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Houseplant is Seth Rogen’s new Canadian weed company and it looks lit

He’s given us classic stoner films, smoked a joint in front of Steven Spielberg at the Oscars and is a pioneer to all functioning potheads everywhere.

Now the 36-year-old The End creator is launching his own marijuana company called Houseplant, further adding to his already illustrious pot-smoking career.

“I’ve been working hard on Houseplant for five years,” Seth said on his Instagram Wednesday.

“I can’t believe we’re actually launching. What a time to be alive.”

Enlisting frequent collaborator, Evan Goldberg – Superbad, Pineapple Express and Sausage Party — Seth decided to start the company in his home country, Canada, and partnered with Ontario-based grower Canopy Growth for production.

The duo, who hail from Vancouver, are using their creativity in this new venture as well, by not only focusing on producing new strains and products but educating users on the different types of strains, how to ingest it, and even how to roll a blunt.

“Houseplant is the result of years of experience and dedication, with each element and expression thoughtfully designed to make it easier for people to learn to love cannabis as much as Houseplant does,” Canopy Growth said a statement Wednesday.

If you went to the Houseplant’s website right now, you’d see how it’s deeply influenced by Rogen and Goldberg’s sense of humor. There are even three 80s-like videos that teach you about marijuana and the company’s branding.

“Houseplant is a passion we’ve brought to life through drive and dedication. Every decision we’ve made for the business reflects the years of education, first-hand experience and respect we have for cannabis,” Rogen said in the statement.

“We are so proud to be launching in Canada, our home. After spending five years diligently preparing for the launch of this company, we’re excited to be able to share our passion for cannabis with Canadians in this way,” Goldberg added.

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are only the latest celebrities to put their money on the booming marijuana business. In fact, even though the company has been in the workings for five years, they’re lowkey late.

The View’s Whoppie launched medical-marijuana products targeted at menstrual cramps in 2016, rappers’ Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y each have their own legit strain and former NBA star Al Harrington is a marijuana entrepreneur with over $3.5 million invested in grow houses, farms, and facilities across California, Oregon, Michigan, and Jamaica.

As marijuana continues to lax in local governments across the country and as the industry continues to boom, you’re going to start seeing a lot more business-minded individuals make that plunge.

This year alone Seth Rogen is the voice of Pumbaa in the upcoming Lion King remake, starring in a movie called Long Shot and debuted another movie called Good Boys at SXSW.

Still, I think it’s safe to say all of that takes a seat behind his marijuana venture.

The first strain of cannabis from their company is called Houseplant Sativa and will be available in early April through regulated retailers and online in British Columbia according to the site.

They will also be launching other strains which include the Houseplant Hybrid and Houseplant Indica, as well as soft gels and pre-rolled joints, will follow later in the year.

How King Kanine is blessing dogs with the health benefits of CBD

In 2019, we’re witnessing the exponential rise of cannabis products happen in real-time. The use of hemp has been making its way throughout the country for a minute now due to its natural medicinal properties.

Hemp usage has been sparking new business ideas and inventions that have been taking canna-based products to the next level. Nothing could seem more obscure, however, than the thought of hemp and pets. Except that it’s actually not obscure at all. In fact, there’s an extremely profitable line of pet products involving CBD oils.

We’ve known for a while that the hemp plant comes with an abundance of medical benefits. This marvel isn’t revolutionary by humans standards of living, but for some, it might still be odd to imagine incorporating CBD into their pet’s routine.

There have been a few studies regarding dogs with ailments such as epilepsy and arthritis. The Universities of Colorado and Miami show positive results that CBD oils have shed on suffering pets, including alleviated symptoms of these afflictions. For that reason, CBD oil can be used as a treatment method to help reduce the pain for your dogs, besides giving them an orthopedic dog bed to make them feel comfortable when sleeping at night.

KING KANINE products are anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety, derived from natural hemp plants. The CBD products will continue to improve as results from studies come about. For example, upping intake of cannabidiol to 2mg a day may improve your dog’s overall health.

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Daisy loving her King Kalm CBD!🐾⠀ Credit: aga__k___

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For humans and furry friends alike, all natural CBD products have been used to treat ailments of all variations. The great recession left us feeling so shook that between millennials and baby boomers choosing to take care of pets, the CBD market is estimated to hit $22 billion by 2022.

KING KANINE was founded by Jeff Riman back in 2015. For years, Jeff had worked within creative spaces, focusing on product and campaign development. Jeff was always known for owning several dogs, but after a two-year stint focused on work where he was unable to own pets, he was contacted about a Great Dane for sale and eagerly took the opportunity to meet his new pup.

‘Mojo’ quickly became more than Jeff’s best friend. He was infatuated with Mojo’s lucky charm. When first caring for Mojo, he noticed just how much Great Danes shed hair. Through his experience with his other dogs, he had developed a method to help stunt their falling coats.

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How to get your coat ready for the night ⭐️ #KingKomb

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From there, the birth of the KING KOMB De-Shedding Tool came about, the signature “KING” stood for king-sized since it was tailored towards a bigger breed of dogs. The De-Shedding tool started doing well on social media, so well in fact that Jeff hired an entire team to help start-up the line for KING KOMB.

“It did so well that I had to open a small factory as well as a warehouse to make and store this product. Starting out, we hired local high school students, ex-military vets, and even my sister to help make and box these KING KOMBS. It wasn’t long after that I realized having a complimentary product to the KING KOMB was a must,” said Jeff.

As with any successful product, it didn’t stop there. Jeff began working on expanding his company. The idea of combs eventually branched into what he decided would be a complementary line of products; shampoo. Jeff worked closely with the VOF Certified (Vermont Organic Farmers) to ensure that pet shampoos were organic, regularly tested and safe to use on all pets.

“As our customer base was growing and we saw how pet owners responded to natural and organic products, as well as, seeing how the industry lacked regulations and testing it was apparent — that this is what we needed to continue to chase. The industry needed safe pet products made from natural ingredients. I had always wanted to have something safe and natural for a senior dog with arthritis,” said eff.

During the time of expansion, Jeff had a meeting with former NFL player and personal friend, Oronde Gadsen. The topic of CBD came up since it had grown popularity with football players to help treat their athletic injuries. He recalled,

“Knowing a little about CBD I had further discussed the opportunities to make a great product for pets with a compound chemist/pharmacist. In two weeks, we had the first version of our KING KALM CBD. Now KING KANINE officially had a wide array of good products that were proven helpful for pet owners. The products ranged from our de-shedding tool, shampoo, CBD oils and even CBD topical oils and balms for hot spots and dry cracked noses and paws.”

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NYE can mean fireworks, loud noises and unexpected people around. To help with the anxiety that can cause Frankie and Storm both decided some CBD was in order. We have been using @kingkanineofficial CBD for high stress situations. Like walking around busy cities like Seattle and Leavenworth. To nights like tonight when I’m taking off for the evening and the puppers will be home alone. It’s important to remember that CBD is not psychoactive so there is no “high” and @kingkanineofficial uses a licensed pharmacist to create their product. Ensuring that it is the best for your pet. #sponsored #kingkanineproducts #kingkaninecbd #cbdforpets @kingkanineproducts #nye #stresstimefordoggos #fireworks

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It didn’t take long for King Kanine to grow into an established company. Production started in Oct. 2015 and by Jan. 2016, KING KANINE was patented. As business boomed, product marketing was primarily done online and took an unexpected turn when Facebook and other social media platforms became an issue instead of an advert outlet.

“There was a huge education process that we had to spend time doing in distributing to our potential customers. This was to educate pet owners on what exactly CBD was and what our mission was at KING KANINE,” said Jeff.

He continued,

“We ourselves had a ton to learn about CBD, and how critical it was to test products. This has been something that separated KING KANINE from so many other CBD pet companies – like for instance, full panel testing from the best labs. It’s so important to show transparency. This is one of the things we learned as we were expanding.”

KING KANINE continues to remain focused on its educational pursuits. What makes the brand stand out from other CBD products in the industry is that its main focus is and will always be to help rescue dogs through aiding shelters and owners. Jeff said,

“KING KANINE made a decision after we started that we would donate as much product as we can to rescue dogs in need, shelters and any pet owner who couldn’t afford our products but had a pet in need.”

Thus far, the company has worked with pet rescue initiatives like Marley’s Mutts, Gentle Giants Great Dane Rescue, New York Bully Crew, Freckles, Tomcat and more. KING KANINE even took their good work out of the state to countries Peru and Puerto Rico.

In 2018, the company won the Golden Paw Award from the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC Animals. Now, KING KANINE’s latest project is the launched non-profit “Dogs Rock and Roll” which will help raise awareness for amputees and dogs with spinal afflictions as well as paralysis.

On the continued effort for raising money for harnesses and wheelchairs for dogs that are immobile due to their affliction and helping rescues, shelters and pet owners who can’t afford them on their own, Jeff said,

“We will continue to work with rescues, and donate what we can. So far, we have donated tens of thousands of dollars to charities that focus on pet rescue and pet rehabilitation. Further charitable contributions have also been in the form of in-kind donations; volunteer hours, as well as, working with other charities to drive their fundraising efforts.”

Everyday KING KANINE hears success stories of happier pets and pet owners. For the upcoming year, the company will continue improving it’s CBD line, taking accounts from real-life pet owners and evolving their products as feedback and studies to back up the assuaging effect against diseases and illnesses.

For pet owners everywhere, Jeff has only one bit of advice when it comes to caring for your pooch,

“When people are shopping for pet products, do your research. It’s important to buy the best products available for your four-legged best friends, they would do the same for you if they could. They love you all that much.”

SMH: NYC takes a giant step away from CBD, cracks down on restaurants

Just when the going was good they take CBD privileges away from NYC restaurants. It’s like every time we gain a little leeway they choke off another pipeline feeding us societal advancement (yes, this is that serious).

Somehow we finessed the Cheeto Jesus aka Donald Trump as most CBD was made legal in December when he signed the Farm Bill. Still, there was something we didn’t realize, CBD isn’t deemed safe as a food additive.

In an email sent to CNBC a New York City Health Department spokeswoman said,

“The Health Department takes seriously its responsibility to protect New Yorkers’ health… Until cannabidiol (CBD) is deemed safe as a food additive, the Department is ordering restaurants not to offer products containing CBD.”

Thus far, NYC has bodied eight restaurants, ordering them to stop using CBD. That means no more CBD lattes, cookies, chocolates, or teas. How whack is that? Straight buns.

The reason we and NYC restaurants are being punished is that the FDA prohibits companies from lacing our food and drinks with active ingredients that are in drug products. LAME.

In this case, CBD falls into this category because it’s the main ingredient in Epidiolex, a drug the FDA approved last year to treat severe childhood epilepsy. So, lowkey, this was bound to happen and was long seen as a possible hurdle for the CBD movement.

In fact, according to CNBC, the New York City health department started embargoing CBD products in January. Nonetheless, there could be a way around this.

One cafe owner who spoke to CNBC said that instead of selling CBD infused products he’s now directing his focus on selling mini dose kits separately. Now, that’s a come up for the small businesses that were raking in some cash due to the CBD revolution.

Still, this sucks and is a reminder of how far NYC is behind in the cannabis movement. Steve Gormley, CEO, International Cannabrands blessed us with his perspective. He rightly said,

“The Health Department’s ban of CBD products in restaurants and bars in New York City is another example of the kind of governmental overreach that underscores the need for common sense cannabis laws. CBD products are non intoxicating and have proven medical benefits. New York will ultimately fall behind other markets because of nonsensical policies like this. New York taxpayers will lose out, responsible adults will lose out and New York businesses will lose out. It’s a travesty.”

Over It Ugh GIF by Wiz Khalifa - Find & Share on GIPHY

Need last minute holiday gift ideas? Here’s 7 products any stoner would love

The Christmas tree shouldn’t be the only thing lit this year.

Of course, we could all use some good vibes but before you bless people with your “holiday cheer” know that the best way to truly show love is through the gifting of “the chronic.”

Almost nothing is better than receiving the gift of marijuana or CBD. And no, we aren’t talking about wrapping or putting a bow on an eighth from your local dealer or dispensary.

THC and CBD have advanced past that and at this point, there are infused olive oils, edible kits, topicals, mood adjusting vapes, and more. Hence, here are seven cannabis and CBD products holding you down this Christmas.

Go ahead and name some better gift ideas… We’ll wait.

DISCLAIMER: Must be 18+ – 21+ to cop this fire. BTW, If you click on the headers it’ll bring you straight to each site.

1. JuJu Olive Oils


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Gift yourself or a loved one 🎁 #jujuroyalfam #julianrmarley🎤🔯 #cbdedibles #treatyourself

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Who would’ve thought that a Marley would tap the olive oil industry? Julian Marley did and his JuJu Royal CBD infused olive oils are to die for. Each flavorful bottle, rosemary or basil, comes strapped with 250mg full-spectrum CBD.

It goes great over fresh vine-ripened tomatoes and fresh fruit. It’s super fire for dipping warm artisan bread, sauteing vegetables, or pouring over pasta. Plus, each olive is grown with care and pesticide-free, gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO.

This would definitely make a great gift for someone who loves to cook and is experimenting with CBD in food.

Lit Christmas Rating – From under the Christmas tree to the kitchen ASAP

2. LucidMood

Game changer! Lucidmood’s disposable vape pens allow for side-effect free customized shmacked experiences. Each mood was formulated by a neuroscientist to keep side effects like paranoia, grogginess, and anxiety at bay.

After researching thousands of identified terpenes, that all had the potential of altering the cannabis experience in desirable ways, Lucidmood found that different combinations could create specific effects.

If you’re looking to curate your own stoned experience you can choose from ten different moods -0 Energy, Chill, Party, Bliss, Relax, Calm, Relief, Sleep, Focus, and Lift. Each experience is a perfect balance of THC, CBD, and terpenes. Plus the natural flavors make every experience tasteful AF.

Lucidmood is perfect for a first-time toker, someone looking to dive deeper into marijuana experiences, or someone who has had a bad trip in the past. If you’re looking to cop, Lucidmood is available in CO, RI, DE, MD.

Lit Christmas Rating – Spending next Christmas in Colorado

3. Ardent NOVA

For the holidays, Ardent’s NOVA decarboxylator could be the gift that keeps on giving. This awesome invention allows its users to fully activate the THC in their flowers, kiefs or concentrates.

No longer will you have to incorrectly try to infuse bud into your edibles because the Ardent NOVA does it all for you. This will save you a grip ton of money if you like making edibles, oils, or your own marijuana medicine at the crib.

Plus, there are some great edible kits available to get you started, like the Caramel Apple and Caramel Sauce.

Christmas Lit Rating – Decarbing all bud that comes my way for the rest of my life

4. Dr. Kerklaan Cannabis Topicals

The brain behind these topical CBD creams and salves is Dr. Andrew Kerklaan. He knows that CBD works wonders for pain relief. Instead of looking to addictive painkillers as an option, Dr. Kerklaan went down the cannabis topical route as it is more natural.

He created his CBD topical company to not only get rid of the pain but to really make a difference. There’s a CBD cream for PMS, skin, and sleep. Plus, a roll on painstick or spray for instant relief.

This is would be the perfect gift for someone who finds themselves aching and in pain. We would definitely put our granny on to this.

Lit Christmas Rating – Granny is blessing you two times as much next year

5. Grenco G-Pen

If it’s one thing that we know is that a G-Pen will always hold you down and their new GIO pen looks to ensure that. A full charge in two hours, buttonless activation, and temperatures optimized for smooth hits, this thing is guaranteed to keep you clapped AF.

Reasonably priced this device is perfect for the toker on the go and its sleek design is sexy as hell. This is something worth gifting during this giving season.

Lit Christmas Rating – When my homie asks to rip it, he’ll always here a soft nah!

6. Higher Standards Supreme Cleaning Kit

Do you find yourself constantly choking on scooby snacks? When you hit your bong do you feel as if you just inhaled a dust cloud? Well, you probably need to clean your piece buddy.

Higher Standards is offering a Supreme Clean Kit. It’s designed for functionality and is a one-stop-shop cleaning solution for today’s toker.

This kit is great for functional glass and vaporizer care. In the kit comes an ISO Pure, salt rox, 12 pipe stix and pipe dreamz, a resin rag, dot Wipes, and tube tops. Plus, some Supreme Clean Kit exclusive items including one salt schute and stem brush.

Lit Christmas Rating – No more scooby snacks for Christmas is hot af.

7. Lazarus Naturals CBD


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Wish you had found CBD sooner? Tag someone you think could benefit from CBD.

A post shared by Lazarus Naturals (@lazarusnaturalscbd) on

CBD is known to promote restful sleep, support healthy cartilage and joint function, relieve occasional nausea, and enhance relaxation. With that said, Lazarus Naturals CBD have made it their mission to make CBD products accessible to those who need it the most.

From CBD balms to tinctures, Lazarus holds it down. Plus, if you were searching for the perfect Christmas present, Lazarus Naturals CBD will be dishing out deals on their holiday gift packs.

Lit Christmas Rating – Not even Santa feels this good!

It’s lit! A round the clock weed mega-dispensary just opened in Las Vegas

Twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week cannabis products will be sold at what we can now call the largest marijuana dispensary on the planet.

Located just a few steps west of the Las Vegas Strip, Planet 13 has blessed us stoners, first-time tokers, and curious cannabis consumers with an interactive mega-marijuana superstore.

The ganja haven opened its doors on Nov. 1st and at the entrance, visitors are greeted by a beautiful presentation of 13 giant luminescent LED-lighted lotus flowers blooming on the roof of the building.

It gets better as the colors of the 15 feet tall flowers, made of acrylic leaves and metal stems, can be controlled by patrons using a console located next to a fancy misty light up fountain.

This is just phase-one for the mega dispensary but already the new entertainment complex features 40,000 square feet of multi-faceted entertainment space. Besides controlling the colors of the ginormous lotus flowers on the roof, global guests will also be entertained by other interactive attractions.

Inside the lobby, there is interactive sensory-activated LED flooring. Walking inside to the main portion of the mega-cannabis complex, the 2,000 plus visitors expected daily will gaze upon a recurring glowing aerial orb show high above the dispensary floor.

Then while exiting, guests can tag their mark on an interactive art wall before being encapsulated by a 3D projection visual experience.

If that’s not enough, Planet 13 has provided 16,500 square feet of cannabis retail space with over 40 registers in order to serve the thousands of customers that are forecasted to visit the superstore on a daily basis.

This dispensary is, for sure, a milestone reached in cannabis history and Bob Groesbeck, Co-CEO, of Planet 13 couldn’t be more excited that phase-one is complete. He said,

“With Phase 1 of the project fully complete, we are proud to showcase the unparalleled interactive entertainment and product lines available for our 2,000 plus expected daily visitors…

He continued,

“We have seen incredible demand from cannabis companies across Nevada wanting to showcase their product in the largest dispensary in the world. I don’t think there is another dispensary with the breadth and quality of the product we have here, nor a site with the potential for multi-year expansion this close to the Strip.”

In the coming years, Planet 13 hopes to add even more attractions. We’re hoping for marijuana roller coaster [pun intended] or, even, a dab bar. The latter can only come by if Nevada amends their recreational pot law that prohibits people from using pot in public places, including resorts and the growing number of cannabis shops.

Let’s hope Nevada eases up because this dispensary can only get more LIT!

Headcount is motivating young people to get out and vote through music

“Not everyone is into politics but everybody likes music…”

Headcount is bringing millennial voters to the polls using music as its driver. For sure, the nonpartisan organization is with the times having registered close to half a million new voters since its start in 2004.

The vision for the NPO came from the mind of Andy Bernstein who was fed up with how “messed up the word is.” While working as a young reporter, at a concert, he connected the dots after having a conversation about Guantanamo Bay.

From there, he figured, the best way to combat the disconnection between people and politics was to unify them through the universal language of music.

Bernstein would pitch the idea of Headcount to Disco Biscuits’ bass player, Marc Brownstein. The two hit the ground running in 2004 with the idea to pull up to concerts and register voters. To their surprise, the very first year, the two were able to finesse 50,000 voters.

Headcount grew faster than Bernstein had expected and soon enough his vision went on tour with some of the world’s biggest American bands. Now, in 2018, their massive and are affiliated with over 100 touring musicians, including artists like Jay-Z, J. Cole, YG, and Chance the Rapper.

Over 20,000 volunteers, nationwide, help ensure that Headcount’s mission is heard. The NPO also works with numerous concert venues, festivals, and partners in order to rally music fans to take control of democracy.

The goal is simple – get young people to vote. Still, the task proves itself difficult as only 28 percent of young adults ages 18 to 29 say they are “absolutely certain” they’ll vote in the midterm elections, compared to 74 percent of seniors, according to a recently released poll from the Public Religion Research Institute and the Atlantic.

Over the phone, Bernstein told us the powerful effect youngins can have on the political system. He said,

“The world is an ongoing work in progress. Our job is to move that progress forward by getting young people informed and engaged because that always makes the world better. I don’t care who people are voting for. I’ll tell you that I believe when young people get involved the world gets better. We don’t fuck the world up we actually move it in the right direction…”

The work that Headcount does is truly important as they look to inform those who feel disconnected from politics. Besides music, the nonpartisan organization has several initiatives that focus on reeling in people to take charge at the polls.

One that’s gaining mad clout — The Cannabis Voter Project. Through the project, Headcount hopes to “drive voter turnout in a big way.” The initiative focuses on educating Americans about how voting can impact cannabis legalization and policy.

The inspiration spawned out of curiosity. Bernstein felt it was important to know where congressional leaders stood on marijuana policy. Plus, what’s better than informing the public about trees?  Fifty-two percent of Americans, 18 years of age or older, have tried the dank.

Bernstein is definitely about pushing the Kulture forward. Over the phone, we touched on getting POC more involved in politics and how Headcount throws the assist. He said,

“All too often its bad choice A versus bad choice B and people are going to stay home in that situation. It’s really incumbent on the political parties to develop young candidates who will be voices of both progress and voices of inspiration. There’s only so much that a group like us can do if a candidate is not inspiring. When a candidate is inspiring it’s only going to lift the work that we do.”

Still, to get in touch with our democratic powers it’s important that we as young people stay connected. Remember that it starts at the local level. This is the level that effects us the most. Know that if you get out there your vote means a lot more than you think.  Bernstein touched on how major voting at the local level really is. He said,

“Local is where it all starts. It all kind works it way up from there and local is actually what impacts your life more than anything. Turn out for local elections are really low, but when fewer people come out your vote means twenty times more. So, there’s the real power to change. It starts with your city council. It starts with judges. It starts with sheriffs… It starts with electing the people who are going to decide whether you go to jail or not. That’s what we are trying to do, create a world where young people feel more empowered and make it easy to get in touch with that power. “

The youth are the future. Facts or nah? Straight facts! So, get out there and register to vote today. Who knows? If you don’t, the results of your actions might be dire. Just in case, Bernstein made sure to bless those who have a dream to change the world with advice about starting your own NPO. He said,

“One thing I would say is that it’s not as hard as it seems. You know it’s a very doable thing. I didn’t know anything… I did not know a damn thing, but you figure it out. Just like anything you figure it out!”

Traction Rabbit lets you give your expert advice on cannabis and get paid for it

With the job market as competitive as ever, there’s all types of random things you can be doing to make some extra income. But how hard is it to find something that you actually like and could eventually lead to the career you’ve always wanted?

What if you could help shape one of the fastest-growing industries by giving your input to some of the biggest companies and enjoy all the perks?

Now’s your chance to get involved in cannabis by joining a community where your voice is heard, you get to test marijuana-infused products before they hit the market, and get compensated for it.

If you’re lucky enough to live in a legal cannabis-legal state, Traction Rabbit is providing an opportunity you can’t pass up. According to their site,

“Whether you are an everyday cannabis consumer, or someone who only consumes on special occasions- we would love to get you into our tester program.”

It’s simple. All you have to do is take surveys and give these brands the feedback they need to make the best products possible. This includes everything from edibles to vapes and concentrates that no one can get their hands on yet.

You can take the surveys from the comfort of your own home and enjoy the products for what they’re worth at your own pace. Not only that, but you will be one of the earliest members of the Traction Rabbit family, which is the first company of its kind.

“All we ask of you is to give honest feedback about your experience with cannabis products, provide your thoughts on branding and labeling, and your opinion on the taste of new products that are yet to be on the market. Your voice is important to these brands, and you can assist us in helping companies launch better products to consumers.”

Whether you’re a budtender or consumer, this is the type of unique opportunity you have to experience for yourself.

Join the Traction Rabbit tester program and get paid to test here today!

Smoke and workout: How weed is becoming the new fitness trend

The classic track “Because I Got High” by Afroman chronicles his hilarious difficulties of completing simple errands because of his marijuana lifestyle. Though the song is fun and catchy, it highlights just a fraction of what the plant can do.

Between strain, choice of rolling material, and just how you react to bud personally, there could be countless reasons why Afroman was so absent-minded. Yet that’s exactly what popular opinion has chosen to believe. Fitness and cannabis seem like an unlikely pairing because the stigma is well-established.

But the truth is they can, and do, coexist. Even as a usual workout supplement, hemp protein powder is already widely used as an all-natural type of protein.

Take California for example. While marijuana had been legal for medicinal use, it wasn’t until the Prop. 64 passed in November last year that it made it legal recreationally. Within that short year there’ve already been case studies proving the advantages of the plant.

Some yoga studios in San Fransisco even serve members vape pens and earlier this year, San Francisco opened its first “cannabis gym,” called Power Plant Fitness, which advocates getting high while raising your heart rate. Of course former NFL star Ricky Williams is a co-founder.

Co-director of UCLA’s Cannabinoid Affinity Group, Dr. Jeff Chen says a case can be made for smokers who do not have a preexisting condition. Chen told Vogue in May.

“Heart rates can increase after smoking cannabis, which could conceivably make [people] hit their maximum heart rates at a reduced workload.”

When you add this to the massive amount of evidence published that proves cannabis can also help ease the anxiety and pain of a strenuous workout, it’s no wonder why this trend is catching on.

Even artists like Wiz Khalifa, who’s as lanky as they come, admits his ridiculous weed usage is actually helping him as he just recently started working out and getting brolic.

Former NBA All-Star Al Harrington is leading the way for showing how cannabis can help NBA players.

After a knee operation led to a staph infection while playing for Denver in 2012, he began using medicinal weed in creams and ointments that he rubbed on his knees. While they didn’t get him high, they brought relief.

Even former Commissioner David Stern, when speaking to Harrington in his documentary with Uninterrupted said, “We’ve got to change the collective bargaining agreement and let you do what’s legal in your state.”

“I think it’s up to the sports leagues to anticipate where this is going and maybe lead the way.”

Because marijuana is allowed for recreational use in only a few states, it’s important to look at legal states for their innovation in how best to utilize cannabis.

But without a doubt, California sets all the trends in cannabis for the rest of the country. Who’s to say weed workouts aren’t the new yoga or Soul Cycle in the next 10 years?

If cannabis can alleviate pain while not compromising severe health complications, then it only makes an even strong case for its national wide legalization.

Jane West is pushing cannabis culture forward for women everywhere

Jane West is known as one of the most successful female CEOs in the cannabis industry.

As of 2017, she has built something of a cannabis empire. She’s an entrepreneur of her eponymous brand of cannabis products and the founder of Women Grow, but her skills extend beyond top level executive — she’s also a wife and a mother of two.

Kulture Hub had the opportunity to talk to Jane about life as a top level executive in the growing marijuana industry.

Jane fell in love with the medicinal herb the first time she ever tried it. When she was younger, she supported legalizing the plant, though she didn’t consider becoming a cannapreneur until Amendment 64 passed in her home state of Colorado.

At the time, Jane was working as as a corporate events planner. As the country prepared for the first legal sale of marijuana, and the idea of combining her passion for event planning and marijuana together created Edible Events, the first cannabis catering company ever.

“As the state geared up to launch the world’s first fully legal market in 2013, I combined my passions for cannabis and entertaining to launch Edible Events, a consumption-friendly events company. The events attracted a ton of high-profile media attention, and after a few months I was fired from my corporate job when my employer saw me vaping on a CNBC documentary about legalization.”

Though this may read bleak, Jane took it as a positive feat. Instead of setting her back, she took her job loss as a step in the next direction.

“For me, losing my job was an opportunity. I realized I wasn’t just getting a new job; I was joining a revolution. I immediately committed to going all in on the legal cannabis industry, and I haven’t looked back since.”

It’s no surprise that mothers involved in the cannabis industry are judged heavily at times. It’s not commonly accepted for women, especially mothers, to be able to smoke and take care of children.

“We live in a society that polices women’s bodies and lifestyles, and the lingering social stigmas around cannabis consumption are definitely part of that.”

But there’s a very positive reaction in the community regarding the mothers of marijuana.

“I find that people are excited about the idea of mothers and all women making a splash in this vibrant new industry. I’m thrilled that so many women have found success, support and validation within the cannabis community.”

In 2014, Jane founded Women Grow, an organization dedicated to helping connect and empower women interested in the cannabis industry. The first event drew 70 attendees to the organization.

“Within two years, Women Grow had blossomed into a thriving nationwide organization with chapters in 44 cities and tens of thousands of attendees.”

Perhaps the most surprising feat of the cannabis industry is how well it breeds high-powered women. Cannabis has become a hub for female bosses everywhere, and the industry continues to help women pave their way to the top.

“This is a brand new industry, and there’s no playbook,” says Jane, “The entrenched power structures that define virtually every formal industry in the world haven’t had time to take hold.”

It can be tough at times for a mother in the industry. The words “Marijuana” and “Mother” aren’t usually found together in the same sentence. Regarding backlash from the maternal community, Jane says the fact that she lives in Colorado makes it a lot easier to endure.

“At the end of the day, I believe that cannabis makes me a better parent. Mothers have busy, stressful lives and we do a lot of self-medicating to cope. Cannabis helps me unwind at the end of the night without relying on alcohol or pharmaceuticals. It’s a safer, healthier way to unwind. Being healthy, happy, and balanced allows me to be the best mother I can.”

Jane hopes to become the face for responsible parents involved in cannabis everywhere. She makes sure to keep her cannabis separate from her children, and continues to prove that it is possible and acceptable for a parent to smoke after a stressful day at work, while still being able to take care of her children.

“When you’re a mom, everyone seems to have an opinion about your parenting style, and this is no different. But I’ve really enjoyed and appreciated the many mothers who have come to me to ask questions and maybe even try cannabis for the first time themselves.”

For West, the most challenging part is the unknown future of the industry.

“The most challenging part of my professional experience has been dealing with the doubt, fear and indecision of striking out on my own in a brand-new industry where a lot of the old rules don’t apply.”

The best part, though, is how fulfilling and rewarding her position is, and how strong the community of women is within it.

“This isn’t an easy path, but it’s absolutely worth it.”

Right now, her eponymous 2017 Jane West Holiday Collection is out, finally giving women and men the cute, compact smoker’s kit that never existed before.

The collection focuses on a flower theme, since “flower” is Jane’s favorite form of cannabis. She explained,

“There are so many ways to consume now that it feels like we sometimes forget that that’s exactly what cannabis is… A flowering plant. My mission has always been to help women engage with cannabis, so it made complete sense for me to develop a line of flower pipes and accessories designed for our needs and sensibilities.”

Jane West

The collection mirrors makeup products for easy accessibility and concealment. Sets like The Compact hold a few cannabis products; a cleaning tool, a lighter, and two storage containers.

“The are so many products out there that don’t work in our daily routines. I love that every product in The Collection looks and feels right at home in your pocket or makeup bag. The Wand is a taster pipe and flower storage container that’s a dead ringer for a classy tube of mascara.”

The Collection was created under the basis of discretion. Every product Jane offers makes a statement in the new cannabis industry, specifically for women.

“These are products that just make sense for the women in my circle.”

As of right now, Jane’s line continues to be the only one in the industry to sell cannabis products and accessories that are aimed towards women, but has also began selling the actual plant itself, recently launching the Jane West Flower Collection in Day and Night Colorado dispensaries.

“We’re making it super simple to choose a high-quality varietal that fits your needs. Day is energizing and upbeat, and Night helps you relax and unwind. We’ve partnered with an incredible women-owned and operated cultivation facility, and we’ll be hand selecting our favorite Day and Night varietals every season. The Flower Collection comes in one-eighth and one-sixteenth ounce sizes, as well as ten-packs of mini joints that are perfect for a solo session.”

Jane West

Jane says she’s excited to watch the industry breed powerful, competitive women in top executive positions.

“My team has a definite advantage. But I welcome future competition.”

As for her favorite way to consume the plant, Jane prefers to smoke her flower out of a glass pipe, or from a solo hitter.

“Smoking flower is an important personal ritual for me. It’s an act of self-care that clears my mind and a chance to connect and share something with friends.”

For budding young women looking to get into the marijuana industry, Jane offers them her full moral support, encouraging them to get into the industry as soon as they can, and to approach it with an open mind.

“Get in while the industry is small and you’ll have a chance to help make history. This isn’t a business for the fainthearted or risk-averse. But why not take a chance? You could very well find a job or venture you’re utterly passionate about.”

Jane West

The best part about the industry is how open and endless the opportunities are. Jane mentions the opportunity advantage that exists for people for other minority and discriminated group, such as people of color.

“For the first time, people of color, women, and other groups traditionally underrepresented in the corporate world have a chance to lead an industry. And not just any industry, but a global industry with massive potential value that will touch all of our lives,” shares Jane excitedly.

“This is our opportunity to create a culture that’s conducive to and supportive of women, people of color, and other groups that are disempowered by the capitalist economy,” she says, motivating those around her to take reign of the opportunities at hand, “That means insisting on a seat at the table, developing products and accessories that work for people like us, and a new, equitable corporate culture.”

It’s pretty awesome to see women take hold in the rapidly-growing cannabis industry. Check out the Jane West Collection here.