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Need last minute holiday gift ideas? Here’s 7 products any stoner would love

The Christmas tree shouldn’t be the only thing lit this year.

Of course, we could all use some good vibes but before you bless people with your “holiday cheer” know that the best way to truly show love is through the gifting of “the chronic.”

Almost nothing is better than receiving the gift of marijuana or CBD. And no, we aren’t talking about wrapping or putting a bow on an eighth from your local dealer or dispensary.

THC and CBD have advanced past that and at this point, there are infused olive oils, edible kits, topicals, mood adjusting vapes, and more. Hence, here are seven cannabis and CBD products holding you down this Christmas.

Go ahead and name some better gift ideas… We’ll wait.

DISCLAIMER: Must be 18+ – 21+ to cop this fire. BTW, If you click on the headers it’ll bring you straight to each site.

1. JuJu Olive Oils


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Gift yourself or a loved one 🎁 #jujuroyalfam #julianrmarley🎤🔯 #cbdedibles #treatyourself

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Who would’ve thought that a Marley would tap the olive oil industry? Julian Marley did and his JuJu Royal CBD infused olive oils are to die for. Each flavorful bottle, rosemary or basil, comes strapped with 250mg full-spectrum CBD.

It goes great over fresh vine-ripened tomatoes and fresh fruit. It’s super fire for dipping warm artisan bread, sauteing vegetables, or pouring over pasta. Plus, each olive is grown with care and pesticide-free, gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO.

This would definitely make a great gift for someone who loves to cook and is experimenting with CBD in food.

Lit Christmas Rating – From under the Christmas tree to the kitchen ASAP

2. LucidMood

Game changer! Lucidmood’s disposable vape pens allow for side-effect free customized shmacked experiences. Each mood was formulated by a neuroscientist to keep side effects like paranoia, grogginess, and anxiety at bay.

After researching thousands of identified terpenes, that all had the potential of altering the cannabis experience in desirable ways, Lucidmood found that different combinations could create specific effects.

If you’re looking to curate your own stoned experience you can choose from ten different moods -0 Energy, Chill, Party, Bliss, Relax, Calm, Relief, Sleep, Focus, and Lift. Each experience is a perfect balance of THC, CBD, and terpenes. Plus the natural flavors make every experience tasteful AF.

Lucidmood is perfect for a first-time toker, someone looking to dive deeper into marijuana experiences, or someone who has had a bad trip in the past. If you’re looking to cop, Lucidmood is available in CO, RI, DE, MD.

Lit Christmas Rating – Spending next Christmas in Colorado

3. Ardent NOVA

For the holidays, Ardent’s NOVA decarboxylator could be the gift that keeps on giving. This awesome invention allows its users to fully activate the THC in their flowers, kiefs or concentrates.

No longer will you have to incorrectly try to infuse bud into your edibles because the Ardent NOVA does it all for you. This will save you a grip ton of money if you like making edibles, oils, or your own marijuana medicine at the crib.

Plus, there are some great edible kits available to get you started, like the Caramel Apple and Caramel Sauce.

Christmas Lit Rating – Decarbing all bud that comes my way for the rest of my life

4. Dr. Kerklaan Cannabis Topicals

The brain behind these topical CBD creams and salves is Dr. Andrew Kerklaan. He knows that CBD works wonders for pain relief. Instead of looking to addictive painkillers as an option, Dr. Kerklaan went down the cannabis topical route as it is more natural.

He created his CBD topical company to not only get rid of the pain but to really make a difference. There’s a CBD cream for PMS, skin, and sleep. Plus, a roll on painstick or spray for instant relief.

This is would be the perfect gift for someone who finds themselves aching and in pain. We would definitely put our granny on to this.

Lit Christmas Rating – Granny is blessing you two times as much next year

5. Grenco G-Pen

If it’s one thing that we know is that a G-Pen will always hold you down and their new GIO pen looks to ensure that. A full charge in two hours, buttonless activation, and temperatures optimized for smooth hits, this thing is guaranteed to keep you clapped AF.

Reasonably priced this device is perfect for the toker on the go and its sleek design is sexy as hell. This is something worth gifting during this giving season.

Lit Christmas Rating – When my homie asks to rip it, he’ll always here a soft nah!

6. Higher Standards Supreme Cleaning Kit

Do you find yourself constantly choking on scooby snacks? When you hit your bong do you feel as if you just inhaled a dust cloud? Well, you probably need to clean your piece buddy.

Higher Standards is offering a Supreme Clean Kit. It’s designed for functionality and is a one-stop-shop cleaning solution for today’s toker.

This kit is great for functional glass and vaporizer care. In the kit comes an ISO Pure, salt rox, 12 pipe stix and pipe dreamz, a resin rag, dot Wipes, and tube tops. Plus, some Supreme Clean Kit exclusive items including one salt schute and stem brush.

Lit Christmas Rating – No more scooby snacks for Christmas is hot af.

7. Lazarus Naturals CBD


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Wish you had found CBD sooner? Tag someone you think could benefit from CBD.

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CBD is known to promote restful sleep, support healthy cartilage and joint function, relieve occasional nausea, and enhance relaxation. With that said, Lazarus Naturals CBD have made it their mission to make CBD products accessible to those who need it the most.

From CBD balms to tinctures, Lazarus holds it down. Plus, if you were searching for the perfect Christmas present, Lazarus Naturals CBD will be dishing out deals on their holiday gift packs.

Lit Christmas Rating – Not even Santa feels this good!