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7 mental health Instagram accounts that support, motivate, and inspire

There is always talk about how toxic social media is. It seems that every time I speak to my friends, at least one of them is threatening to delete Instagram or Twitter. However, social media, and Instagram accounts in particular, can simultaneously be a space for self-expression and inspiration, and a cleanse for one’s mental health. 

Some Instagram users are working to normalize conversations surrounding mental health. They are utilizing self-expression on Instagram to let the rest of the world know they can too.

As these influencers share their stories or provide a platform for others to do so, they help reduce the shame that tends to follow mental health concerns. And, they provide encouragement or advice for their audience at the same time. 

Here are 7 Instagram accounts to follow when you are looking for support, motivation, or open discussion about mental health. 

Black Girl In Om

Lauren Ash created Black Girl in Om she was just 22 years old. As written on their website,  Black Girl in Om aims to “unapologetically expand the consciousness of Black women to transform. Period.”

As well as following @blackgirlinom and all of its self-expression on Instagram, you can listen to the podcast with the same name, which focuses on guided meditation for Black women. 

POC, particularly Black women, deserve the space to practice self-reflection and self-care without the white gaze. Ash has effectively created such a space. 

Notes From Your Therapist

Allyson Dinneen has successfully accumulated over 300,000 followers for her Instagram account Notes From Your Therapist.

This writer turns her thoughts on relationships, grief, and human emotion into notes of insight and affirmation. Read one of her posts every morning to motivate yourself, or ponder one of her insights throughout your day. 

Alexandra Elle

Alexandra Elle, writer and Insta influencer, encourages self-love and acceptance.

You may easily relate to Elle, as she shares her struggles and revelations relating to relationships and healing. Her Instagram is welcoming and aesthetically pleasing with words of affirmation, encouraging notes, and poetry. She also hosts The Hey Girl Podcast and meditation workshops.

If you are looking for extra support through a rough time, following Alexandra Elle on Instagram is a small step you can take. 

On Our Moon

This Instagram account focuses on “vulnerable storytelling.”

The founder, Alexandra D’amour, works to promote real talk about trauma and mental health. You can read and hear the stories of her audience on Instagram, her website, and the On Our Moon podcast.

D’amour uses these platforms to support causes such as Black Lives Matter and intersectional feminism in addition to mental health. 

Lalah Delia

Delia is an author and wellness educator. Somewhat similar to Alexandra Elle’s account, she posts words of affirmation and inspiring quotes organized in an aesthetically pleasing way.

You can also read her book Vibrate Higher Daily in which she “invites her readers to ‘step into their power’ and embrace vibrational-based living, which is centered around being in tune with our agency, intuition, and intention.”

Hannah Daisy

Daisy is an artist, illustrator, and mental health advocate. Through an artistic medium, Daisy supports those living outside the gender binary and facilitates conversations about depression, sexual assault, mental health, and trauma.

Daisy’s Instagram is one you should follow to support your practice of self-care and self-acceptance. A piece of advice, inspiration quote, or illustration can have a huge impact on your day. 

Girls’ Night In

We all have preconceived notions about what self-care should look like: spending time with friends, treating yourself to a nice meal, putting on a face mask, etc.

But self-care can look different for everybody. And true self-expression is going to look completely different for different people on Instagram.

Girl’s Night In has created a space for introverts and homebodies. On this Instagram account, you can find advice for self-care and ways to celebrate yourself and your mental health at home. One can appreciate Girls’ Night In especially around the time of the pandemic, as most of us have had to learn how to care for ourselves in isolation. 

Let these Instagram accounts cleanse your mental health

Whether you consider yourself happy and healthy or not, surrounding yourself with a positive environment undoubtedly supports your well-being. Social media is an environment we constantly find ourselves in, so this principle applies just the same. 

One way to ensure that your experience on Instagram is a healthy one is to post and consume what lifts you up. We hope that you can find comfort and positivity in these Instagram accounts or others you may follow.