in season 1 when she pleaded for her late brother, Robb Stark, to come to King’s Landing and pledge his allegiance to the king, who at the time was Joffrey.

Arya shows her anger towards Sansa for having betrayed the family. However, Sansa questions Arya on her whereabouts when she saw their father, Ned Stark, being executed. It seems as though everything is going according to Littlefinger’s plans.

When asked about how Arya found the scroll, Littlefinger simply says he doesn’t know but assures Sansa that if anything happens, Brienne will intercede.

When Sansa goes through Arya’s belongings, she finds the faces that Arya has been using. She confronts Arya about them but Arya refuses to answer; instead, she tells her that by using these faces, she can look into their minds.

As she makes her way to Sansa, she picks up the dagger and wonders out loud what kind of thoughts race through Sansa’s mind and what it would feel like if she wore her face. The big question is where is Bran?

And Then There Were Five

Last week’s episode ended on a cliffhanger, with Jon Snow and his men beginning their journey past the Wall.

Their task was probably one of their most difficult yet: find a soldier from the Army of the Dead, capture it, and bring it to King’s Landing. They knew the same thing we knew: someone was not going to return.

The beginning of the episode showed each member of the pack have their own moment with each other, whether it was heartfelt or just plain hilarious.

Jon spoke with Jorah Mormont about their deceased fathers, Gendry scolded the Brotherhood Without Banners for betraying him, and the most hilarious conversation took place between the Hound and Tormund about intimate relations and Brienne of f*cking Tarth.

In a way, it was GoT’s way of teasing us by thinking everyone was going to make it out alive.

Having been used to intense snowstorms, Tormund was the first to notice what seemed to be a bear not too far away. However, as the bear got closer, they realized it was one of the monsters created by the White Walkers.

Fighting it proved to be difficult, especially since it was basically a zombie. It took out a few men before it focused on the Hound.

However, it was Thoros that interceded and was bitten by the beast. The other members were able to kill the bear but the damage was done. Cauterizing the wound was the only way of saving Thoros.

Along the way, they were able to find a group of soldiers being led by a White Walker. Jon was able to defeat it but it was too late. As they took their prisoner, an avalanche of soldiers could be seen from a distance making their way to the group.

Jon knew that they were going to need all the help they could get so he ordered Gendry to run back to the Wall and send a raven to Daenerys. Like Forrest Gump, Gendry did as he was told and made it to the Wall and delivered the message.

Jon and the others made their way to an elevated platform where they were able to stay safe since most of what surrounded them was thin ice that broke as soon as the soldiers attempted to chase after them.

The next morning, the group woke up to find that Thoros, our favorite man with the topknot, passed away in his sleep. They burned his body and began to contemplate on what their next move should be.

While taunting the army by throwing rocks at them, the Hound allowed one to slip, revealing that the floor was frozen solid. A great battle between the living and the dead began and a few casualties occurred.

As Jon took a look at the remaining men that consisted of Jorah, Beric, the Hound, and Tormund, he thought all hope was lost.

However, it was Daenerys who came to the rescue, along with her three dragons. As it turned out, their fire was enough to defeat a portion of the army.

RIP Viserion… or nah?

Yeah, we didn’t see it coming either. As they were ready to escape, the Night King was able to take a shot at Viserion with an ice spear.

The impact was so great that the dragon fell into the ice and its body drowned into the cold water. Noticing that the Night King was ready to attack another dragon, Jon yelled at Daenerys to leave before getting dragged into the water.

Leaving him for dead, Daenerys and the others were able to escape safely. Though he was able to make it back to the surface, Jon looked as though he was marked for death since the dead noticed his body.

As Jon bravely stood in one spot, he noticed a man on a horse fighting off the soldiers. It turned out to be his uncle, Benjen. However, their reunion was cut short when Benjen mounted Jon on the horse and had him escape by himself.

Jon watched as the dead killed his uncle.

After finally witnessing the Army of the Dead, Daenerys agrees to help Jon. In return, Jon finally swears his allegiance to Dany.

However, what they don’t know is that the lifeless body of Viserion will now be used by the Night King as his soldiers were able to pull the dragon back to the surface. He was able to resurrect the dragon and now, the game has changed.

Only one episode left and I can’t say I’m ready. Jesus, take the wheel.