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How King Kanine is blessing dogs with the health benefits of CBD

In 2019, we’re witnessing the exponential rise of cannabis products happen in real-time. The use of hemp has been making its way throughout the country for a minute now due to its natural medicinal properties.

Hemp usage has been sparking new business ideas and inventions that have been taking canna-based products to the next level. Nothing could seem more obscure, however, than the thought of hemp and pets. Except that it’s actually not obscure at all. In fact, there’s an extremely profitable line of pet products involving CBD oils.

We’ve known for a while that the hemp plant comes with an abundance of medical benefits. This marvel isn’t revolutionary by humans standards of living, but for some, it might still be odd to imagine incorporating CBD into their pet’s routine.

There have been a few studies regarding dogs with ailments such as epilepsy and arthritis. The Universities of Colorado and Miami show positive results that CBD oils have shed on suffering pets, including alleviated symptoms of these afflictions. For that reason, CBD oil can be used as a treatment method to help reduce the pain for your dogs, besides giving them an orthopedic dog bed to make them feel comfortable when sleeping at night.

KING KANINE products are anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety, derived from natural hemp plants. The CBD products will continue to improve as results from studies come about. For example, upping intake of cannabidiol to 2mg a day may improve your dog’s overall health.

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For humans and furry friends alike, all natural CBD products have been used to treat ailments of all variations. The great recession left us feeling so shook that between millennials and baby boomers choosing to take care of pets, the CBD market is estimated to hit $22 billion by 2022.

KING KANINE was founded by Jeff Riman back in 2015. For years, Jeff had worked within creative spaces, focusing on product and campaign development. Jeff was always known for owning several dogs, but after a two-year stint focused on work where he was unable to own pets, he was contacted about a Great Dane for sale and eagerly took the opportunity to meet his new pup.

‘Mojo’ quickly became more than Jeff’s best friend. He was infatuated with Mojo’s lucky charm. When first caring for Mojo, he noticed just how much Great Danes shed hair. Through his experience with his other dogs, he had developed a method to help stunt their falling coats.

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From there, the birth of the KING KOMB De-Shedding Tool came about, the signature “KING” stood for king-sized since it was tailored towards a bigger breed of dogs. The De-Shedding tool started doing well on social media, so well in fact that Jeff hired an entire team to help start-up the line for KING KOMB.

“It did so well that I had to open a small factory as well as a warehouse to make and store this product. Starting out, we hired local high school students, ex-military vets, and even my sister to help make and box these KING KOMBS. It wasn’t long after that I realized having a complimentary product to the KING KOMB was a must,” said Jeff.

As with any successful product, it didn’t stop there. Jeff began working on expanding his company. The idea of combs eventually branched into what he decided would be a complementary line of products; shampoo. Jeff worked closely with the VOF Certified (Vermont Organic Farmers) to ensure that pet shampoos were organic, regularly tested and safe to use on all pets.

“As our customer base was growing and we saw how pet owners responded to natural and organic products, as well as, seeing how the industry lacked regulations and testing it was apparent — that this is what we needed to continue to chase. The industry needed safe pet products made from natural ingredients. I had always wanted to have something safe and natural for a senior dog with arthritis,” said eff.

During the time of expansion, Jeff had a meeting with former NFL player and personal friend, Oronde Gadsen. The topic of CBD came up since it had grown popularity with football players to help treat their athletic injuries. He recalled,

“Knowing a little about CBD I had further discussed the opportunities to make a great product for pets with a compound chemist/pharmacist. In two weeks, we had the first version of our KING KALM CBD. Now KING KANINE officially had a wide array of good products that were proven helpful for pet owners. The products ranged from our de-shedding tool, shampoo, CBD oils and even CBD topical oils and balms for hot spots and dry cracked noses and paws.”

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NYE can mean fireworks, loud noises and unexpected people around. To help with the anxiety that can cause Frankie and Storm both decided some CBD was in order. We have been using @kingkanineofficial CBD for high stress situations. Like walking around busy cities like Seattle and Leavenworth. To nights like tonight when I’m taking off for the evening and the puppers will be home alone. It’s important to remember that CBD is not psychoactive so there is no “high” and @kingkanineofficial uses a licensed pharmacist to create their product. Ensuring that it is the best for your pet. #sponsored #kingkanineproducts #kingkaninecbd #cbdforpets @kingkanineproducts #nye #stresstimefordoggos #fireworks

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It didn’t take long for King Kanine to grow into an established company. Production started in Oct. 2015 and by Jan. 2016, KING KANINE was patented. As business boomed, product marketing was primarily done online and took an unexpected turn when Facebook and other social media platforms became an issue instead of an advert outlet.

“There was a huge education process that we had to spend time doing in distributing to our potential customers. This was to educate pet owners on what exactly CBD was and what our mission was at KING KANINE,” said Jeff.

He continued,

“We ourselves had a ton to learn about CBD, and how critical it was to test products. This has been something that separated KING KANINE from so many other CBD pet companies – like for instance, full panel testing from the best labs. It’s so important to show transparency. This is one of the things we learned as we were expanding.”

KING KANINE continues to remain focused on its educational pursuits. What makes the brand stand out from other CBD products in the industry is that its main focus is and will always be to help rescue dogs through aiding shelters and owners. Jeff said,

“KING KANINE made a decision after we started that we would donate as much product as we can to rescue dogs in need, shelters and any pet owner who couldn’t afford our products but had a pet in need.”

Thus far, the company has worked with pet rescue initiatives like Marley’s Mutts, Gentle Giants Great Dane Rescue, New York Bully Crew, Freckles, Tomcat and more. KING KANINE even took their good work out of the state to countries Peru and Puerto Rico.

In 2018, the company won the Golden Paw Award from the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC Animals. Now, KING KANINE’s latest project is the launched non-profit “Dogs Rock and Roll” which will help raise awareness for amputees and dogs with spinal afflictions as well as paralysis.

On the continued effort for raising money for harnesses and wheelchairs for dogs that are immobile due to their affliction and helping rescues, shelters and pet owners who can’t afford them on their own, Jeff said,

“We will continue to work with rescues, and donate what we can. So far, we have donated tens of thousands of dollars to charities that focus on pet rescue and pet rehabilitation. Further charitable contributions have also been in the form of in-kind donations; volunteer hours, as well as, working with other charities to drive their fundraising efforts.”

Everyday KING KANINE hears success stories of happier pets and pet owners. For the upcoming year, the company will continue improving it’s CBD line, taking accounts from real-life pet owners and evolving their products as feedback and studies to back up the assuaging effect against diseases and illnesses.

For pet owners everywhere, Jeff has only one bit of advice when it comes to caring for your pooch,

“When people are shopping for pet products, do your research. It’s important to buy the best products available for your four-legged best friends, they would do the same for you if they could. They love you all that much.”