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7 hidden security cameras to help you catch someone in the act

Indulge your Spy Kid dreams with these seven hidden security cameras to keep an eye out when you’re not around.

Whether you’re trying to catch a cheating partner in action or seeing what actually goes on when you leave your dog at home all day, these hidden cameras will fit into every corner of your room.

1. Hidden USB camera

hidden USB Camera

Protect your family, home, and personal property by discreetly monitoring activity with this hidden spy camera.

This USB spy camera automatically records and overwrites the oldest files when full, so there is no need to worry about lost recordings.

The surge-protected SD card slot prevents damage from voltage spikes, keeping the SD card from being corrupted.

2. Hidden surveillance camera

hidden USB Camera

3. Hidden hook camera

hidden hook camera

This hidden camera in a clothes hook is an excellent choice for home or office security. It does not have a light flash, which makes it ideal for covert use.

It does not require Wi-Fi in order to transmit data. When the camera is on and the mode button is pressed twice, it will start recording whenever it detects movement and stop when movement has ceased.

Video documents are automatically saved every 5 minutes in this mode. Unnecessary shots should be avoided to save space on the memory card.

4. Hidden key camera

hidden key camera

This mini camera is disguised as a car key. It has a 1080P HD lens and there is no light display, making it appear like an ordinary key on the outside.

When switched to video mode, it can record in either night or day modes, allowing for high quality videos to be recorded regardless of lighting conditions.

The spy camera has infrared night vision capabilities, allowing for clear footage in dark environments.

5. Hidden charger battery camera

hidden charger battery camera

Unique appearance design, this mini hidden spy camera looks like an everyday object and can be taken anywhere.

Its biggest feature is upgraded night vision, which allows four F5 infrared lights to provide auxiliary lighting for wider recording, and a mini hidden spy camera the infrared lights are invisible when you’re shooting.

This cam can intelligently detect movement and make shooting instantly, stop when there is no motion for a long time and save storage space.

6. Hidden 2 USB port camera

hidden 2 usb port camera

A hidden camera disguised as a USB slot in the middle of the charger, with a built-in Mini WiFi camera lens and dual USB slots.

The discreet security camera supports Wi-Fi remotely view real-time 1080P Full HD video with a viewing angle on your phone anywhere you are.

It has no sound or light when recording, and it will catch a 2mins video clip when it detects movement, and push a message to your phone.

7. Hidden clock camera

hidden clock camera

The latest technology is employed in this small and convenient clock camera. It is more useful than other designs because it can be placed in any room of your home or taken with you when you go out.

8. Hidden camera pen

hidden camera pen

This ultimate spy recording pen records high-definition 1080p video in real time, and it’s small enough to fit into a shirt pocket.

It also comes with a simple one-click system that lets you record videos or take pictures. The wide-angle pen camera is perfect for use as a hidden camera because it’s inconspicuous and easy to use. This spy camera pen also doubles as a traditional writing utensil.

9. Spy camera bracelet

hidden bracelet camera

This spy watch camera looks like a fashionable bracelet and can be worn on either hand. It can be used to record video or take pictures without being detected by others.

With an in-built motion sensor, the hidden cam is activated when it detects movement nearby and begins recording automatically.

Video files are saved every 10 minutes and can be retrieved from the internal memory or micro SD card (not included). The device has no indicator lights, so it can be worn discreetly in almost any setting.

10. Hidden camera speaker

hidden camera speaker

The new, innovative concept of having a camera hidden in a Bluetooth speaker.

This technology-packed device can be used as a music player or video recorder, allowing you to monitor your home without giving away the fact that you are watching.

This product boasts motion-detection sensors and an alarm notification system that alerts users to movement detected.