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9 home security essentials under $40 to keep the ops away

Keeping your home, apartment, or dome safe from the ops is more straightforward than ever thanks to these nine products that are proven home security essentials.

It’s 2022 and there is more than enough readily accessible technology to keep your valued possessions and the ones you love on lockdown.

1. Portable lock

Portable Lock

This padlock is small enough to fit in a pocket or handbag and made of heavy-duty stainless steel.

It will help keep your door shut firmly so that it can’t be opened from the outside even with a key. This will help provide additional security and privacy for your residence.

2. Security bar

security bar

This heavy-duty door security bar is intended for preventing forced entry on the hinged, patio, and sliding doors.

This item is also a door stopper.  The security bar can be stored easily, making it ideal for travel, and can provide enhanced security in hotels or on vacation.

3. Mini camera

mini camera

The small wireless camera can be placed, mounted, or stood anywhere and alerts you with snapshots on your phone whenever motion is detected.

You can check in on your home day or night with automatic infrared night vision remotely from anywhere 24/7 with this security camera.

4. Door alarm window

door window alarm

This magnetic sensor alarm is loud enough to detect entry and prevent children from leaving the house.

Simply mount it on a window or door, then all is done! No wiring is needed!

5. Lock reinforcement

lock reinforcement

This satin nickel finish door reinforcement lock helps to prevent doors from being kicked in, increasing your home security and keeping you and your family safe!

It is designed to withstand 800 LBS. of force, ensuring that any door cannot be opened from the outside. Use this high-security door reinforcement lock for additional home security on any swing-in door of any door thickness.

6. Doorbell alarm

doorbell alarm

This upgrade doorbell holder is perfect for most kinds of doors, whether you live in a house or an apartment, are renting, or own your own home.

It’s made of hard stainless steel and has an anti-theft design, so your video doorbell will no longer have to worry about being stolen by bad guys.

7. Door wedge

door wedge

An easy-to-install door alarm that can be used alone or in conjunction with an existing home security system in a bedroom, dorm, hotel room, or apartment.

The 120-decibel alarm sounds when pressure is applied and is audible up to 300 meters. This attractive white alarm installs in a matter of seconds. No wiring is needed, so it will still work during power outages.

8. Motion sensor

motion sensor

The WaveLink home wireless alarm and motion sensor, designed to be placed at a window or door, offers a generous detection area of nearly 17 feet at 110°.

It can also be used at any business.

By pairing up to ten receivers with one door sensor, or ten door sensors with one receiver, you can easily expand the system.

The wireless motion sensor alarm features a built-in LED indicator to help those who are hearing impaired.

9. Motion detection camera

motion detection camera

The WaveLink home wireless alarm and motion sensor, designed to be placed at a window or door, offers a generous detection area of nearly 17 feet at 110°.

When you need to secure your home and family, you need a surveillance camera that’s easy to use and captures video/photos in HD.

Designed to be small, compact, and discreet, it can easily monitor your home, bedroom, garage, hotel room, office—or anywhere else you need protection.

It also uses batteries for portability and ease of use. You can use it as a body or sports cam, to record nannies, pets, children, elderly, caregivers.