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Canadian weed website, McChronalds, gives discount if you use Bitcoin

Bitcoin is hot, but buying weed with it might be hotter.

That’s why online weed distributing website, aka McChronalds, is selling the fire for the low if you use Bitcoin to pay.

Bitcoin bread boys will have access to a 40 percent discount on all items. This includes marijuana, hash, edibles, and THC extracts.

Now, that’s an investment worth smoking. Unless you’re not trying to get crypto chronically shmacked. Which we highly doubt.

Plus, you wouldn’t be able to resist these nugs. McChronalds cultivates the fire.

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This sounds a little bit too good to be true, but McChronalds is real. It’s not hot-boy at all, in fact, it’s the way of the future. So, to ease your anxiety before you cop, we’re going to tell you exactly how this works.

In order to cop all buyers must be of age — 21 years or older to be exact. No, little-shmacked boys allowed, ju hurd!

Once you are granted access to the dopest Canadian weed dispensary website on the planet, you are funneled through to a landing page that tells you what McChronalds is really about.

From there you can check out their blog or skip right to the online shop. I skipped right to the shop.

Upon clicking the shop option I was put on to 28 different marijuana products, ranging from peanut butter cups to kush bomb shatter.

After choosing between marijuana nugs, shatters, edibles, or oils, shoppers choose the checkout option. The checkout option will give you three options for payment – Bitcoin, Interac E-transfer, or check.

Once you’ve decided to order, the dankest marijuana from Victoria, British Columbia it will arrive in your mailbox within 4 to 7 business days.

To ensure you don’t get g’d, founder Ronald McChronald ensures the successful delivery of the product. In a statement on, he said,

“I, ‘Ronald McChronald,’ guarantee your successful delivery of your product and am the only online weed dealer that has no bad reviews and am encouraged by everyone on a daily that I’m doing a great job.”

This is too lit! The only problem that could possibly arise is the postman finding out that it’s bud he’s delivering to your crib and he smokes it.

Guess you would know if he pulled up to your crib crazy.

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