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Traction Rabbit lets you give your expert advice on cannabis and get paid for it

With the job market as competitive as ever, there’s all types of random things you can be doing to make some extra income. But how hard is it to find something that you actually like and could eventually lead to the career you’ve always wanted?

What if you could help shape one of the fastest-growing industries by giving your input to some of the biggest companies and enjoy all the perks?

Now’s your chance to get involved in cannabis by joining a community where your voice is heard, you get to test marijuana-infused products before they hit the market, and get compensated for it.

If you’re lucky enough to live in a legal cannabis-legal state, Traction Rabbit is providing an opportunity you can’t pass up. According to their site,

“Whether you are an everyday cannabis consumer, or someone who only consumes on special occasions- we would love to get you into our tester program.”

It’s simple. All you have to do is take surveys and give these brands the feedback they need to make the best products possible. This includes everything from edibles to vapes and concentrates that no one can get their hands on yet.

You can take the surveys from the comfort of your own home and enjoy the products for what they’re worth at your own pace. Not only that, but you will be one of the earliest members of the Traction Rabbit family, which is the first company of its kind.

“All we ask of you is to give honest feedback about your experience with cannabis products, provide your thoughts on branding and labeling, and your opinion on the taste of new products that are yet to be on the market. Your voice is important to these brands, and you can assist us in helping companies launch better products to consumers.”

Whether you’re a budtender or consumer, this is the type of unique opportunity you have to experience for yourself.

Join the Traction Rabbit tester program and get paid to test here today!