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Under the radar: 10 artists below 100k listeners to watch out for in 2022

In the digital age of music distribution, overabundance is a blessing and a curse.

Listeners have no shortage of fresh, interesting music to listen to, but hidden gems are often buried, lost in the shuffle of weekly releases. What about under-the-radar artists, going unheard by the masses?

Small, independent artists make some of today’s most exciting and forward-thinking music, but a lack of promotion can keep their music from reaching the ears of potential fans.

In the spirit of friendly recommendation, here are 10 talented artists carving out their own unique stations in the music industry.

These artists come from disparate genres– you can find sounds you know you’ll like, and expand your palate along the way.

Angel Bat Dawid

Instagram: @angeltheoracle

Listeners: 31,000

Genre: Avant Garde Jazz

Spotify: Top Tracks

Angel Bat Dawid sings, speaks, and screams if she needs to, expressing herself over a bold, cascading soundscape of horns and drums.

She is unafraid to lean into abrasive sounds to convey the pressing need for black liberation, stirring and surprising her audience.

Mel Bryant and the Mercy Makers

Instagram: @melbryantmusic

Listeners: 39,000

Genre: Alternative Rock / Folk

Spotify: Top Tracks

Mel Bryant and the Mercy Makers are a three-piece group from Nashville, Tennessee, cooking up a fresh blend of folk, rock, and pop.

Their confessional lyrics release the frustrations of adult life over raging, insistent guitar lines. Their songs are cathartic and honest.

Honey Butter

Instagram: @honeybuttertheband

Listeners: 59,000

Genre: Indie Pop

Spotify: Top Tracks

An EP and a series of singles have established Honey Butter’s style: smooth, clean pop grooves, overlaid with bright vocals.

All in all, a glossy, promising beginning, smooth and clear as water. Catch them on the way up!

Blood Incantation

Listeners: 32,000

Genre: Death Metal / Dark Ambient

Spotify: Top Tracks

Shifting from their prior sound, which was death metal woven with strands of psychedelic rock, Blood Incantation’s recent record “Timewave Zero” unfurls a dark, subdued ambient soundscape.

This bold shift in sound might foreshadow a future untethered to the genre, which is all the more reason to keep an eye on them.


Instagram: @sobshaha

Listeners: 39,000

Genre: Dream Pop

Spotify: Top Tracks

Singapore-based trio Sobs showcases shimmering layers of sound on their debut “Catflap”, a collection of silky dream-pop tunes fringed with intricate guitar plucking.

The hazy vocals and laidback melodies are easy to drift through, but there’s plenty of complexity for the attuned ear to enjoy.


Instagram: @Maassai

Listeners: 1,700

Genre: Rap / Hip Hop

Spotify: Top Tracks

Maassai delivers a thoughtful, raw perspective on life with her 2021 album, “With the Shifts”.

The beats are fuzzy and faded, infused with jazz and grit; her rap is peppered with clear-eyed observations on generational trauma, spiritual growth, and activism.

Jane Inc.

Instagram: @janeincmusic

Listeners: 7,600

Genre: Disco / Electronic / Pop

Spotify: Top Tracks

Carlyn Bezic, known for her work with U.S. Girls and duo group Ice Cream, brings fans a new solo project with Jane Inc.

Her 2022 project, “Faster Than I Can Take”, offers meditations on post-industrial life through glitchy, glistening synths, with elements of disco and rock.

Blanck Mass

Instagram: @blanckmass

Listeners: 44,000

Genre: Dance / Industrial Electronic

Spotify: Top Tracks

Get ready for grimy, pulse-racing beats that border on gruesome. Blanck Mass’s electronic sound is explosive and packed with character, using chopped vocal samples and ambient basslines.

The listener can never safely know what to expect: the music has moments both overpowering and quietly unnerving.

Marquis Hill

Instagram: @mhillsounds

Listeners: 29,000

Genre: Jazz

Spotify: Top Tracks

Marquis Hill’s dizzying technical skill has brought him acclaim as one of the most talented jazz trumpeters alive today.

Most notably, his Modern Flows series catapults classic jazz structures and sounds into the contemporary landscape, bringing hip hop and R&B influences to post-bop beats.

Royal Coda

Instagram: @royal.coda

Listeners: 81,000

Genre: Post Hardcore

Spotify: Top Tracks

Kurt Travis, the vocalist of Dance Gavin Dance fame, has lent his talent to Royal Coda’s expanding catalog of work.

These post-rock songs are driving, exciting, and packed to bursting with memorable riffs. The group shows great coordination and each layer of sound fits together seamlessly.

Smart Ways Musicians Can Sell Their Music in 2022

Today, there are more ways than ever before for musicians to take control of their work and make money from it without the need for studio bosses, record labels, and the like to act as middlemen.

From making the most of merchandising opportunities to live streaming to selling NFTs, the sky is the limit right now in terms of the potential of bands and solo artists to monetize their output and secure investment if they’re new on the scene.

Sell Royalty-Free Music

Musicians can make money by selling their work as royalty-free music, which can be used by people who want to find music for their promotional videos, for example, or an online advertisement.

This is usually done by signing up to a platform specializing in the selling of royalty-free music; when your track is bought, you’ll receive a percentage of the sale price from the platform. 

This can be an easy, passive way to make money from a track that you’ve written, especially for the royalty-free market, that has the potential to continue to generate revenue for years to come.

Create and Sell NFT

The term music NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token and relates to a digitalized, unique item. In contrast to their Fungible cousins, NFTs can’t be exchanged for an item of the same value – each token is totally unique.

They are an effective way to establish or confirm ownership, too: NFTs are underpinned by blockchain technology, and as such, they provide rock-solid proof of this ownership.

An NFT could be the one-off digital version of an album, alternative album artwork, or an unreleased track; they can also relate to experiences, such as a backstage pass at a certain concert.

Many artists like NFTs because they represent a way to connect directly with their fans; this can lead to some important symbiotic relationships.

For example, a fan could invest in the new band they love by buying an NFT – as well as injecting funds into the band; this NFT could be a very lucrative investment if the act makes it big. All parties win!

Use Dropshipping to Sell Merchandise

Selling merchandise isn’t just a great way for bands and solo artists to make money from the actual items up for sale but an important way to boost music sales. Dropshipping can be a good way for small or newly emerging musicians to cash in.

This method of selling means that the operation is undertaken by a third-party company that specializes in this model; the band or artist doesn’t need to keep the product or stock or even handle it directly, as this is all taken care of by the dropshipping company.

And if you need any more convincing? Today, up to 35% of a band’s generated revenue is via sales of merchandise.

Get on a Streaming Platform

It’s a great idea for musicians to get their tracks on a popular streaming platform to make money from their work, as well as to help get them noticed.

Streaming is becoming one of the main ways that people discover new music, so making sure the music is there to be discovered in the first place is crucial!

While musicians will only receive a tiny amount of money per stream, this can quickly add up – especially if your track suddenly surges in popularity.

Make the Most of Live Streaming 

Musicians can also use live streaming to sell their work – plus, it allows them to play to audiences worldwide. Bands and solo artists can use live stream shows to raise money through the sales of tickets and by using online tip jars.

To get an idea of just how lucrative live streaming can be, in the first six months of the pandemic, the platform Bandzoogle generated around $400,000 from these events.

Licensing Opportunities

Getting a track or a selection of music featured in a film, TV show, or advertisement means that musicians will likely be entitled to receive a licensing fee.

These fees can vary a great deal, and you’ll need to ensure that, legally, you fully understand the details of any licensing agreement before signing a contract.

Use Youtube

Making the most of Youtube to sell music can be a very lucrative idea indeed. As well as using the platform to grow an audience, if an artist’s music is used in any video that runs ads, Youtube pays some of the advertising revenue generated to the rights holder of the track.

Some bands use the services of a digital distributor to help them ensure they’re collecting all the money they’re entitled to, and to capitalize, where possible, on this market.

Back to Basics

And it’s not just through innovative new means and methods that musicians can sell their work. There’s a big market for vinyl now, and pressing a small run of records can create a valuable artifact that fans will want to own while potentially bringing in some substantial funds.

Live performances, session work, and publishing royalties are all ‘traditional’ methods that remain an effective way for musicians to get their creations out into the world while making money.

Hot weather essentials

Hot weather essentials: 8 new ways to survive music festivals all summer

The music festival survival season is just kicking off which means one thing: it’s about to be hot AF and you need essential gear to enjoy the full experience. So the question is what are the best hot weather essentials you need to have on deck to survive?

Don’t worry. We got you covered!

It’s no secret that climate change is to blame so you’d better enjoy this sh*t before it’s literally too hot to pull up anymore! Heat exhaustion is a real thing and once you mixed crowds and an endless vacuum of reggie smoke, you are going to need more than just water.

Hot weather essentials are needed to survive music festivals

Here are 8 carefully curated hot weather essentials and gear for your next music festival that will keep you cooler. Enjoy the summer music festival season and stay safe!

Hooded Head Towel

head towel music festival essential

Topping our music festival survival gear guide is the hodded sports head towel.

This hooded sports head towel can be used anywhere. Not only will you look like Doctor Strange in the middle of the mosh pit but you’ll have full hooded coverage which is necessary when the sun is beaming.

The breathable cotton perfectly insulates you from your neck to forehead and regulates your body temperature in the blazing heat.

Portable USB Fan

portable fan music festival

This portable USB fan might look like a giant vape but you can actually use it to keep you cool while you vape.

There’s nothing worst than running out of batteries when you’re outside so the USB port for charging is clutch. This is a hot weather essential for any music festival this summer.

Yeti Rambler

yeti water bottle music festival

One of the biggest challenges at any festival is keeping your “water” cool. Do yourself a favor and invest in a Rambler by Yeti.

Yeah, you can find a more inexpensive option out there but trust us that you’ll be using this bottle for a long time. Probably for the rest of your music festival-going life!

Chill Pal Cooling Towel

towel hot weather essential

The Chill Pal Cooling Towel might be the greatest invention you never knew you needed. You might need an ice bucket (or at least cool water) for this one but having this on deck during the sweltering heat is a must.

Cooling Vest

cooling relief vest

You can really get your Druski on and cop a whole cooling vest with 4 ice packs. Look at this as a fire extinguisher. You never know when you’re gonna need that sh*t! All you have to do is load it before you head out and you’ll be good for a few hours.

Cooling Wristbands

wristband hot weather essential

Two words: cooling wristbands. Not only does the cooling on the wrist keep you more insulated but you can use it to wipe away any sweat that may get in your eyes.

These wristbands are more than necessary hot weather essential. All you gotta do is throw some cool water on them when they dry out again and you’re good to go!

UV Umbrella

umbrella hot weather essential

Bringing a UV umbrella to a festival might sound a little aggressive but just listen. The sun doesn’t play games and this is hot weather gear that will come in handy.

You never know what conditions you’ll be heading into but being prepared in case of any monsoons or direct sunlight will have you doing crazy things.

Evaporative Cooling Dew Rag

dew rag

If you ever wondered if they make du-rags for white people the answer is yes. Yes, they do.

Now, this may take the right fit to really pull off otherwise you might end up looking like a construction worker. Who cares though when you’re head top is perfectly insulated?

This is why this sus dew rag closes out our hot weather essentials and music festival survival guide.

The future of music NFTS is here

Music NFTs are one of the fastest-growing branches within the NFT realm. If you’ve been closely following NFT news, you surely came across a wide range of original, bold, creative, and even downright crazy NFT drops.

From memes to bored apes, to artwork signed by Stan Lee—there’s no end to the ways in which NFTs can be applied, dropped, and promoted. Of course, NFTs aren’t limited to digital art. It’s fair game for any digital asset, including music.

The Kings of Leon was the first band to release an album as an NFT, featuring tokens that unlock special perks such as special albums, limited-edition vinyl, exclusive art, and front row seats to future concerts—for life.

When NFT’s become musical, and profitable

According to an article on CoinDesk, “Bajan rapper Haleek Maul made $226,800 in music NFT sales on Catalog, while his annualized Spotify earnings are just $178.” Maul went on to tell CoinDest that he “…made 81 ETH from five Catalog sales, which at the time was worth more than $250,000.”

The element of profitability doesn’t necessarily have to be limited to the creators themselves. The holders can also get a piece of the pie, as in the case of UK-based FRESHA Records.

FRESHA Records is the combined entity of legendary UK 90’s dance labels, Fresh and Freskanova Records, to celebrate 30 years of dance hits. On March 25, the combined entity will release a collection of royalty-share (LDA) NFTs, dubbed 90’s NOW, based on some of the labels’ all-time biggest chart and club hits.

FRESHA will tokenize 10 classic singles and 2 albums as NFTs for the collection on the OpenSea marketplace, including some of the labels’ all-time biggest hits. 

Holders of the NFTs will be entitled to a 10-year royalty share of the proceeds generated from the source song or album, earned at an annual rate of 15% net prorated all label income and label share, excluding publishing.

The future of music NFTs

This just might be the dawn of a new era in the NFT space, serving as a win-win for everyone in the music industry, from labels to artists, to holders.

It’s safe to say that music NFTs have come a long way since their early days, which mainly consisted of an underground following made up of producers, DJs, and other players in the music industry itself.

It has gone on to become a transformative force, which also creates dialogue as it unites each respective fanbase on Discord who shares the same passion. As stated in TIME magazine, “Before, your fanbase couldn’t be in the label meetings with you. But now we all are the label together.”

There is still plenty of room for disruption for music NFTs because even remixes can be incentivized as an upgradable NFT.

According to the digital agency Blue Manakin, “Upgradable NFTs open the possibility of more efficient distribution of music, that does not have to go through intermediaries and that facilitates the creation of exclusive material, collaborations, and remixes, without the legal implications that often arise.”  

Considering all the opportunities that have yet to be tapped, we have barely scratched the surface of the potential of music NFTs.

Sports and Music: The Relationship and Benefit

Numerous sports athletes rely on music to help them achieve the optimal mentality for training and competition. The issue is, how effective is music in enhancing an athlete’s performance? For many athletes, the answer is VERY.

Slow-tempo music might persuade individuals to remain longer in a game. This implies that when you play at FanDuel Casino, for example, you may put more bets and play for longer periods than while listening to music with a quicker tempo.

Music has been found in recent research to aid athletes in reducing tiredness, increasing their pain tolerance, and improving their mood and motivation.

Additionally, sports athletes who listen to the right music can filter out terror and concern and, in certain situations, refocus their attention on emotions of confidence and achievement.

Coaches have recently increased their use of music in their training programs as a technique to ease the experience of difficult and sometimes tedious physical exercise. 

One strategy for improving team performance is for the coach to utilize inspiring or uplifting music during high-intensity training and quieter music during rest intervals. Music must be changed constantly, and athletes should be polled to determine their musical preferences. 

Coaches may be more successful by having each athlete construct and listen to a playlist of their favorite music for certain sections of their training and visualizing the impact of each song at those periods.

Both music and athletics provide invaluable skills and advantages that not only enhance one’s lifestyle but also complement one another. 

Musical training has been shown to enhance physical coordination and motor skill abilities, and vice versa, that being an athlete may help musicians improve their skills and performances.

While there’s presently no research on the outcomes of those who study music and sport concurrently, some fascinating discoveries provide musicians and athletes insight into how to elevate their performances.

The following are some examples of how music might improve athletic performance for athletes during training and competition:

  • Music that’s viewed as motivating has been shown to boost ratings of perceived effort (RPE), motivation, and arousal.
  • Music has been shown to motivate athletes to strive harder during exercise and for longer durations until they fail.
  • Because music’s rhythmical properties elicit a strong reaction, one might increase their skill and coordination of their kinetic chain.
  • Stimulating music has been shown to impact positive self-talk and “in the zone” (flow state) states.
  • Music may affect the heart rate in two ways: it can slightly increase it with stimulative music, or calm it down with sedative music.

Is music always the answer to enhanced performance and training? No. Music has been demonstrated to reduce an athlete’s attention span while they are learning new abilities. Additionally, the effects of music are contingent upon how athletes relate to their surroundings. 

Certain athletes want to be associated with everything in their surroundings, while others prefer, and even need, diversions or means to disassociate themselves from a large portion of their environment.

Music has been demonstrated to aid sports athletes who need to disconnect from their surroundings (and, in many instances, their views of their environment).

As an adult, combining music and athletics may open up several opportunities for developing one’s talent and satisfaction in one’s chosen line of employment.

For what seem to be two opposed areas of enjoyment, music and sport are more connected and create the ideal balance for improving and optimizing one’s life.

In general, all sports athletes are advised to include music in their evaluations of their training and competitive experiences.

Listen up: Some of the best sports podcasts you need to hear

What’s your favorite sports podcast?

Sport is best enjoyed visually, as our eyes and brains are able to process the intricate tactical decisions, glorious passing movements, and outstanding moments of individual brilliance incredibly quickly.

However, many fans are not able to make it to live events, or watch games on TV, for a number of reasons, so they, therefore, rely on the audio commentary, such as live radio, to follow along with the action.

There are some absolutely fabulous commentators out there, who do much more than just describe what is happening in front of them. They are also able to give us the context of these events and focus on the bigger picture than just what they’re seeing.

If you’ve got a long drive coming up in the next few weeks, and have to schedule it during your team playing live, find the radio station that is broadcasting it, and sit back and enjoy.

Of course, these days live radio isn’t the only audio medium that we can listen to hear all about sport. In the past 15 years, podcasts have become an essential part of our everyday lives.

They can be listened to in your own time, meaning people will often tune in to their favorite shows when they are traveling to work, whilst exercising, or whilst trying to go to sleep.

The range of sports podcasts varies widely. Some will recap recent games. Some will focus on specific teams. Some will talk about the best sportsbooks for finding odds on live games. Whatever you like to listen to, there will be a podcast out there for you.

We will attempt to cover some of the best podcasts out there, for each of the major sports. Many of you will have heard them already, but these can act as great entry points for people who are new to the world of sports podcasts.

sports podcasts

What’s your go-to sports podcast for American football?

It’s a huge sport, so obviously it is tough to choose between the hundreds of NFL podcasts out there. There is of course an official NFL one, but we don’t want to choose that. Instead, why not give The Ringer NFL Show a listen. It comes out several times a week, with the first show breaking down all the weekend’s action, whilst the mid-week edition focuses more on the wider NFL stories.

It has some great hosts in Kevin Clark and Jason Goff and has former NFL players such as James Jones and Ryan Shazier give their insights too. It is a great listen, whether you have a passing interest or burning passion for the NFL.

Keeping up to date with soccer podcasts

Where to start? There are a number of great shows that recap the action several times a week, such as Football Weekly and The Totally Football Show. The Athletic has a number of shows, some more general ones, whilst others focus on specific teams. 

Then there are also some soccer podcasts that don’t take things too seriously, such as the Athletico Mince, hosted by Bob Mortimer, or Quickly Kevin, Will He Score?, hosted by Josh Widdicombe. Both are very funny shows and explore a very different side to the world of soccer.

Why are you including a sport that we’ve barely heard of, let alone watched? Yes, many people in North America or parts of Europe have never gotten into cricket, but there are 2 billion other people on the planet who absolutely adore it. It is the second most viewed sport in the world, so there are certainly a huge number of cricket podcast fans out there.

Given it is an English sport, it is fitting that two of the best podcasts come from the BBC. The Test Match Special podcasts perfectly blend the main highlights of the days’ action, with some of the best cricket commentators on the planet, as well as interviews with former players and celebrity fans.

TMS is the more traditional choice, whereas Tailenders is aimed at a younger crowd. Radio DJ Greg James is joined by musician Felix White and the world’s greatest fast bowler Jimmy Anderson to talk about the world of cricket, Jimmy’s experiences, and muck around making fun of each other. Once you ‘get it’, you’ll be a fan for life.

Baseball fans love a good sports podcast

With the World Series going down to the wire, baseball fans will be eager to find a podcast to listen to, so that they are kept up to date with all the recent goings-on.

Baseball Tonight, a spin-off of the ESPN TV show is one that you can’t afford to miss. Hosted by Buster Olney, he perfectly mixes the hot topics, his own views, and listener interaction, to make a very listenable podcast. It is an absolute must for anyone who is a fan of America’s pastime.


Our favorite NBA players are bumping this music before games

NBA players inspire us daily but what music are they listening to in order reach the highest level of focus?

Music can have an incredibly powerful effect on both our bodies and on our brains. If you need to concentrate whilst working, classical music has been known to help maintain focus.

If you are going out for a run, or any exercise that requires you to maintain a constant rhythm, finding dance music that has the right beats per minute has been proven to be incredibly effective. If you are hosting a dinner party and you want to create a chilled-out atmosphere amongst your guests, soft jazz could be the way forward.

Nerves can affect anyone before an important meeting or event, especially for those people who find these sorts of situations uncomfortable.

That is why it can be useful to get the adrenaline pumping and to go into these challenges head-on and feel energized, instead of meekly showing up. That is why fast music, such as rock, heavy metal, or rap, can be effective genres to try out in these sorts of situations.

Professional athletes aren’t immune to these sorts of nerves. In fact, some of them will have to go through this sort of process on a semi-weekly basis, as they will have numerous important fixtures to contend with each week.

That is why the locker room is off-limits to fans and the press, as it is seen as a sanctuary for the players to get into the right headspace, so they can focus on the game itself, and ignore everything else around them.

While post-game the locker room will probably have music being blared out from a loudspeaker, beforehand most players will have their own headphones in, listening to their music of choice.

Ever wondered what music it is that athletes, such as NBA players are listening to before they run out onto the court?

It is something fans and bettors will be considering when they are searching for sports betting odds on the NBA, as they want to place bets on players and teams who clearly look pumped up for the game, which will be directly influenced by the type of music they listen to pregame.

nba players music

Let’s see if we can’t uncover a little more information on this topic.

A few years ago, the NBA asked the teams who had made it to the playoffs to have some of their players share a few songs each, so fans could get a good idea of what was pumping through their headphones before these big crunch games.

A lot of the same artists cropped up, such as Kendrick Lamar, Jay-Z, N.W.A and 2 Pac. Justin Timberlake and Rihanna also made frequent appearances, as did 50 Cent and Lil Wayne. Given how popular the hip hop/ rap/ r&b genres are these days, it is no surprise to see them being mentioned so often by the current top NBA players. 

That’s not to say that other genres aren’t represented at all. J.J. Redick, the former shooting guard for the Philadelphia 76ers and the Orlando Magic was more into alternative rock, stating that he listened to bands such as Alt-J, Silversun Pickups, and Imagine Dragons before each game.

Rock music was certainly a more popular genre 20 years ago, but it’s good to see that some players still use it to get them motivated for a big game.

If LeBron is listening to it, it clearly works

LeBron James has arguably been the best NBA player for the past 15 to 20 years. He has won the NBA championship 4 times, in 2012, 2013, 2016, and 2020.

Not only that, but he has also been named as the NBA MVP on 4 separate occasions, in 2009, 2010, 2012 and 2013. So clearly he knows what he is doing on the basketball court, as fans of the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Miami Heat, or the LA Lakers will attest to.

Therefore, his pregame playlist, which he shared with people back in 2017, should certainly be listened to by anyone who needs to get the blood pumping before a big event.

The playlist, available on Apple Music, contains a lot of hip-hop and rap, from artists such as 2 Chainz, the Notorious B.I.G, and SZA. It is interesting to see a number of Drake songs on there too.

In fact, Drake was one of the most popular artists for a lot of the NBA players who shared their playlists, so clearly his music is just right for getting in the mood.

However, given that Drake is a huge Toronto Raptors fan, we’re not sure how happy he would be to see his songs used to inspire players who often do so well against his beloved team!

LoFi music

LoFi music, mental health, and its beautiful impact on its listeners

LoFi music has made a huge splash on the internet during the start of the pandemic, especially with mental health.

As people attempted to find new ways to focus and relieve stress while adjusting to a new work-from-home environment, Lo-Fi music steps in to bring in sounds that create the perfect ambiance for a stress-free productive environment.

According to Discovery Mazingine’s “ Why, LoFi Music Draws Listeners In” it defines Lofi as “ ‘ ‘low-fidelity,’ a term for music where you can hear imperfections that would typically be considered errors in the recording process …those ‘mistakes’ become an intentional part of the listening experience.”

The kind of music is rooted in no vocals, jazz sounds, bass and snare drums in a boom bat rhythm, and natural ambiance sound in everyday life coming together to create a beat that hits the sweet spot of not being over the top and not too slow which is perfect for stimulation.

One person highly credited for this style of creating beats is J Dilla a rapper/ producer from Detriot, who rose in the underground Hip-hop scene during the 90s.

He was highly respected in the hip-hop community and worked with big names like Erykah Badu, Tribe Called Quest, QTip, Common, etc. At the time of his last and most accredited work Donuts (2006) dropped, he was in the hospital due to complications with lupus.

He passed away after his 33rd Birthday. Most of what is listened to as Lo-fI music today has his musical legacy all over it.

These particular type of study/stress-free playlists is popular on platforms like SoundCloud, Youtube, and Spotify.

According to’s “ The science behind the ‘beats to study to’ craze” Brain.FM’s company director Kevin Woods, who also holds a Ph.D. in auditory neuroscience was quoted stating:

“​​Good focus music has no vocals, no strong melodies, ‘dark’ spectrum, dense texture, minimal salient events (more on that later), heavy spatialization, a steady pulse, sub-30-200Hz modulation, and above 10-20Hz modulation… Ideally, focus music is going to have a drive and energy. You want a sense of motion in the music, not just something light and airy”

When it comes to mental health, there have been studies that correlate the kind of music that is listened to, and the arousal state you are in. A medium post by Elisabeth Sherman referenced this study created by a member of the Cambridge brain sciences team in 2017, Tram Nguyen.

Nguyen was quoted in the piece stating “ ‘High-arousal’ music often has more distinct events per unit of time than low-arousal music, potentially making it more distracting, because the listener is more focused on processing the music rather than the task at hand.”

The overall study proved that “low-arousal negative music — music with low tempos and minor chord melodies, which are usually associated with despondency and sadness — improved memory performance the most.”

This kind of music does have the potential to block out intrusive noise through aural cocooning which is when a sound is repetitive and predictable enough to tune extra noise.

This kind of music also creates sound spatialization. This means the music has an element that hears as although it’s actually in the same room compared to the way hear through regular headphones. The rhythm and repetition of these beats create a stimulating environment. This can also help with cognitive issues.

Although there are some studies, there isn’t anything overly stating that Lo-Fi can be a fixer helper for mental health. LoFi music’s ability to create a calm and chilling atmosphere is something that overall can help regulate your mental health and emotions throughout work and everyday tasks.

1. Lofi Girl

2. ChillHop

Relaxing Music Genres

Here are the 5 Most Relaxing Music Genres Revealed

There is a reason why babies fall asleep after listening to lullabies; these soft, easy tunes help them relax. The power that music has over our minds doesn’t suddenly change as soon as we enter adulthood, so music still can be used to help us relax and even fall asleep if that is the goal. Here are the top 5 most relaxing music genres.

Reggae music is still relaxing the world

Reggae music is one of the most soothing, uplifting, and therapeutic music genres to listen to and there is really never a bad time to start listening. Wherever you are in the world, reggae can add a relaxing and chilled vibe to the atmosphere, including beach bars in Bali or even when played at weddings and other celebrations towards the end of the night.

For great reggae artists, you don’t have to look much further than the iconic Bob Marley. However, in recent years many talented new reggae artists have been producing great music.

Once you find a love for this relaxing and soothing style of music, you will start to understand that reggae music is also about culture, with other areas of it seeping into your life, such as the style of dancing you adopt and the cuisine you begin to indulge in.

We always look to Smooth Jazz

Jazz music has been proven to be so relaxing that it can actually be used to cure your body. The smooth, slow beats help to lower your respiratory rate and heart rate to a more healthy beats per minute measurement, such as Blue in Green by Miles Davis, at 55 BPM, and Almost Blue by Chet Baker, at 56 BPM.

This can help to dramatically reduce stress and even help to recover from a stroke by improving verbal memory, focus, and mood, with one study proving that jazz music increased a listener’s verbal memory by 60%. Furthermore, jazz music can provide natural pain relief for conditions such as migraine headaches and reduce chronic pain when listened to daily.

Country music can be relaxing?

There are different styles of country music to listen to such as country-pop and country-rock, however, the most relaxing kind is certainly classic country.

Listening to country music will make you chill out and focus on the easy lyrics of the song so that you can escape from any stresses of the day. As much as country music is relaxing, it is also fun, and you can find yourself often tapping your foot along to the rhythm quite quickly, helping to boost your mood and feel happier.

Classical and Ambient music has become a go to

Classical music is relaxing in a much more soothing way since it doesn’t have any substantial ups and downs to get you excited and is generally quite slow and flowy.

Ambient music such as the sounds of running water and whale noises have also been renowned for having a positive effect on relaxing people’s minds, with these sounds the first choice for getting relaxed before a poker game for players like Negreanu.

Next time you feel like you need to calm down and just relax, try one of these top 5 relaxing music genres to help soothe your mind and body. 

St. Louis bred, LA based artist Brandyn Burnette

As we slowly come out of these unprecedented pandemic times, it was an honor to sit down with Saint Louis-born singer-songwriter Brandyn Burnette to talk about his upcoming EP “F.A.T.E” and the rollercoaster that is life.

The St. Louis artist spoke of how he continued to develop his sound stronger than ever when the pandemic hit. But much like everyone else, he was forced to do things differently.

“The music industry shut down.”

Brandyn Burnette

Before the pandemic hit, Burnette was spending a lot of time in studios. And was starting to build a new sound, after recently signing with a new management team.

“I’m very social,” he explained.

“I love hanging out with friends, love being in the studio, giving and feeding off energy to my collaborators. Before people started getting into zoom, the music industry pretty much shut down. All my sessions got canceled, trips to other countries, songwriting camps… So it was pretty hard, early on, just navigating life indoors.”

Brandyn Burnette

But within those doors, Burnette had recently gotten into a new relationship which revealed itself to be truly inspiring. “I had so much to pull from…” he said.

From going outside mindlessly to suddenly being stuck inside, we were all confronted with this unpredictably insane amount of time to spend with the same people. Brandyn explained how grateful he was to thrive as a pair with his newfound love in that unprecedented setting.

Making music in a digital space

Music is a feeling and energy-based art form and there was definitely something strange about engaging through a screen when it became the only way to create.

“It was a whole new world to navigate,” Burnette explained.

Before that, working with other writers, producers, musicians, “you’d get excited, you could feel it in the room.” Indeed, the digital universe presents a whole new set of challenges.

But the singer-songwriter embraced it: he could work with new collaborators and find comfort in recording from home.

“It felt like a safe space to kind of like explore and to try out different sounds or write about different parts of my life. Some of it was very personal, about what I was experiencing, being somebody who loves being around people, and suddenly being alone with myself.”

Brandyn Burnette

Sources of inspiration

No artist this year wanted to find themselves writing only a series of COVID-related songs about being in lockdown. And simultaneously, human as we are, there came a point where we just couldn’t get on another Zoom call.

So what are you left with to put into a song? Burnette shared those exact frustrations but sought inspiration from them.

“I started finding myself writing about what I wanted life to be like, which was interesting because I’m usually writing about what life is like. But, you know, I had those memories in the back of my head, so I started thinking about what it was going to be like when things opened up again. It was definitely challenging creatively.”

Brandyn Burnette

Grateful for his creative outlet though, whether on Zoom, FaceTime or simply at home, the artist found peace in just being able to make a song.

“I was expressing myself and it really helped with my anxiety… Without knowing where the world was gonna be, with tons of people getting sick around me, people losing loved ones, it was [a] very dark time. But to be able to pump up some creativity and kind of still keep moving through that was amazing, it really got me through… Writing songs got me through COVID.”

F.A.T.E (From Anxiety To Euphoria)

Not only did writing songs help Burnette deal with daily life during the pandemic, it led him to his new, upcoming project: a 7-track EP called “F.A.T.E.,” put together entirely during his time in lockdown working with different producers and musicians from home (including B-Sams).

“I’m so glad to be an artist in this day and age because I feel like a lot of artists are taking more risks and collaborating more with others outside of their genre.”

Brandyn Burnette

The non-conformity in genre is something that is as present as ever in this upcoming project. Pulling from genres that accompanied him throughout his life, he’s kept with him a mentality he learned from his first ever collaborator, the multi-talented musician Jon Bellion.

Burnette constantly finds himself breaking boundaries and doesn’t limit himself to what his music can be; and he still creates his distinct sound palette.

The journey from “anxiety” to “euphoria” reflects the emotional shift he experienced between broken heart and new love, and all those months in between. He explained it ultimately as an “epiphany moment”, when falling in love pulls you out of the darkness.

“F.A.T.E” is about coming out of extreme sadness and anxiety, into a whirlwind of serotonin and euphoria with somebody new.”

Brandyn Burnette about his upcoming EP

For Brandyn Burnette, it is all about being 100% present

As he continues to create, the ever-evolving Saint Louis musician is digging for even greater levels of honesty than he recently achieved.

Admitting to spending time under the influence, as it is often conceived and true of the music industry, Burnette recently said goodbye to having a foggy mind and somewhat distorted thoughts. After 5 years of smoking regularly with his former partner, he did feel connected to his music but “not super connected to myself,” he said. “So I decided to live a sober life.”

Writing with a clear head is allowing him to dive into deeper parts of himself and tell his story in a clearer way. “It lets me explore things I’ve gone through that I used to think weren’t cool to put in my music but that are actually really important to talk about. Things I never really explored before, because I wasn’t in the best headspace to do so.”

Rather than glamorizing drinking or smoking as he might have done, the singer-songwriter is looking to dig into more personal things such as overcoming anxiety and other mental health issues, peer pressure, and continue writing to help those around him through hard times.

“My emotions are at the surface of my body now.”

Brandyn Burnette

It is a challenge, because of the environment that the entertainment industry provides. But as Brandyn explains, “I’m excited see what it’s like to write about life, without something distorting my headspace. Sometimes it’s painful, but it’s thrusting me towards more honest songwriting.”

Stay tuned for more from Brandyn Burnette

If you haven’t heard them yet, Burnette recently released two of the singles from his upcoming EP “F.A.T.E (From Anxiety To Euphoria): “Addicted” and “Punching Bag”. But there’s more coming.

His new single “Swish” is out today. You can stream it now to get lost in his fresh groove.

And take a minute to follow him on social media and more, and stay tuned for his EP “F.A.T.E” coming to all platforms soon.