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Why the key to life is finding your passion and going all-in

If the key to life is so simple then why do a majority of people have no clue what they want to do?

Think about it. Only a couple of us had an idea of who we wanted to be leaving high school and in college, we either went undeclared or switched up our major a couple of times. Even after finally attaining the degree, some of us still didn’t end up using it.

2017 report from the Education Department’s National Center for Education Statistics stated that about 30 percent of undergraduates changed their major at least once. And that’s not counting the number of people who do graduate and never see a professional day in their major’s field.

That’s why you see 30-plus year-olds, walking around scratching their heads with no clear answer for what they love or who they really are.

Each and every one of us should have an answer if asked what our passion is. There shouldn’t be fumblings of the answer or trepidation in any regard. It should roll off our tongue mindlessly as if it was our breath itself.

Ball, justice, health, or whatever “it” is — we should be one with it and our mission should be making it our life’s’ work. Simply put, if you do not have a passion, you do not have a pulse. This is why a lot of us are walking around dead.

It’s under your nose

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One of the many annoying aspects of individuals complaining about not having a passion is that they often are right under our noses.

If you ever catch a friend, family member or even yourself talking about not knowing what you want to do in life or you’re having trouble finding what you’re passionate about, just take a second and think about what you spend most of your free time doing.

Your passion is what you devote your time to. It’s what you choose to be around — the things you can spend countless hours doing. And now with this new era of fast digital information, there aren’t any excuses as to why you can’t make it your job.

Taste enough things/try new shit

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Why do many of us not know what we want to do? Why aren’t we able to hone in on what it is we’re crazy about? The short answer: it’s because we haven’t been exposed to enough new things. Try new hobbies like painting or learning a new musical instrument like Yamaha P71 from Piano Nadu, maybe there’s a little musician in you that don’t know!

That’s why it’s important to be intentional about what we expose ourselves to. If our resources permits, it’s imperative we travel the world and indulge in new cultures and read different books to get different perspectives.

Once we pick our interest, we can follow it.

Own what you love

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Tapping in and finding our passion, at the end of the day, is all about leaning in and doubling down on what you love.

When you look at how these viral comedians get famous, it all starts with them doing what they enjoy, over and over again. Furthermore, comedians become masters of their craft by owning what they love, even if the outcome might not always be great in the beginning.

There are so many of us holding ourselves back from our potential because we think our passion isn’t important enough, or that it can’t make us money, or we feel as if we’re too old when our only job is to continue to do what we love. If we let our passion lead us everything else will follow.

We all have passions in us. Don’t let yourself or anyone else ever think there’s such thing as not having a passion. Our passions are instilled inside all of us. All it takes is following our hearts and trusting the process it takes us on.

Truthfully, when we operate in our passion, we operate in our gift, and that is what’s key in traveling the road to greatness.