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Hot weather essentials

Hot weather essentials: 8 new ways to survive music festivals all summer

The music festival survival season is just kicking off which means one thing: it’s about to be hot AF and you need essential gear to enjoy the full experience. So the question is what are the best hot weather essentials you need to have on deck to survive?

Don’t worry. We got you covered!

It’s no secret that climate change is to blame so you’d better enjoy this sh*t before it’s literally too hot to pull up anymore! Heat exhaustion is a real thing and once you mixed crowds and an endless vacuum of reggie smoke, you are going to need more than just water.

Hot weather essentials are needed to survive music festivals

Here are 8 carefully curated hot weather essentials and gear for your next music festival that will keep you cooler. Enjoy the summer music festival season and stay safe!

Hooded Head Towel

head towel music festival essential

Topping our music festival survival gear guide is the hodded sports head towel.

This hooded sports head towel can be used anywhere. Not only will you look like Doctor Strange in the middle of the mosh pit but you’ll have full hooded coverage which is necessary when the sun is beaming.

The breathable cotton perfectly insulates you from your neck to forehead and regulates your body temperature in the blazing heat.

Portable USB Fan

portable fan music festival

This portable USB fan might look like a giant vape but you can actually use it to keep you cool while you vape.

There’s nothing worst than running out of batteries when you’re outside so the USB port for charging is clutch. This is a hot weather essential for any music festival this summer.

Yeti Rambler

yeti water bottle music festival

One of the biggest challenges at any festival is keeping your “water” cool. Do yourself a favor and invest in a Rambler by Yeti.

Yeah, you can find a more inexpensive option out there but trust us that you’ll be using this bottle for a long time. Probably for the rest of your music festival-going life!

Chill Pal Cooling Towel

towel hot weather essential

The Chill Pal Cooling Towel might be the greatest invention you never knew you needed. You might need an ice bucket (or at least cool water) for this one but having this on deck during the sweltering heat is a must.

Cooling Vest

cooling relief vest

You can really get your Druski on and cop a whole cooling vest with 4 ice packs. Look at this as a fire extinguisher. You never know when you’re gonna need that sh*t! All you have to do is load it before you head out and you’ll be good for a few hours.

Cooling Wristbands

wristband hot weather essential

Two words: cooling wristbands. Not only does the cooling on the wrist keep you more insulated but you can use it to wipe away any sweat that may get in your eyes.

These wristbands are more than necessary hot weather essential. All you gotta do is throw some cool water on them when they dry out again and you’re good to go!

UV Umbrella

umbrella hot weather essential

Bringing a UV umbrella to a festival might sound a little aggressive but just listen. The sun doesn’t play games and this is hot weather gear that will come in handy.

You never know what conditions you’ll be heading into but being prepared in case of any monsoons or direct sunlight will have you doing crazy things.

Evaporative Cooling Dew Rag

dew rag

If you ever wondered if they make du-rags for white people the answer is yes. Yes, they do.

Now, this may take the right fit to really pull off otherwise you might end up looking like a construction worker. Who cares though when you’re head top is perfectly insulated?

This is why this sus dew rag closes out our hot weather essentials and music festival survival guide.

Best rap vinyl collection: Top 10 contemporary hip-hop albums you need

Is there such a thing as modern rap vinyl records worth having in 2022? With some of the most amazing hip-hop albums released over the past few years, the answer is yes!

For hip-hop heads who survived the SoundCloud era and still have a love for genuine creativity, these past few years have been a real Renaissance. In fact, there have been a handful of legendary projects released within the past 5 years that actually deserve that rap vinyl status treatment.

Some albums are so damn good that playing them on any current-day medium would be straight-up disrespectful. There’s something magical about taking a record out of the sleeve and spinning it the old school way.

In the past 5 years in particular we have seen the reign of artists like Kendrick, Cole, and Drake. The emergence of female emcees as well as new movements such as Brooklyn Drill and Griselda.

We also lost some legends but their work will carry on for generations to come. The best part is that there hasn’t been just one sound dominating. If you look outside of the trap scene you will find as diverse artistry as ever.

Modern rap vinyl records you need for your collection:

Tyler the Creator

tyler igor vinyl

Album: IGOR

Released: May 17, 2019

Run Time: 39:43

Tyler’s fifth studio album IGOR was a groundbreaking moment in his ever-evolving sound and career. Using elements of neo-soul, funk & R&B it’s hard to label this as just a rap album.

With features from Solange, Kanye West, Playboi Carti, and more, Tyler took home the Grammys’ 2020 Rap Album of the Year. The lead single “Earfquake” became his highest-charting single ever reaching #13 on the Billboard Top 100.

What made this album really stand out was the production (Tyler produced almost the entire thing) and sonics from the vocal layering that made this project stand out from many others. Plus its just really f*cking good!

Juice Wrld

juice wrld vinyl

Album: Death Race For Love

Released: March 8, 2019

Run Time: 72:04

Juice Wrld’s Death Race For Love was his last full body of work that he released before passing away in 2019.

With production by Hit-Boy, Boi-1da, and Rvssian (among others) and features by Brent Faiyaz, Young Thug and NBA Youngboy, Juice Wrld floats through the 22-track album with effortless melodies and raw emotion.

While the record is on the longer side, you get well-rounded tracks that show you many of the different styles and flows that made him one of the most exciting young talents in the game.

Young Dolph & Key Glock

young dolph vinyl

Album: Dum & Dummer 2

Released: March 26, 2021

Run Time: 60:20

Dum & Dummer 2 was the last joint project between Memphis legend Young Dolph and his artist/cousin Key Glock. While Dolph made his name on the independent scene through countless projects over the past decade, Key Glock emerged a star in his own right and is now the heir apparent.

With the second installment of this project, their chemistry, along with producer Bandplay, is on another level. Even if you’re not a big fan of trap music, their beat selections and insane punchlines made this an instant classic.

J. Cole

j cole vinyl

Album: The Off-Season

Released: May 14, 2021

Run Time: 39:03

There may be no more consistent rapper than J. Cole in the game today and his 2021 project The Off-Season proves that yet again. If he’s not running his label, destroying features, or hooping in Africa, he’s putting together another classic record to reset the game.

This cohesive 12-track album features production by Timbaland, DJ Dahi, Boi-1da, and appearances by 21 Savage, Lil Baby, and Morray just to name a few.

The opening track “9 5 . s o u t h” features production using a sample from Jay-Z’s “U Don’t Know” interpolated with a classic Lil Jon hook and Cam’ron adlibs. This sets the tone for the rest of the cinematic project including other hits like “m y . l i f e” and “p r i d e . i s . t h e . d e v i l”.

Pop Smoke

pop smoke vinyl

Album: Shoot For The Stars, Aim For The Moon

Released: July 3, 2020

Run Time: 56:41

Unfortunately, Pop Smoke was not around long enough to receive his flowers but when Shoot For The Stars, Aim For The Moon dropped five months after his passing, the whole world realized his enormous potential.

While the project had a lot more commercial appeal than his early projects, you can hear his uniqueness on every track as well as the versatility to sing and completely switch it up.

With dozens of features including 50 Cent, Future, Quavo, Lil Baby, and more, this album was one of the biggest things in music for an entire summer.


nas kings disease 2 vinyl

Album: King’s Disease 2

Released: August 6, 2021

Run Time: 51:25

One of the greatest musical outcomes of the Pandemic was the resurgence of Nas and no project better encapsulates this than King’s Disease 2.

Alongside superproducer Hit-Boy, the duo has gone on an epic run of projects that don’t look like it’s ending any time soon. Nas even won his first Grammy for Rap Album of the year for the first King’s Disease project.

KD2 goes just as hard. With features from Eminem, EPMD, and a rare appearance by Lauryn Hill, this is a must-own project.

Travis Scott

astroworld vinyl

Album: Astroworld

Released: August 3, 2018

Run Time: 58:33

Astroworld is the project that blasted Travis Scott into the stratosphere. His psychedelic brand of music took over hip-hop and with a tracklist packed with features, you can hear a melting pot of artistry.

The record features guest vocals from The Weeknd, Drake, Kid Cudi, and Frank Ocean, amongst many others, and production by Mike Dean, Hit-Boy, Tame Impala, Thundercat, and Scott himself.

Everything from the theme, tours, and marketing for this project was a legendary moment for hip-hop. Despite the unfortunate tragedies at Astroworld Festival in 2021, this is a must-cop on vinyl.

Kendrick Lamar

kendrick lamar damn vinyl

Album: DAMN.

Released: April 14, 2017

Run Time: 54:54

When Kendrick calls DAMN. the best album he’s ever put out, you know that he put his heart and soul into it.

Leaving off the world he painted in To Pimp A Butterfly, Kendrick channeled the moniker Kung Fu Kenny to deliver 14 strong tracks including “Humble”, “Element”, and “Loyalty” featuring Rihanna.

The album even became the first non-jazz or classical work to win the Pulitzer Prize for music because of the many themes shining a light on social justice. Taking home the 2018 Rap Album of the Year at the Grammys, it’s safe to say he did his damn thing.

Kanye West & Kid Cudi

kids see ghosts vinyl

Album: Kids See Ghosts

Released: June 8, 2018

Run Time: 23:50

Kids See Ghosts was the first (and hopefully not last) collaborative project between the super-duo of Kanye West and Kid Cudi.

The album is exactly what you get when you combine two of the greatest rapper-producers of all time. Yet they pushed themselves to create different sounds with a more progressive and experimental project.

With a quick 7 tracks, only a few vocal features, and a contemporary piece of art as the cover by Takashi Murakami, this is a modern rap vinyl that everyone must have in their collection.

Nipsey Hussle

Album: Victory Lap

Released: February 16, 2018

Run Time: 65:30

We had to save Victory Lap for last. Nipsey Hussle’s first studio album (after a prolific string of independent projects) was one for the ages.

If you know anything about Nipsey Hussle, you know that he is methodical in his approach to life, business, and music. Victory Lap is a testament to all of his ideas and beliefs. It’s also a celebration of how far he came.

When you listen to Victory Lap, you are basically listening to Nipsey’s life. This collaborative effort with producer Mike & Keys features vocal appearances by the likes of Cee Lo Green, Kendrick Lamar, Diddy, and more. This is an absolute must-own for any rap vinyl collector.

Here are the 7 must-have skincare products on Amazon that really work

Skincare is positioned at the center of a number of trends that have propelled its growth: the desire for self-care products, an interest in regimens and routines, and the empowerment that social media provides.

Even though it’s growing faster than any other part of the beauty industry, you can easily find the best skincare products at an affordable price.

24ct Gold Eye Patches

For under-eye puffiness and dark circles. You have probably seen a lot of celebrities using these and it works beyond words.  For $12 what do you have to lose?

Try it for yourself and you will love this go-to skincare essential.

gold eye patches

Green Tea Facial Toners

Korean skincare is the hottest trend and this has to be one of my favorites! It’s made from all organic products and green tea which is the best antioxidant.

It feels so silky and your skin drinks it up and the texture of your skin you will love.  You will notice the difference.  This will be a staple in your routine you will love it.

Green Tea Facial Toners

Botanical Sunscreen

This seals the deal from the sun damaging your precious skin.  The coverage is perfect and the skin can breathe.  SPF 50 too CeraVe is only 30 and that is the next best. 

I notice a big difference with this tinted sunscreen.  BTW, every dermatologist or esthetician suggests tinted sunscreen.  Protect the most important part of your skin, your face. 

botanical sunscreen

Anti-Aging Day Glow

Vitamin C is vital for fighting wrinkles and this Korean Beauty product is essential for your face for protection, first of all from free radicals.

This brightens your face as well as gives it all the important antioxidants and believe me you will see the difference. 

anti aging day glow

Pore Reducer Face Serum

This is a must-have for your routine and helps your face in so many ways anti inflammatory helps acne eczema protects your skin.  Minimizes pores which helps keep all the impurities out of your skin that float in the air.  You will notice the difference and see your skin look younger. 

This is the best deal at $11. For what you get it’s a steal!

Pore Reducer Day Glow

Collagen Full Face Facial Mask

Want to know how to get glowing skin? Masks are all the rage now but there are so many to choose from. Korean brands are known for having the best skin care products on the market and these masks have the reviews to prove it. The best part is that you can get 126 of these masks for $11.

What a deal!

collagen full facial mask

Pore Tightening & Lifting Pack

Eureka! This is one of the most amazing alternative masks out there. Unlike collagen masks that tighten your face, these remarkable packs and consistent effects on wrinkle improvements by providing elasticity to the skin.

Once you take this off you instantly see that your skin is tighter and so smooth your skin will feel like baby skin. Isn’t that what we all want?

Pore Tightening Lifting Pack

7 hidden security cameras to help you catch someone in the act

Indulge your Spy Kid dreams with these seven hidden security cameras to keep an eye out when you’re not around.

Whether you’re trying to catch a cheating partner in action or seeing what actually goes on when you leave your dog at home all day, these hidden cameras will fit into every corner of your room.

1. Hidden USB camera

hidden USB Camera

Protect your family, home, and personal property by discreetly monitoring activity with this hidden spy camera.

This USB spy camera automatically records and overwrites the oldest files when full, so there is no need to worry about lost recordings.

The surge-protected SD card slot prevents damage from voltage spikes, keeping the SD card from being corrupted.

2. Hidden surveillance camera

hidden USB Camera

3. Hidden hook camera

hidden hook camera

This hidden camera in a clothes hook is an excellent choice for home or office security. It does not have a light flash, which makes it ideal for covert use.

It does not require Wi-Fi in order to transmit data. When the camera is on and the mode button is pressed twice, it will start recording whenever it detects movement and stop when movement has ceased.

Video documents are automatically saved every 5 minutes in this mode. Unnecessary shots should be avoided to save space on the memory card.

4. Hidden key camera

hidden key camera

This mini camera is disguised as a car key. It has a 1080P HD lens and there is no light display, making it appear like an ordinary key on the outside.

When switched to video mode, it can record in either night or day modes, allowing for high quality videos to be recorded regardless of lighting conditions.

The spy camera has infrared night vision capabilities, allowing for clear footage in dark environments.

5. Hidden charger battery camera

hidden charger battery camera

Unique appearance design, this mini hidden spy camera looks like an everyday object and can be taken anywhere.

Its biggest feature is upgraded night vision, which allows four F5 infrared lights to provide auxiliary lighting for wider recording, and a mini hidden spy camera the infrared lights are invisible when you’re shooting.

This cam can intelligently detect movement and make shooting instantly, stop when there is no motion for a long time and save storage space.

6. Hidden 2 USB port camera

hidden 2 usb port camera

A hidden camera disguised as a USB slot in the middle of the charger, with a built-in Mini WiFi camera lens and dual USB slots.

The discreet security camera supports Wi-Fi remotely view real-time 1080P Full HD video with a viewing angle on your phone anywhere you are.

It has no sound or light when recording, and it will catch a 2mins video clip when it detects movement, and push a message to your phone.

7. Hidden clock camera

hidden clock camera

The latest technology is employed in this small and convenient clock camera. It is more useful than other designs because it can be placed in any room of your home or taken with you when you go out.

8. Hidden camera pen

hidden camera pen

This ultimate spy recording pen records high-definition 1080p video in real time, and it’s small enough to fit into a shirt pocket.

It also comes with a simple one-click system that lets you record videos or take pictures. The wide-angle pen camera is perfect for use as a hidden camera because it’s inconspicuous and easy to use. This spy camera pen also doubles as a traditional writing utensil.

9. Spy camera bracelet

hidden bracelet camera

This spy watch camera looks like a fashionable bracelet and can be worn on either hand. It can be used to record video or take pictures without being detected by others.

With an in-built motion sensor, the hidden cam is activated when it detects movement nearby and begins recording automatically.

Video files are saved every 10 minutes and can be retrieved from the internal memory or micro SD card (not included). The device has no indicator lights, so it can be worn discreetly in almost any setting.

10. Hidden camera speaker

hidden camera speaker

The new, innovative concept of having a camera hidden in a Bluetooth speaker.

This technology-packed device can be used as a music player or video recorder, allowing you to monitor your home without giving away the fact that you are watching.

This product boasts motion-detection sensors and an alarm notification system that alerts users to movement detected.

Lock in with these 10 focus supplements that are way better than Adderall

Whether it’s finishing a final or a financial model, distractions are at our fingertips. But what happens when you take too much Adderall to help complete the tasks? There have to be supplements better, right?

Locking in for a solid 60 minutes of productive work can be nearly impossible with notifications and alerts going off every minute.

These supplements are natural and can help realign your focus to knock out the next big task.

1. Genius Mushrooms

genius mushrooms

2. Alpha brain

Alpha Brain

3. Neuro health

Neuro Health

4. Qualia


5. Jocko discipline

jocko discipline

6. Keto nootropic

Keeto Nootropic

6 stoner accessories to help you smoke indoors without hotboxing

With our country continuing to loosen regulation on medicinal and recreational marijuana, indulging in a joint indoors is as common as enjoying tea in the afternoon.

There’s nothing wrong with being a stoner anymore! So why not cop these stoner essentials to keep you right? Here are some gems that will allow you to enjoy smoking indoors while not hotboxing the entire crib.

1. Ozium


2. Smoke buddy

smoke buddy

3. Smokeless ashtray

smokeless ashtray

4. Air purifier

air purifier

5. Industrial purifier

industrial purifier

6. Window fan

window fan

7. Essential oil diffuser

essential oil diffuser

9 home security essentials under $40 to keep the ops away

Keeping your home, apartment, or dome safe from the ops is more straightforward than ever thanks to these nine products that are proven home security essentials.

It’s 2022 and there is more than enough readily accessible technology to keep your valued possessions and the ones you love on lockdown.

1. Portable lock

Portable Lock

This padlock is small enough to fit in a pocket or handbag and made of heavy-duty stainless steel.

It will help keep your door shut firmly so that it can’t be opened from the outside even with a key. This will help provide additional security and privacy for your residence.

2. Security bar

security bar

This heavy-duty door security bar is intended for preventing forced entry on the hinged, patio, and sliding doors.

This item is also a door stopper.  The security bar can be stored easily, making it ideal for travel, and can provide enhanced security in hotels or on vacation.

3. Mini camera

mini camera

The small wireless camera can be placed, mounted, or stood anywhere and alerts you with snapshots on your phone whenever motion is detected.

You can check in on your home day or night with automatic infrared night vision remotely from anywhere 24/7 with this security camera.

4. Door alarm window

door window alarm

This magnetic sensor alarm is loud enough to detect entry and prevent children from leaving the house.

Simply mount it on a window or door, then all is done! No wiring is needed!

5. Lock reinforcement

lock reinforcement

This satin nickel finish door reinforcement lock helps to prevent doors from being kicked in, increasing your home security and keeping you and your family safe!

It is designed to withstand 800 LBS. of force, ensuring that any door cannot be opened from the outside. Use this high-security door reinforcement lock for additional home security on any swing-in door of any door thickness.

6. Doorbell alarm

doorbell alarm

This upgrade doorbell holder is perfect for most kinds of doors, whether you live in a house or an apartment, are renting, or own your own home.

It’s made of hard stainless steel and has an anti-theft design, so your video doorbell will no longer have to worry about being stolen by bad guys.

7. Door wedge

door wedge

An easy-to-install door alarm that can be used alone or in conjunction with an existing home security system in a bedroom, dorm, hotel room, or apartment.

The 120-decibel alarm sounds when pressure is applied and is audible up to 300 meters. This attractive white alarm installs in a matter of seconds. No wiring is needed, so it will still work during power outages.

8. Motion sensor

motion sensor

The WaveLink home wireless alarm and motion sensor, designed to be placed at a window or door, offers a generous detection area of nearly 17 feet at 110°.

It can also be used at any business.

By pairing up to ten receivers with one door sensor, or ten door sensors with one receiver, you can easily expand the system.

The wireless motion sensor alarm features a built-in LED indicator to help those who are hearing impaired.

9. Motion detection camera

motion detection camera

The WaveLink home wireless alarm and motion sensor, designed to be placed at a window or door, offers a generous detection area of nearly 17 feet at 110°.

When you need to secure your home and family, you need a surveillance camera that’s easy to use and captures video/photos in HD.

Designed to be small, compact, and discreet, it can easily monitor your home, bedroom, garage, hotel room, office—or anywhere else you need protection.

It also uses batteries for portability and ease of use. You can use it as a body or sports cam, to record nannies, pets, children, elderly, caregivers.