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Your mental health and the crypto bubble: How to stay 10 toes down

HODL! A term we’ve all heard since Bitcoin went to the moon. Still, it’s safe to say this crypto bubble has put our mental health on the back burner

When it comes to mental stability, you must play the role of regulator. Ensuring strong brain health starts with routines and ends with consistency. You cannot operate on autopilot and expect to achieve optimal intellectual health. 

mental health cryto
Our minds and bodies should be synchronized operatives (via Unsplash)

We must always take inventory of ‘open tabs’ within our cranium and practice cognizance. Especially as we continue to live in this crypto bubble.

Being emotionally aware and building coping strategies with proactive rather than reactive methods can bring an individual to the place they need to be.

Being cognitively aware takes time and resilience

Awareness involves head-on-a-swivel type thinking in order to always spot out the next best course of action. In regards to cryptocurrency, giving it a few days and taking breaks will benefit the trader mightily.

A popular term within the Bitcoin community is ‘HODL.’ It stemmed from the word hold but it is an acronym that stands for Hold On For Dear Life.

That is exactly what you should do with any type of cryptocurrency – especially Bitcoin. Given the fact that Bitcoin has a finite amount of coins created, holding it causes its’ value to increase.

Your mental health playbook for crypto gains

Hold, hold, hold and only invest amounts that you can afford. This time around, the Bitcoin bubble has expanded farther than before and has generated greater staying power. The reason for this extended stay derives from the type of investors on board. 

Bitcoin will be around for many moons (via Unsplash)

With greater amounts of institutional investments as opposed to retail investments, Bitcoin has greater potential. Not only that, but since it operates on the blockchain it has stronger purchasing power.

Here are five ways to ensure mental health and crypto stability in your everyday habits:

  1. Create a market cap for gains and losses to reduce impulsivity
  2. Build an order of operations and never break the routine
  3. Track your time on task in order to manage the hours you are online
  4. Do not mistake exchanges for wallets – ensure complete ownership of digital assets
  5. Be emotionally neutral – focus on methodology, trade framework and percentages

Know yourself and appoint your best mental health practices

It is extremely important to prioritize your rational mind over your emotional mind to maintain crypto mental health. Also, compartmentalization is a huge component when it comes to experiencing homeostasis. 

crypto tokens
The more generic a ‘token use case’ is the more likely it will succeed (via Unsplash)

At times, it is best to just make your trades and go on Do Not Disturb mode. Those who obsess over every trade, boom or bust are often the ones who burn out the fastest.

Once you plan out your moves, make them with confidence and check back later – the bitcoin board will still be there when you return.

Cleanse your crypto psyche by blocking out spaces within your day

Mental sustainability is key in this cryptocurrency game and you must create time for family and friends. Trading could quite possibly be a second side hustle for you. But, it should only consume a portion of your day as your loved ones deserve the majority of your downtime.

Ultimately, your mindset in this crypto bubble will control your approach. You should enter the crypto space with an open mind and think long-term with hefty investments.

That way, minor scrapes and bruises will roll off of your Teflon skin because you got your sights set on major players not just the apprentice. 

With compartmentalization, diversification, purpose and anti-authoritarianism you have everything you might need to amplify your cryptocurrency presence. Jah Bless!

How to keep your crypto carbon footprint low on Earth Day

Cryptocurrency and climate crisis do not have to belong in the same sentence. As a matter of fact, there are several viable alternatives to the Bitcoin behemoth and crypto overall that will benefit our environment as a whole on this Earth Day.

The key factors we love about crypto are wreaking havoc on the environment on Earth Day: decentralization, self-sovereignty, limited inflation, peer-to-peer payments and censorship resistance.

It will take some fancy footwork on the backend of the blockchain to make this currency truly sustainable.

Crypto is on the come-up as we check in on Earth Day

Bitcoin has emerged in a major way recently and has ballooned past any bubble that might have seen it pop in the past.

Now, the question remains: how can we continue to delve into cryptocurrency on Earth Day without contributing to rampant carbon emissions?

crypto earth day
We need the Earth much more than the reverse

This Earth Day, many countries are making it an imperative priority to go “net zero emissions” by a certain date in the future. In the cryptocurrency atmosphere, the majority of companies are aiming to reach net zero emissions by 2040.

By 2030, crypto companies hope to transition all blockchains into a renewable sector. However, this task is much easier said than done.

Navigating through inefficient design

The reason being is that Bitcoin was designed to be an inefficient player in the crypto game. Since Bitcoin operates on the proof-of-work model it relies upon a hash rate.

A higher hash rate means that there is a higher chance to mine the next block in the chain which in turn generates greater income. Bitcoin is a strategic catalyst for true cultural transformation, it just has started off on the wrong path. 

crypto earth day
Crypto mining machines operate around the clock (Credit: Andrey Rudakov)

It is so important that we all gather on the same page and come up with a clear cut Bitcoin alternative. Reason being, the more competition for crypto rewards that there is, the more security that follows.

Seemingly, everyone gravitates toward Bitcoin for this reason and the fact that it has economies of scale. These economies lead to cheaper capital, lower maintenance costs, and the ability to utilize negotiating power with energy suppliers.

Changing the base of the crypto foundation

Basically, Bitcoin operates from the blockchain. The blockchain exists in layers of mining rigs that work around the clock to solve complex math problems. Major crypto gurus argue that the age-old systems that underlie current fiat banking systems use more energy than crypto.

But, crypto is the new kid on the block so everyone is trying to kick them to the curb and point out all of their flaws.

environmental sustainability
We want to achieve goals that generate energy friendly rewards

One thing is for certain – cryptocurrency could do well with being much more energy-efficient. China’s official position on crypto has been harsh in the past, only recently loosening up a bit. So how might the crypto community turn things around on Earth Day?

The proof is in the model type: Get sustainable on Earth Day

It is going to come down to the type of work model the blockchain functions upon. Typically, a transition from the proof of work model to the proof of stake model would do it.

Proof of stake models such as Nano works in unison toward a consensus through voting, not energy usage. 51 percent of free-shifting, feeless votes are still required to reach Nano transaction validity.

crypto earth day
Our Earth is one-of-a-kind – Let’s keep it in tip-top shape

All in all, cryptocurrency has been taking off and emerging as a disruptor in the financial world. To ensure its longevity, people in the space must unite for the greater good and come up with a way to operate in earthly and energy-efficient manners.

There is no better time to be energy-efficient in crypto and in anything than on Earth Day.

Canadian weed website, McChronalds, gives discount if you use Bitcoin

Bitcoin is hot, but buying weed with it might be hotter.

That’s why online weed distributing website, aka McChronalds, is selling the fire for the low if you use Bitcoin to pay.

Bitcoin bread boys will have access to a 40 percent discount on all items. This includes marijuana, hash, edibles, and THC extracts.

Now, that’s an investment worth smoking. Unless you’re not trying to get crypto chronically shmacked. Which we highly doubt.

Plus, you wouldn’t be able to resist these nugs. McChronalds cultivates the fire.

A post shared by Marijuana Porn (@marijuanaprnn) on

This sounds a little bit too good to be true, but McChronalds is real. It’s not hot-boy at all, in fact, it’s the way of the future. So, to ease your anxiety before you cop, we’re going to tell you exactly how this works.

In order to cop all buyers must be of age — 21 years or older to be exact. No, little-shmacked boys allowed, ju hurd!

Once you are granted access to the dopest Canadian weed dispensary website on the planet, you are funneled through to a landing page that tells you what McChronalds is really about.

From there you can check out their blog or skip right to the online shop. I skipped right to the shop.

Upon clicking the shop option I was put on to 28 different marijuana products, ranging from peanut butter cups to kush bomb shatter.

After choosing between marijuana nugs, shatters, edibles, or oils, shoppers choose the checkout option. The checkout option will give you three options for payment – Bitcoin, Interac E-transfer, or check.

Once you’ve decided to order, the dankest marijuana from Victoria, British Columbia it will arrive in your mailbox within 4 to 7 business days.

To ensure you don’t get g’d, founder Ronald McChronald ensures the successful delivery of the product. In a statement on, he said,

“I, ‘Ronald McChronald,’ guarantee your successful delivery of your product and am the only online weed dealer that has no bad reviews and am encouraged by everyone on a daily that I’m doing a great job.”

This is too lit! The only problem that could possibly arise is the postman finding out that it’s bud he’s delivering to your crib and he smokes it.

Guess you would know if he pulled up to your crib crazy.

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A New York woman stole $85k in Bitcoin and tried to give it to ISIS. Deadass.

ISIS just tried to make an $85,000 investment into Bitcoin.

Congrats to the Department of Justice for thwarting the money laundering efforts of Long Island resident Zoobia Shahnaz.

The 27-year-old lab technician who worked in a Manhattan hospital now faces charges of bank fraud, conspiracy to commit money laundering, and three counts of money laundering, according to a five-count indictment that was unsealed Thursday in federal court in Central Islip, New York.

Shahnaz tried to dip the US and go to Syria under the notion that she was volunteering in Jordan with the Syrian American Medical Society.

She got caught up at JFK as she was trying to board a flight to Syria that had a multi-day layover in Istanbul, Turkey.

“Her itinerary included a multi-day layover in Istanbul, Turkey — a common point of entry for individuals traveling from Western countries to join ISIS in Syria,” a court document stated.

Shahnaz had no priors, but that didn’t stop the Feds. After she gave false and conflicting explanations about her overseas wire transfers.

The DOJ lightly took her into custody where later she was charged.

“The defendant presents an irremediable flight risk and an extreme danger to the community,” prosecutors said in a court filing. “Accordingly, she must be detained pending trial.”

Trying to evade transaction reporting requirements and conceal her identity, Shahnaz used 16 different credit cards amounting to $62,700 and took out a loan of $22,500 to obtain Bitcoin.

The money was then deposited into two different bank accounts and then later wired to people in Pakistan, China, and Turkey, according to ABC News.

Sneaky but you cannot play the DOJ. According to a court filing,

“During the time she was committing bank fraud and moving money overseas, the defendant accessed ISIS propaganda, violent jihad-related websites and message boards, and social media and messaging pages of known ISIS recruiters, facilitators and financiers. Additionally, the defendant conducted numerous internet searches for maps of and locations within ISIS-controlled territory in Syria, and attempted to locate information that would facilitate her entry into Syria.”

Congratulations Shahnaz. You played yourself.

Dj Khaled Congratulations GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Her internet searches included: Google searches for ISIS recruiters, financiers, and fighters. Plus, those who have urged lone-wolf attacks against American targets and a Google search for “diwan and their functions isis.”

Shahnaz’s internet searches also revealed that she looked up ISIS videos, articles about women joining and fighting for ISIS, and ISIS-produced internet magazines.

That’s not all. The ISIS wannabe also Googled “flights to Istanbul,” “taking cash while traveling abroad,” “travel checks in Turkey,” “ATM machine withdrawal limit in Turkey,” “how much money can I send myself western union,” “hotels in Istanbul close to airport,” “how much overdraft can I get,” and “sanctions definition.”

The list keeps going. She also tried to access maps of locations along the Turkey-Syria border and cities inside of ISIS-controlled territory.

Shahnaz’s lawyer said that she had no intention of investing into ISIS. In fact her lawyer said that she was sending money to “help” Syrian refugees. In a statement outside of the courthouse, her lawyer said,

“What she saw made her devoted to lessening the suffering of a lot of the Syrian refugees and everything she does is for that purpose.”

Yeah, ok. The proof is in the damn pudding Shahnaz. It’s a wrap for you. See you… NEVER!

The Bitcoin bubble could be the most HOTBOY thing on the planet

In recent news, we’ve seen a new form of currency threaten the way we make daily transactions. The Bitcoin rose to an all-time high this week proving that it is a cryptocurrency to be reckoned with.

But what if I told you that bitcoin is probably the most hotboy investment you could possibly ever make?

On Tuesday Bitcoin reached an all-time high of $160 billion dollars (more than Disney, McDonald’s, and IBM combined) with each bitcoin unit nearing $10k.

Bitcoin investors then saw the promising cryptocurrency reach record numbers – $11,395 across global exchanges Then in less than 90 minutes, there was a 20% Bitcoin Price Drop pushing each Bitcoin unit back down $9,000K.

Sheesh, that is some risky business. Can you imagine investing $11,000 USD and losing two grand within an hour and a half? Fainting season homie.

Yeah, it’s looking real sus for investing any coin into Bitcoin.

To give you even more anxiety about the cryptocurrency, according to anti-malware software company malwarebytes, it stopped almost 250 million attempts to place coin-mining malware onto PCs.

Adding to the cryptocurrency treachery, Symantec also claimed it had seen a “tenfold” increase in the amount of malicious code connected with crypto-cash, according to BBC.

If you have any Bitcoins best believe someone is trying to run your cyber pockets. Also, this not only goes for Bitcoins but for all kinds of emerging cryptocurrencies.

According to a blog post from Malwarebytes, you wouldn’t even realize you were being robbed. Within your browser, a tiny window could be lurking beneath the taskbar on a Windows machine.

Going undetected the malware would then proceed to take all of your digital bread. This vicious malware could be anywhere.

Watch out for porn sites, while you shwapping it in the privacy of your crib you could low key be getting G’d as they have been known to harbor this type of malware.

Be wary of your investments cousin, the cryptocurrency bubble could pop at any moment. So much so that even the Nasdaq is planning to let investors bet on Bitcoin’s rise and fall.

This would allow investors to bet on the rise and fall of the cryptocurrency, profiting if they are correct about the direction of its future price, according to The Verge.

It might look poppin’ now but bankers and investors are ridiculing Bitcoin saying that it could just be a bubble waiting to pop or even some kind of deranged Ponzi Scheme.

Whether you invested in Bitcoin or not, we really hope it works out for you.

Good luck!

The road to ‘Victory Lap’: How Nipsey Hussle did the majors the right way

Last night Los Angeles rapper Nipsey Hussle revealed the album cover along with the lead single, “Rap Niggaz” to his first ever studio albumVictory Lap, set to be released February 17, 2018.

Peep the album cover:

And here’s the video for the new track:

You would think that after more than a decade in the game, countless mixtapes, and gracing magazine covers that Nipsey Hussle would have long released his debut studio album.

It was in 2010 when he graced the cover of XXL of which he shared with the likes of J.Cole, Wiz, and Big Sean.

He’s had commercial success with “Killers”, which featured Drake back in 2013 and his Marathon series has had nothing but rave reviews. Yet despite spending two years with Cinematic Music Group and Epic in 2008, today is Nipsey’s first stab at the major circuit.

Signing to a major label has the perks of nabbing you big name features, a first-class press run, and distribution in any retailer under the sun, not to mention the advance.

But it wasn’t until this past November that Nipsey and his label, All Money In LLC entered a strategic partnership with Atlantic Records.

So why the delay?

When talking to Power 106’s The Cruz show in L.A. yesterday, Nip spoke on remaining patient, waiting for the right deal and maintaining creative control.

“I’ve been real adamant about being in control and maintaining equity and ownership and being a partner at the next level,” Nipsey said to Cruz. “It took a lot of work; we had to get our weight up in outside of the traditional ecosystem of the industry — we had to build it outside that. Once I felt like we got it to a certain level, what were asking for, and the terms we wanted them to be met on, it made sense.”

And leading up to this moment, that’s exactly what he did.

With no label to back him, Nipsey incorporated an innovative #Proud2Pay campaign, creating limited edition opportunities for fans who purchase his music. 2013’s Crenshaw went for $100 a pop, making $100,000 in a day in 2014 he sold 100 copies of his mixtape Mailbox Money for $1,000 each

Hussle explained in a 2015 Forbes interview,

“I think you can give a pure artistic product if you understand how to build your own industry. A solution built by an artist serves the artist more than the solution the capitalist comes up with.”

– Nipsey Hussle, 2015

That’s just what he’s done musically.

The high school dropout who used to shine shoes for clothes has a partnership with the digital currency corporation Follow Coin and has his own merch store which he can fully operate from an app on his phone called The Marathon.

No wonder he was in no rush for a deal.

Now it seems that Nipsey Hussle’s plan is finally entering its final form.

According to the Nip, Victory Lap is about his journey between major labels, the business deals, and what it means to build your platform to a point where you can negotiate on your own terms.

With the release of his single today, we’re finally getting to see the final product of what has been a long-term vision for Nipsey.

Maybe now LeBron won’t be the only one who gets to bump it.