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sean o'malley

How UFC superstar Sean O’Malley built success outside the Octagon

“Suga” Sean O’Malley is one of the most exciting fighters in the UFC today.

Hailing from Helena, Montana, the 27-year-old sensation faces former bantamweight interim champion Petr Yan (16-3-0 MMA, 8-2-0 UFC) at UFC 280 on Oct. 29 in what will be O’Malley’s most significant fight of his career.

O’Malley (15-1-1 MMA, 8-1-1 UFC) is looking to earn his long-awaited title shot in the bantamweight division with a big win over Yan. He is widely known for his spectacular knockout finishes – six out of his eight wins in the UFC have come by knockout.

With his accumulation of finishes, O’Malley has been awarded the $50,000 Fight of The Night Bonus four times and two Fight of the Night Bonuses, one being $50,000 and the most recent being $75,000.  

Sean O’Malley the entrepreneur

Despite O’Malley’s successful fighting career thus far, most of his money is made outside of the octagon.  

“I’m way more comfortable being in front of the camera now, way more comfortable entertaining and understanding what my job is. I’m an entertainer” 

O’Malley said on Chris Van Vliet’s Insight podcast when asked how he has evolved as his career has progressed. 

“I’m a UFC fighter/entertainer; they go hand-in-hand. Some people are just fighters, and they’re not making the money I’m making outside the UFC. I’m getting paid from merch [merchandise], YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, and Instagram,” he explained.

“I’m making six figures easily – sometimes six figures a month, not even from fighting. Understanding entertainment and being a fighter and balancing that is something I’ve gotten really good at,” O’Malley said.  

Social media presence

O’Malley has a significant social media presence – racking up over 480,000 YouTube subscribers, 150,000 Twitch followers, and 2.4 million Instagram followers, and he is one thousand followers away from a million on TikTok.

Unsurprisingly, his enormous following has resulted in a successful podcast called the TimboSugarShow, which O’Malley and his Coach Tim Welch host.  

What makes O’Malley so likable to the naked eye is that he is simply himself. O’Malley understands he does not need to play a fabricated character to gain fans.

O’Malley is not afraid to dye his hair vibrant colors, spend his time live-streaming video games to his thousands of followers on YouTube, or even get spontaneous tattoos from rappers like 6ix9ine.  

Suga Sean taking over fashion?

“The merchandise drops we’ve been doing go insane. Like the undefeated merch right after my fight, I had to make up undefeated merch. I said I’m going to post this right after my fight – and that did six figures in a week. It was crazy,”  

O’Malley told Vliet.

O’Malley was referring to his limited undefeated hoodies and t-shirts, which are now unavailable. He offers shirts, hoodies, slides, and even a ‘Suga Sean’ costume, a pink wig you can wear on Halloween, all found on  

“I have YouTube, Twitch, podcasts, all that stuff I do is another way for people to interact with me – and it’s all genuine, organic stuff. It’s not like God I have to do this, I want to do everything I do, and I think people know that – it’s a fun way for the fans to interact with me,”

O’Malley told Daniel Cormier on the DC Check-In. 

What can fighters learn from him? 

In a sport where nothing is promised, Sean O’Malley is an example of what to do with your career in Mixed Martial Arts; fighters should use the platform they are given to expand their sources of income.

No athlete wants to be stuck in a position where they struggle to make ends meet after losing a fight – O’Malley has shown the benefits of having various sources of revenue and how being your genuine self is key to gaining fans.  

It will be fascinating to watch Sean O’Malley build his notoriety inside the octagon and how he will continue to grow his brand outside of the locked cage doors.

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Working in a toxic creative space? Here’s to pushing out the bad vibes

There might be nothing worse than working in a toxic creative space…

Toxicity is the quality of being toxic, very harmful, and unpleasant in a pervasive or insidious way. It happens to be a slow burn that we all face in our lives.

Whether from exterior influences or if it is coming from inside ourselves, toxicity will, in due time, take over your mind and body while hindering you from reaching your creative potential.

Everything from the crabs-in-a-bucket mentality to the haters-gonna-hate, scenarios we find relatable. Self-deprecation is also considered a toxic thought process and not the reality check we think it is. 

Working The Incredibles GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

These are key drivers of a toxic creative space. We have expectations of our lives as much as someone has expectations of us, and often creating an infrequency between the groups and the individuals.

Toxicity comes from more than one place in our lives.

Bodying the toxic work space

Frustrated Office Space GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

In a survey conducted by Fierce Conversations in 2019, they found that 44 percent of respondents said the number one response is to ignore toxic co-workers.

Although 50% agreed in 2017, the downturn fails to suggest enough to cancel out toxicity. The survey also concluded the 72% of respondents wish their employers were less tolerant of toxic employees. 

Stacey Engle, President of Fierce Conversations, says, “the fact that confronting problematic employees directly is people’s third choice of action should be concerning to all organizational leaders. The amount of time and energy that can be saved by providing employees the skills and empowerment to address issues head-on.”

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The fact is, there will always be someone who will want to see you in a subordinate position to them, or in no position at all. And you may think you haven’t received a fair shot at life. But dissidence will not help you get ahead in life and reach our creative goals. 

When the toxicity stems from a superior or an equal counterpart, the result will lead to failure if the communication doesn’t change.

Ignoring the toxicity will not help while addressing the matter head-on creates anxiety. Believe that change will come from how you perceive your situation, and you will be able to work through it.

Overcoming your own toxic headspace

Sad Real Housewives Of New Jersey GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Subconsciously, most fall victim to comparison scenarios in relationship to hyper-connectivity. This constant distraction from social media like Instagram and our smartphones discredits our livelihood and our accomplishments. 

It’s difficult to acknowledge the obstacles we have conquered for the possible privileges afforded by others in this condition. A constant rundown of why someone else is where they are and why you remain where you are, holds you back, hindering creativity and adding toxicity.

Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard sums this feeling as, “anxiety is the dizziness of freedom.” The anxiety you feel is letting you know that something about you can change your environment.

Other factors included jadedness, becoming overwhelmed, and even “gassing” yourself up to believe you are owed something you hardly worked for yet. These are the telling signs of creative toxicity within ourselves. 

A life not grounded in reality but floating high in a proverbial castle is how we may craft our self-image. American naturalist, essayist, poet, and philosopher Henry David Thoreau said:

“If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.”

Henry David Thoreau

He encourages the “big idea” creative to take the small, consistent steps of brick-by-brick construction of your vision.

If self-doubt of your abilities comes from “thinking big” and the anxiety and the inability to take the first steps – in any direction – you may want to narrow your perspective on the idea.

Ease the creative process by doing the little jobs that get you closer to your goals. You want to drown out that toxicity with small actions in “building that castle.”

Navigating the toxic shared space

Beyond the hype of creativity and creating the world around us is social engagement and community upbringing.

Alliances with like-minds and same or adjacent skillsets bring creatives together to achieve common goals. Within that lies an enormous amount of altruistic individuals who support other participants of the group and their creative endeavors. 

Harvard Biologist E.O. Wilson outlined this way of thinking as “eusocial” behavior during a talk at the Geological Lecture hall at Harvard University.

Human social behavior evolved through competition with groups of related and unrelated individuals, working selflessly to benefit the group and not for selfish gain. 

Facts or nah?

Eusocial behavior is responsible for the survival of the smallest creatures like ants and mole rats in Africa, as well as evident in human cultures.

If you are a supporter of creativity from others and seek to benefit the group, you gain positive ground, reducing the creative toxicity by changing your environment. Eusocial communities are in sync with one another and are reluctant to extend themselves outside of the group, though. 

This external push is often what social and working environments use to protect and grow their creative space. This group will avoid toxicity for the benefit of preserving their environment and creativity.

The creative toxicity you experience may be from being in the wrong group. But you may not be presenting yourself as related to another group. You may be holding on to past thoughts and emotions of inadequacies. 

Reliving past moments or trying to correct something you have no control over stunt your evolution as a creative. It won’t help with the toxicity in your environment, rather keep you in the thick of it. 

Seeking to change who we believe we are with who we want to become creates harmony. Especially within our creative space, although it may be anxiety-filled as well. If the past has you stuck, the growth you seek, and the future of your creativity is at stake.

Changing up your space

Sisqo Is Back With The Remake You Didn't Know You Needed

What has to change is your attitude toward toxicity and how we perceive ourselves. Disconnect from that toxic creative space and recognize that it is a place to create. Realize your worth as a creative and transform those defeating thoughts. 

Change in perspective happens when we pivot from defending ourselves from the toxic creative space to accepting who we are and change. We have an opportunity to elevate our vantage point to where our goals are always visible, and we move toward them earnestly.

Look out for this article on PAGE magazine.

Retired NFL players who expanded their wealth with side hustles

NFL side hustles are among the most important in sports, as football is a dangerous game where any day could be a player’s last. Due to this fact, it is not just paramount that NFL players have a side job, but that they are able to continue making money from it once they step away from the field.

When it comes to chasing a bag, longevity lives the longest. In our world, everyone has dreams of grandeur. It takes an unlimited supply of energy, endurance, work ethic, and timeliness to make it into those top tax brackets.

And athletes need to keep this in mind, as their bodies performing at physical peaks is no longwinded guarantee. They need to make their money from their craft, but at the same time think about their future.

With that being said, here are five ex-NFL athletes that have racked up a bag via sports, and then continued this trend through their subsequent side hustle ventures.

Brandon Marshall (Side hustle – Broadcasting, etc.)

nfl side jobs
Brandon Marshall sits stoically as, “I Am Athlete” podcast host. (Photo courtesy, I AM ATHLETE)

Marshall was a highly-talented wide receiver who had several productive years in the NFL. But a big part of his story was that he became injury-prone early.

Rather than put his body through endless procedures, Marshall developed an early exit plan and leveraged his personality. He knew he could be successful in a side hustle outside of the NFL, and he has been.

By accepting wisdom and surrounding himself with people who are smarter than him, Brandon Marshall soaked up knowledge on the daily. 

Side Hustle Ventures: Co-Founder of Project 375 (Mental Health Advocacy), FitSpeed Founder, Inside The NFL on Showtime, I Am Athlete Podcast, and co-host on FS1’s ‘First Things First.’

Terrell Owens (Side hustle – Prototype 81)

terrell owens
When it comes to greatness, T.O. accepts no substitutes. (Photo courtesy: Mark Humphrey)

Well-known for his outgoing and emotional nature, T.O. was not always the wisest connoisseur.

Trying to please others through material flair can be quite the slippery slope. Nearing bankruptcy, Owens needed to flip the script. And that is exactly what he did with his side hustle off of the NFL field.

Side Hustle Ventures: Prototype 81 – a fashion-forward sports luxury line that combines fit and function.

With inspiration from Lululemon, T.O. aims to provide comfort in the form of oversized clothing that falls within three different categories – Core, Active, Exclusive.

Stationed in California, Owens has been able to source different fabrics within important fashion districts. Not quite financially responsible from the jump, T.O. pounced on an opportunity to utilize his persona to chase a bag and reframe his trajectory.

In the famous words of YG on ‘Big Bank,’ “I got white folks money that I won’t blow. And if you ask why, cause the white folks don’t.”

Roger Staubach (Side hustle – Real estate)

retired nfl players
Nicknamed “Captain Comeback,” Staubach is revered by Dalls Cowboys fans. (Photo courtesy: TREVOR PAULHUS)

This man is just different. From the outset of his retirement, Roger Staubach partnered with the Dallas Cowboys to create several opportunities for expansion.

Given that salaries were much lower during his era, Staubach worked as a real estate broker in the offseason. A determined and smart side job outside of the NFL.

Side Hustle Venture: By grinding, absorbing game from Henry S. Miller (Texas real-estate mogul), Staubach was able to sell his real-estate company for upwards of $640 million to a Chicago firm, Jones Lang Lasalle. He is currently the executive chairman for JLL. 

Vernon Davis (Side hustle – Acting, producing, etc.)

nfl side jobs
Vernon Davis embodies the role of Columbus Johnson in “Hell on the Border.” (Photo courtesy: KAYLA SORTOR)

Riddled with concussions and injuries that could hamper his livelihood, Vernon Davis decided to prolong his career with multiple types of bags. Looking for side jobs outside of the NFL was a savvy move for the savvy Super Bowl-50 winner.

He has starred in movies like Hell on the Border and Baywatch as well as series like The League and Inside Amy Schumer. Recently, his self-titled foundation raised $70,000 to feed frontline workers and children during the pandemic. 

Side Hustle Ventures: Reel 85 Productions, Between the Lines Productions, Gallery 85.

Tony Romo (Side hustle- Color analyst)

tony romo
Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo teases Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott before an NBA game between the Dallas Mavericks and the Denver Nuggets (Photo courtesy: Ashley Landis/The Dallas Morning News)(Ashley Landis / Staff Photographer)

The man who infamously mishandled the field goal hold to cost the Cowboys a playoff victory against the Seahawks certainly exited much smoother than his entrance.

As a mainstay on CBS, Romo prepared for announcing just like a player and watched tape prior to every outing. This has allowed him to provide excellent insight and damn-near predict plays as they unfold.

Together with Ezekiel Elliot, Tony Romo started the National Fantasy Football Convention as a SportsCon-type venture. He continues to fight an uphill battle with the NFL while remaining business savvy in his side hustles.

Side Hustle Venture: CBS Sports color analyst

NFL side jobs should inspire everyone, not just pro athletes, to get an extra bag

Regardless of how you do it, it is so important to live below your means. However, it is much easier said than done. Especially if you have never touched those types of bags before.

Either way, those who live humbly and utilize their funds for investments typically outlast those who blow their wealth on material goods. Pouring back into communities, creating foundations, and finding a way to stretch the bag will always be the way.

If NFL players (who in most cases, dreamt their whole lives of reaching this level), can manage their funds and set up side hustles to not blow through all of their money right away, anyone can.

So look at Brandon Marshall, Terrell Owens, Roger Staubach, Vernon Davis, and Tony Romo when thinking about your next move. We may not all be millionaires yet, but like these NFL athletes, we can be smart with our side hustles and money. Earned not given — always remember that.

Erin Ashley Simon defines the meaning of ‘gaming culture’

Erin Ashley Simon is among the few Black or Latino leaders in gaming. If you’ve hit the start button, entered the queue, or spawned into a map, you’ve undoubtedly heard her name or seen her face

Born to a Black father and a Puerto Rican mother, she’s making significant strides to elevate and equalize representation in the space.

In the past few years, Erin has grown from collegiate athlete (University of Kentucky) to on-air personality and streaming host (for the likes of VENN, Bleacher Report, Cheddar, and ESPN) to an executive at one of the world’s fastest-growing gaming and lifestyle organization (XSET).  

As her career extends into new areas, she keeps the up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, and Start close. Because gaming is no longer a niche vertical or a hidden secret. Gaming has become a major part of our culture. And, Erin – in her evolution – is a big part of that. 

We recently caught up with the CCO (chief culture officer) about how she Sonic’d her way here and what’s next.

Cutting right to the chase, you’re an Afro Latina. You embrace the culture. Has it always been that way for you? 

Erin Ashley Simon: I’ve always embraced my cultural identity. People do try to box you in, referring to you in ways that they can understand. They’ll ask or say that I’m this or just that. 

But I’m Afro-Latina. My mother made me cherish both sides of that identity and make them one. I lean into this every day instead of correcting others.

You are a former D1 soccer player. What was that experience like, and what did it teach you? 

Erin Ashley Simon: First of all, it was an incredible experience. It taught me a lot about discipline, work ethic, and collaboration. It provided me with friends and memories, and life lessons. 

It also introduced me to journalism and interviewing, specifically in the sports industry. My soccer experience is a big reason I continue to be involved in the UK (University of Kentucky) community. 

What do you do best? 

Erin Ashley Simon: This is a challenging question. My POV on what I do best differs from what my peers, colleagues, friends, or family might say. But, I pride myself on being a connector, someone who brings good people and good things together. 

How and why did you get into gaming?

Erin Ashley Simon: I’ve been a gamer all my life. My brother Ian introduced me to it. 

Growing up, most moms struggle with the concept of gaming as a career. But my mom supported me. My family embraced the prospect. Their trust has helped my confidence. 

What was the first game you played? 

Erin Ashley Simon: Sonic the Hedgehog on SEGA Genesis. Maybe that’s why I’m constantly on the move today! 

Did you have a moment where you thought, “hey, this could be a career for me”? 

Erin Ashley Simon: Yes. When I signed with CAA, I realized, “Heck yes! This is my job!” 

What do you bring to your role as CCO that separates you within/amid the space? 

Erin Ashley Simon: In gaming, there aren’t many Black or Latin women in the executive suite. There should certainly be more, and this is something I’m hoping to help change. 

As CCO, I’m always looking for ways to align our organization, or even gaming overall, with other pockets of culture that align with our values – that yield more inclusion and collaboration. 

I think I’m a strong, active listener. I’ve always been this way. But, I sharpened this skill during my time as a journalist. 

Through listening, I can learn about this community and those looking to make an impact within it. This helps us develop meaningful strategies and ways to infuse positive values of equality and partnership. 

Do you believe gaming is a lifestyle? 

Erin Ashley Simon: YES! 100 percent. 

I believe gaming has always been a lifestyle. Athletes game in between practices and travel and after games. Rappers and DJs bring their consoles or PCs into the studio or on tour. 

In recent years, we’ve seen many more crossovers and collabs, platforms, and activities where gaming has shown up or tapped into new and different ways.

Take a look at what Riot Games just did with Lil Nas X and League of Legends. Or the NFL’s Tuesday Night Gaming platform, which brings together competitors from the gridiron and map. Gaming has become ubiquitous in so many spaces. It’s fun. It’s incredible. 

I hope that new entrants in the space recognize the legacy and the history of gaming. Because there’s a lot there. 

Biggest accomplishment in the space to date? 

Erin Ashley Simon: I’m proud of what I’ve been able to bring to this industry thus far. 

I’ve been privileged to host on some of the biggest networks and as part of some of the biggest events in gaming and entertainment. Just recently, I started on a new series developed in partnership with the NFL. And, I’m soon to announce another opportunity on ESPN. 

Representation matters and I hope that I’ve brought a little inspiration to other Afro-Latina women trying to break through. 

Do you anticipate gaming will always be a part of your life? Are there other areas you’d like to build around? 

Erin Ashley Simon: Gaming will always be part of my life. My mom raised me to be a renaissance woman. I have multiple interests. And throughout my career, I’ve made it a point to try new things. 

This has led to success and fulfillment. So, why stop now? There are so many incredible opportunities out there. I’m just getting started. 

What do you say to those following you, aspiring to the success that you’ve been able to achieve? 

Erin Ashley Simon: You have to start somewhere. You’re not going to be great right away. Don’t waste time hoping to get what you need. Build. Use what you have and tap into the resources available to you. You can do it.  

That said, I always encourage people to practice gratitude and stay grounded. Nothing is promised, and in a sea of rejection, that gratitude will carry you to the next wave of success.  

There are 10K80 minutes in a week. Where do you expend or reserve that time?

Erin Ashley Simon: I love this concept. I treat my passions like a business and operate from the 80/20 rule – just with a few personal modifications. I attribute 50 percent of my time to work, whether in front of or behind the camera, admin efforts, and helping to develop deals or partnerships. 

Then 25 percent goes toward exploring opportunities that may carry more risk, whether investing or otherwise. 

That final 25 percent is reserved for rest! I try to take one to two weeks off every quarter. Saturdays are my off-days and help me ensure a baseline of rest and check-ins. 

I’m all about working smarter, not harder.

Why stepping outside your comfort zone is the only way to grow

By nature, we’re creatures of habit. Whether we realize it or not, we’re obsessed with what we’re used to — what’s familiar; what we understand. Anything else seems offputting and far from attractive by all means.

It’s why we’re “shocked” when introduced to a new culture, why we order the same thing at the same restaurant when we go out and why we find ourselves navigating to people who look like us.

However, what if I told you that stepping outside your comfort zone is the only way to grow?

Super Bowl News GIF by Mic - Find & Share on GIPHY

For starters, simply having the mind state to grow and embodying that ambition is an indication of maturity and self-awareness that, in itself, the majority do not have.

That’s because it is a process that a lot of us have no idea where to begin — the concept of changing who you fundamentally are is one that is not introduced enough.

Either we’ve grown tired of having change forced down our throat due to the trouble we’ve gotten ourselves into or we were never encouraged to because of how “stand-up” we think we are or told we’ve been.

Stand Up GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

The big pill to swallow however is that whether you’re living recklessly or you’re a model citizen, there will be a point in life where you’ll be forced to change and adapt — otherwise, you’ll just remain who you are and plateau.

The goal is to see change as good and as the key to what’s next.

You’re not done yet

Personally, I know one of the hardest parts about evolving is the fear of abandoning the individual you’re both comfortable with and proud of.

Maybe you were once an addict, or possibly you were confrontational in the past and have now mellowed out now; you could have adopted a new spirituality that you’re dedicated to.

Either way, the moment we think we’ve arrived or even think there’s a finish line for our personal development is the moment we’ve lost ourselves all over again.

No matter what we’ve overcome, there are always going to be new lessons to learn, challenges to conquer, and more character to develop. In fact, that’s the issue with a lot of adults: they’ve become callous to change.

If we allow ourselves, we can get so caught up in who we are, how much we did right, and how far we’ve come, that we become blind to the rut we’re in and incapable of smelling the rubber of our tires that are effortlessly spinning in place.

Car Burning GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

When we keep in mind that we’re forever a work-in-progress, we’ll be more open to change and aware of the habits that are no longer applicable to our lives.


Systems are comfortable when they work for us and some grooves feel much too good to snap out of sometimes.

It’s why so many of us are tied to lifestyles we should have long outgrown and why others of us refuse to progress to new ways of life — along with feeling like we don’t need to, we straight up don’t want to.

However, in every stage of our lives, there will be ways we must abandon habits that must be left behind. It’s the only way to take on new opportunities.

Shia Labeouf This Is A Business Opportunity GIF by A24 - Find & Share on GIPHY

As a child, Christmas meant magic, gifts, and good behavior. As an adult, Christmas means catching up with family and friends.

When you were first starting school, free time was spent at recess, swinging on swings and climbing monkey bars. When you’re finishing school as an adult, free time is spent working a second job or studying for an exam.

The issue is being able to see these habits as dead weight. Habits that, for the longest, may have sustained us, can become consequential when our lives change. It’s up to us to have enough self-awareness to know where we want to go and if our lifestyle matches up with that direction or not.

Offset Jamie Foxx GIF by Migos - Find & Share on GIPHY

Especially if we claim to want different for ourselves, if we do not stop observing our tendencies, pinpoint the ones that aren’t conducive to success, then develop new ones, all we’re doing is complaining.

We grow through change. So, any cry for growth is inevitably a call for transformation. The sooner we understand this the more accepting we will be.

Those who don’t change

We’re all witnesses of what happens to the people that refuse to change — they stop growing.

When was the last time you encountered someone that hasn’t adapted, changed, or progressed as an individual in some time? Sometimes you don’t even have to know them personally to tell whether or not they’ve accepted the change their own life requires from them.

Usually, those types of people live a life of conflict or a life that’s plateaued, and you can probably attest to someone who’s like that through experience.

Relaxing Parks And Recreation GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

The know-it-alls who know nothing, the old-heads who complain about new trends, or the guy who keeps landing in trouble for the same reasons — they’re all individuals who aren’t growing.

We should not only be open to change but looking for it. Why? Because change means growth and newness and evolution. Change means taking it to the next level, and change is inevitable.

You shouldn’t be the same person you were last year. Like a sports team seeking a championship, there should be modifications done every year to help yourself get closer to whatever your end prize is.

Majestic The Rock GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

You cannot bring back the same players every year and expect the same result. That is, of course, unless you’re content with where you currently are.

The battle within: Why we should conquer ourselves before conquering the world

What if I told you the only thing holding you back from where you wanted to be in life was your lack of self-control? I’m talking about in every aspect of life you can ponder educational aspirations, athletics, romantic endeavors, etc.

Well, that’s the case with the majority of us in our personal pursuits. We haven’t won the battle against ourselves. How then can we expect to conquer anything else?

These days if you listen to hip-hop you’ll constantly hear rappers talk about their demons and how they gotta shake them or dodge them or not succumb to them in some shape or fashion.

If you listen to rap as much as I do it can almost seem laughable that so many of them are “going through it” but honestly, though they may be exaggerating the concept, we all have demons and we all are on some level “going through it.”

For some, it may be an addiction while for others it could be laziness. Whatever the Achilles heel may be, it’s up to us to recognize it, address it and improve from it. Only then can we reach our full potential.

Discipline of self

We’re our own worst enemy. We shoot ourselves in the foot far more than anyone else yet we give ourselves the most leeway.

All of us are very capable, talented individuals with amazing visions. Yet some have not even scratched the surface of accomplishing their goals because they can’t get up early enough for the job or they can’t shut out the world for a couple of weeks to study.

The last thing you want to be is a prisoner to yourself. You want to be able to do everything you say you’re going to do without the pushback from your own will.

I don’t think people take the easy route because it’s easy. I think people take the easy route because they haven’t mastered themselves enough to endure the hardship of what’s best for them.

Good sleeping habits, eating well, being active, meditating, and other good self-care habits all require dedication. Unfortunately, we don’t naturally want to adopt those practices.

In order to be what we’ve always seen ourselves as we must be better for ourselves.

Discipline around others

Whatever happened to the kid that was spoiled rotten? The child who always got his way, who does she grow up to be? You know, the ones whose parents let them get away with anything.

Every day when we run across the prude who cuts us off in traffic or the co-worker that dishes attitude because of what they’re going through —  that’s them. Until we are able to reign over our emotions and actions we’ll always be short-tempered around others, warranted or not.

If we were to act on every human impulse, the world would be in shambles. Marriages would never work, politics would be far worse than what they are now and no one would be able to live with one another.

That’s why we learn patience, moderation, and forgiveness.

Someone else shouldn’t have to suffer because of what’s not going right in your life. Toddlers who don’t get their way have temper tantrums and when that behavior isn’t curtailed it manifests into the grossest individuals you’ll meet.

Once we understand the first and most important battlefield is the one within and we give it the attention we give everything else, the more prepared for our dreams we’ll be.

7 mental health Instagram accounts that support, motivate, and inspire

There is always talk about how toxic social media is. It seems that every time I speak to my friends, at least one of them is threatening to delete Instagram or Twitter. However, social media, and Instagram accounts in particular, can simultaneously be a space for self-expression and inspiration, and a cleanse for one’s mental health. 

Some Instagram users are working to normalize conversations surrounding mental health. They are utilizing self-expression on Instagram to let the rest of the world know they can too.

As these influencers share their stories or provide a platform for others to do so, they help reduce the shame that tends to follow mental health concerns. And, they provide encouragement or advice for their audience at the same time. 

Here are 7 Instagram accounts to follow when you are looking for support, motivation, or open discussion about mental health. 

Black Girl In Om

Lauren Ash created Black Girl in Om she was just 22 years old. As written on their website,  Black Girl in Om aims to “unapologetically expand the consciousness of Black women to transform. Period.”

As well as following @blackgirlinom and all of its self-expression on Instagram, you can listen to the podcast with the same name, which focuses on guided meditation for Black women. 

POC, particularly Black women, deserve the space to practice self-reflection and self-care without the white gaze. Ash has effectively created such a space. 

Notes From Your Therapist

Allyson Dinneen has successfully accumulated over 300,000 followers for her Instagram account Notes From Your Therapist.

This writer turns her thoughts on relationships, grief, and human emotion into notes of insight and affirmation. Read one of her posts every morning to motivate yourself, or ponder one of her insights throughout your day. 

Alexandra Elle

Alexandra Elle, writer and Insta influencer, encourages self-love and acceptance.

You may easily relate to Elle, as she shares her struggles and revelations relating to relationships and healing. Her Instagram is welcoming and aesthetically pleasing with words of affirmation, encouraging notes, and poetry. She also hosts The Hey Girl Podcast and meditation workshops.

If you are looking for extra support through a rough time, following Alexandra Elle on Instagram is a small step you can take. 

On Our Moon

This Instagram account focuses on “vulnerable storytelling.”

The founder, Alexandra D’amour, works to promote real talk about trauma and mental health. You can read and hear the stories of her audience on Instagram, her website, and the On Our Moon podcast.

D’amour uses these platforms to support causes such as Black Lives Matter and intersectional feminism in addition to mental health. 

Lalah Delia

Delia is an author and wellness educator. Somewhat similar to Alexandra Elle’s account, she posts words of affirmation and inspiring quotes organized in an aesthetically pleasing way.

You can also read her book Vibrate Higher Daily in which she “invites her readers to ‘step into their power’ and embrace vibrational-based living, which is centered around being in tune with our agency, intuition, and intention.”

Hannah Daisy

Daisy is an artist, illustrator, and mental health advocate. Through an artistic medium, Daisy supports those living outside the gender binary and facilitates conversations about depression, sexual assault, mental health, and trauma.

Daisy’s Instagram is one you should follow to support your practice of self-care and self-acceptance. A piece of advice, inspiration quote, or illustration can have a huge impact on your day. 

Girls’ Night In

We all have preconceived notions about what self-care should look like: spending time with friends, treating yourself to a nice meal, putting on a face mask, etc.

But self-care can look different for everybody. And true self-expression is going to look completely different for different people on Instagram.

Girl’s Night In has created a space for introverts and homebodies. On this Instagram account, you can find advice for self-care and ways to celebrate yourself and your mental health at home. One can appreciate Girls’ Night In especially around the time of the pandemic, as most of us have had to learn how to care for ourselves in isolation. 

Let these Instagram accounts cleanse your mental health

Whether you consider yourself happy and healthy or not, surrounding yourself with a positive environment undoubtedly supports your well-being. Social media is an environment we constantly find ourselves in, so this principle applies just the same. 

One way to ensure that your experience on Instagram is a healthy one is to post and consume what lifts you up. We hope that you can find comfort and positivity in these Instagram accounts or others you may follow. 

What is digital minimalism? A look into a new practice we should all adopt

Say Friday rolls around and it so happens to be a big release date in music.

Rick Ross drops; Burna Boy drops; whoever you like drops. We’re talking about multiple projects all from people you rock with, all on the same day. What do you do?

It’s not like back in the day when you had to physically go to a brick-and-mortar store and make a purchase. There’s no unwrapping or secondary device needed — all you need is your phone. Upon first finding out about the album to the lead single and the music videos, all you ever need is your cellular device.

That’s because everything we do is on our phones. Music is just one example, but the digital revolution has brought everything from entertainment to finances and security to the palm of our hands.

Yet, not enough of us take the time to process the effect it’s having on us.

Barack Obama Text GIF by Obama - Find & Share on GIPHY

Ever notice how life tends to get a bit messier the more technology advances? And I’m not talking about getting caught up on Snapchat and sliding in the DM’s messy, I’m talking about schedules packed with emails, Slack messages, meetings and catchups, social media notifications, and the 24-hour news cycle. No matter what, it feels like we never have time to do anything meaningful.

Technology never stops; so, when trying to pace it, we end up not stopping either.

The problem is that there is too much value in technology to abstain from it completely. If we’re going to surrender all old habits and double down on these technological advances, we have to adopt a practice to balance our indulgence. And that practice is digital minimalism.


In order to do our best work and live a purposeful life, we have to be intentional with how we spend our time.

For whatever reason, when it comes to partying and recreational time we understand moderation, but somehow the concept is missed when it comes to screen time.

If you’re anything like most people you spend five-plus hours a day on your computer, use 56-plus apps and websites a day and switch between them more than 300 times, and if we tried, we can cut these numbers in half.


Phone Texting GIF by Rich the Kid - Find & Share on GIPHY

When it comes to digital media, most of us let anything in assuming the best stuff will stick, when really we should be filtering from the jump. It’s why we feel perplexed and stressed out over our phones yet unable to put them down.

When we incorporate aspects of minimalism into our lives, however, we can not only decipher what we need and don’t need, but we can shape the reality we live in and see every day.

Minimalism has become a buzzword in the past decade as “more is better” culture has made the idea of living with less more attractive. Minimalists may spend less money and own fewer things but they’re also more intentional about shaping their lives around things that matter to them.

This is what we can do with our digital diet: instead of blindly consuming any and everything, we can intentionally select what we take in.  It helps us get the most out of the good parts of technology while protecting ourselves from the bad.

Being a digital minimalist is about being hyper-aware of your relationship with technology and recognizing that although there are positives, it takes a concentrated effort to solely reap those rewards.


Scrolling Lets Go GIF by NBA - Find & Share on GIPHY

So the question now is how, right? When it comes to minimizing your digital appetite it’s hard, but there are three methods you can use to help and the first is alone time.

The purpose of social media is to connect. Connect about what’s going on in the news, connect with the newest movie out, connect with someone across the globe. But physical and mental solitude is important for thinking clearly, which you can achieve when you demand alone time for yourself, not clicking the like button is another method we can use in practicing digital minimalism.

Instead of using them in ways to show off or that give us the endorphin boost we crave, we limit the use to staying in touch. Instead of strolling and clicking like all day and posting things in hopes to get likes back, communicate to who you need to communicate with and get off.

Another way to practice digital minimalism is by redefining leisure. Instead of the escapism that involves a screen, we should try to find things to do outside or that involve pages or anything other than a screen. Rediscovering non-digital activities will help us in our transition more than ever.

Once you’ve made the choice that we’re only going to consume the technology that connects to your values you’ll be surprised how much better you feel and how much other people need it as well.

Why the key to life is finding your passion and going all-in

If the key to life is so simple then why do a majority of people have no clue what they want to do?

Think about it. Only a couple of us had an idea of who we wanted to be leaving high school and in college, we either went undeclared or switched up our major a couple of times. Even after finally attaining the degree, some of us still didn’t end up using it.

2017 report from the Education Department’s National Center for Education Statistics stated that about 30 percent of undergraduates changed their major at least once. And that’s not counting the number of people who do graduate and never see a professional day in their major’s field.

That’s why you see 30-plus year-olds, walking around scratching their heads with no clear answer for what they love or who they really are.

Each and every one of us should have an answer if asked what our passion is. There shouldn’t be fumblings of the answer or trepidation in any regard. It should roll off our tongue mindlessly as if it was our breath itself.

Ball, justice, health, or whatever “it” is — we should be one with it and our mission should be making it our life’s’ work. Simply put, if you do not have a passion, you do not have a pulse. This is why a lot of us are walking around dead.

It’s under your nose

Shocked Nick Cannon GIF by Bounce - Find & Share on GIPHY

One of the many annoying aspects of individuals complaining about not having a passion is that they often are right under our noses.

If you ever catch a friend, family member or even yourself talking about not knowing what you want to do in life or you’re having trouble finding what you’re passionate about, just take a second and think about what you spend most of your free time doing.

Your passion is what you devote your time to. It’s what you choose to be around — the things you can spend countless hours doing. And now with this new era of fast digital information, there aren’t any excuses as to why you can’t make it your job.

Taste enough things/try new shit

Do It GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Why do many of us not know what we want to do? Why aren’t we able to hone in on what it is we’re crazy about? The short answer: it’s because we haven’t been exposed to enough new things. Try new hobbies like painting or learning a new musical instrument like Yamaha P71 from Piano Nadu, maybe there’s a little musician in you that don’t know!

That’s why it’s important to be intentional about what we expose ourselves to. If our resources permits, it’s imperative we travel the world and indulge in new cultures and read different books to get different perspectives.

Once we pick our interest, we can follow it.

Own what you love

Shalita Grant GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Tapping in and finding our passion, at the end of the day, is all about leaning in and doubling down on what you love.

When you look at how these viral comedians get famous, it all starts with them doing what they enjoy, over and over again. Furthermore, comedians become masters of their craft by owning what they love, even if the outcome might not always be great in the beginning.

There are so many of us holding ourselves back from our potential because we think our passion isn’t important enough, or that it can’t make us money, or we feel as if we’re too old when our only job is to continue to do what we love. If we let our passion lead us everything else will follow.

We all have passions in us. Don’t let yourself or anyone else ever think there’s such thing as not having a passion. Our passions are instilled inside all of us. All it takes is following our hearts and trusting the process it takes us on.

Truthfully, when we operate in our passion, we operate in our gift, and that is what’s key in traveling the road to greatness.

Here are the top games that streamers are playing right now

It can be challenging to select just one game to stream on Twitch because there are dozens of options available. This article will discuss some excellent possibilities and offer you viewpoints on several other games.

For beginner streamers, choosing the ideal video game to expand their channel can be a very challenging undertaking.

Despite being entertaining to play, thriving as a rookie streamer in well-known titles like League of Legends and Call of Duty is extremely challenging due to the level of competition.

In our experience, enjoyable party games and independent video games are much better at boosting viewership. The games on this list are our top recommendations for smaller content producers who want to expand their audience, become Twitch affiliates, and build their channels.

1. Minecraft

Minecraft has overtaken all other video games in terms of sales since its 2009 release. The sandbox game has captured the attention of players. Community interaction in which players can unwind in the nostalgia of the game is encouraged by Minecraft.

One of the rare games where spectators can play along with streams is Minecraft. Engaging viewers in initiatives and encouraging participation creates a great deal of vested interest.

2. Dead by Daylight

As viewers are eager to find out how the round turns out, suspense increases retention. Will the streamer suffer a grisly death?

You can play a game with your viewers as long as you pretend to be a killer looking for them (otherwise, they are able to track you down). This will make other viewers ponder whether you’ll be able to locate individuals in their neighbourhood. You can use a random number generator or only allow subs if several others want to play with you.

3. Raft

For rookie broadcasters who are still getting the hang of gaming while handling conversation, Raft is a terrific game. Many games struggle to strike a balance between properly navigating the information while also entertaining your audience.

Raft has wonderful pacing and gives you plenty of time to engage your audience in the adventure by considering their feedback as you make selections throughout the game. It offers a 2-4 player co-op and allows you to add extra stakes for food, water, or even permadeath.

There is a flourishing community that enjoys the game, and every few months fresh content is produced, causing the category to explode once again. This is true even though being in the top three rows of the category requires a minimum of 10 viewers. It is a fairly simple game to pick back up later if you have already streamed it once.

4. Slots/ Casino Games

The slots category on Twitch has just around a million subscribers. Casino games have come a long way since the origin of roulette and now tens of thousands of viewers tune in each hour to watch streamers engage in online cryptocurrency casino slot machine games. 

5. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, which debuted in 1998, is the first 3D installment in the Zelda franchise and is surrounded by a lot of nostalgia. You only need to visit any “Song of Storms” cover on YouTube to see how enduringly popular the game and its plot remain.

In general, the Zelda games’ emphasis on storytelling offers an easy approach to completing a game while maintaining the ability to communicate with your audience. These viewers, like OSRS, will probably be in the 25–35 age range. Many people will be there to “re-experience” the game from another person’s perspective.

6. Animal Crossing

One of the biggest games of the year is Animal Crossing, a brand-new title. People are very interested in it and want to know what others are doing. This game is incredibly inclusive and makes you feel happy. To succeed and have fun, you don’t need to have a high skill cap.

7. Phasmophobia

Since its early release on the Steam store in September 2020, Phasmo has had tremendous success. During Halloween, a lot of streamers and viewers fell for the hype, frequently gathering their friends to investigate haunted places as a team of paranormal investigators.

The jump scares in the game are where it really shines. We strongly advise adding a little donation notice with audio of a scream if you are a Twitch affiliate. This not only helps with monetization but also makes for amusing moments that the community will remember.

It’s also great for creating videos that can be posted on your social media pages later.

8. Albion Online

Since launching its new free-to-play model, open-world sandbox MMORPG Albion Online has amassed a sizable player base and generated a lot of buzz. The full loot PVP and massive high-risk group fighting are the main reasons why this is such a great game to play for streamers.

Imagine the early Runescape player killing in the wild, but with massive 100-vs-100 guild battles instead.

Want to kill enemies with heavy damage or ride around on a mount to steal player gear from both sides? Your decision is yours. This all-or-nothing situation encourages the creation of naturally entertaining content that will keep your viewers engaged.

Another benefit is that the game has a very devoted fan base. Albion has it all once you find your niche, whether it be PVE, PVP, or purchasing a plot of land for your bow-making business.