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Winter is here and sh*t is real: ‘Game of Thrones’ season 7 episode 4 recap

Four down, three to go. Last night’s episode of Game of Thrones titled “The Spoils of War” aired and we have to admit, the title itself is nothing but ironic.

I think it’s safe to say that a lot of us weren’t keen on waiting till Sunday and decided to watch it early, thanks to hackers and of course, the internet.

The episode was leaked online. Those that viewed it recognized that there was a red star on the corner of the screen, which meant that it was the Indian television version of the show that was leaked.

Star India, a media and entertainment company owned by 21st Century Fox, reported on Friday that it was the source of the leaked episode.

Investigations are still ongoing on how the episode actually found its way on to the internet but we’re not here to complain.

Guess who’s back?

After last week’s emotional and downright weird reunion between Sansa and Bran, another member of the Stark family has rejoined the others at Winterfell: Arya Stark, portrayed by Maisie Williams.

After meeting with her siblings, Sansa and Bran, who’s still being emo af, it seems as though Arya feels like she’s finally back home. With a little sparring session with Brienne of Tarth, it’s safe to say that Arya’s training has paid off.

However, one person might not be so lucky. If you recall, Petyr Baelish, aka Littlefinger, may be in trouble with Arya because of an interaction with the late Tywin Lannister way back in the day.

In a private conversation, which Arya paid close attention to as she was Lord Tywin’s cupbearer in disguise, both men talk about Renly Baratheon’s death and the possibility of joining both Lannister and Tyrell families to defeat Stannis Baratheon and Robb Stark.

This piece of information might be the downfall of Littlefinger, which is something a lot of us have been waiting to see from the very start. Even the Valyrian dagger spells doom for Littlefinger.

Another notable reunion was Jon and Theon at Dragonstone. And the awkwardness continues. Tremendously pissed because of Theon’s betrayal, Jon decides not to kill Theon only because he saved Sansa from Winterfell when Ramsay Bolton was in charge.

Theon needs Dany and Jon’s help on getting his sister back from the clutches of Euron.

Jon and Dany?

We’re still waiting on Jon to bend that knee, however, it seems Daenerys and Jon are finally seeing eye to eye on mining dragonglass.

At one point, they even get a little too close. While in the caves, Jon shows her paintings on the walls describing how the first men and the children of the forest once united against a common enemy: the White Walkers.

That doesn’t stop Dany from asking for Jon’s help in defeating Cersei.

When Dany finds out that their victory in Casterly Rock was all a diversion, she goes on a rampage against Tyrion for possibly conspiring to save his brother and costing them a victory that was much needed. “Enough with the clever plans.”

Daenerys turns to Jon for advice. Though she is set on using her dragons to take the kingdom, Jon tells her that it’s best to not follow in the footsteps of those that have destroyed cities.

Pressured by all the things that are going on and equally frustrated, Dany makes up her mind.

Coming in hot

And obviously, the ending of this episode was the best part. After successfully defeating the armies at Highgarden, Jaime and Bronn are finding their way back to King’s Landing, along with the gold for the Iron Bank.

However, their victory is cut short when Daenerys decides to make an appearance and f*ck all their shit up. What would’ve made this scene even better would’ve been commentary by Jim Ross. I think the clear cut winner in this episode was Drogon.

Outta nowhere, the Dothraki seem to have the advantage, especially since they’re proven and ruthless warriors. Basically, the Lannister army is doomed. And then, Drogon just demolishes everything in his path.

“Qyburn’s scorpion” seemed like it was effective in taking down Drogon, but it only injured him. Bronn was tasked to operate the weapon but it wasn’t enough. We’ll have to wait until next week to see if he made it out alive after saving Jaime.

I think we were all muttering the same words Tyrion spoke while witnessing his brother charge at Dany while she was pulling out the spear from Drogon.

“You fucking idiot” was exactly what was going on in our minds when we saw the f*ckery that Jaime was about to do.

Maybe we might even get a second leaked episode. Might as well leak the rest.